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  • Iquitos, Loreto, Peru
Min. Cost: 120
Max. Cost: 140

Dreamglade is a beautiful, lake-side Shamanic healing center in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, just one hour’s drive from Iquitos. We offer safe, supportive Ayahuasca ceremonies and plant dietas under the guidance of our resident Shipibo curanderos, Raul Buanapico and Lidia Huayta, as well as free yoga classes and a natural sauna.

Come to DreamGlade for as long as you like, whether for just a week or even for a month or two…

We charge an ‘all inclusive’ and very reasonable daily rate for your stay which includes….

* Free, comfortable 4×4 transportation to and from the healing center
* Ayahuasca ceremonies 3 times per week with a maximum of 9-10 guests per ceremony
* Plant/flower baths
* Individual healing sessions with our shamanic healers
* Natural Sauna/Sweatlodge (2 -3 times per week)
* All meals
* Comfortable, lake-side, accommodation and rest areas
* Modern bathrooms and showers
* Free Yoga classes (2 – 3 times a week)
* Spanish/English translations
* Free laundry service
* Lake for swimming and jungle walks
* Extensive library on-site
* Complimentary ‘Mapachos’ (natural jungle tobacco)
* Counseling to better help you understand the process you are going through

*Traditional ‘master-plant dietas’ under the supervision of our resident Shipibo Curanderos and also traditional ‘Kambo’ (frog poison) treatments (there is a small additional charge for either of these*)


76 reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
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April 17, 2020

I am truly so grateful for Dreamglade and its entire team. I spent 10 days at the center and participated in 4 ceremonies. This was my first Ayahuasca experience and while I had been feeling called to experience Aya for 2 years it wasn’t until an acquaintance recommended DG that I finally felt compelled to commit. It was imperative to me that I find a place that was safe and reputable.

Stace, Drew, Jess, and the curanderos Raoul and Lydia are all experts at their work. Every single one of them not only has experience and passion in what they do but they are also people of integrity. With Aya being trendy these days, there is an inundation of retreats and individuals facilitating ceremonies – many of which are questionable. Dreamglade is the real deal. The curanderos know what they are doing and the facilitators are always alert and checking in on everyone both inside and outside of the ceremonies. They ensure that everyone is supported and they are always available for questions and conversations regarding your aya experiences or even just life in general.

The space itself is such an oasis and I find myself missing it quite often. There is something to say about doing it in the Amazonian jungle. You can really feel the energy of this magical place. I felt like I was truly able to disconnect from the outside world and give myself the time and space to really be with myself and look inside. I also connected well with the other guests – people from all walks of life who you could learn something from each one of them.

I feel so incredibly lucky for having had this experience. If you are feeling called to experience Aya, especially in Peru go to Dreamglade! I have no doubt that I will be returning in the future. Thank you DG team!


March 24, 2020

I had wanted to work with Stacey, Drew and the Dreamglade team since I first heard about them back in 2017. They are a very popular centre, and often booked up many months before hand, and that’s because they do awesome work and are truly exceptional people. Stace and his team have created a world class centre, which is (unquestionably) one of the best in Peru, if not the world.

Ceremony days are great. Often they will start with a slow morning, where people are free to do what they’d like but also encouraged to journal, set their intentions and meditate. Jess holds a wonderful, unlocking yoga practice that is welcome for anyone to join, but no pressure at all to do it if you don’t want to. Later in the afternoon the team will fire up the sauna. This was great for flushing out toxins, using the flower bath and truly relaxing before a ceremony. Ceremony starts at night-time and is often completed by 12-1am.

Their ceremonies are powerful, authentic and extremely healing. The two Curanderos, Raoul an Lidia have over 80+ years of experience working with the medicine between them. It is the absolute safest and most protected I have ever felt in an ayahuasca ceremony.

Drew, who oversees and runs the centre when Stace is away, is an outstanding human being. He’s one of the funniest, kindest and most heart centered people I have ever met. I felt I could talk to him about absolutely anything that was coming up for me and he had wise, sentient advice that really helped me. He was a true gift to my process. Thank you drew!

I did the Coca ceremonies with Dhyana both before and after the retreat, with the additional ‘session on the table’. They were fantastic and really helped with the experience. The coca ceremony before hand really helped me crystallise my intentions and was very powerful. The session after the retreat (coca + massage) really helped both bring everything together, provide clarity and gave additional lessons and things to work on in the future. If you get the chance to work with Dhyana I would wholeheartedly recommend it, she’s a beautiful and very powerful soul!

As a final note, Stacey could easily charge far more for his retreats but the quality of his character is that he wants to keep it affordable for the people who need the healing. The upside of this is you have a beautiful range of people who all reflect a slightly different version of yourself back to you. It’s not a cookie cutter, lush silicon valley retreat, but an authentic centre with soul where the people there all really care about healing and doing the deep work. Also, Paul who manages the participants, admissions and integration does a fantastic job. He’s very professional, warm and prompt. The whole team is absolutely first class.
If you feel the call, can work out a time to visit, are medically suitable to drink ayahuasca I would whole heartedly recommend dreamglade. I plan to try and take my own mother and siblings back one day in the distant future!

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November 20, 2019

In this review I will offer my perspective of working with ayahuasca, as well as how Dreamglade facilitates and incredible environment for inner development, healing and self-growth.
For many people, drinking ayahuasca with the right intention can be a very difficult but rewarding experience, and I am no exception. I did a total of 9 ceremonies with Dreamglade over three weeks, and had done 8 ceremonies previously with another retreat in Iquitos.
Part of the reason I was called to return to do ayahuasca again was that I had recently been opened up to energy in a way where it was no longer possible for my scientific mind to deny it, by being sceptical over a) My own experiences, and b) the fact it has not been ‘scientifically proven’; yet.

The Healers:

Drinking ayahuasca is not a magic cure that requires no attention and work on your part, and the healers are never there to do ‘all the work FOR YOU’. They are there to help guide you and protect you while you’re opened up through the medicine; this is a very vulnerable experience as ayahuasca will often attempt to show you sides of yourself that you have neglected to acknowledge, decompartmentalised or are afraid to face; with the right attitude and a courageous heart however, one is presented the opportunity for bringing those aspects into the light and back into yourself in a positive way.
For this reason, doing ayahuasca with caring, attentive and honest curanderos (healers) is paramount to a good experience, and Dreamglade has found this in spades within Raul and Lydia (their curanderos). Something that was glaringly obvious to me after my second or third ceremony here, especially when I compared it to my previous ceremonies.

I am an extremely empathic person and in the early days of my ceremonies at a PREVIOUS RETREAT; there were times I felt like I was swimming in a vat of s**t. I thought this was my own stuff until someone else attending gave me a piece of white sage; it cleared my space entirely during a ceremony and became like a lifeline.
Upon arrival at Dreamglade, I still thought it was my sensitivity that left me so vulnerable to the energies in the room, and so brought an abundance of white sage with me in anticipation of this.
After only a few ceremonies I realised I did not need it, and in that moment I realised it was because my space was being protected properly… the dense releasing of others around me was not permeating the room, and therefore I did not need to be constantly clearing my own space with the help of the sage.
It was only after this realisation that I realised the retreat I went to before, was not individualising and clearing the space properly. This is not to say they were bad healers necessarily, it could also be that it was in part due to my abnormal sensitivity, but that truth meant that I also needed an extra bit of attention and protection than perhaps the average person attending does.
Now… either – without having to talk to me – the healers at Dreamglade simply recognised this and gave the extra protection I needed. Or more likely, they are extremely thorough and simply give this ‘extra’ protection to every person who comes into their ceremonies.
This is one example of the sort of thing that Raul and Lydia do that demonstrated to me their extreme attentiveness and care when conducting their healing work with participating guests. I will forever aspire to display their kind of responsibility and diligence.

Dreamglades space:

I was extremely surprised by the quality of the buildings and their smooth finished. The effort they went through to keep out unwanted insects and to facilitate a feeling of ‘making yourself at home’ really stood out to me; something that is also important for looking deep within for healing work.
The nearby lake was a lovely addition for them to have as it created a really serene environment, even/especially when it rained. The connectedness of all the buildings meant you didn’t have to worry about getting drenched when you didn’t want to, but also didn’t have to go far to change when you did want to.
If I went again, I would pay for the private room. To save money I opted into staying in the ceremony space, but due to the noise of others and a lack of my own proper space I could go to when I felt the calling, meant this was for me, the wrong choice.
That’s my advice to you if you have read this far, pay the little extra for a private space to rest your head, heart and mind.
Another addition I really liked was their attentiveness towards peoples reasons for going coming for healing. I witnessed serveral people having one on one attention with the healers outside of the ceremonies because they either needed additional treatment or help opening themselves up to the medicine.

Another unique feature I loved was that the curanderos attended the sharing circles. This meant that if they had anything they felt they wanted or needed to impart about your individual healing, they could do this. They also were extremely open about answering any questions that you had about how they operate and what you were going through (Stacy was available to accurately translate this to and from them if you did not speak Spanish).
The first place I went to this was not an option as they said the curanderos did not question what they do in ceremonies, they simply act in the present. This seemed a little strange to me but I accepted it. Upon learning of the readiness of Raul and Lydia to talk to us to facilitate our healing, was to me a terrific display of theirs and Dreamglades dedication to our healing.

After leaving

I had a rough time after leaving. I continued my travels and training in Kung Fu in China and unfortunately cause a rather bad virus. I was then misdiagnosed by Chinese doctors and given antibiotics; in case you don’t know, taking antibiotics with a virus is a terrible thing to do and this left me recovering health wise for 6 months from post-viral fatigue.
Before I flew home and received the diagnosis of post-viral fatigue, I began to panic. Nothing I found online was explaining my symptoms and I started to fret that perhaps I was under some form of ‘physic attack’ (I really hate using that terminology as it has ridiculous pseudo spiritual connotations but it’s the best I can do to impart that feeling). I ended up contacting Stacy and he was absolutely amazing.
The healers took an energetic look at me and told me through him that I was fine. After going back home to the doctors and receiving an actual diagnosis I realised what the actual problem was, but Stacy’s support and a confirmation from the healers that energetically there was nothing to worry about a) Helped calm my nerves, and b) Made me accept that I did have to book flights home to get to the bottom of what was causing my health issues. Luckily I have a very good GP because post-viral fatigue is understood in a very limited sense in the medical profession and many doctors would have missed it.

To summarise. For anyone who is feeling the pull to work with ayahuasca and is willing to put the work in with this fantastic medicine, you really can achieve wonders. If you’ve been looking at retreats and are thinking of Dreamglade, look no further.
Arrive with an open heart, an open mind, an accepting attitude and be grateful for the leap you are taking to do something incredible for yourself.


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November 20, 2019

I attended dreamglade with my wife for 12 nights and 6 ceremonies at the beginning of November. We were collected and driven to the dreamglade jungle which I can only describe as pure paradise. The staff from Stacey to the groundskeeper were a first class act. Stacey is informative and full of wisdom as per the medicine and healing in general. He has a paternal aura and soothing voice which is calming and comforting during those tricky ceremonies. Drew is a breath of fresh air, always available to listen or hold space and has an amazing ability to help you see situations from different perspectives while focusing on the positives. He’s also quite possibly one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. The curandero’s , Lydia and Raul were nothing shy of remarkable, they don’t speak a word of English nor do I Spanish but you do not need words to see their knowledge of the plants and medicine and their love, care and dedication to healing. The number one factor when choosing a retreat for plant medicine is to feel safe and loved, I felt this throughout my entire stay and especially when Mother Aya was showing me parts of myself that were challenging. We were drawn to DG after seeing the YouTube video and witnessing Stacey’s passion, pride and determination for the healing, he did not disappoint.The fact that they only ever have 9 guests is also very appealing. I arrived at dreamglade with scepticism and doubt of the world, I left with my eyes wide open to all the magic and wonder in the world and a new found family. I cannot thank these guys enough and will definitely return.

All the love


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November 20, 2019

This message is for the people who are curious, anxious, stuck and carrying around a lot of baggage. I can humbly say that based on my own and others experiences during my stay, Dreamglade for sure work with the light to brighten up those dark places that we have harboured inside all of us.

It is my second visit back at DG, as I feel my first 5 ceremonies were only the tip of the iceberg and I needed to dig deeper for a real cleanse. I am sure you are all thinking why I returned to DG a second time? Well, to put it simply, why would you go anywhere else when you have found everything that you need here! From all the facilitators, Stace, Drew, Jess and all the ground staff are natural healers in their own right. The accumulation of spiritual knowledge between them is just colossal.

DG has far exceeded all my expectations to the point I didn’t even have any this time round as I know what was going to come and I was 110% right. The Love, Care, Attention and Passion that they conduct themselves are just out of this world.

Therefore, if you would like to have a most profound healing jungle experience and learn how to love unconditionally….

You will be silly not to put DG as a priority for your own healing experience.

Simply amazing work that is practiced here!

I hope to see you all soon!

Much love and beautiful light!



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November 18, 2019

So my review is different to the rest. I have also posted on retreat guru but you’ll see that I haven’t been able to on google reviews. A tech friend said they have actually blocked all bad reviews from the general public, so while they are still there, normal people cannot view them. You’ll also see that since my experience a couple of months back, all of sudden 10 extra reviews are added. A tad over kill. Also, this is my review based on my experience. I experienced it. You can think I am crazy or a fake, thats not my concern…just wanting to inform and educate. Take from it what you wish. Remember this isn’t a place to review someone else review as the lady seemed to think on retreat guru. It’s about reviewing YOUR experience, not about online bullying and attempting to defile a persons own experience.

