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Our Mission

Our mission here at Flower of Life is to help each and every person that comes into our retreat leave with a better understanding of themselves and their sense of purpose in life. The mother plant Ayahuasca has helped guide many people on a journey into themselves while healing the mind, body and soul. We invite you to a life changing experience here at Flower of Life’s 8 Day Ayahuasca Retreat, to heal yourself from the inside out and help you gain control of the person you want to become, the best version of yourself. There will be 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies in our retreat, including, floral baths, steam baths, daily plant remedies and meditation.

The Medicine

Our Ayahuasca is brewed only with Ayahuasca vine and Chacruna leaf. We are proud to be one of the few completely female owned and managed Ayahuasca centers and try to tap into the feminine energy of Mother Ayahuasca, as a strong feminine is needed to have a strong inner masculine, for both of the sexes. We prefer and aim to work with only female Ayahuasceros in ceremony and our lead Shipiba maestra Juanita and maestra Vilma.

The Lodge

Flower of Life is located directly on the river and runs out in Lakshmi.Ecolodge and Holistic Spa. Many find that being close to the water when working with Ayahuasca has a profound healing effect. The Lodge was built in the style of the Inca temples and many maestras who come through believe that the land once housed an Inca temple based on the pyramid landscape and the presence of the spirits they feel. While drinking in a more rustic setting with large groups can be profound, at Flower of Life we try to use light and beauty to help heal, so we provide spacious cottages with private showers and bathrooms for those working with the medicine, as well as electricity at night and limit our groups to a maximum of 8 people. Working with Ayahuasca might be one of the most intense processes you’ll ever go through, so we’ve worked to build a truly comfortable (and slightly luxurious) space to live in during your retreat to make the process as beautiful as possible.

The Shamans

We prefer to work in the more traditional way for the Shipibo and have smaller groups in retreat so that everyone can receive truly individualized work and personal attention..

Our shamans have trained and practiced for decades, are a wealth of information and are happy to give you feedback at the end of your retreat. Along with our Shipiba maestras, we also work with a Kokama tabaquero and curandero (native healer) outside of ceremony who will provide plant remedies if he feels you need extra help and do healing work for you with the master plant mapacho (tobacco).


While you will have plenty of down time for relaxation and introspection, since we are located in such a scenic and untouched part of the Amazon, we frequently do boat rides to swim with the pink dolphins, enjoy bird watching, and take jungle walks to explore the Amazon. Don’t be shocked if you spot sloths hanging from the trees or come across armadillos and nocturnal monkeys on the way back to your cottage.

We are in a preserved area of the Amazon called Pacaya Samiria and unlike centers where you have to do long walks into the grounds, which requires large amounts of deforestation, we are in the virgin Amazon and prefer to keep the area around the lodge in it’s natural state, so you will also have plenty of opportunities to take in the mystical world that is the Amazon rainforest. We also offer yin yoga and meditation the night of all ceremonies, as well as creativity classes like singing, writing and open art.

Retreats are the 18th every month.

Shared accommodation- $1,300 (No more than 4 people to the dorm. Upon availability)

Private cottage- $1,599

We look forward to meeting you soon!!
-Light and Love


10 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

July 18, 2019

Flower of life is a beautiful, serene retreat that focuses on individual healing.
It by far exceeded my expectations, the cabins were spotless, clean with beautiful bathrooms with running water showers and flush toilets. Comfortable beds with netting for sleeping and comfortable seating area. We were giving a key for our cabin but never used it.
The staff catered to your every need and the meals were first class.
Nancy and the maestros were with us 24/7 for individual sessions and healing based on our needs.
The ceremonies were beautiful with the songs and the maestros guiding us through our journeys.
If you want true healing for past trauma this is definitely where you want to be.
It does not cater to the hippie trippers but to those who are looking for healing and a cleaner way of life
I am so thankful and blessed to have had this opportunity to help me with my PTSD, anxiety and depression.
Not once while there did I have an anxiety attack and for the first time in 7 years I no longer have nightmares.
Has it cured my PTSD? No, but I came home calmer, more at peace and able to be in the moment instead of ruminating about things I cannot control. It is a daily struggle but one I am able to manage with more control than ever before.
Thank you Nancy and all your amazing staff at Flower of Life! ❤️


August 14, 2018

If you are exploring your options to carry out your Ayahuasca journey, I strongly recommend you look no further. Nancy’s ecolodge and holistic spa is a truly beautiful and magical place filled with discovery and healing for anyone who is ready to receive the gifts of the universe.

