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  • Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Treehouse Lodging. Female led ceremonies. Small group retreats with personal attention. Flexible Pricing. 1500 Acres of Virgin Amazon Rainforest. Volunteering.


We work with the principle of ?Where Attention goes, Energy flows? ? through a deeply intentional work in ceremony we introduce our guests to new tools of self-healing and transformation.

Keeping our retreat groups exceptionally small ( 6 people), allows us to provide personal attention to each of our guests and to keep the atmosphere of a small family house in the deep forest.

We hold a gentle space for processing traumas and re-programming of psychic patterns that no longer serve. At Canto Luz we also provide space for shamanic plant dietas for the ones who are ready to embrace serious inner work and encounter plant allies.

Your commitment and work during your retreat at Canto Luz will be a step in a life long process of working with your Higher Self.

Our goals are for long lasting changes in our guests? lives and their accomplishments become the source of pride for Canto Luz.

Canto Luz Centre for Conservation and Cultural Preservation is a registered not for profit organization dedicated to working with local indigenous communities, supporting preservation of their cultures, healing modalities and environment.Our goal is to help to preserve the biggest tropical rainforest in the world by restoring the balance between the modern man and his surroundings, by reconnecting ourselves to our hearts through the traditional shamanic work of the Amazon.

Our home is located in the middle of primal rainforest full of animals and birds and we offer unique tree house living as a way to re-connect with nature. We offer flexible pricing on our Ayahuasca retreats, shamanic plant dietas and work exchange opportunities.

Canto Luz offers various options for accommodation and can host between 6 and 12 people at a time in our 3 double occupancy treehouses or the ground level 4-bedroom house. We are also available to host any guest retreats that might benefit from the rainforest setting. All our houses are completely misquito-proof and built with locally sourced lumber, often from salvaged wood and with focus on simplicity, sustainability and functionality.

Reyna Luz Edery Flores is a curandera with over 20 years of experience working with medicinal plants of the Amazon. Her strong leadership of the ceremony has a feeling of being embraced by a Mother. Reyna is famous for her beautiful singing and gentle, loving energy.


33 reviews

5 out of 5 stars
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June 2, 2017

The place is beautiful, I made a right choice by going there. The location is amazing, I’m very happy I met all those people who was there and I hope to meet them again. One of the advances of Canto Luz it is not very commercialized like many other places, there are no constant flow of people, groups are small, ceremonies are intimate. Many other good things were mentioned in previous comments and I agree with most of them. It past 4 months since my retreat and as I was told the actual experience will start after retreat, so I’m working on all the knowledge that I got, It’s not easy but I see a lot of changes inside of me, thus, in the outside world. I would like to understand some more things and I would love to visit Canto Luz again and now it feels like going back home! I hope I’ll get a chance to visit it again.


April 4, 2017

It’s been eight months since I went to Canto Luz, desperately, in search of an answer to the depression and PTSD that had a grip on my life for as long as I can remember. I picked the perfect place. First of all, it’s deep in the jungle, it took us a three hour boat ride up two rivers to get us there. We were deep in the jungle where I saw an anteater, toucans and so many exotic butterflies. Monkeys screeched everywhere (never saw one *sigh*).
Canto Luz is really small. They only take six or eight guests and some volunteers so at other places you might be in a maloka with 30 or so people, but here it’s a relaxed space based on healing. Also, they screen guests asking them questions as to their intention, so most people you meet will be there to better themselves and not to check something off their bucket list.
The staff here were so intuitive and helpful to your needs as you worked with the medicine. They are experts. Juan was one of the kindest, happiest and most empathetic people I’ve met really helping me work through some of my darkness as I worked to heal with the medicine. The shaman they had for my treat wasn’t their regular one (she was visiting a family member in the hospital), but he was a deeply magical person, the songs, his icaros triggering the energy that was necessary for healing.
It was a wonderful place. I’m a sexual abuse survivor who has suffered from severe depression, PTSD and anxiety. I desperately wanted some relief. I feel like I left Canto Luz a changed person. I wanted to beat depression and I feel like I did. I’ve still got a lot of work to do. I still have anxiety. I still have PTSD. But the horrible depression, the crippling suicidal anguish and sadness. It’s just gone. And it’s nine months later. This is a great place to heal. A wonderful place to better yourself as a person.
I’ve slacked on putting this review up and now I’m glad I did because now I can attest that the work that I did there got me has had long-term effect.
Love you Canto Luz


March 11, 2017

I visited Canto Luz in September of 2016 and, upon returning, felt I should wait a while before trying to post a review. I felt that time might allow me to do my experience justice in writing, yet 6 months later here I am—still wavering. Accepting that whatever I write will not measure up to the gift that was my visit, I will try my best give you a glimpse.

I have divded my review based on factors I think people typically consider when choosing a place to experience the medicine. It is my hope that this practical form of retelling will affirm any gut-feelings in favor of Canto Luz you might have. It really is a magical place.

Safety: Upon arriving, one of the first things that Mariya—curandera and co-founder of Canto Luz—told us was that, as human beings, we were the most dangerous animals in the jungle. Her point was that, typically speaking, the other animals of the Madre de Dios do not attack people who visit. Granted, you will be in the jungle and there is a certain amount of risk in that, but the settlement of Canto Luz mostly keeps those dangers at bay. Aside from environmental dangers, you couldn’t be in safer hands! As a small-statured person, ill-equipped for self-defense, it was a priority of mine to find a place that spoke to my sense of security. For those of you with similar concerns—especially women—Canto Luz will give you peace of mind. There is a palpable maternal (nurturing) energy here.

Food: All meals served here are vegetarian and respect the typical guidelines people stick to when dieting for the medicine—and it is still soooo good! So good that I even asked for their recipe book! You will not go hungry! Meals are held at the same times each day and are a special event for guests and staff to grow closer—like family. Some of my favorite moments took place during those times.

