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Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Center

40 reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

Listed in Ayahuasca, Integration

Min. Cost: 150
Max. Cost: 255
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Caya Shobo is a leading Ayahuasca healing centre nestled in a gentle jungle rainforest setting, just 45mins drive from the historic Amazonian city of Iquitos, Peru.

We welcome visitors of all ages and backgrounds who wish to experience the profound healing benefits of Ayahuasca and journey into an awakening of spiritual consciousness in the safety and care of highly experienced practitioners and the peaceful, secure environs of Caya Shobo.

Caya Shobo closely follows the Shipibo tradition of healing. We work only with genuine Shipibo maestras and maestros who hold high knowledge of their ancestral traditions – in particular Master Plant Dieta healing. Caya Shobo is the only Ayahuasca Healing Centre in the world to have received endorsement from Coshikox – the Shipibo Konibo Xetebo Tribal Council – as to the authenticity of our medicine offering in accordance with the true Shipibo traditions.

Caya Shobo has received thousands of western visitors since its facilities first opened 4 years ago and our healers have achieved profound results in treating numerous modern illnesses including depression, post traumatic stress disorder, certain cancers, and many other physical, mental and emotional ailments affecting the world’s population today. ​

Caya Shobo offers a variety of Ayahuasca retreats and package stay options for guests to receive healing services throughout the year. Our prices include Ayahuasca ceremonies, plant treatments, accommodation, meals, airport transfers, laundry service and wi-fi.

Standard rooms are shared double rooms – with own private bathroom (each guest has their own double bed). Rooms are simple adobe/concrete structures which allow airflow and coolness in the jungle heat, while providing protection from the elements, and are situated close to attractive ponds, gardens and common areas.

Private tambos are isolated huts situated deeper in the jungle, with no private bathroom but the feeling of being completely alone in the jungle.


40 reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Member Since: January 3, 2020

January 3, 2020

Our stay at Caya Shobo was wonderful. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the room was nice, the food was amazing and the maestros were incredible. Everything was very well organized and the entire property was very secure. We will be returning and would definitely recommend it highly to anyone. Thank you to everyone there.


December 21, 2019

It was awesome !!!!! Great place! A neat and professional approach! Attentive staff! Amazing and enjoyable atmosphere! Special thanks to Katerina, a small and very polite hostess of a large farm. Thanks to the Caya Shobo Retreat Center for my update. I will try to return to them again. Maria Nizhegorodtseva Moscow.

  • Member Since: December 19, 2019

December 19, 2019

I have now been to Caya Shobo twice, both for very intensive 10 day retreats. Once in Jan, and again in Dec of 2019. Words can’t even describe how amazing each process and experience was for me. The level of care and attention that goes in to each and every person there was over and above what I expected. My time there was valued and respected, and I was always made to feel there was someone available to help me go through whatever I needed too, whenever I needed to. I felt very safe, both physically and emotionally while in the hands of the staff and volunteers at the center. From the moment you arrive at the center, it becomes clear that the experience of the guest is the priority of EVERYONE working at Caya Shobo. As I say, words can’t help me describe how powerful and profound my transformation was while at Caya Shobo. No matter what your experience is with the plant medicince, what I can do is strongly recommend this center to anyone serious about a deep experience, not only with the medicine of ayahuasca, but into the very nature of yourself, your spirit, your mind and body, and your place in this world 🙂


August 30, 2019

I was there at Caya Shobo from Aug. 8-17, 2019. I am still processing the beautiful experience I had while there. The staff, facilitators and Shipibo maestros were very compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable. The first night there we took the sacred visionary medicines which was a profound and joyful experience for me. The grounds were well kept and beautiful as well as all the rooms and dining kitchen. The Shipibo maestros were amazing with the icaros they would sing in ceremony. I found the whole experience to be very healing and peaceful. One day I hope to return to have another profound and beautiful experience.


August 15, 2019

I did a lot of research before deciding which center to choose and now I can say Caya Shobo was excellent choice. I did Master Plant Dieta for 11 days and had 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies besides other plants that were prescribed to me. Overall experience was amazing. I had many fears due to my previous Ayahuasca experience which I had in Europe, but at Caya Shobo they take really good care of you and make you feel safe at every moment.
Place is great, accessible by the road, but still deep in the jungle, accommodation is simple, but very clean and well maintained and food is excellent. I would like to point out great maestros and all the staff at Caya Shobo who do really an amazing job.
If you need safe and quiet place suitable for contemplation and meditation, powerful Ayahuasca and shamans, experienced and helpful facilitators and comfortable accommodation – then Caya Shobo is place to go. I hope I will be back!