I know I can speak for the group of 4 who I attended the retreat with, that we all felt deeply rejuvenated and lifted by the calm, peaceful, tranquil environment. Our bodies and minds were nourished by the incredible meals prepared for us and the five star service we received absolutely floored us. True care and attention to detail are displayed by every staff member – they are beautiful people who work at Lakshmi because they have a deep understanding for connection within the self, connection with the earth and connection with one another.

Nancy and our Maestra, Wanita, provided incredible authentic guidance and healing both inside and outside of the ceremonies. The synchronicity and unity that these two women inspired during our 8 day retreat was magic! We all learned and grew so much and thanks to the invested love and care of Nancy and our Wanita, we were able to bring home all our lessons and experiences and apply them to continue the journey within ourselves. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the quality of my own awareness and peacefulness after having attended a retreat at Lakshmi – truly life changing!

I absolutely will be returning to Lakshmi for the amazing powers of rejuvenation of body and mind as well as for the love and connection from the people, the jungle and the universe. There is no place on this earth like Nancy’s magical piece of the jungle. Go see for yourself!

  • Member Since: September 13, 2017

September 13, 2017

I’m going to do my best to put a trip that was indescribable into words.

Two years I found out about Ayahuasca. I set my intention that when I do it, I’ll be in the jungle of Peru.

The trip was set for the end of January. As time got closer to the day of departure I began doing a lot of research on the diet and the medicine, and sitting in meditation to find my intention for this experience. I was very strict with my diet. Raw vegetables and fruits, lots of water, brown rice, and eggs. One night, as I was hanging a tapestry on the wall of my new home, it hit me hard. My intention for going was to have visions of what world peace looks like. Wow!

I finished packing, one backpack for my 11-day journey, and was on my way to the airport. I’ve never had so much peace in my life about the mission I was embarking on.

Luke picked us up at the airport and walked us, through the rain, to a small car that took us to a hotel where the rest of the crew was waiting for us. We received welcoming hugs and had an amazing breakfast. Then 11 of us jumped on a well-ventilated bus into the unknown. It was all our first time experiencing Peru. The ride lasted two hours and it was the best ride of my life. The rain poured down, the window was open, and I felt just the breeze on my face the whole way. We came to a stop and the world around me was as if out of a movie.

We transferred our bags to one boat and we got on a different one. At this point the realization settled in, I’m going to a magical secluded land, deep in the jungle. This ride was as magical as the bus ride. I looked at the homes on the land as we rode by and waved at natives going about their normal lives. We were tourists for sure.

About 45 minutes later, the boat docked where we were greeted by a group of children playing instruments. Nancy stood at the top of the stairs, hugging us one by one and welcoming us to her property. I just stepped into my heaven. The property is absolutely gorgeous. I had no idea what to expect upon arriving, but it certainly wasn’t this. My expectations were greatly exceeded.

We all joined together in the main house first and then we were given the keys to our rooms. The space was big, homey, well-ventilated, and quiet. The songs of the birds echoed. I was led to my room and again my expectations were greatly exceeded. The room was huge! Two beds, a sitting area, a front porch, a closet, very tall roofs and the best of all, a mosquito net around my bed. The bathroom was spacious and everything was spotlessly clean.

