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  • Madre de Dios, Peru

The nonprofit organization Etnopharmakon arranges 5 ayahuasca retreats at year at EcoCentro in Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios, Peru).

The seminars last one week (8 days and 7 nights), the price includes transportation from the airport to the center and back, meals (vegetarian /vegan) and accommodation, ceremonies with teacher plants (3 ayahuasca ceremonies and one tobacco purge), group meetings, a day to visit the lake Sandoval with a local guide to learn about the amazing biodiversity of the region.

The arrival is scheduled for Sunday and the departure for the morning of the following Sunday.
The ceremonies will be distributed as follows:

– Monday morning: tobacco purge
– Monday night: ayahuasca ceremony
– Wednesday night: ayahuasca ceremony
– Friday morning: ayahuasca ceremony

Before and after each ceremony is scheduled a group meeting to address the issues raised during the ceremonies.
On Saturday, during the day, is scheduled an excursion to Lake Sandoval with a local guide, to know, in addition to Amazonian medicine, even the beauty of the biodiversity of the region Madre de Dios.
Wednesday morning is expected, for those who want it, a moment of meditation.
The remaining free time is left to the will of the participants. You can choose to reflect on the issues raised during the ceremonies, to walk in the Amarumayo botanical garden or along the river, to meditate in the maloca , read, write, draw, or relax in a hammock. Or you may want to visit the city of Puerto Maldonado, the butterfly park, the secretary bird, the eagles’ shelter , etc.

The EcoCentro is located in Calle Rompeolas km 3.2 along the Madre de Dios River.

The connections with the city are located just outside the center at low cost (one soles taking a microbus and 8/10 soles with a taxi).

Dates of 2015:

May: 10-17

July: 12-19

August: 23-30

September: 06-13

October: 04-11

In addition to the proposed dates you can contact us for any special requests, for study, to carry diets with Amazonian plants, etc. If possible we will try to meet any need.

The seminars are addressed to members of Etnopharmakon at the cost of $ 600. The membership card has an annual cost of $ 23. The choice to organize seminars exclusively for members is based on the desire to create a united group of people interested in the therapeutic potential of this drug, as well as to promote research in this field by creating a data collection useful for studies and research.
The revenues of the seminars will be so employed:

– $ 118: to Etnopharmakon for the organization of seminars, to promote universitary or independent studies and research and to maintain and increase the botanical garden Amarumayo
– $ 96: to the AEE (Association of Ecological Agriculture) for the maintenance of the EcoCentro
– $386: for the expenses: room and board, transportation, trip to Sandoval, guide, curandero

The curandero responsible during the seminars will be Carlo Schenone Infante. Curandero with 16 years of experience, pupil of Taita Adonias Quintero and former co-worker at the Takiwasi center (Tarapoto, Perù).


1 review

5 out of 5 stars
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July 18, 2015

Very quiet, nice and magic place, suitable for spiritual retreats. Bedrooms are basic but functional. Well-balanced and tasty vegetarian meals. Cesar, Olalla and their two children are so kind and open people. Ayahuasca sessions are expertly guided. We both hope to replicate the experience at Eko Centro very soon!

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