At the time I went, I did not know anything about energy fields, boundaries, protection, bad entities, plant dietas etc so was very trustworthy in everything they said and now I simply know better.

However, the first week was great. Loved it. Lots of cleansing and bonding and settling in but then in the second week I was told to stop having plant baths which minimised protection, they gave me different food and I started to feel drained and open. They teach you nothing about protection prior to ceremony as well so while they do plenty of prep on themselves for protection of their own energy, Stacey merely does one blow of smoke on everyone before ceremony. They also tell you to inhale mapacho which is actually extremely bad for you and weakens your system.

Then into the second week I started to feel really drained. Again, I thought it was me. I didn’t know better. My first week ceremonies where really intense and the second week they were getting blacker and blacker and it’s like my energy points we’re becoming blocked. I didn’t understand cause I didn’t know any better. They say it’s normal. The 6th ceremony came and the medicine told me they were slowly stealing my energy/essence. I then did not want to go on the Matt but Stacey didn’t give me a choice by saying “my house my rules” and stated to rayell to “finish the job”. He was then next to me during the singing saying in my ear “trust trust trust” over and over. From there I experienced light being sucked out of my head and then later a black smoke entered my head and I was extremely sick for months. Stacey admitted there was something off in the room and others in the room could feel it but said they cannot control everything that comes in. The medicine texture changed in the second week also.

Since then, it’s been confirmed black magic was used on me and a lot of my energy/essence was taken. This stuff does exist and it happens. Please do not be ignorant and do your research and come to your own conclusion. Jonathan evatt and Peter micheal share a lot about this on the internet or find a trustworthy local healer to educate you on where your own energy fields are at and how to protect yourself before going to a retreat. An advanced healer knows all about this stuff. Dreamglade however have told other friends who have left and felt like something was attached that bad entities “cannot break the laws of spirit”. If they think this is true, then why do they protect themselves so much during ceremonies…..Stacey is also not trained in anyway to provide the medicine. Just because he has been drinking the medicine for over 10 years, doesn’t mean that he works in the light.

While everyone can say they are healers, everyone has different energies, different traumas and different access points and different agendas. You’ve never met these people and do not know the depths of their soul. I’m sure Bill Crosby was a shock to everyone. I was an open wound and based on my starseed, I have lots of internal fire/light which they wanted. Gives them more power. The medicine is not pure as well. They add other things into it and it is not cooked on the premises and you do not know what intentions are going into it and do not get to put your own healing intentions into it, which is an important part of the process.

Also with the plant dieta, 5 days is not enough to really connect with the plant and they do not take you to meet the plants and make a real connection and exchange with them. There’s more to plant dietas than just drinking the medicine.

After the first week they kept saying I was clean over and over and then at the end of the retreat they then said I wasn’t clean of parasites and that aya and other plant medicines cannot help and I need to seek western help. Jess one of the staff actually admitted they stole my energy and decrowned me and to just move on. I’ve come across 4 others from the same retreat dating back to 4 years ago with the same sort of thing. This isn’t a frequent thing for them but they do it. They also recommended me to take Valium when I was distressed soon after ceremony. This was on text as well, which I still have. I also ended up in hospital after what happened and instead of trying to help, they protested too much to everyone else and got extremely defensive and then lied about my state of health in the hospital to my peers. The doctors had not even gotten any results back but they said I was strong and well.

Since then, I’ve been cleared in all levels aside from my energetics. Ive have had multiple spiritual cleanings and extractions done since I left there 3 months ago and am still recovering after essentially being de scalped (my own healers words). No one should leave a retreat in the state I left in. I didn’t do this to myself. Understand and learn protection so you are not ignorant to the door way you are opening. I obviously don’t recommend this place. Teach yourself protection and at the very least find one where you can see and cook the medicine and infuse your intentions into it as group. It helps to feed the healing process as well

Response from Dreamglade on December 2, 2019

As the owner and principle facilitator at Dreamglade Shamanic Healing Center, I feel obliged to respond to this review as Celia has made some pretty unpleasant accusations against both myself and also my staff, so of course I am taking this matter very seriously.
I would like to state first of all that we are all extremely sad about this situation and I am not at all surprised to receive these two very negative reviews from Celia, the one here on AyaAdvisors and another on another well-known review site.
We have one simple objective regarding our healing work at the center and that is that each guest leaves us feeling much, much better than when they arrived.
Obviously this was not the case with Celia but so far, after having approx 1500 people visit us over the last five and a half years we have had a very high success rate with the vast majority of our guests leaving, feeling very satisfied and in great shape after undergoing some profound personal healing whilst under our care.
Of course we have to be realistic and accept that we are not able to fulfil our desired objective 100% of the time, especially as we are dealing with a constant flow of people, all with their own particular issues, many in dire need of some very deep processing and/or healing.
It is not uncommon, that when someone is confronted with their own issues/negative thought patterns, their ‘shadow side’ if you like, that they can move into deep denial about what is coming up and, instead of accepting and owning those said issues, will instead sometimes ‘project’ them onto myself and/or my staff or even other guests. When a situation such as this arises, we strive to stay very calm, to not react and to not get ‘sucked in’ to that person’s crisis (as it is not usually anything personal) whilst gently and patiently attempting to help them work through those uncomfortable aspects of themselves.
We have a very thorough, online screening process for all prospective guests before we will confirm any reservation with the aim of only accepting participants that we feel can work effectively with these very powerful plant medicines in complete safety. Fortunately, we have a very good reputation; therefore we are in an enviable position where we have a large number of people desiring to come to the center. We do not need to take on any potential ‘risky’ guests, as we know that we will easily fill each retreat space. We turn people away literally every week because we may have genuine concerns about their suitability for this type of work but the truth is, we truly are a healing center, so of course we can’t possibly turn away every single person who has personal issues and on occasion there are guests that come to us that are just not ready to face their shadow and take ownership of their own fears and insecurities.
We did everything in our power to help Celia, with constant support and counselling whilst she was with us and we even convinced her to stay at the center for an additional three days (completely free of charge) in order to try and help her work through some ‘trust issues’ that were obviously coming up very strongly with her but unfortunately we were unable to change her state of mind before she left us.
The safety and wellbeing of every single guest that comes to Dreamglade for healing work is our number one priority, which is why I have been personally present at every single ceremony since the day we first opened to the public in June of 2015.
It is also why we always have a minimum of at least two experienced facilitators and two extremely competent Shipibo curanderos, taking care of a maximum of 9-10 guests during every ceremony, so that each person receives adequate support and attention on every level. Myself and my co-facilitators attentively taking care of all of their physical, emotional and psychological needs whilst the two curanderos do an exceptional job of traditional shamanic healing whilst also protecting each guest on a spiritual and energetic level.
It is also why I chose to build the center in that particular area, so to be not too far away from Iquitos (but far enough to be free of noise or light pollution) and why our 4×4 vehicle is always present, right outside the maloka (ceremonial hut), during every single ceremony so that I could get someone to the nearest hospital very quickly (approx 30 min) in case of an emergency. This has not happened once since we opened the center.
My staff and I have talked extensively about the unfortunate situation with Celia, in order to try to really learn from the experience and to do everything in our power to prevent such an incident from ever happening again. It was, without a doubt, the most distressing encounter that we have ever had with a guest at Dreamglade to date. We feel no ill will towards her, just a deep sense of disappointment and regret that we were not able to help her as we have helped so many others.
However, considering the fact that she has made some pretty scandalous allegations against both myself and my staff, I feel fully justified in clarifying some of the completely false statements that she has given in her very negative reviews of us.
They are so numerous that I will not attempt to address every single one of them but here are a few that I can confidently dispel without any doubt what-so-ever.
– She was NEVER told to “stop using the plant bath”. We have never, EVER told any guest to do this and the truth is, its main function is more to clean one’s energy, not as an effective form of energetic protection (the main protection for the guests is created by the curanderos during the ceremony by the singing of icaros).
– She was NEVER told to “inhale” tobacco smoke and it is not something we would ever pressure any guest to do (sometimes we are asked by our guests if we inhale and we honestly reply that yes, we all do, but the guests are not obliged to in any way). Curiously, mapacho (the local jungle tobacco) is actually considered to be one of the best forms of defence against negative energies and is used (and usually inhaled) by every single curandero I have ever worked with in the Peruvian Amazon region area since I moved here 12 years ago.
– Her food was NO DIFFERENT from the food that she ate the first week that she spent with us and was the SAME food that all the other guests were eating.
– The ayahuasca that we use is completely free of any dangerous plant additions to it (such as Toe) and it is the same recipe that we have been using for every ceremony for the last 5 and a half years with consistent and often wonderful results. Any guest, at any time, is welcome to take a sample of it and get it tested if they so desire. Until they do that, any accusations of it being “not pure” or adulterated are purely speculative and not backed up by any evidence whatsoever.
– Our resident yoga teacher Jess, most definitely DID NOT confirm to Celia that we had “stolen her energy” during that last ceremony. The TRUTH is that Celia had asked Jess, just a couple of days before, if it was possible for a shaman to “steal someone’s energy” as she had read an account online of somebody claiming to have had this experience whilst doing her research about Ayahuasca. This means the idea was already in her mind BEFORE she even arrived at the center (this is very significant information***).
– There was NEVER any kind of ‘sinister plot’ to weaken her energy so that we could steal her ‘light’. All of us at Dreamglade have just one desire and that is to help as many people truly heal as possible. We have no need or desire to “attack” anyone or “steal his or her energy”.
– Her claim that we “block bad reviews” is also completely unfounded as there is no way we could possibly do that (Celia’s two very negative reviews are definitive proof of this!!).
– She has also stated that there are “4 other ex-guests suffering from the same issues” after visiting my center yet provides no evidence of this whatsoever. If there really are 4 other ex-guests that feel that have been “attacked” whilst staying with us I would like very much to hear from them, either through here or via email. If this is true then it is something that I would take VERY seriously. Until they do though, I will treat this information as just more hollow accusations devoid of any merit.
The truth is, we have literally HUNDREDS of very, very positive reviews spread all over the Internet and we are one of the most respected centers in the plant medicine community. This is the FIRST TIME that we have ever received such a negative and scurrilous review from one of our guests.
She has also stated that “her own healer” has confirmed that she had been spiritually “de scalped” ??
Curiously, what she has failed to mention in either of her reviews, is the VERY PERTINENT detail that just 3 days after leaving our center, she chose to go off with two, well-known, local con-men that she had met on the street, who had ‘confirmed’ to her that she had been attacked by us (neither of them has any training with plant medicines) but, luckily for her, they knew an ‘expert shaman’ that could fix her problem but of course it would require a considerable amount of money!!
Despite my dire warnings to her, she chose to put all of her trust in them, paid in cash upfront and ended up in a VERY vulnerable situation, deep in the jungle, several hours away from Iquitos, completely at the mercy of two very unsavoury characters. She drank ayahuasca with a completely unknown shaman in a little wooden hut in the middle of nowhere. No website, no reviews, no facilitators present. Afterwards she described this encounter as extremely traumatic, as she felt the said shaman heavily attacked her with ‘witchcraft’.
I take no pleasure whatsoever in making public these details about Celia. We promise all of our guests’ complete confidentiality and up until this moment, we have faithfully kept that promise. However, considering the serious allegations that Celia is making against us, I feel that she has not really left me any other option. Like any normal person, I have certain ‘boundaries’. I have no problem at all with receiving constructive criticism concerning the way we run the center but when someone is making completely false allegations against me and my crew and backing up those allegations with completely false statements, I feel that I have duty to put forward our side of the story.
Dreamglade is my baby. I have spent the last 6 and a half years working very hard to make it into the incredible healing center that it is today. I have invested all of my energy, time and every cent to my name into creating a beautiful space where people from all over the world can come and experience true healing, in a safe and supportive environment. Myself and all of my staff are very PROUD of the work we do at Dreamglade as we know that it is of a very high standard and we will continue to shine our light way into the future***

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August 31, 2019

I spent two weeks at Dreamglade. Pretty much everything exceeded my expectations.

First the team, Raul and Lidia are both genuine masters, they follow the Shipibo tradition and took good care of us on a spiritual level. Stace is very knowledgeable and run the whole thing like clockwork. Drew and Jess are both amazing human beings, they made us feel extremely safe, and were always present.

Their medicine is strong, a lot more visual compared to other brews I tried.

The center is really well designed, there is a lot of space and I felt really at home. They provided plenty of healthy food. I had two plant dietas and I really got a lot out of them.

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May 22, 2019

I was unsure about doing anything like this, although I’ve always been open minded it never occurred to me to take the leap and go into such a remote place in Peru, and even when I got there – despite everyone being so welcoming and friendly – I was still undecided.

This is natural, you listen to the videos before you go and you think “it seems a bit exaggerated that such a simple idea, being close to nature, attuning yourself in line with what humans were meant to do, could possibly do the things they say – heal illnesses, drown out grief, pride in an ocean of happiness and purpose” – that is, in no clearer terms what happened.

It was by no means as I mentioned above an instantaneous thing, whilst I immediately enjoyed the secluded and peaceful nature of the place (made much better by the very well maintained and pleasant facilities provided) the rituals themselves were an entirely different matter.