I walked back to the main house for lunch. We sat down, 4 per table, our places set with beautiful folds in the napkins and fresh juice on the table. We were served a beautiful salad, so colorful and refreshing, followed by white fish, rice, beans and a potato. The food was so beautifully prepared, the portions were substantial and we got fresh cut fruit for dessert. My favorite meal was breakfast. We started with oatmeal. The very best oatmeal in the world, I’m convinced. Many times I asked for a second serving. The oatmeal was followed by scrambled eggs, white rice, beans, and ended with fresh fruit. The food is one of the things I miss the most.

The service was impeccable, literally. The staff was the most professional I’ve experienced on a trip. They acted on our needs intuitively. They kept the space immaculate. They served us with grace and love. By the end of the trip, we were sharing hugs and playing music together. I felt safe and secure with them. I trusted them completely to be around my things in my room.

I experienced 4 out of 5 ceremonies. I didn’t experience one because of some information that came through for me in my third one. I have never felt so much love in my life. I’ve never felt so much strength and clarity about my purpose in this world. I heard the voice of God so clearly and grounded to Mother Earth like never before. My experience with the medicine gave me my intention of seeing visions of world peace. The biggest thing I got out of the ceremonies was that I’m going to be working with kids, and in my third ceremony the whole program came through about what it looked like. I went back to my room that night and wrote it all down. Another lesson I learned was strength, my strength was really tested and I learned how I can be strong in every moment. I learned gratitude is the key to prosperity, and I learned to always, ALWAYS, trust my intuition. Even when my ego doesn’t know the reason, I get to trust.

There’s so much more I could share but I feel the need to wrap up now. I am continuing my journey with the plants for the rest of my life.

  • Member Since: August 8, 2017

August 8, 2017

What a magical and majestic place. The flower of Life is an amazing facility to experience mother ayahuasca whilst living in complete luxury. It truly is an unique paradise destination.

The medicine was top quality. I had very powerful, insightful and healing ceremonies. Not to mention, I got to receive a comprehensive alround healing experience including additional treatments such as; one on one consultations with the shamans (translator provided), medicinal vapor baths, floral baths, San Pedro ceremonies and other additional Amazonian plant medicines. Also the food itself is so clean and fresh it served as a medicine in itself.

The shamans that work there are completely authentic with over 30 years of experience. I personally have never seen shamans who were as safe and compassionate. They spent so much time with us both inside and outside of ceremony. Inside of ceremony, their experience was palpable. They worked conscienciously to provide maximum healing (on all layers; mind, body, emotions and spirit) whilst holding a safe and secure space. Outside of ceremony, the shamans would always make sure everyone was intergrating their experiences as smoothly as possible.

Everyone on the retreat gained so much healing and insight. Everyone grew beyond measure. No one left that retreat the same. Everyone was a new, more expanded, better version of themselves. Refreshed with new energy and perspectives, ready to tackle life head on.

The facilities themselves are second to none. The rooms are massive! And so beautiful. Like no other place I have ever seen before in Peru. Situated in amongst the serene deep Amazon jungle, it felt like I wasn’t even on planet Earth. Such tranquil vibes.

The staff there are really amazing and provided impeccable service. The rooms were always clean. Meals were served courteously (3 course meals) and they were always there to give a helping hand when ever we needed it. The owner, Nancy, is also an amazing person. She always put the guests first, making sure everyone had the best experience possible. She is bi-lingual. So she would always help with any translations that were needed. She was very welcoming and it was obvious to me that she expressed herself from the heart. Spreading light and love to us all.

If your planning on adventuring into the realms of ayahuasca in Peru, I highly recommend the flower of Life. It ticks all the boxes. Authentic, safe, luxurious and cheap. And if your time their is anything like mine. You will walk away with a new and improved life. Truly life changing.

