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  • Cusco, Peru

We are a clinic dedicated to the service and protection of the ethnic Peruvian communities and their traditional knowledge of healing, development, integration, cosmology and education. These communities are important because their culture serves to protect the natural environment through their knowledge, religious ceremonies and way of life.

We invite you to experience our ancient Inca healing technique together with shamans from ethnic communities of the High Andes and Amazon.


The Shamanic Inca technique was rediscovered after 28 years of investigation, study and dangerous shamanic initiation were undertaken by a Quechua founder of Etnikas. The process of rediscovering the technique was a collaborative effort between, shaman, anthropologists, doctors, and historians from all over the world.

The effort to rediscover this technique was motivated by a sickness incurred by the founder of Etnikas. After receiving a serious head injury he was motivated to begin looking at the ways in which the people of his own culture used to help heal themselves. He discovered that many of the shamanic practices had long been abandoned and forgotten. A quest to rediscover the ways in which the ancient Inca people conducted shamanic healing resulted in practice that Etnikas offers today. Feeling a strong sense of gratitude for the healing effects of this technique he felt compelled to create a centre that could offer the healing technique to others.

Recognition of Inca culture: Among other important figures the Buddhist Leader the Dalai Lama visited the Imperial City of Cusco in 2006 and conducted a ceremony for Mother Earth with shaman from Etnikas.

THE PROCESS: Five correlated ceremonies make up Etnikas healing technique.

Water of the Andes.  Used for the detoxification of the body both physically and psychologically before the taking of Ayahuasca (in some cases it is optional).

Coca Leaf Reading. Used as an oracle in Inca ceremonies, it allows for the diagnosis of a persons state of being. On occasion we use stones, shells, fire or seeds instead of, or in conjunction with, the coca leaves.

Cleansing Ceremony.  Both internal and external negative energies are cleansed before the taking of Ayahuasca to ensure the experience is not negatively affected. This is mainly to with forgiveness of ones self and others.
Ayahuasca Medicine.  The taking of Ayahuasca allows one to find the source of negative karma and show one how to transform this negativity into a positive influence in ones life. This ceremony also takes one through a psychological, spiritual, and physical cleansing.

Offering to Mother Earth.  This is a ceremony which is performed after the purification of mind and spirit through the taking of Ayahuasca.  It allows for the sharing and expression feelings of gratitude towards Mother Earth and God for everything that we have received and learnt.  It also reaffirms all that has been experienced in the pervious ceremonies.


5 reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars

July 25, 2015

My husband and I are recently completed 3 days retreat with Etnicas. It was our first trip to South America.

This place is a jewel in the Sacred Valley. We will never forget our fantastic experience, will always hold the people we met during this trip dear to us.

The online booking (Sandra), nurses (Michelle and two other ladies) and coordinators (Pierina and Eric) are the most incredible helpers, we are thankful to them for assisting us during the processes.

We had really high hopes for the Ayahuasca ceremony and we were not disappointed. The amazing shaman Maestro Pablo sang beautiful icaros all night long, he just brings you and redirects you to the right path, we found it to be really calming and much needed for the positive trip.
The empathy and compassion we felt from the shaman Maestro Pablo was incredible!
Thank you very much Maestro Pablo and Maestro Nicolas (PachaMama ceremony) from the bottom of our hearts for the positive experience!

Etnica’s said: “Your heart is the best shaman in the universe and the best doctor inside you.” If it’s your calling, follow it!

Thank you everyone and we are looking forward to see you again one day 🙂


September 24, 2014

I can’t say enough good things about Etnikas and their staff. Ayahuasca is a hugely challenging experience and the staff at Etnikas did everything right in terms of providing a safe, comfortable and suitable environment in which to drink. The shamans I worked with (Javier and Juan) were incredibly good men and I felt so lucky to have them looking out for me. In hindsight, the experience was so much more intense and powerful than I’d anticipated so when The going got tough, I was so glad to have such a supportive team to guide me through my journeys. Angel (coordinator/translator) is a great man and provided us with the tools we needed to make the most of our journeys, he is a very respectful, intelligent and humble man with a fantastic understanding of people and the guidance required during their stay at Etnikas. I would like to inform anyone thinking of going through the experience that it is a very serious and intensely profound journey, do not assume to breeze through this, it required a huge amount of concentration, respect and focus. But if you’re ready, there is no better place than Etnikas for an authentic, supportive and unimaginable journey into the unknown. Thanks Angel, Ingrid, Javier and Juan. I wish you guys the very best!

