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Min. Cost: $300/week
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Ronin Sina is a a authentic Shipibo Ayahuasca healing center. We are located close to Shipibo village San Francisco in Pucallpa, Peru. Ronin Sina is directed by Shipibo Maestros Sina and his 2 sons maestro Emilio and maestro Uber. The maestros continue a long lineage of powerful maestros.

Ronin in Shipibo language means “Anaconda” or “protector”. Sina in Shipibo means “powerful” or “strong” .

When someone makes the decision to come to Ronin Sina, it is always with very different goals as well as purposes, in addition, they are in very different stages of their life and path of work with Ayahuasca as well as other plants. Many who come, are coming to drink ayahuasca for the first time in their lives, whilst others are very experienced and have done work with ayahuasca and plant dietas for years or even decades. Some come for healing and others come for learning and deepening their knowledge of plants. Our mission at Ronin Sina is to provide for all of our guests the upmost care and guidance. Ronin Sina is an authentic Shipibo Ayahuasca healing center and we strictly practice the ancestral Shipibo way of working with the plants and nature here in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. It truly gives us great joy to see people advance during their time here. This evermore inspires us to provide a stable and secure environment so that those who wish to come, may do so anytime they need support or want to deepen their strength, knowledge, health, love, sense of freedom and self. Our center does not adhere to a strict schedule regulated by retreat dates: our guests can come for the duration of the time which fits their schedules best. It is harder to find this kind of service in Peruvian Ayahuasca centers because this requires a greater responsibility from us contra to just taking in a group for 10 days – as is the common theme amongst many centers. This type of activity also causes us to be more active, involved, as well as hands on. But we see great benefit in the services we provide and love to accommodate a space where people can come for as long as they so need. We feel it is our purpose to guide others in the way that was so meant for them in this lifetime.
We are not a commercial center. Our center utilizes ayahuasca with respect. We do not lose track of what our real purpose as a center is.

We have 4 ayahuasca ceremonies each week. We also specialize on long more strict plant dietas for individuals who are serious about going deeper in the learning of the plants

Plant dieta

When we talk about plant dietas or “dieta” in general in the center, we don’t refer to the dietary guidelines one should follow before and after an Ayahuasca ceremony. The plant dieta we refer to is about an ancient technology of healing and learning in the Shipibo tradition. There are 2 main reasons for doing a dieta: The first reason is for healing a physical illness. For each illness there is plant or plants one can do a dieta with. The second reason for a dieta is for learning: the plants, during a dieta, can teach as well as provide insights to a person which are beyond this world, in addition, teach and give power to navigate better in a ceremony. The plants have varying thresholds: lighter and stronger, for more advanced students. For anyone coming to Ronin Sina for a dieta, they must respect and follow the rules of Ronin Sina and the Shipibo tradition. Dietas are a long process. One starts with softer, more initiatory plants – and this dieta can last up to a couple of weeks. If ready, a dieta requiring more dedication can and usually does last much longer. Most dietas are 1-3 months per plant. The maestros have done dietas for years and still need to do dietas occasionally – every year or so – to stay strong and work well.

Many of our first time guests who come to us to just drink Ayahuasca, often return for a second time to undergo the dieta process. A dieta is really for those who want to go deeper into the world of plants – purifying the mind, body and soul, as well as learn to navigate ceremonies in a more meaningful, comprehensible manner, from which you will get the most from a ceremony.

Not every center offers a dieta and extra caution should be taken when choosing an appropriate center – for various reasons. Dieta is a great responsibility for the maestros as well as the center, and most centers are not prepared to take this responsibility. At Ronin Sina, we want to offer our guests the possibility to do a dieta as well as to learn the original Shipibo tradition, and go as far in the path of learning as one wants.

Our weekly price is $300. This includes 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies, all meals and accommodation.

We also arrange few special retreats by the ocean in Ecuador each year. For these check the sections in our website: www.roninsina.com/ecuador

For more information visit our website:


With questions email us and we reply quickly, we are happy to anwers any questions


6 reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Member Since: September 3, 2019

September 3, 2019

I am happy to say that I have found my match for teacher and healer in Sina. This is very important that one finds people that one is compatible with and at the same time offers proper high quality work. These guys know what they are doing, they are skilled healers and equally important is that they are good people with a genuine love and care for the people that come to them. I can honestly say that I would not have trouble or doubts sending my own child there, and my mother has been there visiting with me for a week and she now says the same. I will continue going to Sina for healing and learning for as long as we live. Happy for anybody that makes it there.


June 28, 2019

I first heard out about Ronin Sina through the recommendation of a friend of a friend of a friend in 2015 while I was looking to find an authentic place to learn about and try plant medicine for the first time. In January of 2017, I made arrangements to work with Maestro Emilio in their San Francisco, Peru location.