Lodging: Canto Luz is unique in that guest quarters are well off the ground—in tree houses! This was one of the most magical aspects of my stay. I felt so bonded with the mighty being supporting my shelter—a reverent reconception of home. Each house is lined with mosquito netting to keep the majority of critters out, but don’t forget, you will be in the jungle and it is likely that a winged friend or two might wiggle its way in to meet you! And that is another central beauty of Canto Luz—it’s setting deep in the Madre de Dios. Being immersed in the wilderness affords the kind of reorientation so many of us who have grown up in techno-industrial societies need. In my perspective, this is the ideal situation to experience the medicine.

Ecological Concerns: Canto Luz is committed to living with the jungle, rather than against it. Sustainability and respect for the environment figure in on the operation here, as manifest in dry compost toilets, salvaged building materials, and a gardening project.

Staff and Guests: The most important takeaway from my stay was the experience of ordinary time as sacred—something that was embodied and reinforced by the company I had. Each person present, staff member or guest, was fully committed to inner work and full of compassion. This encourgaed an atmosphere where one could be completely vulnerable, and as a result, form fast bonds. The high ratio of staff to guests ensures that guests have ample support. I felt confident that if I needed it, I could reach out for help at any time and be warmly received. Mariya is such an inspiration—truly dedicated to her work. As a link between the western world and the indigenous tradition of plant medicine, Mariya’s guidance is invaluable to visitors who may lack the framework necessary to process their experiences on their own.

Medicine and Ceremony: The medicine is made at Canto Luz by Mariya herself and others—so you can trust that what you get is made with discernment and care. Transparency is important, right?! As mentioned above, the high ratio of staff to guests ensures that ceremonies are rife with support if it should be needed. Each ceremony opens with the entire ground stating their respective intentions. Mariya and the Shipibo curandero, Loyver, facilitated the ceremonies I experienced while at Canto Luz. Their icaros were beautiful, moving… I cannot translate into words how much those hours meant to me. The ceremony is closed the following morning when the group reconvenes to share what was learned. This method of closing helps each person to integrate what they experience by encouraging reflection. I felt enriched upon hearing the insights and experiences of the others, and it was in those moments that I felt our solidarity the most.

I can say in all honesty that my stay at Canto Luz was a decisive moment in the overall arch of my life. I learned so much about myself and life… and walked away with a heart full of gratitude.

I hope this review was helpful for anyone interested in Canto Luz. Much love and good luck to you in your journey!

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March 6, 2017

Writing this review a few years after attending. The lessons I learned have stayed with me and undoubtedly the atmosphere that was created allowed for me to learn the lessons I needed at that time. The location was beautiful. The food reminded me of my grandmothers. I never felt uncomfortable or nervous. The jungle provided the perfect environment for the ceremonies. I’m looking back at the year 2016 and it was one of the best years of my life and I have to credit the week I spent with Canto Luz in 2014 with most of the credit. Took a while for me to incorporate the lessons I learnt in the ceremonies into my life but glad I put the effort to do so. I felt completely safe in the hands of Reyna and Mariya and could not have asked for better people to guide the ceremonies.


January 2, 2017

*This review is from a slightly different perspective due to the length of time spent in the jungle, but also the capacity in which I existed there.*

Spending 5 weeks in the jungle had never really been something on my radar till suddenly last May it was. After submitting to the volunteer program and going through the subsequent interviews in June, I ended up on a boat headed up the Madre De Dios the beginning of September unsure of what I was getting myself into.

Canto Luz is really a special place on this planet! The various buildings constructed from rough hewn timber off the property are beautiful and very rustic. It’s certainly not the most remote place you can go on this planet, but it’s pretty wild and remote. Rising every morning as the jungle awoke, going to bed to the rhythmic sounds of various insects – you feel much more connected to the world and it’s amazing. That isn’t to say there aren’t unpleasantries like mosquitos, wasps and the like but nothing is so awful that you can’t deal with it. Ironically, I think the little “pests” in the jungle are there to teach you something just as much as any of the visions and experiences the ceremonies bring.

Despite all the meals being vegan, the food is quite tasty and filling. Our volunteer staff rotated turns preparing meals so everyone got a chance to make everything on the menu at least once. I can tell you with confidence – Canto Luz takes cooking good food seriously. Now if you are doing a dieta, that’s a whole different story that doesn’t involve things being nice : )

The point of coming to Canto Luz isn’t to do all kinds of exotic activities but there are definitely some fun ones that were offered by various members of the staff. I’m not going to list what they are because it’s always going to be different with the possible exception of the jungle walk. Being in a remote location can get taxing after a few weeks especially when you are closely interacting with other people you’ve possibly never met before. While the ball is never dropped, the extra curricular schedule is rather flexible to accommodate the needs of the staff as well.

Everyone at Canto Luz, including the volunteers, is there to do personal work so bear that in mind when you show up. It is a safe environment but don’t come there expecting to find Heaven on Earth with “enlightened” people levitating their way through the jungle or anything like that. I can pretty much guarantee that something or someone will get under your skin at some point but it’s simply an opportunity to be more honest with yourself. Canto Luz is a mirror. It puts you up close and personal with you reflecting truths so that you can grow. Don’t expect to drink some medicine and then suddenly be better. It’s not a magic wand type of thing (though it may feel like it at times). The hard reality of life is that healing is many times a process that takes time. Canto Luz and Ayahuasca aren’t going to do the work for you, they are just tools for you to do the work yourself.

Wherever you end up in your journey, will be exactly where you need to be.


August 27, 2015

Hola amigos! From July 7th – July 13th 2015 I was fortunate to spend my time at a 7 day retreat at Canto Luz. As this was my first encounter with ayahuasca, I chose Canto Luz because to me, based on my research of ayahuasca, it appeared to be a more authentic practice. After a week retreat every aspect of Canto Luz was just as genuine as I have believed.

Just to list a few things that stood out and in no particular order, the food! I’ve never eaten anywhere as fresh, organic, and refreshing as I have at Canto Luz. The dishes were vegetarian and light but that’s not to say I wasn’t full when I left the kitchen table. The meals and beverages were some of the best foods I’ve consumed and all of it was prepared with no electricity.

The accommodations at Canto Luz are treehouses! I slept in a bed in a treehouse surrounded by the wildlife and fell asleep every night to the sounds of the jungle. The hum of the night helped me to fall asleep while the birds in the morning was my alarm clock. The spacious abode was more than enough for my needs.