I found myself wondering how much I would change with every single one – and it was in every single one that I learnt something – not necessarily knowledge – I couldn’t describe it to you – but I can say for certain that I am more than I was before.

I had my own problems with assertiveness and where I fitted in with regards to the grand scheme of things, I suppose its natural to think like this – but it doesn’t being a great deal of comfort in a troubled, busy modern life to not know where you’re going or when.

But now I do.

Whilst I want to tell you everything about my exact experience, I fear it would be wasted on you, as we all have our own path to walk, some may find they are already there – and in which case they will get to enjoy the wonderful experiences of the place and its people – others will see their own life flash before them – their faults, family, memories – everything, and if the healing songs are meant to work at that time – then you will be healed – a wound you may not know you had or recognised.

As a last note, I’d like to thank everyone who helped me on this journey – specifically the staff Drew and Stacey for making this entire experience possible.

I wish you all well on your quest of self discovery.


December 27, 2018

I am speachless. I really dont know where to start.
This was my most amazing, beautiful, and also my exhausting and excruciating 2 week of my entire life. I stayed at Dreamglade in November for 2 weeks which included 6 ceremonies and I wouldn’t change this 2 week for anything! In some ceremonies i went through absolute pain, fear, agony, terror, madness and I still say I wouldn’t change it to anything!!
(Of course I had really beautiful, loving, and super visual ceremonies as well… XD)

On the first day as discussed Stacy came to collect us in Iquitos and from the first time I knew we are in good hands. When we arrived to the center we packed down and went to the Maloka for a group talk. Stacy gave us at least an hourly talk how things go around, he really took care about the tiniest details, he was really caotious to not miss or skip something. It was so amazing to see that he really care for people. I cant say anything else just the same things to Drew. I think without Drew Dreamglade would be a totally different place. Drew is a real star and light the whole center. He is there for you every time and his positive energy just radiates through the whole center. Drew works untiringly to make everybodys time in the center unforgettable. He is always there for you even if you just want to talk to someone. The 2 curanderos Raul and Lidia are also super awesome people and as I see they are very knowledgeable. Their icaros was just amazing. Both icaros sometimes intensified the experiance sometimes I felt it kepts me away from going insane.

The whole center is also just amazing, the buildings, the design, the materials they use, everything is made up with care and with quality. They have 2 showers and 3 nice, clean flushable modern toilets. The whole center is well maintained and the staff cleans the center every day. The Maloka is the highlight of the center, its even more beutiful in real life. The lake in the center is just another thing that makes this place even more special and atmosoheric, its really nice that you can just splash into whenever you wishes. They have a huge „home theatre” in the communal house and 1-2 times a week there is movie time.

The food was surprisingly awesome. I mean even it did not have any kind of seasoning or salt it tasted almost better than the food I eat at home. And the quantity the gave us was just huge. Yes the provide huge meals and its taste awsesome. Not gonna stretch it further it was more than good.
The little Tambos are really nice, it has enough space inside, you get a table, a chair, really comfy bed all screened with net (the beds also has its own mosquito net). The Maloka is also a nice choice to stay since its georgeous, and its always clean.

Ceremonies started around 8 p.m.
Its really good that they do not work with too many guests at the same time, and it allows them to make each participants personal space wide enough so there is no way to be bothered by one of you „neighbor”. There are not just 1 but 2 curanderos during the ceremony and they sing the icaroses alternatelly which is again a huge thumbs up. During the night from timet o time Stacy and Drew goes around to chech everyone if they are doing okay. Its really awesome that they wont leave you completly alone just by yourself, but they dont „disturbe” you too often. You can tell from this that they are really experianced. Through out the whole ceremony if you have any problem, ANY problem Stacy and Drew are there for you and they will help you with everything. Doesnt matter what is that, you need a water refill or you having a hard time, or you are freaking out you can call them and in seconds one of them is there for you and if neseccary the stay there for you. At the end of each ceremony Drew sang 3 different mantra, and I really liked them, plus it was a great way to sign that the end of the ceremony is close.
Every morning after ceremony we had a group talk to share our experiances which I think is really essential. These group talks helps not just to unredstand and process what happened but all of you can make a stronger connection between each other. I dont think I could say anything bad about the ceremonies.

The Ayahuasca brew the are using is really potent and strong. The slightest dose raise makes huge differences from ceremony to ceremony. So be extra cautious. 😉

If it wasnt obvious this place lives up to its name. Its truly a dream. A dream come true. This was my first Ayahuasca retreat, but I have no idea why should I try another one because this place was just so perfect. I have red so many articles about different centers that its a „gringo center”, „they just charge you for a lot of money and dont really care for you ”, etc. BUT!! This place is nothing like that. Here the staff and basically everyone CARES about you! And I think we couldnt ask more than this. I really think I will never be able to thank to Stacy, Drew, Raul and Lidia ther care, empathy, love and all the healing what they offer.
I am 100% sure that I will come back here, and I cant wait for it!
I HIGHY RECOMEND Dreamglade for everyone. Not just for first timers, but for those who tried Ayahuasca before aswell.
If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!!
P.S.: I love you gusy!!!

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November 9, 2018

I can’t say enough positive things about Dreamglade. Right from the moment I met Stace and set foot onto the Dreamglade grounds, I knew I’d be in good hands. They are very experienced and look after all your needs. If you ever have any questions you can be sure that Stace, Drew, or one of the other staff will be able to help you out. The curanderos live on the site, so they are often available if you need some extra work. The food was delicious! The facility is very clean and well maintained. The sauna is a great addition! The lake was great for a dip during hot days. The small groups were fantastic during ceremony nights. After having been to a couple other retreat centers, I feel very comfortable recommending Dreamglade over any others. The level of care and comfort I experienced here is incomparable to many retreats. I really thank the staff here for creating such an authentic healing environment. I can’t wait to be back here again!

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September 13, 2018

In August i stayed with Dreamglade for a week.

I had heard about Aya and i was lucky enough to get a space in short notice for Dreamglade – normally the waiting list was around three months.

The location and facilities available were perfect for what we needed. There was a sense of paradise, and isolation, which was needed for the Ayahuascha to work.

Drew,Stacey,Jess and Raul and Lydia all worked to aid your healing, and there was always somebody around if you wanted to talk, or just generally needed help.

The ceremonies itself were done in a very safe environment, with Drew and Stacey always available if you needed their assistance. While the brew was very strong, they were aware of what you needed to experience it.

The week has changed my life for the better, and i feel without the quality Dreamglade offered it would have been very different. I recommend this retreat to anyone who is curious about it.

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August 21, 2018

Sorry for the late and only review I have ever written. I first want to say thank you to Stace, Drew, Lydia, Raul and all the staff involved at Dreamglade. They were all absolutely amazing including all the cooks (such lovely hearty meals), the cleaners and all. They were all one massive team.

Now on to the retreat itself. What a wonderful set-up that Stace has created. Stace, Drew, Lydia and Raul were just meant to be healers and there is no question about that. I can’t emphasise this enough and this journey is more than I could ever have encompassed. I came with an initial idea in my head of the personal healing that I needed to embark on but nothing could prepare me for such an experience. Nothing. You can do all the research you want but it won’t be of much help for Ayahuasca gives you and only you want to need. No one else will ever have the same experience as you. And you for the matter for every time you feel her she opens up a different part of you. So an open mind is surely better and I came to learn this on my first ceremony.

In all honesty the retreat is physically and emotionally draining to say the least. You spend preceding days reflecting on the ceremony the day previous. I commend the space given to allow for this continual healing process with Raul and Lydia continuously working on you to alleviate any pains, whether emotional or physical, you may experience. They worked wonders on me in aiding my continual stomach problems I was faced with. Specifically for that of Lydia since I really connected with her on my second ceremony where she literally embodied that of a goddess. But they were all remarkable and constantly worked on you. Their capacity to heal really is incomprehensible for I have no words to do justice to their capabilities. They were the real deal. They were pure. They were true of heart. And healing is in their very nature. And let’s not forget the singing of Raul and Lydia throughout the ceremonies. And Drew to round off the ceremony. So so beautiful.

Ayahuasca is such beautiful medicine and the power of this plant is phenomenal. The mother of all plants. You hear it being referred to as the mother of the earth, the spirit vine or the spirit of the earth and I can see why. She gives you exactly what you need to continue in this process of healing. Each ceremony I was gifted with elements to aid in this process. I can feel the growth and development she has enriched me with. I can feel the evolution of my character taking hold and aya’ is there with me as a guide. I have found the power of my inner voice and in listening to my instinct. I understood the necessity of purging to realise the toxins in my body. I found it particularly difficult to purge but once I did, the freeness was so evident. A moment of pure clarity that is symbolic as well as a physical.

It really is a life changing experience and though it may not be a smooth ride, it can really only be a blessing and a blessing for what you take with you on leaving is invaluable knowledge you can’t gain from anywhere else for she truly is a healer and the mother of this earth. So anyone serious about healing and opening themselves up to Aya then Dreamglade is the place for this. You can’t ask for a more selfless team with such capacity to heal. You can feel their energy, it was all around you. And they were always there if you needed their help or were having an uncomfortable time during the process or in dealing with your emotions. Their aid made me feel so much at ease and safe. And once again thank you. Sincerely. And entirely. And I will be coming back.


August 6, 2018

Magic! It’s pure magic! It’s the most beautiful journey you will ever experience in your whole life, trust me on that. If you are reading this, like I once was, thinking of traveling to Peru for your first time (or even if you’ve done this before) then this is the place to be. You’re in safe hands. Stacey and Drew are masters with their ability to handle one another, and help navigate you thru your experience. While the Aya brew was powerful, it wouldn’t be complete without Lidia y Raul. I truly walked away thinking these two are the most powerful humans in the world. What they are able to do is something I can’t put into words.

This place is a beautiful retreat center maybe 45 min to an hour out of town. With an epic ride on the way there. The weather was nice (April, 80F maybe). It had sunny days and days where it rained, which in my opinion was the best way to go. Hearing the rain after ceremonies was soothing while you reflect on life and your experience. Mosquitoes will be out at that time, but if you’re like me than your blood is no good to them. Some people were tore up unlike myself with zero bites. Hmmm.

There’s a nice sauna for Wednesday and Friday, while Jess hosts a yoga class on those days too. Food is on another level to me. If you come in with a bad diet, then you might be in for a shock. It’s fruit and veggies w/ delicious ramen and hard boiled eggs. Oh and no salt. I felt charged up, and looked forward to every meal that was given to me. The common area has books for reading, comfy chairs, and mapacho whenever you need it.

I cant persuade you enough on traveling to Dream Glade. It’s something that every human being should do. It puts a new meaning on life. I’m planning on visiting 2 weeks next time, hopefully next summer. The calling is strong and I often think of it. Life is a trip and I highly recommend Dream Glade to show you a new route 🙂


June 7, 2018

I totally recommand this place! I really enjoye my 10 days retreat there! the personnel, are very kind and helpfull. thank particuly to Drew and Stace during the ceremonys they are there to make sur you feel good and they make you feel in security. And the days we don’t have ceremony Drew is always available to talk with you to helps you with your thinking, he give very good advise.
The place is beautifull and quiet, it very relaxing.
and thank to Jess for the yoga class before the ceremonys, it help a lot for concentred before.

Thank again for this beautifull experience! Certainly I’ll come back it helped me a lot!!


May 26, 2018

I attended Dreamglade for five ceremonies in April. I can’t speak highly enough of the whole team there. I was made to feel extremely comfortable and safe throughout the whole experience. Having been back in Australia now for a month, I can clearly see the benefits of my time away.

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May 11, 2018

I am submitting this review to let folks know that DreamGlade is just perfect, and to note that not everyone gets an effect from ayahuasca,
The people at DreamGlade are compassionate, practical, know what they are doing, and sincerely care about the people. They made the experience just perfect. They were always supportive, and provided the unique guidance each person needed. When people struggled, they were with them immediately and were there for as long as needed, and longer. The location and buildings are very nice, well kept, and fitting for the jungle environment. The small lake is very nice, and was great to be able to swim and cool off and relax.
I was there for a week, and had 3 ayahuasca ceremonies. The ayahuasca essentially had no effect on me. It definitely had a variety of effects on the other 8 participants. Many were asking for smaller doses at the second and third ceremonies. Since I was not experiencing anything, I had larger doses, and a second larger dose at each ceremony. The shamans tried a number of things with me, including additional dieta plants (aja sacha for cleaning plus plant de avita to open me up), personal plant steam baths, personal diagnosis with the lead shaman Raul. I felt slightly tipsy for a short while after my second dose in the second ceremony, otherwise the ayahuasca had no effect on me directly. I stayed perfectly ok with this during the ceremonies, and enjoyed the shaman’s icaros (which were great, powerful). Stacy and Drew checked on each person quite regularly, so you knew what was going on with everyone. I was always “ok, feeling normal”.
Even though I did not have a direct experience, I know that others did, and I would highly recommend Dreamglade.