  • Member Since: July 15, 2019

July 15, 2019

Caya Shobo is an incredible, caring center for healing and spiritual growth. The maestros (Arturo, Guiermo and Dominga) are very gentle, highly skilled and lead the ceremonies with a loving, paternal/maternal energy. That loving energy is exuded by all here, and is palpable, and the safety and comfort of all guests is apparent throughout.

The accommodations are clean and comfortable and the food is simple, as it should be for an ayahuasca diet, but quite excellent and plentiful.

Wilder, the skilled medicine maker, pharmacist, made visionary ayahuasca and also the individual medicines for those on dietas as well as the floral plant baths.

The grounds of Caya Shobo are a paradise and contain many spots for contemplation and meditation.

I had incredible, life changing ceremonies and can’t thank the Maestros, staff and facilitators enough. Thanks especially to Iryna as well as Charlie and Angela! Their guidance and integrative talks were deep and insightful. Namaste!

  • Member Since: June 27, 2019

June 27, 2019

I stayed in Cayo Shobo for 10 days and had 5 ceremonies. Really glad that I chose this place. Everything was great – place, accommodations, food, people, ceremonies.
Place is beautiful and well maintained. Territory is quite big and feels secure.
Accommodation was simple, but it had everything what was necessary. I had my own room with bathroom. At nights you truly understand that everything around you is alive. Surrounding sounds in the night were truly amazing.
Food was healthy and tasty (for me). It didn’t had any spices, sugars or salt in it which didn’t bother me. We always had a basket with fresh fruits in dining-room.
During my stay I’ve met quite interesting and nice people. We had some interesting conversations, although most of the time I (as most of the guest) spent time in solitude, which I liked and needed. This place, people and the setting really helped me to get my head away from society, news, everyday problems and routine and helped me to concentrate on myself and deeper things.
About main part – ceremonies. This was my first time with ayahuasca. At first ceremony they give smaller dose, to see how people react, although not sure how much dosage matter. I think state of mind also matters strongly. At later ceremonies you get higher dosage and can ask for more, if you want.
From 5 ceremonies I had 2 really “strong” ones. They were so profound that by the end of the ceremony I felt like I really don’t need anymore, that I already got more that I could grasp. Both of these ceremonies were next day (on Monday, Thursday) after day without ceremony. For each person this could differ, but for me it was necessary to have day off after arrival and after “strong” ceremony. Next day after such ceremony I felt beaten, but still went to ceremony and asked for smaller dosage. The experience after “strong” ceremonies was so overwhelming, so “out of this world” that my mind just couldn’t process it. It needed more time to settle.
I have nothing to compare to, but shaman singing felt really great. There were 3 shamans. First 30-60 min we sat in silence. Then shamans one by one started enchanting and after some time they went around maloka and sang for each person. At some of these individual singings I had some really amazing experience.
Ayahuasca brew did deliver more than expected. I didn’t purge at all (although felt quite close few times) and didn’t had any considerable bad experience (bad trips).
From drawbacks only thing that I could think of, is that the price could be little bit lower, but I had a great experience there and didn’t had any disappointments, so I cannot really argue about the price.
Cayo Shobo, thank you for experience!


June 17, 2019

Caya Shobo is the only place I will go in Peru for ayahuasca. It is the real deal and the owners staff and healers are there solely to help people. They have built solid honorable relationships with the Shipibo people and have a deep understanding of how the medicine works. I am a petite girl and went alone my first time and felt completely safe and well taken care of. The staff were attentive to all my needs, the facilities are beautiful and patrolled by security 24/7 and they answered all questions and concerns I had even before I went. One of the owners called me personally to talk to me and answer all questions before I even booked the trip. They are amazing. The food is delicious, and the attention and care received while there surpasses any 5 star hotel/resort I’ve ever been to. Absolutely amazing people. Highly recommend.

  • Member Since: May 19, 2019

May 19, 2019

My stay at Caya Shobo was so transformative ! I had many resistances before coming here since I had had a very bad ayahuasca experience in the past (in another place), but I felt the call and the need to go there and to trust these people. I am more than happy that I did. I felt safe and in the right place. All of the facilitators (Katy, Sonia, Rex) and maestros (Arturo, Dominga, Guillermito) were very attentive and listened to me, took care of me, and helped me to overcome my fears and to let go of my trauma. Wilder who was doing the plant medicines and flower baths was also of very good help to me. They did their best to make it as personal for everybody as possible so that we could all get the adequate healing we needed. I felt like a rebirth during the last ceremony, which made me leave with a feeling of liberation and lightness. This was not an easy experience for me, but I gained so much out of it and I am so proud of myself and so thankful for all of you to have been there with me.
Thanks again and I wish you all Love and Light on your journey !