With running water you shower in an outdoor yet private overhead rain shower. One of the many luxuries in the jungle I was not expecting.

As for the ceremonies, this is something very personal. The ceremonies were very sacred events. They were performed with the utmost respect to traditional teachings. The Icaros’ are so powerful it can energize you, give you a sense of strength, and it can even bring you to tears. The ceremonies itself is something to be experienced first hand as my attempt to describe it would do no justice. Trust mother Peru and she could change your well being.

In between my days there was time spent to reflect and to integrate the teachings of the plant medicine. This time to reflect is an important part of the learning process. The quiet time to yourself is something to be embraced. Some time reflecting was spent in the treehouse, other times just laying in the hammock, and there was even a day I went for a walk through the jungle to have a think.

This retreat offered more than I expected. The head director, the maestra, the volunteers, and the staff were so welcoming that at times I would forget that I was in the jungles of Peru in the middle of nowhere. As far away from home I was, it didn’t seem like it.

If anyone was thinking about experiencing ayahuasca I highly recommend a retreat at Canto Luz. Canto Luz had such a positive impact on me that I’ll cherish this experience forever. I hope Canto Luz impacts you just the same!

Thanks for taking the time to read my review.

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August 26, 2015

I went to Canto Luz near the end of July for a week and had an amazing experience. Mariya, Reyna, and all the women and men who worked at Canto Luz were incredibly caring, and did not make me think twice about my safety and health while there. The icaros were beautiful and powerful. They really drove the necessary emotion out of me during the ceremonies. It was my first time doing ayahuasca, and my first time ever having any dmt, so I was both excited and nervous, but Mariya made everyone feel comfortable, and made it known that she is there if anyone needed any help. Reyna is an incredible shaman. It was great having the centre lead by Mariya and Reyna, two female shamans who made the experience feel very nurturing, safe, and an environment where reflection and attention to our spirits and feelings is promoted. The meals were all healthy, varied, prepared with care, creativity and tasted incredible. I was happy to have eaten so well and let my body cleanse along with my mind. Staying a tree house in the middle of the rainforest was a magical experience. I loved having the sounds of the rainforest put me to sleep, and greet me in the morning. The beds were very comfortable, and the tree houses were well built. All the staff at Canto Luz seemed like a family, respected each other, and seemed to genuinely care very much for the center and for the guests.
Overall, I would recommend Canto Luz to those who put a premium on being in an environment that is comfortable, authentic, with caring people who focus on the spiritual journey and healing, a great shaman and leader in Reyna and Mariya.
Thank you for a once in a lifetime experience!

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August 22, 2015

Imagine that in the lungs of our planet there stands a kingdom of living, breathing, feeling beings we call plants, plantas maestras, who wish to teach those who will listen where there reigns a queen, Reyna, who channels the songs of the trees and broadcasts it through all the forest like some paradise bird delegate come from the heart of Gaia at night and her canto ascends toward the heavens in a tract of light destined for other such channels from other such kingdoms and where they meet is where the light defeats the darkness. The kingdom is called Canto Luz.

In Summer 2015 I participated in a five-week work exchange program at Canto Luz, and I found this to be a tremendously rewarding experience overall. What I enjoyed about the work exchange program in particular was its marriage of teamwork with heart work. Elsewhere we might become accustomed to tuck away messily our problems into the dusty closets of our heart, but Canto Luz is a kind of open field, there is nowhere for you to hide. Teamwork, friendship, the forest – for anyone who stays at Canto Luz, all stands as a mirror to a process that is at once deeply introspective and widely social. The heart work we do in ceremony finds its body in our everyday relations. Intense might not be strong enough a word to describe a work environment in which team members are simultaneously maintaining the upkeep of a retreat lodge run with the highest standards and working cooperatively through team dynamics while each member is immersed in a weeks-long eco-therapeutic process of lightening their own subliminal baggage, taken all in an environment as oppressive, encroaching, and animate as the jungle. To commit as a volunteer to steward and represent Canto Luz is no small undertaking, but when taken in concert with a strong determination to work with love it becomes precisely the path to an open heart. No mud, no lotus.

One outstanding quality of Canto Luz that deserves mention is the integrity of Mariya’s and Reyna’s work, and their upholding of tradition. The cultural context of ayahuasca has been shifting markedly over the last twenty years, and different people are working with the medicine in different ways. Reyna, a mestizo curandera from Pucallpa, has accomplished over twenty years of plant-medicine work in a traditional native context on the banks of the Ucayali river. Reyna stands in the forest with the same mastery and dignity as any Western doctor, although she will tell you humbly that it is in fact the plants who are the doctors and teachers, that she simply seeks and hears their council. To diet on a plant, dieta, is in a sense to become the plant, attuning one’s body to the frequency of the plant and receiving its signal on a wavelength normally missed. It is through decades of practicing this ancient tradition of dieta that Reyna has achieved such intimacy with these plantas maestras, plant teachers, and at night she sings to them and they sing through her.

Whereas Reyna represents one of the few true curanderas who still work for love of the forest instead of for their own ego and greed, Mariya, apprentice to Reyna and mother of Canto Luz, embodies the new spirit of ayahuasca as foretold by the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, bridging indigenous inroads from North and South America and gracing all with colors from her own spiritual heritage to the shamanism of Siberia. Mariya operates with exceedingly high standards when it comes to guest safety and satisfaction. The attention and care she gives to preparing her medicine, for example, is impeccable, requiring all who come in contact with its preparation to maintain a peaceful and loving state of mind even when handling the wood that will be used to cook the medicine or when approaching the perimeter of the medicine kitchen because, she reminds us, where attention goes energy flows. When Mariya does something she does it with her whole heart, and I trust her implicitly. She sees more with her eyes closed than most will ever dream, but whenever you feel lost in your shadow they will open for you from the outerdark to guide you back home. All of this amounts to a truly dynamic healing environment unlike anything I’ve encountered before, but needless to say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Plus: treehouses. Can we all just take a moment to imagine what it might be like to spend a week in the cacophonous canopy of virgin Amazonian rainforest? Can you hear the birds? The monkey laughing? The overhead rain, or is it leaves falling? Can you hear the ants? The trees? Just listen, just listen.