April 7, 2018

Really amazing place and people. Having been to different centers before, I think my search is finally over because this place has it all. The wonderful energy of Dreamglade is so palpable the minute you arrive there. Stacy and Drew are so gifted and truly care for everyone, they are answering their lives calling by helping so many souls find theirs. The Ayahuasca is the strongest I have had and it took each and everyone of us to where they needed to go in order to heal and evolve. I couldn’t find the right words to praise Raul and Lydia for their magnificient talent and how they worked on us so patiently. I will be back, Dreamglade is home

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October 24, 2017

I will try to keep this short and helpful!
First of all, Dreamglade is a beautiful place, oooozing with healing vibes. When we arrived my first thought was “I wan’t to stay here forever!”. Stacy, the owner, has done an incredible job. The retreat is so cozy and beautiful, it’s a simple place, not “pampy” or “exclusive”, but I feel like they are so real and keeping it really simple. They don’t give you a long ass list of activities every day, you already got that busy schedule at home. When you come to Dreamglade you get a chance to: reset, realign and restart. Stacy and Drew make sure that all the cermonies are safe, I really felt like I was in such great hands, they have so much knowledge.. The curanderos Lydia and Raul are amazing, I’m not even gonna go into detail because I wont be able to stop raving about them, But they are great, just being in their presence is amazing, and the work they did on me… I’m forever grateful! This was mine and my boyfriends first time doing ayahuasca and it was a great first time. We did cermonies, stayed for 8 days and I feel like that was enough for a first time. We have been home for 2 weeks now, but we’re still feeling the medicin doing work on us, the dieta too. I can’t recommend this place enough, if you’re going to do ayahuasca in Iquitos you should really choose Dreamglade, you wont regret it!!! I miss the crew SO much. PS. Forgot to praise Drew, the most amazing and coolest dude EVER. He works there, and stays there with you, he’s just super great, just being around him makes you happy. Stacy is great too, the owner. Very humble, very funny and he’s got SO MUCH knowledge. Damn the whole crew is amazing!!! Lots of love and bliss to anyone who is reading,
x A


June 13, 2017

Where to start? I visited in May/June 2017 for 12 days (6 ceremonies)

Dreamglade is the place I would recommend anyone wanting to do Ayahuasca to go for the work. The experience was good from my very first contact with Jann who does the bookings. All information was clear and easy to understand. Jann answered all my questions and concerns honestly and within a good time frame.

Stace and his team have created the most incredible environment. The facilities are beautiful – the buildings are well designed and the landscape breath taking. I couldn’t fault it and want to go back as soon as possible. The whole retreat centre is peaceful and secure in a way that enables sincere connection to yourself, the plants, the lake and the animals. I never felt unsafe even at night in the dark.

I stayed partly in a tambo and partly in the Maloka. I enjoyed both and having some privacy was nice. If you find it hard to sleep with other people, the tambo is a good option. There are some mosquitos but surprisingly few. Packing long sleeves was still a good idea.

Drew and Stace work tirelessly to create a safe, holding space that enables very deep healing work to take place. I was supported through very painful emotional healing with an openness and kindness that I have never experienced before. Drew is truly a Bodhisatva. it is not an exaggeration to say this was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

Safety is their top priority and everything is geared toward this so you know you are in good hands. As someone who had not done Ayahuasca before this was very important to me and I was encouraged to know that Stace and Drew are working to improve safety across the whole industry and therefore have very high standards.

The Curanderas Raul and Lidia are incredible. They went above and beyond the call of duty (outside ceremony, at any time) to help people with a variety of issues from eczema to flu and provided plant medicines and healing treatments that worked wonderfully. Those who were blocked were given steambaths and other extra care to help them to open to the medicine as well.

The food is currently cooked by Matej – who is also the yoga teacher. The meals were varied and lovingly prepared for each member’s needs. Those on dieta were given a fantastic array of things within their restrictions and special meals were made for those of us with additional needs. Matej is funny and very knowledgeable about healing so was helpful to chat to as well.

We had yoga and were also able to watch movies on non-ceremony days which was a lovely addition. I was also very happy not to have a structure and just be allowed to rest and be present.

I cannot say a bad word about Dreamglade and strongly recommend it.

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March 4, 2017

+ My favorite Aya retreat center in the Jungle; no matter if you are a first-timer or experienced

+ Best value for money

+ Estella and Raul are amazing Shamans; but the speak only Spanish/Shipibo; Stacy helps with translating

+ Awesome Dreamglade team: Stace, Jann, Drew etc. made me feel very comfortable

+ Beautiful center with only a few Moskitos out there in the Jungle; plenty of great spots for chilling out there

+ Save place, intensive/profound Aya ceremonies

+ Love to come back again 🙂

+ Note: Better book well in advance since Dreamglade seems to be booked up swiftly

+ Like the small group sizes a lot; much preferred over large groups at other retreat centers


January 25, 2017

This is a beautiful place. I had already done ceremonies prior to coming here and can say that the experience at dreamglade was way better, safer and more constructive for me. I got the impression that Stacy who owns the place truly cares for his guests and wants them to develope and heal. He is not doing it for ego purposes or for the money, dreamglade is actually one of the more affordable centres near iquitos. Stacy is wonderful! Drew is amazing and very supportive, I felt that I could turn to him at any time. The ayahuasca is very strong and so are the shamans (it is crazy what Raul can do, he blew my mind), they keep the place “clean” and safe which I have come to understand is absolutely essential if you are working with plant medicine. We did a san pedro ceremony in Cusco afterwards with someone who was not properly trained and the results were not pretty for one of us. Drew and Stacy actually helped us out and were supportive in dealing with the aftermath from that botched ceremony.
Please be advised that it is very important WHO you drink with or things can turn ugly. I can recommend dreamglade as a safe and good option.
Go for it.


June 6, 2016

Took me a while getting round to writing this review so my apologies to Dreamglade for that. The fact is this place is an amazing beautiful place to go. This was my first Ayahuascan experience and it was absolutely mind blowing. Everything at this retreat is perfect for those who are nervous or unsure whether this is right for them. Stacey, Drew and the rest of the team are fabulous people who make you feel welcome the second you get there. The brew is one of the strongest around according to the others that were there who have done this many times at different retreats in Peru. The Maloka is a wonderful place to be….full of positive energy and gives you a sense of togetherness as a group. The price of the package gave me initial doubts as it was SO much cheaper than the other retreats. But the fact is, Stacey and his team are genuinely in this to help and heal, NOT to make a fortune like some of the other places clearly must do! To this end, I got exactly what I needed out of this trip and more so I thank Dreamglade for providing me with the exact tonic I required to clarify my life and allow me to progress my spirituality to the next level. Hope to see you guys again at some point in the future!!!



August 24, 2015

The most inspirational and transformational ayahuasca hands down!!! Estella is literally magical. Her unfathomable abilities are amazing. The Moloka becomes a spiritual hospital, plant spirits in front of you doing amazing work. Estella’s Icaros coupled with the ceremony and strong medicine, bridge the spiritual realm with our reality, all unfolding before you as you witness Real Reality.

I trekked to the jungle with a lot of so-called baggage. I left lighter than I have been in twenty years. In fact, ayahuasca at dreamglade has given me more than anything else could in the same amount of time. Stace, Estella, and Drew have a special key. Go unlock your box!

Choose to come to dreamglade if you want the strongest brew around, looking for tranquil setting, want to meet lifelong friends from all corners of the globe, and want to be in the hands of compassionate healers. Real work getting done here. Absolutely beautiful.

Thanks to my new family,


August 22, 2015

I will be forever grateful for the time I spent at dreamglade. Stace and Drew are two of the most loving teachers I have ever met, and I consider them friends. I could go for days about the visions I witnessed, but what i’d rather do instead is say how I have been able to incorporate the lessons I learned from ayahausca and the facilitators at dreamglade. Aya taught me that I can do anything so long as I incrementally stack the odds in life in my favor. Yes, i’ve struggled since coming back to american society, but what i’ve noticed is that since the slate has been cleaned everything is now on a system of trial and error. Hardships occur, but my intuition doesn’t reside in a frozen prison anymore. I hear what it has to say and mostly listen to it. Sometimes the ego gets a win or two, but I now know and feel my higher self beckoning me at every turn.

Drew uses a simple yet wonderful analogy of shining your light as you would a flashlight on a dark corner that has yet to reveal it’s contents and how life has so many uncertainties, but so long as we’re rooted in ourselves, we too can enact our beings as a flashlight of sorts so that we can intuitively traverse obstacles and note the splendors the universe provides to us.

Stace lends himself in a way that promotes independence. I was always intrigued by his demeanor, because he isn’t incredibly transparent. I quickly learned to listen to he had to say, because ultimately he would throw the ball back into my court, but do it in such a way that I was able to critically think about what I was wrestling with and how I could meditate on it from within rather than outsourcing for answers or affirmation. Needless to say, our conversations were some of the best and have helped me to realize I am my own rock.

Estella.. oh Estella. A mighty and powerful woman. A stoic at times, and then you’d catch a half smile occasionally and maybe a full on laugh on occasion if you were lucky 🙂 Her icaros are beautiful. She steers the course of the session and infuses so much love and positivity into the process. Shit does get real in that maloka sometimes. Know this. Estella will chew the bad up, spit it into oblivion, puff a mapacho, and do it all over again. She is a loving, kind, resilient curandero who will go to battle for you.

I have a lot of work to do, but what’s different now is I have a love for the process that will take me where I need to go.

my friends, my family.


August 19, 2015

I can’t believe it has been 15 months since I spent a truly magical and memorable night at Dreamglade. So high time I shared something of my experience. The Shipibo shaman Isabel was the third aya shaman I have worked with and I felt very confident of her deep connection with the medicine and her ability to hold the space. Her icaros were amazing and I really liked her. I even went to visit her home upriver a few days later. Stace was very connected and attentive throughout and I took a real shine to him. A really excellent dude with a great story. I admire his commitment to his vision for Dreamglade, which was barely finished when I was there, but already beautiful – a stunning molucca with a lovely lake reflecting the Southern stars. Thank you Stace. I wish you all the very best. Good medicine.

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August 10, 2015

Hi, Not sure where to begin or how to condense such a place into a fewof paragraphs.

At first I was very worried about booking my ayahuasca experience, but when I found everything falling into place around the booking I knew that nature was calling me and I had to do it.

The place has a strong vibe to it and can be overwhelming, I nearly decided to pack my stuff and leave after the first night and ceremony, but Stacey, Drew and the people around me convinced me to work through the issues I had. I sincerely thank them for this, as although it was tough at times, I have come away with a beautifull experience and much clearer picture of the work I need to do on myself.

From my time there you could feel that Stacy (The owner) has thought hard about the experience and the plant when designing and builing this place. Everything has its place and purpose and you can feel how things have been stripped back to just the neccessities. After the first ceremony I could tell that this place has not been created for the money. From the moment you get into his pick up truck you can feel you are in safe hands, although it must be said that his pickup really needs an upgrade!

Drew (The best man 😉 ) is a tremendous companion to have at dreamglad and I wish him all the best in what he does. He has strength, power and knowledge beyond what you can imagine to help you through the shit you gotta deal with.

Estella (Guiding shaman) is a fantastic healer and I know I only saw the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her healing capabilities. Her singing is profound, guiding and all the things you need it to be during a ceremony. Her artwork, bracelets and necklaces are beautifull as well and help to remember the experience.

The food was delicious and I am currently undergoing severe plantain withdrawl symptoms haha!! But in all seriousness the food is nutritious and true to the dieta required for Ayahuasca. Soupa or oats wih fresh fruit in the morning and the rice beans, salad and eggs for lunch and dinner… I can feel my stomach rumbling remembering it.

The animals are also great, the dogs being mans best friend and the cats cute clawing and sneakyness as well.

The 3 day routine is a neccessity in my humble opinion as you really do need a days rest inbetween the ceremonies to fully take in the learning and knowledge. I found myself looking forward to the weekend, as it is a break well deserved after the work you have done.

In summary I feel spiritually cleansed and let go of alot of the useless baggage I was carrying and allowing it to go down the drain. I feel I have also gained a huge shortcut in my spiritual learning and gained years of ancient knowledge.

I must warm against people going to “see cool shit” or “have fun in the jungle” as you will be dissapointed and taught a lesson by mother aya. However if you feel a calling from nature for healing or knowledge I highly reccomend you visiting Dreamglade, you will gain more than any price tag could represent.

Love and unity, Arjun.

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July 21, 2015

Dreamglade is amazing. Drew and Stacy are trustworthy, kind, professional, knowledgable, and fun. I hope to go back one day (although these retreats are so intense its hard to imagine doing a repeat for a long time).

I got what I came for, and would whole heartedly recommend dream glade to anyone and everyone seeking a safe place to work through their baggage or simply experience ayahuasca. And no matter what you come for, you’ll probably get what you need.


July 10, 2015

My experience at Dreamglade was everything I’d hoped for and a little bit more!

The location is beautiful, the staff are nothing short of inspirational and the ceremonies were the most eye opening experiences of my life. Stace, Drew and Estela are the core team and having had the chance to speak with all 3 on a personal level can honestly say I believe they are as nice as people can get. While I tried not to be a pain I’m a very fussy eater, the team noticed this and went out of their way to cook around my preferences and made sure I stayed fed.

The ceremonies were probably the most eye open experiences of my life, I saw myself objectively for the first time and could appreciate the good things about myself but could no longer deny the things I’d been lying to myself about. I felt absolute peace and love that was beyond anything I’ve experienced before or since. I had prepared questions for my experiences and while I didn’t always get the answers I was looking for I definitely got a lot of information that I needed.

The other people staying during my visit (including Stace’s mum Patsi) were some of the nicest, humble and honest people I’ve ever met and helped to make my stay at Dreamglade an experience that will stay with me forever.

