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  • El Triunfo, peru

My name is Percy Garcia Lozano and I am a curandero from Iquitos in Peru. I dedicated my healing center and more than 20 years of my work to people who are seeking healing: be it spiritual, energetic, psychological or physical. My center has a ceremonial maloca and 12 cabins, two of which are designed for families (4 – 5 persons).

This enables me to work with small groups – the number of clients on ceremonies rarely exceed 10 people. Usually, also facilitator and/or one of my students would make sure that participants are safe and looked after during ceremonies. Small number of clients enable me to follow and monitor the entire healing process of each person from the moment they come until the moment they leave.

Besides three ceremonies per week, the healing is supported by dietas with diferent medicine plants (read more about dieta on the dieta page) and/or other healing work the client would need. I’d like to emphasize that my work is based on high ethical standards, including personal integrity on every level. I make special effort to create peaceful and safe environment in which the healing process may be more successful.


33 reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars

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August 18, 2019

Had a great time here. The staff as well as Percy went above & beyond to support each of us and create a memorable retreat experience.

Some details: the tambos have individual bathrooms (en suite) with *flush toilets*. There’s a friendly team of workers who met every request with efficiency and attentiveness– whether for water, misc supplies, space adjustments, meal accommodations and etc. Food was delicious and ample. There’s no electricity nor running water, much less hot water, so you get a real off-the-grid type of feel, adding to the overall body/mind/spirit reset.

Percy himself strikes me as a spiritual giant of a man who is unusually accessible & devoted to the overall experience of his guests. I don’t see how it’s possible to come away from a retreat at DAS without feeling a joyous affection for this man. And perhaps I shouldn’t comment yet I find myself compelled to say that I’m confused by the negative reviews here. Because, personally, I view Percy as having the utmost integrity. Not to overstate it but I would trust him with my life pretty much, and, more significantly, with the lives of my most dear loved ones (whom I’m trying to convince to head down there with me at a future date). He most certainly lives right on the grounds of the retreat ‘campus,’ for one thing. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with requesting full payment in advance of a retreat. That’s completely standard for every retreat center/practitioner IME.

Back to the retreat, though– it wasn’t easy per se. The schedule was kind of demanding. Then again it was also stimulating. More than once I found myself thinking, “This is a feast for the body, mind, and soul.”

Regarding the ceremonies, well, hard to put into words. For me all ultimately was deeply cathartic and also catalytic. Nothing was ever rushed, you don’t really have a sense of time anyway if you’re surrendering to the process. Mother Aya I thank you, Rak & Percy, I thank you. And to the exceedingly capable & attentive staff, thanks to you as well.

As you can see, I had a good experience and I recommend this place and also Rak’s Aya Awakenings 10-day course. Rak and Percy are a perfect team, I think. They’re both well-studied, compassionate, perspicacious, tireless, and just a little bit formidable ; ) If you go I hope you have the breakthrough you’re seeking and a fun time too.


July 7, 2019

I spent 10 days at DAS almost one year ago and am still integrating the lessons into my daily life.
Percy, along with Erika at his side, hold a sacred space that is incredibly focused, and, at the same time, an empty page on which I was able to view the experience for myself.
There were moments when Percy seemed to be speaking generally to Erika, another fellow attendee, and myself, and simultaneously directly to the unspoken questions and doubts in my own mind.
Everyone will have their own journey, their own lessons, and I’ll share one from my experience that seems to be the theme of this commentary: All things are many things.
The DAS Center, and everyone I encountered there enriched my journey and my understanding of that theme.

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February 22, 2019

Great place to do serious work and receive deep healing. I was fighting addiction which was killing me for over 20 years. I went to visit DAS 4 times already and after 2 years of receiving healing from Percy Garcia I’m now almost 1 year fully sober. During last visit in November 2018 I’ve also miraculously gave up on benzodiazepines (which I was taking for about 15 years and trying to give up on for about last 3 years) Now I’m in my 3rd month on benzodiazepines-free life I’m still little anxious and feel anxiety but last visit at Percy’s DAS somehow made me strong in my way through withdrawal. Can’t emphasize enough the beauty and serenity of this place. Also food prepared by Seniorita Ruth is absolutely awesome. DAS is not a touchy-feely kind of place, you going there to do a serious work. Percy Garcia prepares the most amazing medicine I’ve ever tried (and I was trying from 4 other places before), so be prepared for a deep dance with his Medicine, it will be as strong and amazing as the healing you will receive. Highly recommended. Thanks!