This has been an account of how the forest revealed itself to me, but that’s not going to happen to you. Instead there in the forest lay waiting with redwood patience a message for you alone, and its unraveling may feel unlike a learning but a recalling of what was eons ago inscribed in your heart. I can imagine no safer container for one to discover the light and shadow of this forest and the healing tradition it bore and to receive this medicine, ayahuasca, nature’s greatest gift, than Canto Luz. May you know its song.

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August 16, 2015

I spent two weeks at Canto Luz and wish I could have spent much more time there. There are so many wonderful and beautiful things about Canto Luz that made it the perfect setting for me to further my spiritual and healing journey.

Not a moment went by during my stay that I did not feel safe and extremely well cared for. The tree-houses are amazing, the food is delicious and most importantly I constantly felt that I was surrounded by genuine and compassionate souls.

Words cannot describe the beauty and integrity of the ceremonies led by Reyna and Mariya. The small and intimate ceremonies helped me in feeling comfortable and allowed me to relax and fully open up to what the medicine has to offer.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Canto Luz. So much gratitude to everyone at Canto Luz. I am looking forward to returning.

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July 31, 2015

I always said: “I would never travel twice to a place in the world.”
But now there is one exception: Canto Luz with Reyna!
I visited Canto Luz with my partner in May 2014 and now, over one year later, I think the same as I thought then: That was a unique lifetime experience, what ripples into the rest of my life, as Mariya would say. 🙂
At this stage of my life, I would say, it was THE lifetime experience.
I still feel deeply honored, that I could stay at this place and met this wonderful people. I could carry on to praise Canto Luz, but here are the facts:

Why choosing Canto Luz?
1. Reyna is an experienced shaman with a big heart. You will love her!
2. Mariya is a wonderful bridge between Reyna and the “Western World”. She is one a the persons, who makes this retreat complete.
3. The Tabacco- and Ayahuasca Sessions are unique. I never have been to other Ayahuasca-retreats before, but I heard during my travels in South America, that some shamans are leaving you alone after you drunk the medicine.
In Canto Luz Reyna and at least one Service Person are with you and sing for you – the whole night! I felt safe and secure. The groups are very small. At the beginning we were five people, then four. You can choose a Dieta, what I strongly recommend. It is a wonderful way to reset.
4. Juan is the organiser in the background. He has visions, connects the villages of the rainforest to improve the use/ agriculture of the land and the most important thing: he saves the rainforest by owning that wonderful piece of land… and as he said in May 2014, he wants to continue buying.

Do you want to contribute something for this world?
Go to Canto Luz!
Your money is well spent on your health AND the world!


June 23, 2015

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. I stayed at Canto Luz in Sept of 2014 for a week retreat with 3 ceromonies. First off, the food was amaze balls! Ive never eaten vegetarian food for a week, but i never got tired of it and always felt satisfied. I traveled to Peru alone, i am a 32 year old female coming from California, and I always felt safe and comfortable. The accommodations were plenty, the staff was helpful, and the ceremonies were life changing. I had been interested in participating in a ceremony for years and i got to a point in my life I couldn’t wait for a friend to join. So I just went. This was the most memerobile trip I have ever been on. Spirit gave me answers to every question I had and I felt like I was given tools to continue on my path. Mariya and Reyna guided me every step of the way and I had the support I needed to process everything the ceremonies brought up. The Icaros they sang touched my soul and kept me grounded (the sounds still give me goose bumps). The morning after the first ceremony I walked alone through the jungle and it was the most grounded, peaceful, heartfelt moment I had experienced in a really long time. My life was going through some changes and I had been feeling heavy and confused. I learned to love myself again on this trip and I can’t tell the people of Canto Luz how grateful I am for that. This place will always have a special place in my heart. I highly recommend choosing Canto Luz to help you on your spiritual journey, especially if you are drawn to female energy or if you are traveling in a group of women.

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April 27, 2015

I just want to express gratitude to Canto Luz centre, to Reyna and Maria! I was there last winter for a one week-tour, and had very insightful experience. Reyna and Maria lead beautiful powerful ceremonies, and their guidance and very nurturing support helped me a lot through my processes. I really suggest to follow their dietary guidelines for the medicine to work in you the best way possible. My last ceremony was after 3-day diet and solitude, and was the most profound, healing and beautiful.
And of course, the tree houses are incredibly fun to live in!
Lots of love!

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April 26, 2015

I came here as a visitor in January and December 2014, and January 2015

My love for the medicine and sustainability made Canto Luz seem like a piece of heaven. I am so grateful for the work that has gone into to this center-

Every detail reflects their love and attention: for example they pay their regular workers (not just curanderos) much above the regular which I have seen at other centers. This is a very important thing for me, because I believe people should be making a living wage when they work… I know it seems like a strange detail to pick out, but to me it was a strong indicator that the values Canto Luz holds are being acted on. I sadly did not see this at a couple other centers I worked with.

The ceremonies themselves are no less than healing. Mariya holds a very special space alongside the Curandera Reyna. Together their songs, attention and care made this a very safe place for me.

Accomodation wise, I was fed like a queen! Healthy, vegetarian cuisine and sleeping arrangements are 4 stars, at least – if not one million, because that is how many stars you can see if you look up at night!

Here for interest sake is a detailed review of the whole Canto Luz experience category by category.

CITY: The arrival in Puerto Maldonado was one of the first most striking parts about the journey to Canto Luz- it is not like other Peruvian jungle cities, and is much more chill than Iquitos. As a young woman, I feel safe in Puerto Maldonado. It has easy land transfers from Cuzco, which was an awesome plus for me. It made the journey cheaper and easy to connect to for the rest of my trip in Peru, and the ride from Cuzco to Puerto is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Take the day bus 🙂

PICKUP: Staff were there to explain everything to me beforehand, and they were always on hand when I had questions in the days leading up to the retreat. Juan even went the extra mile to make sure I found the local 2nd hand clothing market to get some items I was missing for the jungle.