My expectations of Ayahuasca were somewhat different than my actual experiences, I had naively expected some grand epiphany and instant enlightenment. That didn’t happen but the reality is almost as impressive, I had opened up emotionally in ways that I just could not before, several problems that had weighed on me for years became clear and solvable and I felt reinvigorated to work at life. I think I prefer that to instant epiphany – it gives me a reason to go back to Dreamglade 😉


July 9, 2015

How can I talk about Dream Glade without tears of joy and gratitude coming to my eyes? Without any doubt, the most powerful, intense and atonishing journey of my life was guided by Estela, Stacy and Drew. Those three people…are just phenomenal. Stacy, the one that makes it all happen and does it so well. Estela, her eyes, her strength, her power to heal and her care to us. It was really empowering to have such a great example of woman and shaman. Drew, your energy and kindness, your words always there to help and comfort. You made our days even better for sure. Thanks for everything.
We found the best place to do our first Ayahuasca ceremonies and felt so comfortable and safe.

The dogs Ella and Mo are just incredible, so warm, so full of energy and so so so so cute. The cats Reggie and Hydro as well, such a great fun and loving. Just be careful with Reggie’s claws….awn.And don’t ever underestimate Hydro when she sits on your lap and…steals your egg or fruit. Trust me, it happens a lot. The guardians are lovely and always there to help.

The friends I’ve made there are so special and inspiring, each of them on their own way, their own little – wonderful – pieces. Andre, Lisa, Crystal, Eva, Robbie, AJ, Matt, Jeff…thanks for the fantastic time, enjoyed every single moment around you, love you guys! The place has an amazing energy and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a place that really takes care of everything. I will remember my time there forever and looking forward to coming back – as soon as possible. Thanks everyone for making it memorable. Wish always the best for all of you. With love



July 7, 2015

I stayed three weeks at this wonderfull place and it was the most amazing time of my life!
The owner Stacy and assistant Drew are very caring and helpfull, they really are some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met! Also Estella, their curandera, is the best shaman I’ve worked with. She really knows how to heal people, and she really does compared to a lot of other shamans who just put up a show.
The Ayahuasca they serve is by far the strongest and most visual I’ve had.
The other guest I’ve met there were also very lovely and it was very nice to share each other’s experiences in the morning after ceremonies.
The location is beautiful and quiet with lovely authentic buildings. They also have two dogs and two cats, they are very cute and love to get petted.
I left there happier then ever. I miss that place and the people already, but I will be back for sure!
Thank you so much Stacy, Drew, Estella and the staff!
Lots of love, Robby

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July 7, 2015

I first went to Dreamglade in February 2015 and had such an amazing time.

Stace and Drew are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and do an absolutely fantastic job. The centre is absolutely stunning and the cleaning staff keep it spotless.

The resident curandera Estella is very skilled (and also really nice).

I went in pretty nervous and not quite knowing what to expect, but felt much more comfortable after Stace gave the 1st timers a pre-ceremony talk to let us know what to expect and how best to work with the Ayahuasca.

The ayahuasca itself is very strong and I had some absolutely beautiful visions whilst there. As Stace once said to me – “People come for the visions but stay for the healing.” I found this to be very true in my case, and left the retreat feeling better than I had in years.

If you’re an animal lover – there are two cats and two dogs who are such lovely animals and great to be around – just watch that Hydro doesn’t steal your eggs!

During ceremony a few people had difficult experiences and both Stace and Drew were amazing in talking them through the experience and getting them to let go and work through whatever is coming up – it’s truly amazing watching them work.

It’s really handy that Stace will pick you up from the airport and then drop you back off – saves dealing with the local taxi drivers (not that I had a bad experience with them though).

I can’t recommend this place highly enough – if you’re still unsure just book it and you won’t be disappointed. I liked it so much that I went back 4 months later in June (much sooner than I was expecting).

On both of my trips the people I met during my stay were just amazing. It truly is a group experience and it’s great having people there alongside you.

Just go!


July 7, 2015

I am deeply and passionately grateful for my experience at Dreamglade. Dreamglade offers beautiful lodging, a safe environment, and powerful ayahuasca- all for a fraction of the price of other healing centres. It provides a setting that facilitates profound spiritual growth, intense healing, and deep connection with others. The love and compassion provided by Stace, Drew, and Estellla is overwhelming. These beautiful human beings are genuinely concerned with the well-being of others, and it has been a blessing to be under their care. Language does not have the capacity to describe the illumination that ayahuasca can provide, and Dreamglade offers an experience that respects and honours her spirit. Thank you to the staff and visitors of Dreamglade from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul. Thank you one thousand times over.


July 7, 2015

Although I have not attended other retreats I can’t imagine any measuring up to Dreamglade! I chose this retreat for two reasons: the outstanding reviews on Ayaadvisor and the cost. I was not disappointed on either account and I had an amazing experience. I absolutely loved the people I met – they have become like family. There is not enough space here to explain how much Drew and Stacy and Estella care about their guests. Their insight, advice, care and affection for the health and wellness of each guest is remarkable. Even though my Ayahuasca experience was physically and emotionally difficult Drew was there step by step and Stacy has an uncanny ability to make clear the struggle within. Estella has a gentle and comforting demeanor and is a powerful force for healing; during ceremonies you can feel her working through the night on each guest. Stacy even brought in an additional shaman when he felt it was in the best interest of our group. My review is not one of inter-dimensional travel or meetings with spirits, although others in my group had those experiences. No, mine was a deep self reflecting and healing of really old emotional wounds – wounds that run generational. Thank you Stacy and Drew and Estella and Don Fransisco for everything.

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June 24, 2015

I first went to Peru in 2012 seeking the experience I got from Dreamglade. The medicine used at Dreamglade isn’t typical “gringo” medicine used at some other centers; it is authentic, realistic ayahuasca. To be honest, it’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re reading these reviews I’m sure you’ve realized traveling thousands of miles to the Amazon Rain forest to drink magic jungle juice with shamans and strangers isn’t for the non-adventurous.

That said: I don’t think ever in my life have I been shown the love, compassion, and support for MY journey like I experienced at Dreamglade. Stacey, Drew and Estella (hi, guys 🙂 ) sincerely care about the journey that YOU are on. They are with you every step of the way to discuss what you are going through and help guide you through the inner dialog/ shamanic visions that you WILL be having after these ceremonies/ experiences. I can’t express enough how much they care about you, seemingly a stranger. Money does not play a part into the equation… once you see the grounds you’ll ask yourself, as I did, “How the hell do they pull this off for what I’m paying?”. The answer is simple: They aren’t worried about monetary gain. The mission of Stacey, Drew and Estella is to offer you support, understanding and compassion through the healing process. And, believe me, that’s what this is about.

As I mentioned the medicine is legit. With the help of the medicine and the people mentioned I discovered so much about, not only myself, but my place in this universe. My “purpose” I guess you can say. You may be reading this thinking how “hokey” it sounds… I thought the same at one time.

But, I have never been more connected with my feelings nor have I had this understanding of what feelings actually are… they are just feelings! And it’s okay to feel them! You don’t have to identify with them and have them be the cause/ reason/ dictation for your actions. I have a firm understanding of what my Ego is and how it can be detrimental to the simple peaceful act of “being”.

Dreamglade has helped me understand our connectedness with everything in the universe. As Carl Sagan has put so much more eloquently than this: We are all stardust. I have this core belief, which had never existed in me, that we are really all connected to this universe, to the things in it, and to each other. Everything is made of the same molecules and atoms. Every living thing runs on DNA and RNA. In essence God is not “out there”, but dwells within each of us.

This place has helped me realize that I am not my anger, bitterness, resentment… “We aren’t our goddamn bank accounts” (Chuck Palahniuk anyone?)… There is more to life than what the matrix would have us believe.

All of that said… expect to do work. While at the center and coming back to our predescribed “reality”. It isn’t going to just happen. You have to want to heal. Coming back to the “real world” you have to take the tools and skills that Ayahuasca has shown you, that the boys at Dreamglade have helped you process and see the usefulness, then apply those skills to your situations in real life. It doesn’t happen over night. And I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s easy. The path to spirituality and simply being a “good person” in every situation is hard… and that may not be what you’re seeking. I wasn’t, but it’s a gift I was shown and I’m not going to let slip away.

So, if you want an authentic shamanic experience, to learn things about yourself that you’ve never thought possible or that may be hidden by the muck of daily routine and monotony, if you want to be surrounded by people who care about YOU and what YOU’RE going through go to Dreamglade. The grounds are beautiful as are the people running the place and it’s much more affordable than most other retreats out there. Affordable does not equate to lack of services of compassion… the guys there just don’t give a shit about making a buck… Dreamglade isn’t about that. I’m glad I found this place and these people and I will be back sooner than later.


June 19, 2015

Oh dreamglade, its hard to find words for the week i spent there. What a beautiful experience it was. I was a little nervous as i knew i had lots of demons to face and had heard some terrifying stories prior to going. This all dissipated as soon as i got to the retreat. It just has a beautiful, relaxed feel about it. There are lots of trees and butterflies and a gorgeous lake to swim in. Stacy and drew are so wonderul, they are helpful and caring throughout the ceremonies and always at hand if your stuggling. Stella the shaman is magical, wow, she is a very very powerful woman who aided major healing in me in a over the 5 days. I would love to do more ayahuasca one day and this is the place ill be doing it at. So greatful and glad we picked this retreat! x


June 19, 2015

Dreamglade is an unforgettable experience of my life. Authentic staff members provided the most amazing atmosphere. A remote part of the jungle in Peru, with a natural sensuality. Estella is a skillful, and amazing female Shipibo curandera at Dreamglade. I left with a true appreciation of spirituality, but most importantly a stronger self sincerity. I would definitely recommend anyone to check out Dreamglade for their Ayahuasca retreat.

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June 14, 2015

this place is amazing, northign short of it. it was so nice to arrive to the peace that place so completely embodies after the hussle and bussle of the city. i went in early May for 3 weeks (8 ceremonies) and i can and will honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life, possibly THE best thus far in my life. i feel revitalized and refreshed, it’s amazing. and it was rediscovering long lost parts of myself. i have gained much from going, it’s given me something very deep and strong, something good, for the better. i usually say my thanks to mother ayahuasca, estella, stace and drew nearly everyday. it, you guys, have helped me tremendously. thank you so so much.

which brings me to say, stace is an amazing guy and has put together a very authentic place. drew is amazing too, so glad to have made friends with him. estella is awesome too, with all her abilities and with her heart to want to help others – in fact all of them for having the heart to want to help others. my words and descriptions seriously do not do it justice the love and light these people are helping others discover in themselves. thank you so much, all of you. as for the ayahuasca, it’s strong by the way if your wondering.

i met so many great people and now friends at the centre whom i am looking forward to keeping in touch with throughout life as well.

if your looking for an authentic healing experience or centre, with a powerful curandera who is experienced and people who completely embody the empathy needed for healing to occur, THIS IS IT, look no further lol. i’m glad i chose dreamglade because of many reasons, i wanted an authentic healing centre, with strong ayahuasca, with legit authentic heartfelt “staff” and an experienced shamana/curandera. has all of these. like i said, this place is it. i seriously cannot think of one thing they could improve upon or do better here. oh and for food portions, good size.

i really cannot wait to go back at some point, and will be. like i said ayahuasca has given me something deep and strong and helped me in ways that i’m not even sure how or what even, but i do feel different in a subtle way, in a good way. a very good way, perhaps most accurately it has given me an enduring inner strength and power, something of that nature, like a new default set point or something. i feel more fully myself, authentically.

it has sowed the seeds of strength and possibilities for growth in me going forward that i am so grateful for. i’m looking forward to keeping on exploring life and making my journey back to dreamglade at some point, numerous times on my path of life, growth and discovery.

thank you one last time stace, drew, estella and mother ayahuasca, from the very bottom of my heart and from my whole being.



June 2, 2015

Any gratitude I could possibly show over a review would be insignificant to say the least. Dreamglade is exactly that a dream. Stace started this utopia from a thought, a dream and in the sense that the community and experiences you have at dreamglade allow you to go forward in life to live your dreams. After all life is but a dream. It is clear to me that Estella’s Icaros took me to the edge of death and brought me back to life. Estella is a massively powerful Cueandero, her ability to heal changed my life and I will thank her everyday. Drew is an absolute saint, my brother, my savior, my friend. I have an understanding that his purpose in life is to be a strong guiding light for those trying to find their way. Drew and Stace have a deep understanding of their work in healing people. I can honestly say two of the most inspiring, honest men I will ever meet. My appreciation for them expands space and time and I can not wait to see how many minds they expand and lives they change. Stace is an innovator, his passion to expand the consciences of the world through plant medicines is invigorating. From the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul, Thank you! P.S. The food is delicious as well!

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May 23, 2015

It’s been almost 2 months since my stay at Dreamglade, and I’m still reflecting on my time there everyday. I’ve procrastinated writing a review because it’s difficult to articulate what it’s done for me, and what it continues to do for me.

I’ll start off by saying the place is beautiful. The facilities are all very nice and well-maintained. The bathrooms and showers are great. My tambo was comfortable and had everything I needed. The maloca is beautiful. The lake is really nice and warm. There are surprisingly few mosquitoes for being in the jungle. The dogs are some of the friendliest I’ve ever met! Ella even stood guard outside my tambo one night when no one else was sleeping out there.