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November 10, 2018

I have visited DAS centrum in 09/2018 for 10 days retreat for second time in a raw (2012). In previous reviews here there are many usefull informations about good organization of the center and I would just briefly comment things which I appreciate the most:

1. I see the leader of the center (Percy) as a very strong shaman who presents his
love and compassion to DAS visitors by creating very safe and secure
environment to relax, process,integrate issues which are being brought up to
light and to be healed.
2. It is up to each individual to use up this safe envirnoment to its full potential by
formulating precisely the theme of which is suppose to be processesed. It
requires personnnal honesty and focus on self healing and the whole place will
provide all necessary support to it.
3. Assisting shaman Erika from Slovenia who is creating very peacefull bridge
for all foreigners to understand not only cultural, but also spiritual differences in
realities, which we are coming from to this place.
4. Equipment and structure of center, privacy of personnal space during stay
surrounded by jungle (great support). Vegetarian food prepared with love and
creativity, very friendly staff and cats to enjoy company if desired.

The center is continuously evolving to create more comfortable envirnoment for all future visitors and this focus is more than obvious. I fully trust this place with my issues and both times I was supprised of help which I have recived there. I am definatelly coming back and I recommend this place to all who are willing to take responsibility for their issues and face them. This is the place.

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November 9, 2018

I stayed at DAS twice, once in 2010 and then again in 2018. Both times I had a very good experience. Both Percy and his apprentices are fantastic and take traditional plant medicine very seriously. This is a good place to come for traditional Amazonian plant medicine. It isn’t Club Med or some kind of new age Yoga retreat, which I appreciated to no end, understanding some of the things that are being peddled around Iquitos and the way things had changed in the 8 years of my absence. Also, the food is very good, which I see as being of upmost importance while eating such a restricted diet as is required when preparing for an Ayahuasca ceremony. Highly recommended.


October 8, 2018

I visited DAS Centre in July 2018 with my boyfriend, for one week and three ceremonies as our first experience with ayahuasca. DAS is situated in the jungle, a 30-45min walk from the main road, and at night you can hear an array of animals. Upon arrival we were greeted politely by Percy, Joseway and the other guests and shown to our bungalow. The bungalow was very comfortable modest accommodation with mosquito nets around each bed. There was no electricity but candles were provided. The toilet was the flush-with-a-bucket-of-water kind and there was no showers, however you can swim in the river, where the flower baths take place, at anytime. The food at DAS was great, a good variety and very tasty.
Percy conducted every part of the ceremonies with the upmost respect for the participants and the medicine. He facilitated group and individual discussions before and after ceremonies. He has built a beautiful maloka over the river to assist with the flow of energies and spirit in the ceremonial space. The ceremonies lasted around 5 hours of which Percy, with Joseway’s assistance, sang beautiful icaros. At the end of every ceremony we were invited to stay in the maloka as long as we liked or return to our bungalow as we desired. During my second ceremony, once the ceremony had officially finished and Percy had left the maloka, I had an extremely intense outpouring of emotion. I was crying and screaming like I’d never had before. Percy came back into the maloka to make sure I was okay, and with the help of Joseway and a few other participants, helped ground me while I worked through some deep emotional trauma that I’d been holding on to – something that I’ll forever be grateful for. Our last ceremony was held during the daytime, I was initially unsure about this, but it turned out to be the most beautiful ceremony and I would highly recommend asking if this can be facilitated during your stay.
I have very limited experience with ayahuasca and have only visited DAS but from my experience I highly recommend going to this centre. The accommodation is basic but all the more better for you to disconnect with the outside world and focus upon introspection. A few reviews on Aya Advisor did give myself and my boyfriend some doubts about Percy as a Sharman, I feel they are completely unfounded and I would return to continue working Percy.
I found a lot of personal and spiritual growth at DAS and left knowing my work wasn’t finished – but it has started me on a path that will change my life for the better. And I wish whoever reads this, all the best on their journey towards enlightenment.