The boat journey was one of the most exciting parts of our trip to Canto Luz – besides being in the Amazon itself… it was a dream come true! The thought of a Amazon basin river, and me being on it! YES! Its a beautiful river, with a lot of scenery. Sadly, the staff pointed out mining on the side banks and talked about the development of their social and environmental work.

We passed a large clearcut on neighbooring land, and the immediate sense of devestation found globally in tropical forests struck all my senses personally. But once we entered the forested sanctuary of Canto Luz land, I felt so grateful for the presence of Canto Luz protecting the land from illegal logging and mining. The walk was not so long, and was very easy. There very little clay in the soil, mostly sand. This means that I didnt slip and slide and make my shoes and pants an absolute mess. One time I didnt even have to carry my heavy bag! The motor cycle was available if I needed it.

It amazed me how few mosquitos there were compared with Iquitos. I think it has to do with the soil, as it is sandy soil, and so water deposits where the mosquitos lay their eggs do not form as easily. Still, it was a HUGE relief to me that the Puerto Maldonado region has virtually no malaria cases. It is a safe place to do healing work, malaria free!

Seriously comfortable mattresses, with lavendar scented sheets high up in a tree house? Yes please! Not to mention the walks through the nature trails, and to the creek. I hear they are helping to maintain more trails soon, and that we will be able to walk more in the jungle safely. There are numerous trails throughout the area that locals use for access to the ANCIENT brazil nut trees! Enormous, nut trees that are sometimes 500 years plus. Plus, night hugs to say goodnight to my roommate – MY ROOMMATE IS A TREE!

Healthy, perfect quantities, and matching my allegry and dieta needs. The cozy open kitchen made for a luscious view too, while enjoying the meals with new friends.

I have worked with many other curanderos and facilitators. Reyna is different from others – she is like a mama. I felt so safe with her. She also she sings beautifully, with very detailed and intricate songs that are completely her own. When ever I needed assistance in the ceremony Mariya or one of her other assistants was at my side, leading me to the bathroom one time and helping patiently in a difficult situation on the other. I never ever felt unsafe at Canto Luz. They made sure I got back to the tree house okay after the ceremony, and the next morning Mariya was present with me when I needed to ask questions and debrief a little.

Luckily I speak spanish, and so I was able to have many conversations with Reyna, too. Her knowledge has been hardwon, and she has worked most of her life with plant medicines. She is a treasure to know, and has helped me on my own medicine path.

Canto Luz has been working on many projects with neighbouring communities in the last years since it opened. They even donated 300 hectares to neighbouring indigenous community when they first broke ground. A detailed list of their work is on their website, and it is no less than impressive given that they have only been working since mid-2013. I understand they have other works in process related to indigenous language and plant knowledge, and they are only growing in this direction.

It is relieving to me to pay for a retreat at a center that puts their resources, money and hearts where their mouths are. Canto Luz medicine work is a conduit for their environmental work. I hope they are able to continue their work because it is important. The Puerto Maldonado area is a region that is fastly becoming deforested by mining and unsustainable resource extraction.

I love the place!

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April 25, 2015

Constantly hearing about Ayahuasca for many years and the benefit it has on our human evolution and consciousness, it was calling me to dive right in. So off I went to Peru.
Canto Luz was first and last on my list, mostly because it was an all women powerhouse that had a safe grounded and secure feminine energy. Secondly, Canto Luz being deep in the amazon forest delivered the medicine on the same grounds it was brewed. The brewing location was important to me as I understood that taking the medicine in its surrounding was highly beneficial.

Canto Luz has a calm yet powerful presence on the people who visit, and quality of people who support you at the retreat is phenomenal. As one walks upon this retreat, the eyes gaze at what is achievable at a grand scale deep in the Amazon rain forest. The Tree Houses, the Maloka, the Kitchen and the Guest house all give a sense that this place is meant to be here.

The meals provided were super simple and super healthy as it reflected the surroundings of the retreat. All meals were rich in nutrition and totally kept me full throughout the day allowing the Aya ritual to be processed with ease.

The Aya ceremony, even though it was my first time, made me feel safe and supported. Mariya, and Rena both guided my group through the shadow self, and allow us to come to face face with fear, love and any other emotions in between. I can only speak for myself, but the experience I went through, made me realize that my time is on this planet is abundant and I have a lot of work to do. Mother Aya taught showed me things I was doing that were keeping in stranded and things that I ?COULD BE? doing to Move!! This is the intention I started with and sure enough after long hours of hard work, I knew the answer.

I sincerely recommend Canto Luz to anyone who is looking to fill the answers in their life that have perplexed them for years. This kind of Powerful Woman energy can only help us evolve and step beyond ourselves into our most powerful selves. ??Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions here.


April 24, 2015

Beautiful, pure and the ideal space for deep healing work.

First, the ride in along the river is the so beautiful and feels like the perfect introduction to the jungle. As one walks into the land of Canto Luz the life and wisdom of the old jungle is almost tangible.

Once arriving to the treehouses, everything feels just perfect. As having spent a good amount of time at running a retreat center myself, I was very impressed with the cleaniness and the quality of the structures. It’s obvious that the center was very well planned and build with quality in mind. There is just enough infrastructure to feel safe and comfortable, but still a feeling of openness and deeply connected to the surrounding jungle.

The staff is dedicated to supporting each person through their journey with grounded and loving energy. I felt so well care for and take care off while I was there.

The surrounding jungle is like that I have yet to see in Peru. Some of the trees are over 400 years old, to be surrounded by untouched, virgin jungle is quite a treat, and a highlight for this center. Oh and I cannot forget, the drinking water is from a spring. A perfectly, pure, underwater spring. In a jungle being endangered by gold mining, and toxic waters, this spring is the true gold they are all searching for.

Oh, and walking up in the treehouse, to the golden sun leaking through the windows, the wild, unimaginable sounds of the forest, looking out over into the jungle, was an experience I will never forget, it was in that moment I truly fell in love with the jungle.

beautiful, professional, wonderful center, highly recommend Canto Luz for anyone who is seeking a genuine, peaceful, deep, healing, experience

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April 20, 2015

Have been in Canto Luz twice, for 2 months in total. Did many ceremonies and 2 plant dietas.