Stace and Drew are amazing. I’m sure there are some other great ayahuasca centres, but I’m having trouble imagining anyone running a better ayahuasca ceremony than these guys. They’re constantly checking up on everyone, making sure everything’s running smoothly, and they are great at offering advice or guidance in any situation. Stace has a ton of experience and plenty of wise bits of advice to give to newcomers. And Drew is always available to chat with throughout the day and his positive attitude is remarkable. I definitely felt like I was in good hands.

Estella is incredible. For such a petite, quiet person, she exudes so much power. During the ceremony her singing was one of the most haunting and beautiful things I’ve ever heard. It’s really worth the price of admission alone to see her in concert.

I’m curious what some other centres are like, but I don’t think I could go to Peru again and not go to Dreamglade. It’s such a cool place and Stace, Drew, and Estella are really special.


May 19, 2015

Ahhh, Dreamglade, you will FOREVER be in my heart. All of you. I have been home from my retreat there for about six weeks now, but I still feel like I am receiving light from you, from within, from the spirit world, from everywhere. I am connected to the source in a way that I was not before. I feel like everything is going to be ok, I can breathe easier, and I have released so much gunk and pain and trauma that I am able to be who I am supposed to be more freely, although I am still working everyday to maintain this feeling. As you told us, the real work begins when you get home, and that is so true.

You are a beacon of light helping to heal the world one person at a time, and it is comforting to know that you are down there doing the work that you do. It is incredible how well you take care of your guests, how open your hearts are and how you are able to give so much day in and day out. INCREDIBLE! My husband and I were first timers and we could not have found a better place to begin this journey with Ayahuasca. I will never look elsewhere and I truly plan on coming back some day and bringing some friends and family who I know would benefit as well. Every single person at Dreamglade is a beautiful and loving soul from the groundskeepers, the cook (the food is delicious, healthy, and made with love!) and of course Drew, Stace and Estella. Estella blew my mind. Her power, knowledge and experience with plants, her icaros, her energy, she is the real deal and she helped me so much. Stace and Drew take such good care of people during the ceremonies and you never feel alone, or scared, or like you need help. They are there, always. Stace talks to first timers before their first ceremony and tells you every single thing you could want to know and puts your mind at ease, and I was pretty nervous at first. Drew is always there to talk to, to inspire you with an interesting talk or video, to laugh with, he is just an awesome human being.

The facilities and the beautiful setting, the clean lake for swimming, it is all so relaxing and beautiful and well done. This place is a little slice of heaven on earth. I can’t wait to see how you grow and progress with your new projects and how the space evolves over the years. Although taking Ayahuasca is not easy, it is real hard work that can sometimes be very uncomfortable and very intense, it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Truly my most incredible experience. Anyone who is wondering where to do this work should look no further than Dreamglade. Thank you so much for what you do!


May 19, 2015

So I just got home from an 8 night visit to Dreamglade.
I did have a giggle over “* Free, comfortable 4?4 transportation to and from the healing center” as we bounced about in the truck over the bumpy roads HAH!
Filtered drinking water is provided. The facilities are clean! To me that was of utmost importance! They provide showers with filtered water, sinks for brushing teeth and washing hands, and flushing toilets with doors.
The mallorca (where I stayed) was kept clean and the roof did not leak even once during some pretty intense storms! The bedding was simple but met the needs. I was never uncomfortable.
True there’s no electricity and no phone signal but it just made it into a fun camping experience for me.
Drew and Stace run a pretty tight ship with that! I felt safe during my entire visit. Never once did I worry about personal safety for myself or my things.
I did not choose the tambo or the dieta but my experience was still very positive.
The ceremonies were just beautiful. Estella’s singing still haunts me in my sleep! Once more, I never felt unsafe. Stace and Drew made the rounds and checked up on everyone to ensure no issues. They were on hand to immediately clean up any mess that occurred so we didn’t wake up the next morning to vomit on the floor. The love and attention they provided was uplifting and comforting. They talk TO you and not AT you…there IS a difference!
The aya brew was magical. It was certainly strong enough for me! I won’t relay my experiences as this is about Dreamglade. Let’s just say my expectations were more than met.
The energies in this place made it into something magical and it seemed it attracts magical beings as well as all the people I met there were just lovely.
Overall, I had a brilliant, fabulous experience and would recommend it to anyone!


May 18, 2015

Dreamglade is the place to be if you are looking to work with Ayahuasca. The location is absolutely beautiful, the maloka is very clean, the food is AWESOME and the people working there have the biggest hearts. Estella, Stacy and Drew have created an atmosphere where you will feel 100% safe drinking Ayahuasca. They have knowledge and experience and are able to help you through difficult moments.

I left Dreamglade a month ago and I still can’t put into words the experience and the gratitude I have towards Ayahuasca and all the people I met there.
Ayahuasca brought me closer to the nature and myself as well as restored spirituality within me. If you are looking to work with Aya, I would recommend this retreat with all my heart!

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May 13, 2015

This is the real deal. I had an absolutely amazing experience over eight days. I experienced so much personal growth. Everything about this retreat was pure and authentic. The atmosphere is so calm and serene. Stace is an amazing individual who does everything he can to make you feel comfortable and assist in your inner journey. Drew, his right hand man was so kind, loving and giving. They were there for us spiritually, mentally and emotionally at all times. The ceremonies were so so great, I felt attended to and safe at all times. Estella the curandera is very special and provided a great, safe and healing energy. Its beautiful there. I will be going back, it was difficult to leave. So so much love there. Thanks Stace and Drew for everything you did for me. – tony


April 30, 2015

Stacy, Drew, and Estella were all really great. And the entire staff cooking and cleaning for us were awesome. I would recommend this trip to anyone who is having some big life changing decisions coming up, anyone who needs healing, or just anyone who wants to experience the magic that is Ayahuasca. You will make lifelong friends and will be able to relax like you never have before. If you are considering a 5 star resort I would not consider any Ayahuasca tour, but if you are looking to do some soul searching and deep spiritual cleansing then I would recommend Dream Glade. I can’t imagine having a better more authentic experience.

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April 19, 2015

It’s been two weeks since my retreat and all I can think of is the amazing experience I have been through and about refinding the spiritually that I thaught I lost.

Thank you so much, Stace, Drew and Estella.

This place is so family-like. you feel immidietlly at home the second you get there.
really “tranquilo” and magical.

I think they have found the balance of helping you through the intense ceremony and letting you dealing with that by yourself.

for my opinion, one the best place to start a good journey inside you.


April 17, 2015

i love this crew with all my heart – after 2 plus weeks my mind has topped racing, my negative internal dialogue has basically stopped, my love to meet others has been renewed, i walk slower but with more confidence, and i generally feel their is nothing i can’t do in this world because love is in my heart… i thank dreamglade and my new family that i met during my stay for a remarkable journey. they are in my heart forever!

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April 15, 2015

My stay ay the “DreamGlade World” has been amazing.
The center is simply great, elegant and essential, extremely clean and well organized, a beautiful oasis of peace. Gorgeous!
With regards to my own experience with ayahuasca and the ceremonies and the forest, the words coming to my mind are unique, refreshing, fulfilling, regenerating. After more than 2 weeks, I can still feel clearly the positive effects of it. It is joy, a very deep connection with yourself and the other beings.
The DreamGlade “dream team” makes you feel completely safe and protected. Stace, the founder, gives careful attention to you and every detail, outstanding job. Estella, the curadeira, is amazingly powerful, talented, hard working and extremely good human being.
Drew, the assistant, beyond being super professional and highly knowledgeable, is one of the most loving and caring person I met in my life, a special soul.
Also the cook and the other people working there are always extremely nice, with a very special good energy.
I left with a feeling that giving yourself and the others the room to be in whatever way they need to be can really work.
I am looking forward to coming back for my next step. I highly recommend DreamGlade.


April 13, 2015

I recently spent 6 nights and 7 days at Dreamglade with my boyfriend. The experience was absolutely life changing. The small and intimate environment allows you to either bond closely with other participants or take some alone time to process whatever the ayahuasca brought up for you. Drew, Stace and Estella created a warm, welcoming environment that was exceptionally conducive to healing and understanding the process. The retreat would not have been the same without Drew, who spent a lot of time counseling me, supporting me and even making me laugh when I didn’t think laughing was possible.
The environment is safe, supportive and loving. In addition, Estella went out of her way to help heal and energetically clean participants. If you are looking for a retreat with emphasis on personal growth and release, Dreamglade is definitely the place to spend time. I highly recommend Dreamglade and will certainly be back!

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April 12, 2015

I am writing this review, 3 weeks after the ayahuasca.

It was my 3rd time in Peru, coming special for ayahuasca. I been to 2 other centers before.
I was in a 12 days retreat with 6 ceremonies, I had the dieta with Pinon Colorado.
I am really happy that I found this place. It is not pure traditional place, but the good thing is that they have really really good shaman, which is huge ! I say that from my experience, when you do this kind of work, the shaman is really important, the purity of their intention and their ability to protect the place.

At the last 2 centers I received some really nice benefits from ayahuasca, but at the same time I received some negatives too. Especially at the last center, it really affected me for next several months until I came to this place.
Another great thing is that you get much more personal attention and care, from Drew and Stacy. The personal healing from Estella, the care she gives to every person. And the fact that we discuss our experience, next morning after the ceremony, getting advice, encouragement.
Being able to be transported from the city to the place is another great benefit, I used to walk for a very long distance to the other places that I been to.
The place is quite deep in the jungle, but you have showers and stuff.
I appreciate that they don’t overcharge, like the other centers do, getting greedy. The price of this place is really ok, considering for what you get for the price.

I had a really hard time with each ceremony, the best advice ever, to keep you grounded is to smoke mapacho, natural amazon tobacco !
I think the dieta is really important. It really worth it, for me !

The first 3 ceremonies were really hard, I was like in a dark place, struggling… and after that I had 2 really great ceremonies where I was like in a really breautiful garden, I still felt the negative energies trying to creep in, but this beautiful garden was protecting me. That was the point where I connected with the plant that I dieted on. I can’t even describe the feeling. It was the most beautiful feeling that I had in my life ! I felt it in every cell of my body, like a pleasant tingling.

My experience.
I am really really happy that I did this, it was a really hard process, but, I am reaping the benefits now.
I used to have so much anxiety every evening without any reason, and I been having a hard time sleeping, I didn’t have a good sleep for months.
Now, 3 weeks after I finished ayahuasca, my sleep quality improved, very deep and fall asleep easy. I didnt sleep as good for more than 1 year ! So it’s a big thing for me !
My mind works much better than it’s used to. I have much less internal conflict, I more clear about what I want, I hesitate less. My body works better than it used to, after all that emotional tensions that I purged..

Sugestion for Dreamglade:
I really hope they do a recording of all the icaros from the ceremonies. The songs are amazing ! And I really like to listen again, I can still hear it playing in my head.
I bought the CD with icaros from Estella, but it was old icaros from other shamans, not the icaros that she sings in the ceremonies.


April 11, 2015

Thank you dreamglade for providing me with one of the best experiences of my life! I had such an incredible time at this beautiful shamanic healing centre, where I learnt an incredible amount about myself and life itself. Stace has done such a great job in creating the perfect ayahuscha centre, it is on such a beautiful setting around a natural lake which you can swim in. Swimming the day after a ceremony feels amazing and really connects you with the earth. I have so much love for all the staff at dreamglade. Stace and drew are two of the most caring, non-judegmental, big hearted people I have ever met. They do all they can to ensure you feel safe during each ceremony and are always there for a chat, to listen to what ever it is you have on your mind and to give you advise. Feeling safe during a ceremony is essential and at dreamglade you couldn’t feel any safer and in more trustworthy hands. Estella the shaman is a lovely, very talented and extremelly hard working woman. She works continuously throughout the ceremony to make sure it is a safe, healing environment and I have a lot of respect for her. Even the cook at dreamglade is amazing!! The local kids sometimes come to the centre to play and this creates a really nice environment along with helping you to bring out your inner child which really helps during ayahuscha trips. There are also two dogs and two cats at dreamglade which creates a really nice comforting atmosphere. I left dreamglade feeling more alive than I ever had before, I felt so in touch with my emotions and understanding of my ego, and even after 3 weeks I still feel incredible! Sharing my experience with some beautiful, good hearted people at dreamglade only made my ayahuscha journey even more positive. I honestly couldn’t have picked a better place to take ayahuscha and I will be back one day 🙂


March 12, 2015

I just came back from staying 4 ceremonies. Everything was excellent. The location was great and I felt like it was the perfect setting to unwind after some difficult ceremonies. Stace, Drew and Estella are all amazing. Stace has built something special and the whole experience ran as advertised. Drew helped me through some really important revelations and is just an amazing dude. I always felt protected with Estella running the ceremonies. I like that they didn’t try and nickel and dime you for everything like I have heard other retreats can do. Just be sure to bring your mosquito repellent. There may be relatively less mosquitoes here than other parts of the Amazon, but they still got me pretty good. I hope to come back someday. I got everything that I hoped for.