  • Member Since: July 6, 2017

July 6, 2017

AMAZING. Couldn’t be any better. Nancy is the sweetest. She speaks english and spanish, so translations were never an issue. Her lodge is like heaven. The food is pure and made with love. Not only did we have multiple Aya ceremonies, we also had floral and vapor baths, San Pedro ceremonies, and an on-site massage therapist. The workers at the lodge are soooo kind and welcoming. Every single person Nancy sourced to be at her lodge was extremely loving, conscious, and friendly. Nancy is wise and a friend, mother, sister, inspiration. Our shamans were incredible! They truly cared about our experience and safety. I have never felt safer. The fact that we had a male and female shaman in ceremony was profound and unique. Experience of a lifetime. I’ll be back 🙂

  • Member Since: April 9, 2017

April 19, 2017

This place is great. The setting is amazing and beautiful. Possibly the only eco-lodge across from pacaya samiria(national reserve) that does ayahuasca. Very grateful for the ayahuasca experience there. The staff there was friendly and very knowledgeable about the surrounding jungle. The food was great (as great as you can get on the ayahuasca diet). Shaman Juanita was excellent and very knowledgeable about the plant medicines from the jungle. Her knitting is also very beautiful. You’ll understand when you see it. The ayahuasca was awesome. The feeling it leaves you with even after you leave the retreat is profound. The owner , Nancy, was great and very genuine about the healing properties of the plant medicines. I would recommend this place to anybody looking for a peaceful, relaxing and authentic jungle ayahuasca retreat. I would definitely come back to this place again. Next time only shorts and t-shirts.


April 8, 2017

This is a very amazingly peaceful, relaxing and eye-opening place to be. I came here with just my brother and was kinda skeptical at first due to only the few reviews on the Ayahuasca retreats at this Eco-lodge, however after meeting Nancy and the rest of her amazing staff at the Lodge and the service we received, I can say that this is a wonderful place to be for your Ayahuasca Retreats.

This is the first time I’ve been to a Aya retreat so i can’t compare, all i can say is the service provided to us was first class in all aspects. The lodge is very nicely built in a secluded and beautiful place right along the Rio Maranon. We were given the best cabin imo, which had just amazing views and was very well kept and cleaned every day. Food provided was very fresh and definitely sufficient, as breakfast, lunch and dinners were 3 course which mainly consisted of fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables, beans, fruits and rice with freshly made fruit drinks. Aya diet was followed in the food provided to us since we were there for the Aya retreat(Though I have to admit, it’s great to taste salt again!)

The Maloka is well built and a bit secluded from the lodge with only the wonderful sounds of the jungle around. Sleeping pads,pillow and a blanket are provided for you as well as tissue, water and a large vomit bowl. We were the only ones at the retreat at the time so the ceremonies were very personal and relaxing, all attempts were made by shaman and facilitator to address any concerns we may have had and to ensure our full Aya experience. We did 4 ceremonies on our 8 day stay, they offered us a 5th ceremony but we were good after 4 and it definitely felt good to get a rest day in before our long trip home to Canada.

Time spent before, between and after ceremonies were boat rides along the Maranon river, through Pacaya Samiria Reserve, fishing, wild life sightseeing(our guide McClendin(sp?) has the eyes of an eagle, picking out a sloth and the head of an iguana on the trees during one of our rides, it took us awhile to finally see what he was seeing, man, this guys good!), treks through the jungle, dips in the pool, even got a massage as well and a tour through the nearby village.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a peaceful, relaxing and beautiful place to do an Ayahuasca Retreat, you’ll be in good hands. Thank you Nancy and your Staff for an amazing experience, we’ll definitely return one day!