The whole experience feels very genuine; to begin with, it`s very nice to be in a less touristic area of Peru (Madre de Dios province). The facilitators are totally committed to serious medicine work and the staff ready to provide all necessary support for visitors to feel very comfortable.

After partaking in many different circles and witnessing various styles of ceremonies in Peru and Brazil, I would refer to this work as the deepest yet most gentle way i have experienced to explore the mysteries of consciousness, thanks to the beautiful energy channeled by the female curanderas.

The virgin forest where CL is located is incredibly powerful. That, together with the particularly special medicine which is cooked and served over there, allow us to embark on very productive and profound journeys within ourselves, where one can find great opportunity for self-investigation, healing and learning.


April 19, 2015

Canto Luz is a special place managed and staffed by fantastic people. It is with good reason the reviews are all 5 star.

Built in partnership by Canadians and Peruvians, they have built a small family atmosphere retreat in the source of the Amazon basin. The ceremonies are led by Reyna who is a very powerful soul-moving icaros singer which defies her gentle and humble spirit. I encourage everyone to listen to her sing on the Canto Luz website. You will find that her skills are quite extraordinary.

The philosophy behind Canto Luz is unparalleled, standing up for the environment and local indigenous communities against the detriments of commercialization on the most important parcel of land on the planet.

Logistically the environs are great, free from malaria while in the vibrant, biodiverse upper jungle along a source river of the Amazon. Puerto Maldonado is only a short flight away from Cusco so you have a great opportunity to explore and unwind in the tranquil sacred valley following your time in the jungle. Also the treehouses are pretty sweet!

I can’t wait to return and would recommend anyone interested in an authentic, powerful ayahuasca experience to attend Canto Luz.

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April 11, 2015

My friend and I were the first guests of Canto Luz. It was quite the honour to be one of the centre’s first official guests.

Our stay was back in May of 2013. Just signed up for Aya Advisor and thought I’d post a review. My overall experience was that is was great! The main reasons being the remoteness of the location, the quality of the plant medicines and the attentive care given by the staff there.

Puerto Moldonado isn’t exposed to the high volume of tourism that other cities such as Iquitos or Cuzco are. So it was a breath of fresh air not to be hounded by random people on the street for tours or merchandise. When we arrived here I felt it was an easy transition into the flow of the life there.

It was a 40 minute boat ride and about an hour long hike through a remote and very beautiful part of the Jungle to get to Canto Luz.

Being one of the first guests there, I was a bit worried that the facilities wouldn’t be up to par. But we were well taken care of with adequate rooms (the main guest house or any of the tree houses weren’t yet constructed) and the food was great!

We had a few Ayahuasca ceremonies in the main guest house that was still under construction. And let me tell you, that was some potent brew! I had a very productive and deep experience with the medicine there.

I completed an 8 day dieta with Tobacco in one of the Tambos near to the centre. On the first day I drank the tobacco juice and the administrator said that it was a stronger brew because she knew I had done Tobacco cleanses before. I drank it and was supposed to purge right away but it stayed in me for about 5 hours. I felt pretty ill during that time and when it finally did come up the main Curandera named Reyna was there at the perfect time. She helped me get to a little pond to freshen up and continue on with my dieta. The care and consideration she puts into her work there is second to none.

During my dieta I had the most vivid lucid dreams I’ve ever had in my life. And I’m an avid lucid dreamer. I’ve since decided to write a book about my experiences there. I also encountered the spirit of Tobacco in one of my dreams as well as the spirit of one of the trees that was right outside my hut. It was an amazing and otherworldly experience. Blue morphos would flutter by from time to time each day as I would read or write or just hang out in my hammock having a mupacho taking in all the brilliant life of the jungle around me.

The staff would drop off my meals in the morning which was a very plain and humble meal consisting of mainly white rice and plantains. The days that I would get a few eggs in my meal box were amazing! Small joys. But the meals before and after my dieta were plentiful and delicious!

When the dieta was complete my experience with Ayahuasca was heightened and I got a lot of great work done there which I’ve been able to build on ever since.

Reyna’s beautiful voice throughout the night was both an anchor in this world that I could count on and a portal into some of the most profoundly inexplicable places I’ve ever experienced while working with Ayahuasca. Mariya’s singing was very powerful as well and helped me immensely through my experience with the medicine.

Overall I would recommend this place to anyone looking for an authentic experience in the deep Amazon with some strong medicine and some very hospitable and genuine staff.