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August 28, 2018

Having just arrived home from my 5 week adventure in Peru I am now able to fully appreciate the deep deep healing that was undertaken in my 10 days working with Percy at center DAS.
As I walk the streets of my neighborhood and city, where formerly there was judgement towards people, there is now none.
I feel connected to each and every individual I interact with, with so much compassion and love filling my heart.
The fear, doubt and confusion that was instilled upon me as a child and youth has been lifted off, leaving me feeling strong, directed and protected.
I cannot remember a time when I felt so free, so pure, so light.
For 10 days, under the magical facilitation offered by Rak Razam, Percy devoted his undivided attention on each and every individual that was staying at the retreat.
Whether it be in ceremony, holding space, calling in the spirits to heal us.
Cleansing flower baths held each day (which may be a special bonus of our specific 10 day program).
Lessons held in the dining hall teaching us about the science of the plant medicines he works with (including ayahuasca preparation, perfume demonstration/preparation, medicinal plants of the jungle).
Or just offering his presence wherever you may find him, a shining beacon of light, calming, purifying, soothing the delicate soul.
It was clear to see that the center was his life work. I never could have expected such a divinely conscious and natural setting. One part hospital, one part garden of eden, the facilities consisted of a completely off-grid mostly self-sustainable system.
Whilst there was no power, gas or the common western privileges, we were blessed by the light of the moon, the flow of the beautiful jungle stream, and the crackle of the cooking fire.
This allowed the attunement with the spirits to begin, aided by the gastronomically inclined dieta meals we were offered (the quality of which was startling to say the least, organic, nourishing, always seemed to be planned specifically for the state of the guests ie post ceremony soup with ginger for our delicate bellies) and the absolute comfort of a family home offered by the beautiful staff.
As the days progressed, the connection with the spirits increased, and as my loud and chatty mind eased it’s barrage of endless thoughts and began to quiet, the plants in the jungle surrounding us began to be heard.
Through dreams I would be given guidance, and during waking hours and especially post ceremony, the higher frequency communication of the plants could be heard clearly.
In ceremony, Percy became a trusted older brother. Calm and assured he would translate the words of the mother through his icaros, the power of which was able to be appreciated on the experiential level.
If ever there was a time of darkness being experienced by anyone in the ceremony, and I would find myself slipping off into thought or negativity, Percy’s vibrational presence acted as an anchor, pulling me back into the light.

I feel so so blessed and grateful to have been lucky enough to spend time at center DAS, the first visit of many. I leave with the experiential knowledge that Percy is not only a master healer, medicine man, curandero, but also a true friend and brother.

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August 22, 2018

This past July I attended Percy’s center for the 5th time since 2012. On this occasion I went with my fiancée for 10 days and participated in 5 ceremonies. Once again my stay proved to be of great existential import where profound amounts of cleansing and clarity were imparted to every part of my being. I have a rather long history with ayahuasca (16 years) and an even longer history of searching for answers (spiritual/ existential). I originally came to Percy’s Center with a wealth of experiences and a wealth of cultivated knowledge but with a slew of unresolved issues. I had the semblance of respectability (I was a successful teacher in a good school system and a functional member of the middle class – with all of its trappings). There were however unacknowledged weights that were undercutting my potential and were subverting my life. Inwardly despite many visionary experiences, both naturally and through the use of medicines, I was still a deeply vulnerable and hurt person who carried a slew of distortions and I was drawn to self defeating compensations that were keeping me subtlety imprisoned and were having a covertly negative effect on those closest to me.

So when I arrived in Percy’s Center in 2012 I was ready to begin a sacred work that would ultimately bring levels of healing and liberation I never thought possible; along with tangible transformations of my outer circumstances as well. Each time I have entered DAS I have come with the vision of healing firmly in mind – of integrating and grounding a vast array of experiences within a functional embodied framework – a healthy grounded male whose mind is both rooted in this reality but also with access to deeper mind-states / realms and whose heart is both open and discerning. Each retreat afforded me the insights and the openings to take meaningful steps towards this aspiration. Each time there were also great challenges and changes that would take place in my life. In a very real way these mindful engagements with the medicine while in ceremony activated (unpacked) subtle energies and potential that would flesh themselves out during the course of my life back home in unforeseen and ultimately healing / aligning ways. It has always been a question of my intellect catching up with the implications of these unfoldings. In the process many intuitive leanings and discerned leaps of faith have been taken. In the process
I have been left continuously humbled and grateful for this process in whom at best I am a junior partner.