For those interested in more details, I created a journal of my experience. Be warned, it’s a pretty honest and crazy account of events. You’re welcome to read it at http://joreilly86.wordpress.com/



June 25, 2014

Etnikas provided a very safe and comfortable environment to do ayahuaca. The experiences that I had were very profound and life changing. I have vast experience with hallucinogens but nothing can prepare you for the medicine that is ayahuasca. The staff and the shamans were excellent and I will never forget them. For the first ceremony, we had 4 shamans, a nurse and a helper for 5 people. The second night there was 2 shamans, a nurse and a helper for 3 people. Not sure where else one could go to get this type of ratio. They all exuded love and encouragement during the journey which wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Each person had very different and personal experiences so I will not get into that but will say that in the end, it felt like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders. I have never felt such inner peace, love and understanding. I recommend Etnika’s wholeheartedly. Julie, one of the helpers, radiated love and light. A true asset to the outfit. She was like an angel. A truly enlightening experience that has made me a better person. I recommend that you do at least 2 ceremonies.

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March 3, 2014

I, along with a buddy, attended a “private” 5-day (3-ceremony) retreat at Etnikas in October. (I use quotations around “private” as that word means nothing at Etnikas.) I would definitely NOT recommend going there.

Without going into detail about the little annoyances (and there was no shortgage of those), what struck me right away was that our ceremonies were to be held in the upstairs portion of the same house where participants stay. No door or anything separating the ceremony from the rest of the house. (At the end of our retreat, it was home to 3 different groups, of course on 3 different timetables.) There were even 2 guest rooms upstairs, right off of the ceremony room – so you can have people who aren’t in ceremony going back and forth through someone else’s ceremony. Right away I was thinking “man, these guys can’t even forego the income from a couple of rooms in order to have a separate space for ceremony?!”

As it turned out, however, the first 2 ceremonies were good. (Our first ceremony was before any other guests arrived. We shared our second ceremony with another “private” group that showed up after our 1st day. It wasn’t until after that when the 3rd group showed up so there were 3 different groups living in one house.)

The 3rd ceremony, however, was a joke. About 5 minutes after we drank, a staff member actually came upstairs and bummed a smoke (mapacho) off the Shaman, then went downstairs and had a really loud conversation with another staff member. NOT the sort of crap you want during your ceremony. I was actually surprised that the Shaman or the Shaman’s assistant didn’t kick his ass out of there, rather than just happily hand him a cigarette. Not long after the ceremony started, the Shaman’s assistant fell asleep. The whole “vibe” was out of whack, and our visions were quite weak and lasted for maybe 15 minutes. Whether the Shaman (who would check his cell phone constantly during ceremony) sensed this or not, I don’t know, but he stopped singing Icaros after about an hour. (At least, the people in one of the adjacent rooms had their ceremony in another house and didn’t bother us. And the people in the other room were gracious enough to try and minimize their intrusion into our ceremony – which they shouldn’t have had to do if Etnikas had a proper ceremony room.)

I mentioned some of this to the Shaman’s assistant, especially how I thought not having a separate ceremony room was ridiculous. She agreed, but basically said that Etnikas management calls the shots and they can’t do anything without management approval.

Aside from the ceremony set-up, another problem with Etnika housing multiple groups in one house is that they’re big on the noble silence thing. Which is cool, except that the groups are on different timetables, so one will be on a day of silence while another is not. Which isn’t fair to either group.

Bottom line: My impression is that Etnika’s mission is to make money off tourists and the ayahuasca experience is a secondary consideration. Considering that the retreat facilities are pretty run-down, it didn’t seem to me that they even put much of their profits back into the facilities.


January 15, 2014

Due to a flight delay, i arrived at their office for my scheduled “three day and two night” retreat quite flustered and late. Instead of them scolding me or rushing me off to complete the remaining ceremonies, i was welcomed with radiating smiles and blasted with incomprehensible love auras and was assured that i could start the following day instead.

The staff really cares, and I really got strong sense that my positive experience came before all monterey gains. The retreat is set on the side of the Cusco hills overlooking the city. It may not have the allure of a jungle setting and you may not hear the cackling sounds of nearby jungle beasts as you drift off into awe and wonder, but the safety, comfort and love emitted from these people and their retreat will provide you with a secure and loving setting in which you can embark on your ego-slaying-adventure.

With much love,


Visited December 2013

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