February 27, 2017

I was doing some research on retreats to head to for my trip to Peru last December and stumbled upon this great gem. I had been new to this world of spiritual cleansing and healing and this lodge had been new too it seemed. I had many questions which the people over at Flower of Life made me feel comfortable and eager to take on what i was going to experience. While arriving to Iquitos, the owner Nancy greeted me at the airport with transportation and snacks and was so friendly. We drove down to her office and went over what I was to expect and how important the dieta for the ayahuasca ceremony would be which i had already started prior to my flight from the States. Next thing I know, we were in another car and headed to the Amazonian river. We took a little speed boat and the ride didn’t even feel like much at all, I was too busy taking pictures of the wildlife. I conversed with Nancy a bit and she told me about how she was introduced to this way of life and how much she loves helping people. I got the greatest vibes from her like her heart really was in the right place. The dock got closer and closer as i saw the Lakshmi Ecolodge sign homing in, I practically got butterflies. A bunch of the workers greeted us as we boarded the land and they ran so fast up the stairs with my luggage i could hardly catch up. While walking over the bridge, there were two horses below my feet munching at the grass. I loved it. But anyways, it was a lot of steps from the boat but we first got to the main dining and lounge cabin. Little did i know until i got there but all the lodges were constructed based off of sacred geometric structuring which i am a geek for! The first day was my lazy day you could say, i ran back to my room and indulged in where i actually was for the first time. The freaking Amazon!! Nancy was so nice and offered me the double bedroom room which had such an incredible view since it wasn’t really packed which was what i also loved. The cabin was bigger than my apartment back at home haha i wish i had my girlfriend come up here with me at the time. You are at the relaxation of yourself with no pestering. Nothing was rushed and it was all at my own pace i wanted things to go. I went to the main dining room for dinner that night and before i could even get to dessert i was stuffed. Maybe it is for all of South America, but the food felt and tasted so fresh compared to all the GMO and contaminated food i would eat back in the States. After dinner, our tour guide took us on a nighttime journey to look out for wildlife since most animals there are actually nocturnal. I slapped on my rain boot and headlight and we made our way through the nature trail. I brought my Nikon camera with me so the pictures i took were toooo good. I was a little scared trying something new but the 3 tour guides that took us were so bold, nothing frightened them literally. We saw tarantula’s, frogs, and the weirdest looking trees i’d ever seen. Heck, at one point we saw a group of termites on one of the trees and one of the guys walked up to it and put his bare hand on it having them covering his whole hand like it was a glove. He rest assured us there was nothing to worry about and explained to us how they’re harmless, unless you’re a fine piece of wood… then you might have something to worry about haha. Jumping onto the next day, I had requested my breakfast be brought to my cabin and it was. I sat on my couch and enjoyed it while the sun was coming up over the river. I was later given a floral bath which was very intriguing and smelled great. That day we were headed for a boat ride through the Pacaya Samirian river and was the first time i’d seen a pink dolphin or baby monkeys swinging in trees. They’re not the pinkest like you’d imagine some pink cotton candy to be but they were quite a site. We saw some crocodiles but there were so quick to dive down underwater and babies so it was alright. But being from Florida, this is the alligator capital of the States. The next day was my Ayahuasca ceremony and the day i finally got to meet the curandero who was going to be accompanying and guiding me through my journey. He was like a wiseman you wanted to hear more wisdom from. After meeting him and before the ayahuasca ceremony commenced in the late afternoon. We were taken out to go fishing for pirañas! thats right pirañas haha i caught six that afternoon & it was definitely one of the best activities from my trip. The night came along and we went to the Shamans hut towards the back of the lodge to enjoy the drink in harmony. It was a neat pentagon shaped hut which helped to also channels higher vibrations of energy. I can’t go into detail of my ceremony as thats for the next person to find out and be amazed by but it helped me figure out the kind of person i am and helped me reach my higher power. I can’t believe the powers the brew of Ayahuasca beholds and the lock it opened up through my eyes. For this experience, I am forever grateful of the people here at Flower of Life and Nancy making this experience unforgettable. I had only done a 3 day retreat which left me regretting not staying longer but after leaving here and heading back home, I found something i never could have on my own before. The little piece of mind about knowing myself and how beautiful mother nature really is.