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April 11, 2015

After a lot of research and contemplation and syncronistic events( Ayahuasca plant spirit called on me) i have decided in 2014 that i will have to go on a ceremony.
Due to constantly repeating patterns in my private life that could all be drawn back all the way to my childhood. To the “i don’t want to see” events of my life. I finally was ready to see. I had no idea what exactly those things were but i was ready to be courageous and brave to face them.
As i found out intuitively i was already on a pre-ayahuasca diet,subconsciously getting my body ready in the whole year.(no sugar, alcohol,cigarettes,very clean diet.)
I researched all the retreats available, and i found one in northern Peru.
In the meantime i was asking my spirit guides to help me to make the best decision, to guide me toward the best place for me.
The owner of the retreat emailed me that he cannot accommodate me,but there’s Canto Luz.
So it was meant to be. I loved the fact that its a female owned and operated environment,because i had to deal with a lot of male energy issues. And i frankly had enough of men…:-)
A friend of mine wanted to join me on this adventure, i was more than happy that i didn’t have to go alone, i was afraid.
Our backpack got lost on the way with the airline and all we had is our hand luggage.
I also lost my phone on the way into the jungle.
So there i was stripped of all western comfort and safety blanketing, just plain me commando going into the forest.This was a lesson of letting go. (Later on my way to Lima we received our backpacks.)
The Canto Luz staff was very very helpful, whatever i needed they had, it was a sharing place, and i was surprised by all the good heartedness over there.
We arrived and we got into our tree house,the first night was quite frightening with all the jungle noises, by the end of the stay it was our Home!
The food they served was prepared with Love and it was very delicious,very clean and healthy.
In the 3 ayahuasca ceremony i learned how to let go, and they were all life altering, deeply transforming experiences.
Before the second ceremony i also did a Tobacco purge which cleared further all my male issues, and traumas, and gave me also a vision of how people disrespect the Tobacco plant spirit (the most sacred plant in the Amazon) by smoking cigarettes and polluting Earth with throwing away the cigarette butts. People are unaware of this.
During the Tobacco cleanse i connected through my whole body,and from above to a very bright white light, and it was amazingly beautiful. It was so beautiful that my tears were just flowing endlessly.
That night on the Ayahuasca ceremony i had the clearest experience and Oneness with Mother Earth and this Universe. I connected easily, and all the drumming which Mariya did raised my vibration very high in my body. Mariya and Reyna were also singing so beautifully.
Mother Reyna was very calming and even though it was dark at the end of the ceremony when she went around I’ve seen her spirit as she was representing Ayahuasca. Like a strong, calm grandmother.
All in all this jungle retreat is not a simple vacation, not for the faint hearted, but its like arriving Home.
This truly will help you face your shadow self and all traumas, even past life, with their gentle help they are always there. I’ve had a mini crisis point during one of the Aya ceremonies, and called out for Mariya and she came over. She was great help,her hands emitted a white light as she touched my back,it went through my whole heart helping me to stay focused and calm. She was helping me and staying there with me until i felt better.
I strongly recommend this place if you are interested.
With the help of Canto Luz, my whole life changed. Integration so far hasn’t been easy but I can see things and people and patterns and recognize them for what they are.
I am now working toward “cleaning house”,letting go of all the past and achieving my dreams finally.
As an abuse survivor i learned to forgive, and to love myself again.
Whenever i will have the opportunity i will return to Home in the Amazon again.
The best decision for a journey in my whole life. Go for it!


March 28, 2015

Canto Luz ? My secret place on Pachamama

My first contact with Ayahuasca was in Canada while I was living there. I had a strong experience, the medicine quickly got my full attention. I was still in Canada when I heard of Canto Luz for the first time, some friends told me about the work that was being developed there and how serious the intentions were. I immediately felt a very strong call for being there.

I went to Canto Luz on September/2014 to stay 4 weeks and participate as a helper at the retreat. 4 weeks in the jungle! I was nervous! I had no idea how it would be, must of all I was expecting an intense and life changing ayahuasca journey. What I truly got was much more than that.

First of all, the structure of Canto Luz is extremely impressive for a place literally in the middle of the jungle. It is all very simple, as one of the missions is to minimize as much as possible the impact over the natural environment. But the small things are the ones that make the difference: beds are very comfortable with good mosquito nets, running water and a good shower, amazingly tasty and unforgettable food.

There is one thing I?ve come to realize during my stay in canto Luz: part of what makes it so special is the fact that the owners have lived there while they were building it, they did the project and they made it their home. That?s how Mariya and Juan take care of the place, as their home, not a business. Canto Luz is not only a place is a family. A family I very much felt part of, a family I miss everyday since I left. Mariya, Juan and Reina have known each other for a long time and Canto Luz is a result of this friendship full of history, mutual respect and exchange of knowledge and traditions.

It is also home to the spirit of Ayahuasca and a place where she is treated with full respect. Brewing the medicine is a commitment with 7 days of non-stop work, shopping wood, smashing the vine, adding water, refining and keeping the fire night and day. I had the privilege of being there during the preparation of a batch and it was beautiful to watch the medicine showing up step by step.

Like the quality of the medicine, the ceremonies are nothing but powerful. Guided by two women with very different energies and so great together. Reina embraced me with her


March 19, 2015

It was such an amazing experience being a volunteer at Canto Luz. I got to spend a whole month out in the jungle, and met so many wonderful people that were visiting the center for a variety of reasons.

For me, this trip was about so much more than just helping out. I got to take time out of my busy life to sort through what it was that I was doing, and what it is that I want to be doing. It was such a journey for me to work through so many things that I didn’t realize were holding me back from living a fulfilling life. I finally took the time to set goals for myself, and in the month and a half that I’ve been back, I have already accomplished so much!

One of the biggest challenges for me was to be alone with myself to actually face the things that I had been avoiding dealing with. There were a lot of things that came up that I wasn’t even conscious of, and it was interesting to see how everything was connected. I am so happy that I took the time to do the work. I can already say that my life has shifted drastically – I have a beautiful sense of clarity when it comes to doing what I feel is best for me, I can much more easily work through issues or road blocks when they arise, I can effectively communicate in such a way that allows me to achieve optimal results.

A month in the jungle is certainly no easy feat, but I am looking forward to doing it again! One of the experiences I feel most blessed to have had was to see the different groups of people coming through, and how each of them left so grateful for what they had accomplished. Everyone has a different experience, but everyone I spoke to was looking forward to returning.

There is so much great work being done at this center, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. Whether it’s a week or a month, spending time in a tree house in the middle of the jungle and listening to the sounds of all the forest creatures is a magical medicine in itself!


March 13, 2015

Since my stay at Canto Luz a couple of months have gone by and there are still positive changes happening that I can trace back to the experiences at Canto Luz. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have been at this unique place. I had about 20 ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru before and these in Canto Luz have been some the most profound. I also did a dieta for 7 seven days, something I cannot recommend too highly.

In Canto Luz there is this wonderful calm down-to-earth loveliness, honesty and support. One can feel and see how much expertise and care have been put into making this place so exceptional and the team that is running it knows how to provide what is needed (physically, emotionally and mentally) for learning and healing. I felt immensely secure, given the fact that one stay out in wilderness and inside one’s psyche for quite some time. I liked the fact that the place is co-run by Peruvians and non-Peruvians. They are so dedicated to the quality of their medicines, let you take part in the preparation process.

Other things I found outstanding are how nicely done and well organized the place is, of course Reyna’s and Mariya’s marvelous singing during the ceremonies, the strong accent on group sharing before and after every ceremony, and being watched over and cared for until the very end of every ceremony, until one is back in the tree-home.