So now 6 years later my life is in a radically new place, brimming with possibilities and new found potency. Six years ago I was in a covertly dysfunctional committed 14 year relationship, in the past we had been good for each other although we had reached the full positive potential of this relationship and now its negative aspects were creating hindrances for our continued growth. It was at times an agonizing process but by the time I returned to Percy’s Place our relationship had come to an end. Fortunately we’ve been able to transition into very good friends and continue to benefit from the connection in a good and positive way. In the retreat of 2013, quite unexpectedly I received a vision from ayahuasca that I would meet a woman that was substantially younger than me. Sure enough by 2014 this became a reality. Since then our relationship has blossomed beautifully and we are ready to take the next step and consecrate our love in marriage in the Spring of the coming year. These past two years my fiancee has gone to the DAS center with me and has gone through some profound healing and changes in her own life, both in terms of her relationship with food and in her relationship with herself and her family. In fact she is ready to take a further step in her journey this coming February and will be attending DAS on her own accompanied – ironically – by my former partner and now good friend.
This is only one example of the changes that have occurred in many areas of my life. In terms of food I’m almost fully vegan, work has presented many challenges and growth and now I’m in a very good and stable place. I am doing well economically (I’m in saving mode so that we can move to another area of the country, more rural / wholesome, to raise a family). Spiritually, my fiancee and I have found and embraced a beautiful path (Bhakti Yog) and it has proven to be a most ennobling path bearing very good fruits.

So this last time at DAS in July it felt like the process undertaken 6 years ago came to a culmination and conclusion. Three of the five ceremonies were the most deeply healing I’ve ever experienced in my life. It felt as if my psyche was going through a profound realignment – much as a body worker is able to realign the body, and in the process it felt like the distortions that had been undermining my life, and which I’d been progressively excavating and releasing throughout these 6 years finally were released from their roots (not fun to go through). It’s as if I had reached an inflection point where the good chi I had been progressively cultivating gave me the strength to dive to the causal depths of these issues and root them out. Once again the feeling was one of utter gratefulness and thankfulness for being given the opportunity to engage in this truly transformative work.

An important aside that I’d like to make is that Percy’s Aunt Maria Luisa and her daughter Amparo are both gifted Hueseras (bone setters) who have worked with me and loved ones in profoundly healing ways as well. I have seen them both in DAS and in Iquitos. They are available to work with anyone at the center that is interested (just mention it to Percy).

So in retrospect Percy and his Center has been an unfathomable blessing in my life and in the lives of several loved ones. His inherited knowledge passed down to him from his grandfather (he is part of a family lineage of healers and removers of black magic – part en parcel of life in traditional amazonian villages), his relationship with very powerful healing plants (he calls them the Doctors), his integrity, commitment, and humility (he sees himself as a medium through which these powerful forces are able to effect multidimensional healing). And, the depth of his experience has prepared him to offer a very unique service to mankind.

From a practical perspective he has a beautiful center that is very well run. Very good food, clean, comfortable accommodations; He has an architectural mind and he is always making additions and changes to the center. Currently he is working on expanding the Communal area by creating a three level structure for dining, reading, meditating, yoga, creative engagements (instrument/art space) as well as taking in panoramic views.

From an aesthetic/accommodation perspective it rivals any of the centers listed in this site, however from the perspective of doing inner work and healing I can’t think of any other center that I would rather take part in. Next July my fiancee and I plan to go back before we embark on our honeymoon to DAS to pay respects to the work that has been accomplished under the ever mindful guidance of Percy, and to share this joyous occasion with Percy, Maria Luisa and Amparo, people who have become friends and have played a pivotal role in this transformation and for that I am and will always be eternally grateful.

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August 4, 2018

I have recently returned to Australia after being in the beautiful Peru for 5 life-changing weeks. My partner and I’s main course while over there was to visit the DAS Centre for a 10 day Ayahuasca Retreat which included 5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies and many other treats such as daily flower baths, medicinal plant talks,knowledge on how to make an Ayahuasca brew and even a hand made steam room that was made in front of our eyes!

I cannot speak more highly of this magical place. As soon as I arrived I was blown away by the utter beauty and tranquility of the establishment, which was covered in the most exquisite wooden Tambo’s for us to sleep in, a lovely large wooden Tambo which included the dining area, relaxation area and even a cute little library and also included the most extraordinarily enchanting Maloca for our ceremonies. Surrounded by the jungle and accompanied by the most gorgeous stream to bathe in, this really exceeded my expectations from the get go and I immediately felt at home.

I cannot speak more highly of the staff who constantly went out of their way to make sure that we were comfortable, even in messy or difficult circumstances in or out of ceremony. The food prepared for us was utterly delicious dieta meals that were made with A LOT of love and really helped to soothe our bodies which were going through such dramatic changes and cleanses during our time there.
I was very grateful for the amount of down-time that we were able to have. The ceremonies can be very full on and confusing at first, so it was very important for me to have enough time to integrate and allow my body time to rest before the next adventure with Mother Aya.