March 4, 2015

I did a lot of research for an ayahuasca retreat that I felt would give me the safest and most authentic experience and I am so glad I choose Dreamglade!
My best friend and I attended together, unfortunately we only had four days spare so only got to participate in two ceremonies, however we both had amazing experiences and felt we gained a lot from our time there.
The location is lovely, it provides a beautiful and peaceful surrounding so you can begin to disconnect from all of the distractions in the city and relax amid the natural surroundings.
During the ceremonies Stace and Drew are amazing and will help you through any tough times, they are such lovely people and made the whole experience that much better.
I will definitely be returning in the future to take part in more ceremonies (and stay for a longer period of time), and would recommend Dreamglade to anyone!

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February 26, 2015

My name is Damien I’m a 20 years old and I came from Canada to visit Dreamglade retreat center. This was my first ayahuasca retreat I stayed for 8 ceremonies and I had a very good experience receiving healing and insight into my life. When I was originally looking for ayahuasca centers I was skeptical of retreat centers wondering if they had a good setup and good people that were not just interested my money. When I got to Dreamglade before my first ceremony Stace explain to me everything I needed to know in a very authentic and caring way and at that point after seeing the beautiful retreat center and meeting all the nice people there I felt a hundred percent safe and on the right track. I think Dreamglade is a solid retreat center there is a lot of good energy going around there and it attracts a lot of good people with good intentions. I am very thankful to Stace, Drew, Estella, and the care takers for helping me.


February 19, 2015

Dreamglade incorporates an authentic experience under the guidance of a wonderful Shaman, Estella, with just enough creature comforts for us coddled westerners. The setting is gorgeous, food is exceptional and well suited to the work you are doing.
Drew is an exceptional human being. His palpable, heartfelt desire that each person have a healing, restorative journey while they are at the center is both sincere and felt by anyone that has contact with him. The shaman Estella exudes an heir of gentle power from her tiny frame and it is through that power that one feels safe and very much taken care of when working with the medicine. Her presence, her work with you on an individual level helps to jar those things which need to be purged…I spent 8 days at the center unwinding years of pain in the 4 ceremonies I participated in. This was without a doubt one of the best investments I have ever made in my life.
Thank you Stace for developing the center, Drew for just being you man, and to the rest of the staff of Dreamglade. I hope to return in the years to come.

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February 2, 2015

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my life changing experience at the Dreamglade.
I have just spent the entire month there! Having a few days in Iquitos and going back for two more months.
It was my first time drinking ayahuasca and I was doing a lot of research online about the retreats but something has just drawn me to that place…And my intuition was right, because the minute I arrived I got a feeling that Im going to stay there the entire duration of my trip.
The location is so beautiful! There are hardly any mosquitoes although natural spay can be handy at night time. The lake is nice and clean and so pleasant to swim in during sunny afternoons or even at night! Sounds of the jungle are truly magical…
Accommodation is super clean. Beds are very comfortable in both tambos and the maloka. I heard from people who stayed in various retreats that its the best maloka in Iquitos: very new, clean, bug free and those polished floors are like silk on your feet. I really appreciated modern super clean bathrooms especially during ceremonies as I spent a lot of time in those LOL.
Stace is a really cool guy, very insightful and experienced, always ready to help with whatever you need. He really helped me a lot as I had really tough time during first few ceremonies, and he was literally babysitting me and talking me through with his calming voice. I even wanted to quit and go home at one point and he talked me through my fears next day and prior to ceremony.I dont think I would have done it without his support. So if you are drinking ayahuasca first time especially- I really recommend this place because people here really care and you will feel safe and looked after and can definitely trust them.
Drew is another gift from God, just pure bliss! Super generous, very insightful,spiritual, intelligent and hard working, always there when you need him. He became my dear friend during my stay, we shared such great conversations. Cant wait to go back in a few days- there I found people who really get me and that I can relate to.
Estela the curandera is soooo good, she is really powerful, she genuinely cares about people and can help with pretty much everything! I myself felt how powerful she is when she was working on me. She really knows how to keep the ceremonial space clean from bad energy and there is always nice quiet atmosphere during ceremonies.
Most people during my stay had life changing experiences. The only few who didnt its because they only had 3-4 ceremonies which in my opinion is not enough for ayahuasca to fully connect with you. I needed 4 ceremonies just to clean stuff out and learn how to let go before I started to have a real blast.
Ayahuasca is super potent and people had amazing visions and I myself had life changing revelations. They add huambisa to it as well which is much more potent in DMT than chakruna alone, so for me personally only half a dose needed to enjoy the experience all night long.
Drinking ayahuasca at Dreamglade, being surrounded by caring people and nature has really changed my life. I have learned to love unconditionally, to except everything and everyone, let go of resistanse, attachment, judgement. I finally found peace and became whole again. I definitely have got everything I came for and much much more. But the learning process never ends with ayahuasca therefore im staying longer and im open to everything she is willing to show me.
Im wishing everyone to find what they are looking for and strongly advise to have as many ceremonies as you can afford. It is the best investment you can ever make as this plant is a truly a magical healer.

Love Tanya


February 1, 2015

For over a year my son Max (18) and I were thinking about taking Ayahuasca and visiting a retreat center to do so. The ‘calling’, I have to say was initially stronger felt by Max than by me but it turned out that I needed it a thousand times more than he did.
After some surfing on the net and reading and viewing a lot of reviews and testimonials we came across the website of Dreamglade. It immediately felt right. And how ‘right’ we were. Dreamglade gave us everything and more than we asked and hoped for.
The location is magical, amidst the beautiful Amazonian Jungle, far away from ‘civilisation’ (no mobile, no internet) and other ‘modern’ distraction. The tambo’s are nice and comfortable and the Moloca is perfect. So are the other amenities as well as the cooking of Martha, who provided us of great meals every day.
But the prime ‘assets’ of Dreamglade are Drew and Stacy. And not to forget curundera Estella. What a splendid team. The way Stacy is running his centre is an unique combination of professionalism and personal dedication and care. Because of the ’boutique-size’ of the retreat everybody gets the attention he or she needs. From all three of the staff involved and customized to your needs.
My first ceremony was the worst night of my life. I had visions so horrible and dark, I can not start to explain. Really beyond belief. I am absolutely sure, I would not have stayed if it weren’t for Drew and Stacy. They guided me through the night, supporting me, helping me, encouraging me to ‘get rid of all negativity’, in other words, do the cleaning almost a lifetime overdue. And I did. And although I promised myself never to do Ayahuasca again, I went up for the next ceremony, and the 3rd and the 4th.
It changed my life. Not only did I clean myself of tons of negative feelings, I also felt physically more healthy than ever before (also thanks to the great Ajo Sacha Dieta we took simultaneously) with a smooth skin, a firm body and a total release of little ache’s and pains.
The first night was the worst I have had, the last ceremony was the best night I have had. It reminded me again how beautiful life is and how lucky we are to be able to experience all this. Ayahuasca showed me ‘the light’ again and gave new direction to my life. All this largely thanks to Stacy and Drew. The most dedicated, sweet, welcoming yet still down to earth people I have met. That counts as well for most of the other guests we have met during our stay at Dreamglade. We left with tears in our eyes but with love in our hearts and new friendships to enjoy.
I have written an extensive essay on my experiences at Dreamglade in Dutch, our native language. If you are able to read this and if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me ( and I will mail it to you. Also any other questions on our stay at Dreamglade I am happy to answer.
To conclude my review: I definitely will be back again some day in Iquitos and most certainly will be staying at Dreamglade again.
Absolutely perfect.

Raymond Hoevenaar

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February 1, 2015

I’ve stayed at a few ayahuasca centres in Iquitos and Dreamglade is my absolute favourite!!!

It is the most beautiful location, with a lake you can swim in. The tambos and maloka are excellent and amazingly clean and the food is tasty, fresh and lots of it even when we were on the plant dieta!). Stace, Drew and the staff are marvellous and I felt really looked after and cared for. It is a very easy and natural place and small which helped us all relax.

I loved the ceremonies. Compared to my experiences at other centres, the ayahuasca is a very high quality and I would say it was quite strong, but still felt safe. Estella, the shaman, is very skilled and helped me enormously and it was so nice to have a female shaman, especially as am a female travelling on my own. Stace and Drew are always on hand in the ceremonies to make sure everyone is OK and offering help. I loved the chats the next morning where were all had a chance to share our experiences and ask questions. Stace has a lot of experience and offers very caring help, but in a natural way.

I would definitely go back to Dreamglade and would love to spend even longer there next time.
Thanks Stace, Drew, Estella and all the staff (including the 2 cats and Ella the dog) for making this a truly delightful, relaxed and safe place for me to experience ayahuasca and the jungle.


January 24, 2015

Well, very mixed reviews for this place. I loved the people I met, and Drew!!! He is amazing, helpful and generous.The centre and the property is really nice!!! There was some weird energy from Stace sometimes. A bit impatient or angry? The Ayahuasca was a good experience but I am told it is VERY weak compared to other brews people have drunk in other ceremonies. The Shaman, Estella is amazing. Kind, knowledable and helpful. The woman who cooks for the centre is lovely and the food is AMAZING. We were not offered a guided jungle walk (we were there for a week) nor is there much counseling, unless they count that as sharing your experiences the next morning. That was nice too.
It does seem that the centre is a bit of a typical gringo run centre. The posters up in the local cafe’s in Iquitos are completely outdated too. As far as PR goes, a lot of work needs to be done.
I was cautious to go more ‘authentic’ as I do not speak spanish, but I will learn spanish and return to a shaman or centre that comes recommended by a few locals I met.
It was a decent first experience, but I honestly did not get a lot out of it, and spent a lot of money to come. Most others are the centre at the same time had similar experiences.
Thank you to Drew and Marta for your amazingness!!!!!


January 19, 2015

It’s difficult to articulate how much I owe to Stacy, Drew, and Isabel. The visit to Dreamglade was, without a doubt, the most beneficial decision I have made. The experience with Ayahuasca was just as indescribable: difficult, beautiful, and informative just a few of the adjectives I would use to attempt to interpret the teachings. Initially, I found it difficult to reintegrate into my previous life. When I left home for Peru, my life ‘situation’ was an unfortunate mess (one of the central reasons for my journey), and when I returned, it was much of the same. Though as the months past, a funny phenomenon was slowly transpiring. Ayahuasca stays with you, works with you. Nearly 4 months later, everything seems much clearer and life has never been so beautiful 🙂 Thank you Dreamglade, and thank you Ayahuasca. I look forward to one day returning, and grateful that I have Ayahuasca at my side throughout the rest of this adventure called life.

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January 6, 2015

A truly outstanding experience.

I don’t know that you could find a management team equal to Stacey and Drew. These are two kind men who will guide you through a life-changing experience with grace and compassion. Doing aya can be an utterly terrifying experience at times, but I never felt afraid: Stacey watched over everyone closely during ceremonies, and Drew was around to help you through any difficult experience you might be going through. Aya can be a blissful experience, too, and these are two magnetic guys you’d want to be around in that state, too.

Though I didn’t know them long, I consider both men friends. Stacey conducts a sort of morning-after processing session, and you couldn’t find better analysis of what you found in your subconscious if you went to therapy for two years. He’s as experienced as you’ll find, and, as he’ll tell you, he’s been through it all — his advice is sage, and it’s imbued with a humility you won’t typically find from a person so learned.

And the staff that works with them? Aces. Can’t say enough about the female shaman, who was both gentle and powerful. The food was excellent despite necessary blandness due to being on the aya diet, and everyone was nice.

The accommodations were cool — the moloka will take your breath away. I stayed in it and loved my experience. They also have smaller huts along the lake. Don’t even get me started with the lake. Cool yourself during the day, and get punched in the gut by nature’s beauty on the dock after a ceremony.

I had no idea what to expect when I booked my trip and flew to Peru. It was my first time, and I was terrified. I had an A+ experience, and I attribute that to the people at Dreamglade. Yes, the price is a steal. Yes, the land is special. Yes, the brew is everything it’s cracked up to be and more. But it is the staff that makes Dreamglade a must-go.

Can’t wait to see y’all again.

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January 4, 2015

The setting for Dreamglade is wonderful and I must say that I enjoyed the retreat totally. The brew was very good and Estella worked very hard, singing icaros for hours. Drew couldn’t do enough for us, and he is a very interesting person – an asset to the place. Martha cooked for us relentlessly, doing her best with the “dieta” which is a bit restrictive but we knew that was going to be the case. So why only 4 stars? Well I found the transport a bit of an issue as we were made take mototaxis on a few occasions and it’s a heck of a rough ride, bordering on dangerous and that was only the beginning of the rainy season! I could see an accident happening eventually as the mototaxi was nearly turning over every 30 seconds. Stace should really only use his 4X4 to transport people to and fro Dreamglade.

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December 29, 2014

I strongly recommend Dreamglade. The location is beautiful, the healers skilled and passionate about their work, and the medicine is powerful. I stayed for one week and will be sending my friends here and coming back next year or the year after. This is the place to go – and their scheduling is flexible. Email them now!

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October 30, 2014

I truly can’t say enough about Stacy and Drew, and all of the staff at Dreamglade.

As a westerner (Canadian) coming down for my first experience, there is nothing more they could do to foster the conditions for a positive introduction to ayahuasca. From the moment you meet both of them, you will understand what I mean, and see that the only goal they have is to ensure you are taken care of, comfortable, and safe.

The mix of the traditional ceremony, along with the attention to detail that went into the design of the centre, is perfect for first timers. Stacy is very transparent and easy to communicate with, answering any questions or concerns you have in his native English, which is very comforting ahead of time when travelling to the jungle. He has created a small paradise at his location, where the pictures that he provides on his site don’t even come close to doing justice to the beauty of his lakeside Maloka, and the breathtaking jungle which surrounds it.