May 13, 2019

An amazing place to take care of body and soul.
The shamans are experienced and very careful masters. The powerful ikaros guide us high during the ceremonies.
Proper nutrition, plant diets and a well-maintained environment in the middle of the jungle inspire us to connect deeply with ourselves.
If you feel ready to take this dive of self-awareness to expansion of consciousness. this is a great place!

  • Member Since: May 13, 2019

May 13, 2019

Caya Shobo:
I just came home from a 10 day plant dieta retreat at Caya Shobo. WOW! The integrity of the center and staff plus the skill of the Maestros ….it was very palpable from day one. I felt totally safe to go deep during ceremonies and process whatever came up. The additional plant dieta brought on a whole new level of healing that I hadn’t anticipated. The way the Maestros use the additional plants and use their Icaros is something I can’t fully describe, but it is profound. I could feel the plants and the Icaros moving through my body and clearing it. I arrived at Caya Shobo with a systemic fungal infection…from my mouth all the way through my gut to the other end. I had been on three different prescribed anti fungals, two herbals and a carb restricted diet for over 5 months and was still infected. I left Caya Shobo completely clear…..just 10 days! During ceremony I was shown the underlying emotional problem that I have been storing in my body which is causing my health issues. I feel like I finally have an answer to life-long health problems that western medicine AND naturopathy have been unable to help me with. I plan to return next year to go further in my journey towards greater levels of health and joy in my life. Amazing place!


May 9, 2019

I had a wonderful month-long stay at Caya Shobo. The maestros are beyond incredible and the rest of the staff provided excellent support at critical moments of my diet. They brew strong batches of Aya and are judicious in how much they pour, but allow the Aya to guide you rather than just them. In the tri-weeklly maestro meetings, Maestro Arturo provides excellent guidance without interfering with the plant medicines. I dieted another master plant, pinon blanco, in addition to Aya and reaped its teachings. The facilities are comfortable and clean and the food is quite satisfying. I plan to return to Caya for my next diet and highly recommend you do too!


April 29, 2019


I made a decision based on logistics, uniqueness, professionalism and easy, open door access.
Very well kept beautiful spot, beautiful Malokka, clean kitchen, clean food, friendly and warm staff, intergalactic shamans.
Strait to the point center, deep and transformative healing, profound trust on the medicine, your “right” dosage and plant dieta healing.
One of the most profound, beautiful life experience can be done at Caya Shobo

  • Member Since: April 9, 2019

April 9, 2019

I have been on this path for over 6 years but this past December was my first time at Caya Shobo and also my first time on a master plant dieta. I had a profound experience on the 11 days I was there. The staff were amazing, and if you know some Spanish, very interesting to get to know better. The gardens and surrounding jungle, the friendly and supportive staff, the beautiful buildings and environment set the stage for powerful healing. The team of maestros and maestras were incredible. The plant dieta I was prescribed was exactly what I needed and the healing effects, and lessons learned, continue to this day almost two months after the three month dieta I started down there. I will definitely return again and highly recommend anyone who is looking for healing, especially in the Shipibo tradition, to go to Caya Shobo.

  • Member Since: March 14, 2019

March 14, 2019

Caya Shobo – In the center was twice very much recommend! in my opinion one of the best places in Peru for an Ayahuasca ceremony of obtaining sacred knowledge and healing plants for those who decided to touch the source of the secret forces of nature with the true conductors of the shamans of the tribe of Shipibo-Conibo. In the center is very warm and friendly atmosphere, quality food to choose depending on diet, comfortable accommodation with all facilities, fair and responsible staff. It is a magical place of power in which you want to return again and again !!!
Thank you from the heart !


March 10, 2019

I’ve done Ayahuasca in the past, but this was another level. Top notch meistro’s, holding true to the traditions of generations past. Incredible support team to help assist the journies for everyone so they have positive experiences and get the most out of it: I’m greatful and will return to this lovely center.


March 6, 2019

If you are serious about healing and learning with plant medicine this is the place to go.
Caya Shobo is a center with high integrity that focusses on helming and learning through their strong medicine, powerful and friendly curanderos and knowledgeable western staff that will support you in whichever way you need.
I have stayed here twice for a retreat and am planning on many more visits.
You can not express what happens here with words, lets just say it is transformational, mind blowing and hard work at the same time.
The food is amazing and fresh, it is so beautiful to work with your personal jungle plants, once prescribed for your healing and freshly prepared every day, flower baths and the beautiful community that gathers here year round.
I completely trust the people that run this centre and have witnessed them deal with difficult situation a multitude of times in very professional ways.
This place is safe, warm, transformational and beautiful in every way.
Can’t think of a better environment for personal work.
I look forward to my next visit!!


