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Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma)

  • Tuscany, Italy
Min. Cost: 800

Our ceremonial community (Willka Hampi) is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the authentic recovery of ancestral and indigenous tradition and ritual to address the concerns of the modern world and serve a new age of humanity.

This summer our medicine team and community elder will be travelling to Europe for the first time to offer a special ceremonial program for those who are unable to join us in Peru.

We invite you to participate to our 7-day program held at a beautiful farmhouse in the rural hills of Tuscany, taing place this July. Here you will have the opportunity to share ceremony within the traditional context of community and learn more about the art of participating as an integral member of a circle. Through our unique method of working with sacred medicines, you will encounter a personal relation with the ceremonial spirits not only to heal, but to awaken your potentialities to serve life as in the consciousness of your true identity as spirit.

This comprehensive program includes:

Sacred plant ceremonies (Ayahuasca and San Pedro)
Daily chanting circles.
Classes of the universal cosmovision of the Sacred Medicine Wheel, shamanism as a mystical path of leadership formation, circle consciousness and community building, among others.
Introduction into our unique methodology of working with sacred ceremonial plants in community.
Personal mentoring.
Optional activities such as yoga
3 organic vegetarian meals per day.
Accommodation at our farmhouse retreat centre.
The program is open to up to 13 participants to ensure an intimate space. Program will primarily be given in English, with the options of translation in Spanish, French and Italian.

13th-19th (leave the 20th) July.

We ask participants to arrive before midday on Friday 13th July to start the program promptly after lunch together. The program will end on the night of Thursday 19th July. The program price includes the night of the 19th, so participants are advised to book their return travel on the 20th July.

As an official non-profit organization, we offer our program at the minimum donation of $900. We welcome those who can afford more, to donate to sustain giving scholarships to those with less economic resources.

The program does not include any travel or transfers to the site or travel insurance.

Leading up to (at least one week before, but ideally from enrolling) and during the program, participants are asked to:

Maintain a vegetarian diet (no meat, fish, poultry, or eggs)
Not consume drugs or alcohol (including marijuana, which although is a sacred plant, does not abide well with Ayahuasca)
Refrain from illicit sex
Tell us about any medications you are taking or will be taking during the course of the program.
A full welcome pack will be sent on enrolling, detailing everything you need to know to prepare well for the program.


0 reviews

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