They are all so attentive and caring throughout your visit, and ESPECIALLY during the ceremony itself, helping people through difficult experiences, and constantly checking in with everyone to make sure you have everything you need, whatever it might be.

Dreamglade holds a very special place in my life after my visit, as do Stacy, Drew and Estella.

My only hesitation with giving it such a positive review, is that there will likely be no availability when I want to come back for my second visit, because they will be full with all the visitors they truly deserve.

Thanks again Stacy, Drew and Estella, I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and love.

Adam – Canada

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October 29, 2014

I highly recommend this retreat. I was traveling through Peru and had wanted to try Ayahuasca but had heard of many bad experiences with fake shamans so had fear especially traveling alone as a woman. I heard about this retreat by word of mouth from someone who had just completed it and had loved their experience and changed my flights to attend. I am so, so glad I did. It was an amazing experience. The location is fantastic and one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There are minimal Mosquitos for being in the middle of the rainforest, the accommodations are beautiful and comfortable, and Stace the owner and his assistant Drew are two of the kindest, most genuinely caring people I have ever met. Their priority is making you comfortable and taking care of you during this experience. They chat with you before the ceremonies (or whenever you want outside of them) to help you feel safe and comfortable, to know what to possibly expect, and to know you are safe and they will look out for you and help you through whatever experience you have. With a day between each ceremony it gives you time to reflect on your experience and grow from it. The ayahuasca is very high quality, many of the people during my retreat had very strong visions. My personal experience did not include visions per say, but I found I was filled with reflections on my life, my intentions, how I could grow and at my last ceremony felt the most complete sensation of contentment, love and gratitude I have ever felt in my life. When I left I could feel I had changed in how I appreciated being alive and being able to feel the things that I do, physically and emotionally. The Shaman, Estella, was amazing and had the most beautiful Icaros I have ever heard. We could feel how hard she worked every ceremony, directing, protecting and guiding all of us. The type of people that come to this retreat as well are incredible, interesting, kind and open minded. I was so glad I came to this retreat in particular, they do a very good job of doing what works the best, but still being very traditional in the shamanic sense and the plant diets. The food was delicious and they have a very sweet dog and cat that I think only add to the loving environment. It was one of the most calm, caring, free places I have ever been and completely worth the extra cost of changing my flights. I couldn’t recommend this experience more.

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October 28, 2014

Very beauty environment!! Very comfortable clear and clean tambos.
Having few difficult moments during the ceremony we have got full attention and incredibly much love from Drew and Stace. Definitely one of my best life experiences not just regarding to the Plant but also the people working there. The food was made with love, everything very clean – even if is in the middle of the amazing jungle…
Still feel very blessed to meet this opportunity.
Shanti OM 🙂

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October 13, 2014

This was the first time I tried ayahuasca and I can honestly say it was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life. Right from the time Stacy picked me up from the centre of Iquitos, I felt extremely welcome and right at home. The lakeside jungle setting in my mind was nothing short of perfect and I can’t imagine experiencing this anywhere else. The ceremonies in the maloka with Isabels icaros, along with Stacy and Drews assistance made for a memorable and surprisingly relaxed atmosphere, which allowed me to really absorb the magnitude of what was happening to me and the group. Thanks again! I will be back.

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October 12, 2014

Beautiful and fresh retreat with very reasonable prices. Stacy and Drew are very caring and you can tell this is not just a business for them, they are very passionate about making people better and happier with the help of ayahuasca. Can definetely recommend Dreamglade!


September 28, 2014

This place is perfect. It was my first time trying ayahuasca here and I couldn’t have wished for more!

For me the balance seemed just right between idyllic jungle setting and some nice western comforts (e.g. Nice showers, thoroughly mosquito-netted huts, English speakers). Fresh food with lots of vegetables. The time flew for me just living at an enjoyable pace – having a swim, reading, talking, kayaking around the little lake, walking out into the jungle, doing yoga, finding beautiful tree-frogs and butterflies hanging out nearby.

I was out there for 5 days (3 ceremonies) and felt comfortable right from the start. I got more out of each successive ceremony and loved every one of them. Stacy and Drew were on hand throughout to support us. One person who was there at the same time as me was struggling with some deep personal pain and the level of help they gave this person was inspiring to see.

I could go on for some time about how great it is but really just go and see for yourself. Such nice people and a beautiful setting. I didn’t even really realise I was lost until I did some soul-searching during the week and I feel great now – really refreshed. I can see why people have said ayahuasca is like a rebirth!

I thin without exaggeration I’d rate this as the favourite week of my life thus far. I give it twelve stars out of five.


September 12, 2014

My experience at Dreamglade was outstanding. To begin with, the facilities are amazing, brand new, and built under the close supervision of Stacy, the owner who is so passionate about his center and will really make sure you have a great time down there.
So, like I said, beautiful and great facilities, surrounding a lake where you can go swimming! The private bungalows with view to the lake, are nice and cozy, and provide enough privacy.

The ceremony was for me personally, the best I’ve experienced (I’ve taken ayahuasca a handful of times). Powerful medicine, great shaman Dona Isabel is great at healing icaros. We had a full moon that night, and when the trip was over, we were met by the brightest fullest moon reflecting on the lake and casting shadows on the jungle, I thought that was one of the most beautiful things I had seen in my life.

I specially recommend dream glade for anybody who wants to try ayahuasca for the first time. Aside from all other perks, there’s just a laid back, unpretentious, safe environment vibe. The staff lead by Stace is friendly, accesible, and ready to answer all questions.
I would definitely come back here for ayahuasca on my next trip to Iquitos.
thank you!!

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August 28, 2014

i posted this under a discussion group, so im trying to put it in the right place this time
my name is drew w from austin, texas and i thought i?d share what my experience has been at Dreamglade. I was in Peru last year for ayahuasca, drinking it at a different center, and feel now that i have a basis for comparison. First off, Dreamglade has a beautiful space deep in the jungle and has all the amenities you may or may not (depending on the center) be accustomed to (proper, well maintained western style bathroom and shower facilities, a beautiful maloka and tambos (huts) that are well protected from mosquitoes, even a lake that we all swam in almost every day.) Stacy, the owner and operator is very detail oriented and takes care of his guests from beginning to end- from transportation to the center to discussion groups in the morning to help us process the experiences with the resident shaman/curandera present to give her feedback. Stacy brings an easygoing, confident, knowledgable approach that comes from years of personal experience with the plant that he readily shares with guests. He sets a good tone right off that lets you know you?ll be taken care of. Which brings me to the real secret of Dreamglade: the medicine. Having now something to compare it to, the medicine at Dreamglade is very powerful indeed. Isabel has over 40 years experience with ayahuasca and other healing plants. The Shipibo-Conibos are well known for being top notch healers (according to Jeremy Narby in “The Cosmic Serpent”) -they say it?s like going to Harvard. In my previous experience, our shaman was seldom around outside of ceremony and seldom spoke to us. That?s not a knock, just an observation. Isabel is very easy to approach, is very warm and caring, and often interacts with guests- patientlly and thoughtfully answering questions and always ready to laugh. She personally supervised our dieta and how we were responding to the plants and made adjustments accordingly. In ceremony, there was a huge difference in my own experience. I?ll take Isabel every time. I knew I was in good hands. I encourage you to at least check out the website and maybe give Stacy a call if you?re thinking about going to Iquitos and trying or returning to ayahuasca. I?m confident you won?t be disappointed.

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August 21, 2014

I asked around Iquitos and several people mentioned that I should go to Stacy’s property. People mentioned he had a beautiful place and a great legitimate shaman who was also female (which if you are a girl, I would STRONGLY recommend). I spent a week at the property, doing a total of 3 sessions with Isabel. I can not recommend enough how amazing she was and how beautiful the property was. The rumors were true! The whole experience was very helpful for personal issues I have had in my life. During the ceremonies, Stacey was always making sure that everyone was okay, and he would call Isabel over to heal me if I needed help. He did a good job of balancing the group, even if one person (me usually!) needed more help. The environment was small and supportive. Each day following the ceremonies we would talk about what we experienced the night before. Personally the ceremonies were difficult, but I couldnt have been at a better place. Isabel is very knowledgable and has been practicing shamanism since she was a teenager. She is very inspiring, so talk to her and listen to her stories! The week I spent there, the group was very supportive, the property was beautiful, the shaman was amazing, and stace did a great job at organizing it all. People came for all sorts of reasons, but If you want to heal for some reason or another, I recommend this safe environment.

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August 21, 2014

I recently spent 5 days at Dreamglade and I enjoyed every minute. The staff is great and very caring and personable. The owner was happy to pick us up from our hostel and drive us to Dreamglade which is located in a beautiful and fairly remote location outside of Iquitos.
An ayahuasca diet was included with our stay. It was three meals a day (sans dinner on ceremony nights) of plain but very fresh and tasty food ? lots of fresh vegetables.
We participated in three ayahuasca ceremonies, including one on our very first night there. The ceremonies are beautiful and I felt very safe and cared for. The architechture of the moloka is awesome, it was a pleasure to experience the ceremonies in such a great space. Despite the apparent lunacy of travelling to the Amazon Jungle to drink an awful tasting viscous concoction that induced vomiting and wild ?out of body? visions and experiences, I felt absolutely safe and was never afraid even for a second.
After staying in hostels for a week and a half I really enjoyed the perfectly clean bathroom facilities.
I have recommended Dreamglade to many of my friends. For the reasonable price, high quality, and exceptional experience ? it can?t be beat.


August 10, 2014

I’ve drunk Ayahuasca quite a number of times, with quite a number of shamans, in quite a number of locations and this has got to be my favourite.

First off, the location is stunningly beautiful, away from everything but really only a short distance from Iquitos in Stacy’s four wheel drive. The maloka (ceremony house) and tambos (cabins) are set round a natural lake that you can swim in, complete with water lilies. For me, being next to the body of water added even more to the calm and safe feeling of the centre. The deck also provides a great space to soak up some jungle sunshine! Thankfully, there are few pesky bugs or mosquitos but plenty of wildlife such as butterflies, dragon flies, frogs, birds and even a few toucans that do a normally rarely seen fly-by.

The staff are fabulous. Isabel is such an experienced and skilled shaman. I felt that working with a woman shaman added a very special level of wisdom, not only for other females as myself, but also for the guys that were there. And she oozes experience that has been built by being part of generations of curanderos. Stacy is great. He’s natural and refreshingly unpretentious in what can be a minefield of ‘woo woo’ Ayahuasca centres.

I went for one ceremony and was so impressed I straight after booked myself in for a ‘dieta’. Isabel is incredibly attentive and regularly checked how it was going. Throughout the week I felt so cared for by Isabel, Stacy and Drew and the rest of the staff. It made it very easy to relax and take full advantage of the dieta process.
The centre is also incredibly comfortable and so clean, with modern tiled toilets in the main area, and the tambos and other areas keep a great authentic look and feel at the same time as being clean and safe. The attention to quality and detail is lovely. And the food is fresh, good and plentyful.

I really liked the Ayahuasca ceremonies, again always with a lot of care and attention with quality Ayahuasca. There were a number of people who were drinking for the first time and a lot of time and attention was taken to explain it and provide help. I see it as a very good place for anyone wanting to experience Ayahuasca for the first time. The maloka is beautiful and spacious, with polished local wood floor. I had a tambo, but on ceremony nights I chose to stay with the group and sleep in this lovely maloka after each ceremony.

Everything about the place helped everyone to relax and really make the most of the experience. The location, buildings, staff, food and of course to remember the resident pets – the very entertaining and affectionate cats and dogs.

I feel very lucky to have found this delightfully exquisite and special place – I hope you find it as well. I know I’ll be returning.

Thank you everyone at Dreamglade.

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July 11, 2014

One of the most beautiful centers I’ve been to, and I’ve seen a few. Stacy is a great host and has put a lot of love in his place, the ceremonial maloka is astonishing. He works with a very qualified shipibo shamana that has been working with the medicine for many years. If you’re looking for a safe place with good medicine, I can strongly recommend this center.

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July 11, 2014

One of the most beautiful centers I’ve been to, and I’ve seen a few. Stacy is a great host and has put a lot of love in his place, the ceremonial maloka is astonishing. He works with a very qualified shipibo shamana that has been working with the medicine for many years. If you’re looking for a safe place with good medicine, I can strongly recommend this center.


June 7, 2014

I highly recommend ‘Dreamglade’ for those wishing to experience Ayahuasca. A beautiful Shamanic retreat in the jungle, half an hours drive outside the city of Iquitos in Peru. Owned and built by Stacy, a Londoner who has lived in Peru for many years, he realised his dream of creating a spiritual retreat, it’s built on a lake and is the perfect setting to take Ayahuasca. The Shaman is a wonderful woman ‘Isabel’ a native Peruvian who started studying Shamanism when she was 5 years old, taught by her Grandfather, she’s now 45 and under her guidance I ‘drank’ for the first time. To say this was an amazing experience is to understate it! Her singing and chanting was one of the most beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard as she guided me through, with Stacy translating where necessary, the love and care I felt can’t be described, I can only say again that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, so much so that I booked another one straight after! If you want the real thing in a stunning setting visit Dreamglade!

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