March 3, 2019

I highly recommend Caya Shobo. I was extremely impressed by how well I was looked after and taken care of by the staff and maestro’s. The food was great and the lodging was clean, quiet and comfortable. I would recommend Caya Shobo to anyone and will definitely be returning regularly.


November 26, 2018

I highly recommend Caya Shobo if you planning to go to Peru for plant healing this is the retreat center for you! The owners are dictated to creating the highest quality healing center for all those seeking healing at all levels. I have gone to the center 4 times and each time the healings I receive go deeper and I am dedicated to returning annually and bringing my students to receive the gift of the plant medicine and the maestros. The maestros are gifted healers with humble reverence to the gifts of healing they bestow. The staff are welcoming and caring I feel I have a family now at Caya Shobo that greets me with MUCHO AMOR! Muchas gracias a mi familia un Caya Shobo Patricia White Buffalo

  • Member Since: October 7, 2018

October 7, 2018

I followed the signs to go to the amazon to join the artist retreat with Tamani. To integrate the medicine into my art further. I write this review four months later, it takes a while to integrate upon returning to your previous life. I am leaving five stars out of the integrity of the facilitators, shamans, and Shipibo community that made the experience what it was. While Caya Shobo is a newer facility, the medicine is working strongly here. So much gratitude for my experience. It is not light work, but I feel it was meaningful and powerful work that has provided me much reflection and growth as an individual. Blessed be your journey, may you find healing and growth – but be prepared for some tough work:) Most likely if you’re reading this, you may just be ready:)) the medicine finds us in peculiar ways. Oh, and the food is absolutely amazing – Jerry and Talito, muchas Gracias. To all those at Caya Shobo, I am eternally grateful for your dedication to this medicine and your willingness to help others, that is not easy work and I have so much respect for all that you do. BLESS <3 – Ray

  • Member Since: October 6, 2018

October 7, 2018

I came here by chance, I was looking for a place to do ayahuasca, I had done it a few times before but just single ceremonies, this time I needed to go deeper. I ran into Caya Shobo through this website and booked a 5-day stay.

As soon as I got there everything felt right, the people, the place, it felt safe to let go and start the healing process. It was a short stay, it felt like I needed to continue my process so I had to go back. Now I´ve been there for the second time, now for a 10 day stay and I plan to continue going back. Thanks Caya Shobo.

  • Member Since: September 26, 2018

September 25, 2018

Caya shobo !
What an experience.
God bless you guys .

That’s my first time with the medicine and I didn’t know what to expect.

I wasn’t sure where and how things will look like.

All I knew before that I want safe environment and auténtico Shamans (Shipobo) with the right intentions.
I really wished to experience some of the authentic experience with a western touch of comfortable place to eat and sleep.

So it was perfect match .
The combination was absolutely right.
It’s was comfort as I wish with great food for the diata and the decision of how stick you wanna go with the diata .
And comfortable room to sleep.

And el Shaman was a real doctor.
Like he already know what is your problem before you can tell.

Thank you for that Caya .
Definitely see you again .

Good like in your journey.

  • Member Since: September 1, 2018

August 31, 2018

J’ai effectué une retraite de 3 semaines au cours du mois d’aout 2018. Ayant réalisé plusieurs séminaires dans différents centres au Pérou (4 au total), c’est un des meilleurs centres dans lequel j’ai pu effectuer des retraites chamaniques. Le nombre élevé de cérémonies par semaine (5) permet de travailler profondément et intensément. L’équipe de faciliteurs est extrêmement présente et bienveillante et il y a un réel accompagnement. Les maestros sont aussi excellents. La qualité de l’ayahuasca est aussi relativement forte et puissante, à consommer avec modération 🙂 Il y a aussi des traducteurs dans toutes les langues (pour les français aussi !).

Autre détail important : on mange relativement bien (fruits, pancakes, poisson/poulet) tout en respectant la diète ! ça peut paraître un détail mais au bout de plusieurs semaines à manger relativement mal dans certains centres, ça compte aussi.

Bref il y a beaucoup de centres au Pérou, mais j’ai vraiment d’excellents souvenirs de cette retraite malgré les moments difficiles qui peuvent résulter du travail avec l’Ayahuasca.

Un très grand merci à toute l’équipe d’accompagnants et félicitations pour la qualité des retraites.

In English
I did a retreat of 3 weeks during the month of august 2018. Having realized several seminars in different centers in Peru (4 in total), it is one of the best centers in which I could make shamanic retreats . The high number of ceremonies per week (5) allows you to work deeply and intensely. The team of facilitators is extremely present and caring and there is a real accompaniment. The maestros are also excellent. The quality of ayahuasca is also relatively strong and powerful, consume with moderation 🙂 There are also translators in all languages ​​(for French too!).