I was very pleased with my first ayahuasca experiences. And I was happy that Emilio checked in with me after the ceremony. I wish that I had asked more questions after seeing some particularly intense visions in ceremony that week. I find that for me, listening to other people’s experiences and talking about my own experiences to be beneficial for processing everything. I found Emilio’s counsel to be honest and helpful.

My family and friends were worried about my safety traveling alone to the Amazon and not speaking a lot of Spanish. I had cell service the entire time, (although I rarely used my phone) and I felt very safe while traveling back and forth to Pucallpa with new friends that I had made at the center.

I work in a fast-paced high-end environment so I appreciated the experience of living very simply in nature at the center, and to see how the Shipibo live in the village. I also liked that there were local Shipibo people as well as westerners in the ceremonies.

In November of 2017, I visited Ronin Sina’s center in Montanita, Ecuador and had a few weeks of ceremonies and a Piñon Colorado dieta. I really enjoyed living walking distance from the beach, going surfing, and experiencing the town of Montañita. There are also many day trips that you can take to check out the local wildlife and go hiking. Next time I visit, I will definitely take advantage of some of the nearby Spanish and yoga classes.

Again, it was amazing to experience Sina, Emilio, and their student Petteri’s beautiful Icaros. Everyone that I met during my stay at the center were magical themselves. I was especially blessed to have had such a great retreat group, while I was going through some challenging transitions in my life. I feel fortunate to have had so much healing and many insights during the ceremonies and while on the trip, that I am still enjoying integrating them all to this day.

My experience at Ronin Sina inspired me to continue to learn more about plant medicines, and I’m looking forward to experiencing more ceremonies and dietas. ☺️

  • Member Since: June 25, 2019

June 26, 2019

I did 6 ceremonies over 10 or so days with Maestro Sina and Maestro Emilio (Ronin Sina) in November of 2017. The retreat, although also Peru-based, has a second base on Ecuador’s Santa Elena Peninsula in the coastal village of Montañita. Yes Montañita. Also know for its surf breaks, bohemian vibe and lively bars. But, the retreat is pleasantly disconnected from the “tourist area” on the top of a hill, overlooking Montañita and the vast South Pacific Ocean. The splendid scenic view sets you in just the right kind of mood to experience an ayahuasca ceremony – and to benefit from it.

My group and I experienced the healing medicine thru personal guidance from both Sina and Emilio (Ronin Sina). Our group was small, only about 4-6 participants. I hear that nowadays the centre has expanded somewhat and they have had a new ceremony building custom-made for ayahuasca ceremonies, so I guess the groups can be slightly bigger now.

Ronin Sina are shamans of excellent caliber that care for you on an individual level. They have a harmonious father and son relationship that really comes through in their ceremonies and above all, in the many beautiful icaros they sing that guide along. They are wonderful shamans and, with the Ronin Sina centre, is well deserving of a 5 star rating. I look forward to returning to Montañita, Eduacor again someday. Thank you for the great memories.

  • Member Since: June 25, 2019

June 25, 2019

After many ceremonies in Ecuador I have had the plesure to share ceremony with both Sina, Emilio and Petteri.
I found their work extraordinairi, well guided, nice place, organized and for me personally a
verry clean way of working on all levels.
The surroundings are lush and authentic, I felt safe and still in nature.

The Pucalpa region is one of main the roots of
Ayahuasca and other plant medicine tradicions.

All the people involved in this center eminate a feeling of pure intencions,
love and respect.
Everybody is treated equal and gets specified treatment and attencion to his or hers personal needs.

Well recommended!
Cant wait to go back!

  • Member Since: June 23, 2019

June 23, 2019

I have seen lot of shamans from different countries and traditions as well as different Shipibo maestros but when I first time came to maestro Sina and Emilio my mind was blown away. Since that time years ago I have been coming to them long periods of time to learn the art of medicines and cosmovision of the Shipibos.
It is hard to find maestros in Peru who actually care and get joy out of westener learning and advancing with the medicine. Most maestros have a big smile when they receive the money but they dont really care and quide you. I see all the time people in Peru who spend long times with different maestros and tell about their time and I can right away see that yes they spend month or 2 doing dieta but it was not properly quided and most likely didnt have the real results a dieta should have.
The center is traditional and the maestros and family are very traditional but very good at working with westeners, both maestro Sina and Emilio have been traveling to other countries and even Europe to do retreats so they understand the white peoples world.
I highly recommend this place

  • Member Since: June 23, 2019

June 23, 2019

I was at Ronin Sina during the summer of 2018. It took me a long time to find the right master/people to work with. I was not in a rush. And when I found Ronin Sina – I did not look for anyone else. This is true healing, true mastery. Both Sina and his son Emilio have the most beautiful Icaros. They are both strong in their knowledge and in their craft. The place was authentic – cut off from any kind of modern civilisation. If you want to heal, and be alone in the jungle (well, maybe not completely alone) – this is really the place to go. Also, this was one of the most affordable places I found. Let me say – more money does not always mean – more or better service. Highly recommend. Go! :]

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