And to Percy, what an extraordinarily powerful, gentle, kind-hearted soul.Percy was incredible throughout our time there, he truly inspired me in more ways than one, he showed me what true kindness and true purity of the soul looks like. He went out of his way to make sure that we were comfortable, and made sure that any questions were answered as much as possible, he answered some very challenging questions of ours with much clarity and understanding of the plant spirits. During our time at the centre, a few people became sick due to the powerful medicine (which is very normal, a part of the journey) or due to travelling, Percy went above and beyond to attend to these people with a lot of love and made them special healing teas and whatever else they needed to assure them a gentle and safe recovery.

During the ceremonies, Percy held the space in such an impressive, inspiring way. I’ve never been in the presence of such a strong, powerful soul and yet so gentle and loving, and the way he kept the Maloca safe, and invited in the spirits of the jungle was so amazing. I could really feel Mother Ayahuasca’s deep connection and love for Percy throughout the ceremonies as her presence was very clearly felt as he invited her in with his beautiful Icaros. After ceremony you would find Percy lovingly walking around the gardens continuing his connection and conversation with the spirits around him, it was truly magical and lovely to watch and always brought a smile to my face.

I highly recommend this beautiful retreat centre to anyone and everyone, whether its your first time or one of many. I am filled with utter love from my experiences there and plan to go back every year and I look forward to it deeply.

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July 21, 2018

Centrum DAS is the most wonderful place to have your first experience with Mother Ayahuassca , Percy Garcia is such a loving and intuitive man and I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure and healing that came with staying at this centre for 10 days.

im only home 3 weeks or so and being in Scotland is so different to Peru. I miss the jungle and the simple way of living , the facilities on site were more than ample, well built by hand tambo’s (bugalows) for each person , a great place for us all to meet and have our meals and any talks whether with facilitator Rak Razam or Percy Garcia giving us teachings about plant medicine’s on non ceremony days or even just to laze about and read a book.
The staff have a separate building incorporating living quarters for them as well as kitchen to prepare the delicious Dietas food for which is lovingly cooked on a wood fire built for the job out side . The Maloca (Temple) is something else , what a stunning place to have Ayahuassca Ceremonies, great feeling inside and facilities are spot on, toilets near to hand and always someone to help you if you are in need in any way , whether in Ceremony or not. The whole site is stunning and i got some fantastic pictures while i was there , I wasnt really sure what to expect coming to the jungle for the first time and I have came away from Percy’s centre feeling much happier in myself , much less bogged down by mindless chatter in my head, I have more direction and synchronicities seem to be more apparent in my life , im sure they were there all the time anyway , just that i am much more open to seeing them and feeling them, i just feel generally more connected in life and I am so happy that I gained this experience with Percy and everyone else i met at this fantastic place.

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July 17, 2018

I have just completed my first ayahuasca experience after researching the subject for 6 years. I chose DAS because it was highly recommended by a well known journalist and documentary film maker Rak Razam.

The accommodations were simple and without the creature comforts that I am used to as a westerner. I am extremely grateful for this because the grounds are extremely peaceful and without distraction. My tambo was clean and comfortable and the jungle sounds lulled my to sleep each night like a Gaia lullaby. I got very deep sleep while I was at the center. The food was really simple which was great because after ceremony it was soothing on my tummy to have easy meals that were also yummy.

The staff was incredible and I felt looked after the entire time I was there. They kept the grounds safe and clean and the property had security 24/7. Upon arrival there was about a 30 minute walk through the jungle which was a great way to start my adventure. Keep this in mind so you wear appropriate shoes that can get muddy.

Percy Garcia is the Curandero and founder of the healing center. He is an amazing soul with a very spiritual presence. I participated in 5 ceremonies while at DAS and felt safe during each one. I witnessed all participants being extremely well cared for if they needed assistance such as help walking to the bathroom.

I had a very deep and transformative experience during my stay. The first ceremony was mild and seemed to be emptying my mind of the constant thought barrage that I experience day to day. I’ve been home 2 weeks and so far this is lasting… No more mind chatter or monkey mind! My second ceremony was the big one, I went to other dimensions and had a near death experience (ego death) that was so mystical in nature that I haven’t quite found the words to describe it yet. I felt like I went at least 7 dimensions away from this reality and in the end I was given a choice to come back. After that I experienced a deep healing. My 3rd ceremony was also transformative but less mystical. I stayed primarily in this dimension but my body had a spontaneous somatic release of 40 years of stored trauma. I had conformation of this when I returned home and my chiropractor agreed that my hips were no longer tilted and I could ditch my heal lift!!! This is because whatever trauma was stored in my hips had been released so I could let go of the emotional pattern that was keeping the hip tilted. Hooray! My final 2 ceremonies were mild as I told Percy that I was overwhelmed and he suggested a smaller dose. I had some aha moments during these and realized when and why I had cut myself off from relationships.