Another important detail: we eat relatively well (fruits, pancakes, fish / chicken) while respecting the diet! it may seem a detail but after several weeks to eat relatively poorly in some centers, it also counts.

In short there are many centers in Peru, but I really have great memories of this retreat despite the difficult times that can result from working with Ayahuasca.

A very big thank you to all the team of accompanying persons and congratulations for the quality of the retreats.

  • Member Since: July 4, 2018

August 4, 2018

I posted my initial review of Caya Shobo shortly after my retreat ended in June 2018.
In it, I mentioned that after participating in countless ceremonies around Iquitos, this was the first ayahuasca center which I considered visiting again.
I decided to update my original review to include some additional observations.
As time goes by, I have even more appreciation for this place. It doesn’t have a commercial feel like other centers. Also, the ayahuasca brew itself is one of the best. I drank a variety of ayahuasca teas in the past, such as thunder or black and yet, the one at Caya Shobo is so unique, it lasted longer and created new sensations which I never felt before.
Shamans at Caya Shobo are another reason why this place is so special.
When I was having a difficult time during the ceremony and needed help, their icaros did wonders on my body. I could feel their power, the songs were guiding my body and mind in a way I never felt before.
Also, I believe that the plant diet was another important factor which enhanced my experience. The appropriate plant is selected for you by a shaman and even though I wanted to diet on a different plant than the one recommended by the shaman, I came to understand why the other one was prescribed to me.
My recommendation for potential guests at Caya Shobo is to come for at least two weeks in order to fully benefit from what this place has to offer. Also, participants attending short-term retreats will not be able to eat some of the healing plants because they require a longer diet.
Kamila, Poland

  • Member Since: July 31, 2018

July 31, 2018

Caya Shobo is a beautiful and very safe place to experience ayahuasca and plant diets. The English speaking staff is very helpfull and translates the Spanish speaking maestro’s accurate.

Food is great! Fresh and well prepared!

The maestro’s for the artworkshops are good teachers aswell , they know al lot of technieks and are familiar with plant medicine!

The maestro’s have a nice no noncense approach.. their icaros will toutch your heart!!

No minor experinces at all!!
Special credits also to the maintaning staff.. waaaw!

Love this awesom place!

  • Member Since: May 12, 2018

May 12, 2018

Dear Caya Shobo Team! I would like to thank you from the deep of my heart for your kindness, care, attention and succesful healing done during my stay. The words will never explain what you have done for me. During my stay with you I felt both home and school working on my internal issues. Guys, you are real Pros. You have set up a perfect healing center where you have implemented both shaman tradition together with the possible hospitality in all aspects!

Love you! I will obviously come back again and advise you to my fellows!

  • Member Since: April 12, 2018

April 12, 2018

I’ve been home for one month after completing a two month stay at Caya Shobo. There are things I most definitely miss, things I didn’t realize would impact me. Like the smiles and sparkling eyes of all of the staff that I experienced each day — thinking that the company and beauty they shared would always be there. And it is, in memory but I miss them in real time.

The community of us.

I miss waking up or simply staying awake into the early hours and visiting with friends that you will undoubtedly make along the way.

A family of the most gracious, remarkable individuals that make life so much more interesting, simply by sharing it.

The sounds of the jungle, the smell of the rain, the perfect sunrise and nightfall. The Icaros.

Full stop.

The things I don’t miss?
Definitely the girl I used to be. The over analyzing, obsessing, worrying, overly amped up, not feeling quite right, non sleeping counterpart that had taken over my life — she’s gone.

And now with all that I have undone, for all that I am…

No, I didn’t have an aha! moment where the lights clicked on and the sheen cast its golden light upon everything — it was definitely work. The hardest, coolest, hands down bravest work one can do. And the aha moment! has become my life.

My entire frequency has changed. Yours will too.

Thank you Caya Shobo for helping me to remember.

Forever and always,

  • Member Since: February 9, 2018

February 13, 2018

I have been working with the medicine for almost 4 years but it was until December 2017 when I decided to deepen my journey and head to the Amazon. I went to Caya Shobo for a 2 week retreat and I confidently say it has been the most profound experience I’ve had in my life. Being right at the jungle in communion with the plants and animals made my experience very special.

Everyone at Caya Shobo is incredible. The facilitators were very helpful to me before and during my stay at the center. They were friendly and very open to chat with. The staff is great too. All I have are words of appreciation for them. I felt very safe and taken care of, as all I had to worry about was in my own healing.
I really enjoyed having one on one sessions with the maestros and facilitators along with enough spare time to be on my own.

Each ceremony was incredible and transformational for me. I am in awe and really thankful with the maestros as they were very compassionate and caring with each of us. Their plant and spiritual knowledge amazed me each time.