December 31, 2016

If you are serious about your healing process, this is the place to be! Everything about this place is absolutely wonderful!
The Location: It is located in a secluded part of the Amazon, the Pacaya Semiria Reserve, right along the river. It is a peaceful and tranquil place that immerses you in the healing spirit of Mother Nature. There is plenty of things to do in your spare time, such as walks in the rainforest, a walk to the nearby village, and boat trips to swim with pink dolphins. The grounds are absolutely stunning!
Staff: Every single one of the staff ensures that you are well taken care and will do everything they can to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. They make you feel like family from the moment that you arrive. Isadore, the facilitator, was the first staff member that I encountered. She picked me up from the hotel in Iquitos and traveled with me to the Lodge. I immediately connected with her warm and compassionate spirit and she became an instant friend. Nancy, the owner, is a very sweet and beautiful woman who is always willing to help with your healing process in any way that she can. Cesar and MacLindor are very resourceful and skilled Amazonian men. They are the masters of the jungle and can teach you many things about the jungle. The kitchen staff were very friendly and cook delicious, healthy food. The entire time I felt very safe, welcome, and comfortable.
The Healing/Ayahuasca Ceremonies: This was my first time experiencing Ayahuasca, so I didn’t know what to expect. Juanita, the shaman, is incredibly powerful! Her icaros are on point! I have been suffering from depression for over 12 years and I feel that she sucked that depression right out of me! Isadore answered all of my questions and ensured I was safe and comfortable. She was there for every ceremony and was available every time I needed her. It was quite the intense journey and healed me more than I had ever anticipated. The bathrooms were clean and we received our own buckets. Isadore would clean out the buckets periodically to ensure we were always in a clean and vomit-free environment. The ceremonies lasted about 3 hours, but you were welcome to stay in the maloka as long as you wanted. The shaman and Isadore will stay in the maloka as long as necessary so you never feel alone. If you have any questions post-ceremony, the shaman is always on the grounds and you can ask about your experience. I really appreciated the feedback she gave me and I could sense that she has a true healing spirit. I also appreciate the small group sizes to limit others’ energies affecting your unique healing journey. In addition to the ayahuasca healing, there is a local plant medicine doctor named Lino. He will prescribe any plant remedies he feels necessary for your healing process.

Overall, this place is wonderful and I would come back in a heartbeat. Thank you, Flower of Life!


December 30, 2016

This was a last minute enrollment into Flower of Life’s first group retreat and I’m definitely glad I took that leap of faith. Everything about the retreat was amazing and definitely life changing.

I was a tad cautious as the pictures on the website seemed too good to be true for an aya retreat but I can honestly say that the grounds are some of the most spectacular lodge I’ve ever been to you. The lodge sits deep within the Amazon 3 hours from Iquitos, Peru on a hill high above the Amazon Forest right next to the river. The individual huts are spacious, well furnished and the common areas are beautifully designed inside and outside with many exotic fruit trees and hiking trails around. The staff is incredible and the food is outstanding, especially for dieta!

The aya ceremonies are very personalised as the group is small. My retreat only had one other person therefore we got the full attention from the retreat founder, the facilitator and shamans of which there were two. Lino was a local shaman from the nearly village who works with tobacco and local plant medicine and he provided cleansing and consultation with his light drinkable remedies. Maestro Juanita from the traditional Shipibo was the head Maestro who had mastery over the aya medicine. Although she is quiet and didn’t speak much English, her healing was extremely powerful. Her icaros pierce the night sky and guided my journeys from the darkness through the light. In all, there were 4 ceremonies which was a good amount to really build up the aya in the body. The final ceremony was indescribable as my mind was unleashed from the confines from reality and opened to the universe. I’ve done another aya retreat two years ago which was great but Flower of Life was on another level. The feedback was Juanita was really inspiring as she really did explain what she saw and felt during the healingss and what she did to help each person cleanse their body and spirit. Juanita’s serenity, wisdom and power is inspirational.

The medicine taught me what I needed to learn and showed me what I needed to see. I’m not sure when/if I’ll ever revisit the spirt of aya but nevertheless I’ll always cherish my time at Flower of Life along with the caring facilitators. The retreat is truly magical along with unique experiences such as swimming in the Amazon with pink dolphins, viewing sloths climbing above the forest, awakening to the melodic songs of hundreds of tropical birds and eating sweet fruit picked directly from the forest.

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