I will definitely be returning to DAS next summer for my another aya retreat. I’ve been home 2 weeks and feel strong mentally and I’ve been able to resume normal activities at home. I have been a bit tire 🙂

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July 3, 2018

I recently spent time and participated in two ceremonies at DAS. It is the third Ayahuasca retreat center in Peru which I have visited, and , though they have all been good experiences, I was especially impressed with this center. First, it is immaculately built and maintained…..though not in a touristy “Northern” way. Very well crafted, traditional thatched private cabins, beautiful maloca etc., as well as grounds maintained like a botanical garden, make for a very comfortable stay in a very pristine jungle environment. As a vegetarian, I found the meals and care perfect for the situation. They are very accomodating…even adjusting the ceremony schedule around a ticket issue I had.

Percy seems to be a very learned and insightful curandero. Learning from his grandfather from the age of 10, he clearly has absorbed wideranging plant knowledge, both including and outside of
“ the Medicine” . He is able to guide people who are there for intensive dieta, as well as see into the condition of the ceremony participants. The medicine was quite strong…….one of my ceremonies was perhaps the most transcendent realization experience I have had, while the next presented perhaps the most intense challenge I have ever had working with any medicine. But because of complete generosity and insight both during the ceremony( in which I was very uncontrollably disruptive) and patiently helping integrate it the next day, it became a challenge which was actually strengthening in its overcoming.

I highly recommend this center. I also found it quite relatively inexpensive, especially considering its comfort , beauty and care. Glad to correspond with anyone about it.


March 15, 2018

My first visit to the Das Centre was last year for two weeks. I wanted to heal from black magic, trauma, and physical ailments. I was nervous and had no idea what to expect, nor spoke Spanish to communicate with my healer, Percy Garcia.
Percy Garcia, however, made it very easy for me to communicate with him and the Centre translator was equally understanding. I was advised to make notes and write my questions and concerns for the translator to translate for Percy during rounds before the ceremonies – that helped answer all my questions in privacy and in the best possible way.
I felt comfortable as my problems were dealt with utmost confidentiality, which demonstrated Percy’s strong work integrity and ethics.
Percy Garcia is a kind person who has a compassionate and pure soul. He is there to help you heal, and his years of experience shows in everything he does for the people who attend Das Centre.
My visit had been a huge blessing as I returned healed feeling at peace with my issues resolved, and questions answered. I am already looking forward to revisiting the Das Centre and for a longer stay this time. If you or anyone you know is suffering past events and struggling with inexplainable incidents then, I encourage you to visit the Das Centre for healing; we all need a little work to be complete, after all.

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June 9, 2017

jan-feb 2017

Great experience, Percy is a very kind person. I did 15 ceremonies. Cannot wait for the next january to go there again!!!

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June 9, 2017

I was dealing with a quite serious form of addiction for over two decades. Four years ago a friend of mine suggested I should start working with the Medicine. At the begining I was able to find some local resources for ceremony but it was February last year (2016) when I decided to dedicate myself to serious work with Aya. I did around 20 ceremonies with my locals and advised by same friend reserved my spot at DAS Healing Center. I arrived to DAS in February 2017 and what I’ve experienced there completely changed my life and had an amazing healing effect on me on both mental and phisical level.
On top of ceremonies – which I’ll get back to in a moment – tranquality of this place, amazing healing dieta, everyday work with ayo sacha as a preparation to Ayahuasca, and fantastic, amazing people working in the Center, all of it was so healing and teaching. Being deep in the Jungle, fully dissconnected from the world, listening to the spirit of the forest, all animals and insects taught me to be more humble and appreciate more the gift of life I’ve received from the Higher Power. It was becoming so obvious that poisoning myself (inducing the state of mind which I was considering for so many years as my friend) was an absolutly horrible mistake. While seeing the great power in simplicity of life and diet offered in the Center I’ve learned a lot and that was exactly what I needed to have that final touch towards my drug free, healthy way of life!!!!!
Ceremonies at DAS are another story, all preceded with flower / floral bath, are taking place in a beautiful maloca. There is a very easy access to (many) restrooms which to me is quite important to feel comfortable during the ceremony. Senior Percy is an amazing person and I can’t express enough my appreciation to the way he is leading the ceremony, singing icaros and particularly to his plant knowledge and wisom. In front of our eyes he was mixing his Medicine out of many different plant extracts. What he offers is completely different to what I was drinking with my locals and the healing effect of his Medicine is out of this world (on top of amazing Medicinal plants mix Percy offers in his ayahuasca, healing effect was so great because of diet, ajo sacha and deep relaxation I was experiencing in the Center as a preparation to ayahuasca ceremonies itself).