I also had a profound experience with the plant diet that was suggested by the maestros. In combination with ayahuasca, the plant diet helped me in calming my mind, become more present and connect my soul and heart.

I’ve heard about other ayahuasca centers in the Amazon, but I definitely recommend Caya Shobo as the quality of the medicine, the knowledge and experience of the maestros, and the love and care of staff and facilitators is unique and worth living.

  • Member Since: February 10, 2018

February 10, 2018

My time at Caya Shobo has left me feeling obliged to write this review in hopes that it can be of some inspiration to those feeling called to the jungle to participate in the deep magical workings which occur at this healing center.

I’ll start by saying that journeying to Iquitos to stay at an Ayahuasca center in the jungle is not going to be comfortable all the time. You will have to surrender to the flow of things in more ways than you can anticipate. Iquitos is a noisy chaotic place and Peruvians aren’t often on time for things. You will likely be pushed outside your comfort zone here and there, but that is just unavoidable for most people feeling called to the jungle. The friendly folks at Caya Shobo will pick you up from the airport in Iquitos if you wish and take you to the center. I recommend doing this if you don’t speak Spanish and it’s your first time in Peru unless you really want to get a taste for what the city of iquitos is like. Caya Shobo is about a 45 minute drive from iquitos. After arriving you will be placed in the room that you will be staying in. The rooms are exceptionally well kept with their own private bathrooms and moderately comfortable beds. The center itself is a very tranquil place to stay. The landscapes and fauna are beautiful and the master plants growing throughout the land help hold a dream like quality to the space. Imediately upon arriving I began to feel a powerful shift in my energy, as if anticipating some monumental experience that was about to take place.

I arrived in the beginning of December for a 10 day retreat. The maloka would be completely full most nights ( around 30 people ) and there were 4 shamans that would be simultaneously working their magic in the space. I would like to note here that the tradition of wisdom and healing practice which takes place at Caya Shobo is deeply rooted in the way of the shipibo, who likely carry the oldest tradition of Ayahuasca use on the planet today. The shipibo are the Masters of the plants, and the maestros and maestras who work at Caya Shobo are the highest carriers of medicine and wisdom of any humans being I have witnessed by far.

The day the retreat officially began everyone was asked to drink a tea of a plant which acts as a purgative. This was prepared in the humble little jungle pharmacy by the sweet medicine man who regularly works there to prepare the Ayahuasca, plant baths, dieta teas, and whatever else people needed to assist them on their path. We all sat under the jungle canopy puking together for perhaps a half hour. After that ordeal we relaxed before ceremony. The first night was rather mellow and allowed for the maestros to get an idea of where everyone was at and which plants would be most beneficial for each person to diet.

The following day everyone was called to participate in a meeting in the maloka to discuss the dieting process and which plants would be dieted. I knew very little about plant dietas prior to this experience. The maestros prescribed to me two master plants which I would diet during my stay at Caya Shobo. Later that afternoon I drank my first tea of the combined plants and that evening during ceremony the dieta was officially opened by the maestros. My experience with Ayahuasca and my understanding of the world of the plants and my relationship to them imediately underwent a radical transformation. I had experienced 6 Ayahuasca ceremony’s in the past, most of which were extremely powerful, beautiful, and painful. This was entirely different. This was on a level beyond anything I’d experienced by any entheogen in my entire life. It was like apprenticing with the spirits of master plants who’s intentions were to help me to heal, grow, refine, and evolve. The magic I experienced from these master plant teachers and the incredibly skilled and dedicated shipibo maestros and meastras at Caya Shobo was nothing short of miraculous and life changing. At times it was indescribably beautiful and I felt as if I was overflowing with teachings and radiating with the energy of my spirit, and at other times it was agonizingly painful and full of darkness and chaos. There is great teachings and healings to be found in the light and in the darkness. The shipibo utilize both to cultivate the deepest level of healing and insight.

I ended up continuing my dieta at Caya Shobo for an entire month. During this time many struggles presented themselves to me, as well as an endless stream of insights and breakthroughs. During my stay the other participants at Caya Shobo and the people running the center were extremely friendly, generous, and helpful to me. I could always ask if I had any questions or felt like I needed support in any way. The vibes were much like family and I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this miraculous place and the wonderful people and plants living there.

The only thing that comes to mind when I think of what I felt could be better was related to noise disturbance. There were several instances where I was feeling deprived of sleep but couldn’t rest because the employees were making too much noise doing maintenance work on the land. Luckily the maloka was always available to retreat to for an afternoon nap, so it wasn’t a big deal. It got frustrating here and there when I was deep in my process and wanted to be alone in my room but the people in the room next to me were talking loud and repeatedly slamming doors. I probably should have just respectfully asked for silence.. but it would have been nice if it was communicated to all the participants to be more mindful of their noise level because some people are going through a very deep process and are sensitive to the energy of others.

