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  • Vilcabamba, Ecuador

The name Chakapita comes from a beautiful healing song that is sung by the Shaman during ceremonies. These songs are known as Ikaros. Chakapita is also the name of a plant that is used for cleaning auras and removal of negative energies.

Our retreat, Chakapita is a beautiful spiritual place which has been created with the intention to help people and introduce them to the spirit of power plants such as ayahuasca, huachuma and wilka for healing. We offer the opportunity to participate in ceremonies or attend retreats at our home location or to practice true ancestral ceremonies at sacred sites and archaeological ruins of great importance and potential energy in the south of Ecuador. We pride ourselves on the service and healing that is provided to our clients. During the retreats the Shaman is at hand for questions and help throughout the entire stay.

The sacred plant ceremonies at Chakapita are really traditional of South America. Our Shamans have a lot of experience and have come a long way in the spiritual world. We offer the ability to participate in ceremonies with Ecuadorian Indians from the Andes Mountains called the Saraguros and the Indians of the jungle known as the Shuar.
We offer ceremonies of:

Ayahuasca is a teacher plant with a feminine spirit, known as ?Grandmother Ayahuasca?. Sometimes we can experience the vision of a young or old woman, depending on the age of the plant that has been prepared. The spirit is in direct relationship with the wisdom of the snake. Visions of the jaguar or anaconda are common, as these are the sacred spirits of the forest, known to the natives as the Arutam. Ayahuasca is like a big snake that carries the memories of life. It is known as the vine of souls and has been used for thousands of years by the people of the Amazon to cure physical, mental and emotional illnesses by taking the participants on a journey to altered states of consciousness for healing. Like all power plants, the healing depends on the willingness of the participant to make the changes shown by the medicine, commitment to healing and the severity of the disease. It is also very important that a clean diet is followed whilst using this traditional medicine, to detoxify the physical body for true healing of the soul.

Wilka is considered to be the most sacred of all power plants. During the times of the Incas, Wilka was used as their sacred medicine. It was used only by the privileged class of the Incas and was not accessible to all people.

This female spirit presents herself as a young mother and has the virtues of curing terminal diseases and very strong addictions. The journey with Wilka offers the chance of rebirth by showing changes that are necessary in the life to become a better people. During a journey with Wilka, it is very common to see geometric visions, typical of a mathematics lesson! Reason being, the spirit of the plant is very precise and strict! Mama Wilka proposes a commitment to improve all aspects of our lives and this we can experience when we know the essence of true love.

Huachuma is a masculine spirit plant, also known as ahuacoya and San Pedro. Some people say that this name is related to the Apostle Peter, because he holds the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. This plant has been used by the Indians of the Andes of South America for millennia. The active ingredient is mescaline. The spirit of the grandfather Huachuma is very generous. Like all power plants, the journey depends very much on the current lifestyle and state of mind of the people participating. It is also very important that a clean diet is followed whilst using this traditional medicine, to detoxify the physical body for true healing of the soul.


10 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

July 3, 2019

I had a beautiful, transformational time during my 12 day retreat with Miguel in April. The setting is stunning, the grounds are beautiful, the dogs are wonderful and the journeys are very powerful and healing. Every day I enjoyed freshly made organic meals and had plenty of time to myself to rest and reflect. The healing power of the mountains alone is enough to make your head spin! When you add the Aya and Miguel’s guidance, you are sure to find that which you seek.

  • Member Since: May 22, 2019

May 22, 2019

My experience at Chakapita was life changing to say the least… Miguel and Sarita where such beautiful and loving souls who facilitated and explained the Ceremonies perfectly… I had a healing for myself my family and was shown my life’s path … I will definitely be going back to that magical place ..Maybe as a volunteer one day … God bless you Miguel, Sarah and the wonderful volunteers there ..you know who you are… xo
Maria B


April 25, 2019

Miguel and the entire family at Chakapita makes you feel at home the second you arrive. The ceremonies are curated with such care and beauty. From using traditional instruments to freash rose petals from the breathtaking land, a comfortable and cosy place to sleep and beautiful farm to table food. I had such breakthroughs here that I decided to stay! If you are looking for a safe and knowledgeable place to help you change your life, this IS the spot.

  • Member Since: January 20, 2019

January 19, 2019

I had the most wonderful experience here a week ago! I liked that there was so much flexibility with the retreat dates and the ceremonies. The retreat centre was serene and peaceful. Thank you so much to Miguel and Ariane. I learned so much about myself that I feel I was reborn again! I will never forget my experience here and have recommended to many of my friends.


January 14, 2019

This experience changed my life around and my beliefs and my thoughts. Ir healed my hear &helped me be reborn and regain my power!
Miguel & Ari made an amazing team, holding a safe peaceful space for medicine journey work and keeping us nourished with all natural deliciosas homecooked meals. We cleansed and prayed to the river and got to hike in the majestic Andes mountains. Miguel is very intuitive, humble and powerful shaman, he has a strong connection with the plants & 20 years of experience. It was easy to trust him. Our little group had a beautiful heart opening and transformative time in Chakapita. It was so good to come home to truth & what is real.
Mucho agradecidas

  • Member Since: October 11, 2018

October 11, 2018

This is the second place I’ve been to work with Ayahausca and San Pedro, and we also had Wilca. Yowza!! My life has NOT been the same since! Miguel is so kind and centered. Whatever you’re going through, he is there with his grounded presence to help you through it. Rest assured, you will feel safe and taken care of at Chakapita. I had some very eye-opening experiences (third-eye-opening?? if you will?) at Chakapita, and the medicine is strong and it changed me physically and mentally. There are certain things about my life that have truly been transformed by the medicine and by working alongside such good people, and the lessons I’m learning continue to unfold months later. Also, small detail, but I loved all of the dogs on the property! Miguel’s family was also there, and it just felt very home-y and safe. He’s an experienced, benevolent, safe shaman who you can trust and the property is absolutely beautiful! The town of Vilcabamba is fun if you get the chance to hang out there, and we also went on a hike on San Pedro that was such a great journey and we got some beautiful views. Miguel definitely has a fine-tuned process and the order in which everything goes is perfect and I had to let go and just trust the process, and man I’m glad I did! Thank you thank you thank you, Miguel and everyone else who was there at Chakapita. This is a beautiful thing you are doing for the world.

  • Member Since: January 18, 2018

January 17, 2018

This was incredible. I was guided with such love, patience, and calmness that it truly amazed me. I trust Miguel and Hana with any future ceremony I partake in. The experience left such an impression on me not only because of the sacred medicine, but because of these two leaders and their beautiful presence. The center was beautiful too, nestled in between the mountains. Their 3 dogs, who Miguel called “the facilitators” helped me see the humor of life that weekend. The traditional ceremonies were led with such care I felt they came from a long line of shamanic tradition and I felt truly blessed to be a part of it all.

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January 4, 2018

I stayed in Chakapita for 8 days. This is a magical place in the mountains. Spirit there is strong. I will be back.


March 19, 2016

I had an amazing healing journey at Chakapita, I felt secure and safe the entire retreat. The house is in paradise and it is the perfect place to heal. It was magic and I am very grateful. Madeleine


March 1, 2015

Just i can say thank you for this magic experience, this days change my life, just in chakapita i find Wilka, for sure im back the next year. Thanks again for the wonderful time you spend with us!! We really enjoyed it!, Carly and Peter

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