Only thing I want to say is:
Thank You Senior Percy for creating such a beautifull space at DAS, for showing us a higher levels of reality, for bringing us closer to God.
Thank You Medicine for teaching and healing us and thank you all life forms in the forest for nurturing and calming us and letting us to know you. – I’m so sorry we are killing you Forest… But you will win this fight, or through power of your plants you will teach us to stop what we are doing!

After my February visit to DAS I’ve experienced a tremendous shift in my overal health damaged by drugs, positive shift in my mood and a quality of life…
Because of all of that I’ve visited DAS in April again and now already reserved my 2 weeks visit in November this year (2017)

This place saved my life! Thank You!


June 9, 2017

I was in DAS for two months (from mid of December till mid of February). After the first week I didn’t leave it, because I didn’t need or miss anything else. The Center is bright, safe and it surely supports the healing process of each participant. I am immensely grateful for the healing I received and lessons I learned. Strong respect towards maestro Percy and his work, which is undoubtedly dedicated to highest integrity standards. True admiration for his sincere and humble approach. Peace&Prosper!


June 7, 2017

I have known Percy Garcia from even before he had his beautiful albergue for healing. He is and has always been true to the medicina and remains a very humble person. Having watched him grow his center has been a pleasure for me to see. He treats all of his passengers with the utmost respect and I have never heard any complants about Percy. His medicina is powerful and focuses on the healing of physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. He gives you a life changing experience and is always open for you to speak to and he has excellent answers to any questions you might have. I highly recommend him and his DAS Center.

  • Member Since: June 6, 2017

June 6, 2017

I spent three months in DAS and I think that review by Ericka is a lie and not possible. Percy rarely even touches his female guests and would never have sex with any of us. There were a lot of women in DAS when I was there and there was not even far any incidents as described by Ericka. I thnk she is someone who would for some reason like to smear his reputation. If you check other testimonials you may easily find out DAS is one of the safest places women may visit.


May 26, 2017

For me, ayahuasca is the most potent self development tool I’ve yet encountered. I’ve visited Percy’s DAS centre twice, once in 2014 with mixed results and again in 2016 with phenomenal results.

To compare the medicine, I’ve also drank Ayahuasca with Blue Morpho. Whilst Blue Morpho is luxurious (4 star accommodation with amazing food!) I’ve found the medicine at Percy’s DAS to be far more effective. His Ayahuasca is very subtle but potent. Extremely powerful stuff if you let it do its work!

Percy himself is a very noble soul. He works tirelessly for his centre and for that I admire him. He’s very approachable and happy to answer any questions about his work.

I recommend Percy to all my friends seeking Ayahuasca for one reason, his medicine delivers results. Ayahuasca takes work, make no mistake about it but the results are astounding. Be sure to have a very clear intent with which aspect you want to work/heal about yourself. It’s also crucially important that you trust the medicine.

I’ve seen many miracles happen at Percy’s healing centre in my time there. Enough to know that I’m not the only one this stuff works on. Be sure to visit if you seek deep healing and personal transformation. Also be sure to ask Percy your spirit animal!

Wishing you well on your healing journey

  • Member Since: April 26, 2016

May 25, 2017

I first went to DAS in 2010 and I have been returning there every year since. Percy is the kindest and the strongest human being I know. He is humble and generous. He has a huge and compassionate heart. I am honoured to be his student and a friend. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to the Medicine for all the healing I keep on receiving. It is not an easy path but the rewards are tremendous. My life has completely changed. I feel myself growing and becoming a stronger and a better person. DAS is a magical place. People who work there are very caring and supportive. There were many wonderful people I met over the years, who helped me greatly in my process. I would like to mention Matilda, Sarah, Erika, Maria Luisa, Maria Luisa and Amparo, Luz and her family, Roni, Natalie… and many, many other beautiful people who come to DAS to work hard on raising the energies. THANK YOU! The more we are the better it gets!
For those who consider working with the Medicine. Intentions and determination are very important. Every time I arrive there is a moment that I want to run away screaming. Yet I know that running is not going to solve anything. I stay, learn my lessons (ouch some are so hard) and grow through the experience. Some people show up for a ‘trip’ and leave dissatisfied. Some can’t face their fears and run away. When that happens, it is natural to blame the external circumstances rather than self for “failure”. However, ultimately you are the one who is responsible for your own experience.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey!