Thanks for reading, I hope this review is of services to others thinking of staying at Caya Shobo. I have so much gratitude and love for the amazing people who keep Caya Shobo alive. Julian, Katy, Beccy, Miguel, thank you!!


December 23, 2017

Choosing Caya Shobo was a wonderful decision. My experience there was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I went to Caya Shobo during a time of transition amidst a bout of acute fatigue and other ongoing chronic struggles, including 20 years of ongoing depression and anxiety. I was hoping to breakthrough into new ground and get to the core of what was going on holistically-speaking (mind, body, emotions, spirit), and that definitely happened. When I returned home I felt so much lighter (and not just from losing weight on dieta), as though I was no longer carrying around the heaviness and weight I had come to know.

From the moment of arrival the entire staff was very supportive, kind, warm, knowledgeable and safe. The Shipibo Maestro that was there during my stay, Arturo, was incredible – a very modest, unassuming, kind, honest, skilled Maestro. I trusted him immediately, which is unusual for me. Working with Arturo, Ayahuasca, medicinal plants, the facilitators onsite (Julien & Katy – also amazing), the staff and the sanctitude of the jungle, in a spacious, compassionate environment designed for deep and holistic healing, allowed me to lay down ways of being; ancestral inheritances; old and outdated feelings, thoughts and stories; align my mind and heart and heal a lot of old hurt/wounding that I had been actively working with for years (generations), yet was unable to fully access on my own.

During my time there the Facilitators were available for support, to listen, to provide assistance when needed, and share their experience. Space was created to interact with the Maestro a few times a week for check-ins, to ask questions, receive guidance and partake in conferences to learn more about Shipibo culture, Ayahuasca and medicinal plants. Those staying at Caya Shobo are given plenty of space to be in their own process; however, assistance is always just an ask away and willingly offered with great compassion. You can tailor the experience to meet your needs, staying a couple days, a couple weeks, a couple months (or longer) and working with Ayahuasca alone or if staying long enough, also opening a dieta for deeper support and healing. One can also choose to be in isolation and follow a strict dieta if desired.The food is delicious, the rooms are pretty basic, but cover one’s needs. The Treehouse (one of the lodging options) is phenomenal, if you want indoor/outdoor living, a beautiful view and some space from others.

There is so much I could say and yet it is challenging to put such an experience into words and do it justice. If you feel called to work with Ayahuasca and plant medicine and want to give yourself the greatest gift you could imagine, that of truly investing in your own healing (which is not for yourself alone but will affect and heal past and future generations and enable you to evolve and more effectively navigate and contribute to the present) then I highly recommend Caya Shobo, especially staying long enough to experience a dieta. I also recommend laying down any preconceptions around what will happen or even who you will be following your experience, which does NOT end when you leave the center, but continues to unfold. If you choose to engage in this work, I recommend a willingness to embrace not knowing, as the reaches of the ensuing transformation are deep, wide and potentially completely restructuring.

Real healing happens at Caya Shobo!

  • Member Since: June 26, 2017

June 27, 2017

I visited Caya Shobo in December 2016. I feel very lucky to have found this center and couldn’t imagine doing that work anywhere else. I trusted the people, and the values of the center completely. I felt safe. Which was vital. Since being there, I feel as though Ive stepped into myself with both feet.

  • Member Since: May 27, 2017

June 16, 2017

In the past two years I’ve participated in over 100 aya ceremonies, dieted several plants, sat with Chilean, Ecuadorean, Mexican, Shipibo & Gringo healers and have spent a total of 5 months in Peru at three different retreat centers. This center is the best I’ve experienced and I give it the highest recommendation. Here’s why:

The maestros/maestras are in my opinion highly skilled spiritual surgeons. In the six weeks I’ve spent at this center I witnessed many amazing healings, including my own personal transformation.

Regular talks with the healers are scheduled in the maloka and if you want a private consultation with one in particular all you need do is ask. Other centers I have experienced almost no direct access with the shamans other than in ceremony, so in my view access to healers is a great plus.

I’ve learned more here than anywhere else I’ve stayed. In addition to knowledge sharing from the healers, the western staff has extensive experience and deep knowledge levels about the world of plant medicine.

They offer an extensive range of dietas and plant medicine treatments and have on staff a Peruvian medicine person whose only job is to brew medicine and make the different dieta and medicinal preparations (and he’s available to chat with anytime if you speak Spanish).

Other points worth mentioning: the food is plentiful and quite adequate (keeping in mind the fact that no one goes to an ayahuasca retreat for gourmet cuisine). The compound is gated and staffed with security personnel. The tambos/huts are quite nice with in room showers & flush toilets (nice perk).

Bottom line, they’ve covered all the bases here and then some. I will keep coming back and it’s my opinion that you will be hard pressed to find a better center.

  • Member Since: June 6, 2017

June 6, 2017

It was my very first Aya Experience and I am very grateful that I have made this experience at Caya Shobo. I felt very safe and can definately recommend this to anyone who is interested in healing and getting in touch with spirit and nature.The nature, the power of the plants, the shamans, and the facilitators were the best guides I could ever wish for. The nature is well respected and you feel that the facilitators really know what they are doing. You can have time for yourself but also there is always someone to help you through anything that comes up during the retreat. I will come back for sure and cant wait for the next time visting caya shobo. I thank each and everyone of you for your support during the retreat and also afterwards. Thank you!

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June 5, 2017

Caya Shobo is home. I have had another very good retreat experience before, but Caya Shobo is the place I’m going back to 100%.

I went for the Visionary Art Retreat on March 2017 to get some inspiration for my art, and ended up getting so much more than I could imagine.

As soon as I got there I could feel it. The location is beautiful and therapeutic, the staff is so very welcoming, insightful and happy to help.

I went through a total of six ceremonies in Caya Shobo, the Maestros are very caring, gentle and strong. The medicine is very clean and strong. There are really no words I can say to express the deep deep healing, creativity, wisdom, insights and strength I received.

Life had changed dramatically for the better since. All changes were long over due.
I’m very grateful for the work that was done with me in the retreat.

If you are experienced with Ayahuasca or if you are a first timer, with all the worries of safety and quality, this is the place you were looking for.

Thank you Caya Shobo, see you soon! <3

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May 1, 2017

Caya Shobo stands apart in many ways from the several retreat centers I’ve experienced in Peru. The words ‘hospitality’, ‘profound insight’, and ‘integrity’ come to mind, and perfectly describe the center, ceremonies and staff. From the moment I arrived until the day I left, I felt welcome, seen, supported and cared for, that the staff and maestros were happy to have us there. The facilities are clean, lovingly maintained, and comfortable, while the food is ample, nourishing, and delicious (well, as delicious as diet food can be!).

The medicine served there is the strongest and clearest I’ve had, and, coupled with the guidance of the maestros each night, keenly inspired my personal healing in ways I didn’t think possible. I felt supported to delve as deep as I wished into myself and the mysteries of ayahuasca. Some say that the jungle sings to you in ceremony. Surrounded by the sounds of frogs, insects, birds, and animals each night, guided by the curanderos, I felt enveloped and protected in a timeless, woven symphony of life, and inspired to continue living mine to the fullest.

For me, one of the most significant aspects of Caya Shobo involves the humility and groundedness of the management and owners. Many other retreat centers in Peru have gringo owners whom actively promote themselves as ‘spiritual gurus’ or ‘visionaries’, taking center stage away from the hard-working indigenous healers. Caya Shobo’s management supports, promotes and trusts in the incredible skill, knowledge, and dedication of the resident maestros, and the indigenous people as a whole, from whom this tradition is shared. In doing so, the Caya Shobo team have built a solid relationship with powerful Shipibo healers, and holds a space from which each of their individual gifts and passion for life may shine through.

I cannot recommend Caya Shobo enough, and feel so very grateful to have found this place. I look forward both to my next visit, and many more to come.


April 24, 2017

Caya Shobo is the first retreat centre I have been to but I do know several people who have been to different centres and I think this one is one of the best.
The staff and the maestros are very dedicated to the work they do and it comes across in the care as well as in the environment.
The accommodations are very comfortable and the food is excellent. I was supported in my healing and at no time did I feel unsafe or under cared for.
There was plenty of time for interaction with the maestros and support staff plus instruction and information on the local medicinal plants and art. The flower baths were to die for, one of the highlights of the time I spent there.
I have no hesitation recommending this centre to anyone who is looking for a supportive healing experience with people who are dedicated and committed to providing the best care possible.


April 17, 2017

I was at Caya Shobo’s retreat in December 2016, which offered eight ceremonies over two weeks.

This was my strongest, most therapeutically-focused retreat to date.

Both the intensity of the treatments and the level of communication and understanding shared with us about the treatment process, surpassed my expectations. The staff and facilitators went to great lengths to tailor the treatment to our individual needs. The Shipibo healers are absolutely wonderful. The owners are present in the day to day operations, and are kind and genuine people.

The overall condition of the centre is excellent, with private bathrooms and running water for showers.

I feel like in Caya Shobo, I’ve found healers I expect to trust and work with for a long time to come.

I would highly recommend this centre to anyone with previous experience and wanting to work at a deeper level with the medicine.

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