  • Member Since: March 2, 2017

March 4, 2017

I have recently returned from an almost 6 month stay at Das. For sure an incredible , intense, magical, profound and sometimes scary journey & of course one that I would be very happy to do all over again. Das is a truly magical and safe place to journey where the emphasis is purely on healing and your security . This is all made possible by Percy who is the very heart of Das. He is a beautiful heart & very humble in his work . His knowledge of the medicine, dosing and his abilities as a healer are what makes this place so special . The centre itself is a very beautiful & peaceful space where I met many interesting people during my stay and made some beautiful new friends. I remain very grateful to all the staff, madre Aya, percy and new friends for all your love and support . I will certainly be returning to Das .

  • Member Since: February 25, 2017

February 25, 2017

I was in DAS for a month (15.December-15 January 2017). The place is marveluos, and ceremonies ranging from heavenly to hard. The work Percy does is really healing: from body to emotions and healing past issues and problems – although I understood completely how much I received from medicine only when I got back home. The thing I appreciate about this place is a private space in your own hut, especially if you do the dieta, when you need our own space and peace to dive into yourself and to be able to hear the techings of the plant teachers. Center has also a community space are where you amy meet and chat with other people, or simply read, paint, play instruments.

I came with three friends, one also satyed for a month, and two extended their stay for additional month. There were several ther people in the retreat staying for at least a month and one staying for six months. It was really nice to talk to them and exchange the experiences.

I am giving this place five stars for beautiful, peaceful environment, the architecture of the buildings, the kindness of the workers, and above all the knowledge of the medicine and healing process by Percy Garcia Lozano. I will certainly keep coming back.

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April 2, 2015

Centro DAS is a great place for healing, learning and merging with nature , Percy is a very dedicated and humble person that provides a trustful healing process. Its my second time in the center and I would be happy to go back again.

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August 18, 2014

I stayed with Percy over a year ago, and it ended up one of the most important events in my life.

The center was beautiful, the assistant Josue was on time at the airport and very friendly. The center was beautiful and was everything I needed. Very relaxing and comforting. I only got to see Percy for a moment before the ceremony. I understood later he had important family demands, so I completely understood that he wasn’t widely available during my stay. At the same time, I didn’t need anyone to hold my hand, this was a personal journey and I needed to discover it for myself.

The ceremony itself, as a first time experiencer, was interesting. Once I was under the influence, I truly understood what he means by stating he’s a “healer”. His guidance was exactly what I needed, and after the ceremony was over, I couldn’t stop telling him “gracias, gracias, gracias.”

Now, if you’re considering Percy, I highly recommend him. However I must strongly advise you to do your homework on Ayahuasca. This isn’t an experience to just get high, it’s a medicinal tea, use your time with it wisely.

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June 15, 2014

I’m the Solo young man in the 1/5 star rating review. I went for healing purposes to address issues that I haven’t been able to deal with through conventional methods. Anxiety, fears, addictions, and motivation by fear rather than love or passions. I felt completely removed of my problems through profound experiences at this center. The First two ceremonies seemed to be labeling and addressing the underlying problems, while the last one seemed to be putting what I learned to the test which it provided as well. The first day on return I confronted everything head on and feel completely healed of past traumas. Though we can always improve as people. I feel this is a new beginning to my life. Beautiful, profound, enlightening, healing, insightful. Thank you so much for the most beautiful experience of my life. Thanks Percy, Joel and helpers. Thank you ayahuasca! Thank you Jungle! The universe has provided 😀

Definitely considering going back, if not here another ayahuasca retreat. First I have to integrate my learning and I’ve heard I’ll have continual insights into the visions. Estimating a year or so from now.

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January 22, 2014

I have visited DAS three times now and each time has been different – each time has been magical. There have always been like minded people there when I have visited, and each time has been an adventure. It is no good going there for a hippy trip as that is not what it is about. You will get more from your visit if you are there with a pure heart. Intent is everything! Don’t demand anything from ayahuasca; it doesn’t work like that. If you want to know what exists behind the Veil then you can discover that too! You may also have experiences you never thought possible but don’t be afraid, they are here to help!

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