I definitely going to come back soon.

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February 23, 2015

I wanted to give it a little time before I wrote a review about my experience with Canto Luz. I felt it would be easy to write something straight after the high of a holiday and especially in this case an experience of ayahuasca. So I have let it settle to truly see what I am experiencing and the benefit of the retreat I undertook between 29th Dec – 11th Jan. An experience I will never forget.

After some research, I selected Canto Luz as my retreat. I found it early in my search of ayahuasca retreats and it never left my mind after reading the website and understanding what the place was about, and how unique setting it was.

The reason I was going was a few things, firstly since a child I have always felt a calling to go to the amazon and experience it first hand, secondly I have run my own business and over the last few years sacrificed a lot to make it successful, this included my health, both mentally and physically to the point where I came down with chronic fatigue in May 2014. So ultimately after trying a few things like resting more, improving my diet and so on I wasn’t fixed and needed to get better and heard this may help. Any holiday is good but this was much more then that, spiritual, mental and physical cleansing and rest.

I decided in order to achieve the above I would go to Canto Luz for two weeks and undertake a seven night shamanic dieta while I was there also.

There is much I could write about but I will cover some of what is mostly important and the results of the experience. Firstly, the site was beautiful, and it was a joy traveling their from Puerto Maldonado by car, boat and walking. On arrival I could tell I chose right place to take a retreat. The tree house accommodation is perfect, communal eating in an open kitchen, the wonderful shower and the food is awesome. You are immersed in a the most natural environment.

I felt very safe at Canto Luz and confident in all situations there, it is very well run and they give you all the space you need to take what you want from your retreat.

Mariya, Juan and Reyna, and even the volunteer Cassandra have created something very special and they are all great people. Each bringing something different with them, all very important in the how the place is run and each experience encountered. Whether conversation and translation, a jungle walk, food prepared through to the ceremonies and all else in between. There is a lot of love and compassion creating a very healing and relaxed environment.

The ceremonies must be mentioned as they are truly a wonderful experience. The small groups work amazingly well, both intimate and enabling. You have your own space to achieve what is important to you yet you are close enough to everyone to share your thoughts, if desired. Everyone I met at the Canto Luz I am still in contact with now.

The Icaros also deserve a special mention as they are the most beautiful things I have heard and really do make the ayahuasca ceremony something truly unique. One of the reasons I chose Canto Luz is that the ceremonies are lead by women and I’m sure there voices and words chosen genuinely are healing, and help create the atmosphere and each persons experience. I can still hear them now as they echo in my mind even today.

The dieta I undertook was an experience I’m glad I chose. It gave me a lot of time to think, relax and the medicine I was given I have no doubt contributed to my overall health. Not once did I feel unsafe or in danger and I recommend it for anyone to try, I even lasted the one month of dieta rules post Cano Luz. Look them up as they are worth following, even if just once in your life. They are certainly beneficial.

To round this off I’d like to say that even though I haven’t given too much detail of my personal experience of ayahuasca, which many talk about, I got everything I needed from it, each ceremony a step forward on the journey I am on, even now. I had some profound things happen that I will remember forever and they have helped me in my life and I’m sure will continue to do so. Most importantly I really understand now that ayahuasca is a medicine. Prepare well and I’m sure you will find it is one that heals on so many levels, it cleanses in so many ways and brings a great deal of positivity into you, even if at times it feels not so. It’s all part of your development and growth as a person.

I say this with a huge smile on my face, that I have since returning, not had any symptoms of chronic fatigue. I am back to being me again but with with a different outlook towards certain things, all for the better. My relationship with my family, friends and girlfriend have improved and I feel great.

A huge thank you to Canto Luz. I hope to return and be with you again.
Truly a gift that we should all have the privilege to experience. I have no doubt it will make the world a better place.


November 9, 2014

Canto Luz is a pristine jewel. Canto Luz jumped out at me when I was doing my research on centers 6 months ago. The synchronicity that ensued, was nothing short of a miracle. Reyna, Mariya, and all the staff at Canto Luz held the space in this enchanting, breathing, and vibrating jungle environment. Puerto Maldonado was a bustling and endearing city that felt safe and welcoming. The 45 minute drive, 45 minute boat ride, and 45 minute hike were the perfect trinity for getting absorbed in the lungs of the Earth. When we walked in to Canto Luz and glimpsed the tree houses and the other structures peppered throughout the living jungle:the intention of Canto Luz was on full display in form. Reyna and Mariya are radiant women and embody the grace, strength, and compassionate nature required to navigate the Bardos. Their Icaros were so beautiful words can’t describe; they were multi-dimensional vibrations that took you on a journey. You can read more about my experience at http://www.rhinoboulders.com/awareness . Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. If your looking for a transforming experience that will shift you in ways you can’t even fathom. Look no further than Canto Luz.


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October 3, 2014

As a firm believer in the importance of set and setting, I highly recommend Canto Luz for anyone looking for a safe space for doing this type of work. Situated near the small town of Puerto Maldonado, and located in the remote jungle, it is a place with little distraction, allowing you to fully immense yourself with nature and the insights gained from the medicine.

I visited the centre in 2013 and had fallen very ill with high fever upon arrival and felt the care and concern immediately. Being so far from home, it was comforting to know that my safety in every way was looked after. With my well being taken care of, my time and energy was better spent preparing for the work ahead.

Ceremonies held at Canto Luz are offered with respect as they maintain its cultural traditions led by a loving shaman, Reyna. Personally, under the facilitation, guidance, and support of Canto Luz, I was able to work with the medicine to achieve the clarity I needed to find my own happiness.

I recommend Canto Luz as an ideal place for doing this type of deep personal work as care and consideration has been made to provide this lovely setting for this purpose.

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August 14, 2014

Language could not possibly articulate how much I loved Canto Luz. It was my first experience with ayahuasca and I feel so blessed that I chose such a safe and beautiful place created and run by women. Mariya and Reyna were excellent hosts and I can truly say I’ve never had more time to relax in my adult life. You are given a lot of space in the retreat in between the ceremonies which I really loved. The tree houses were incredible, the beds were the most comfortable I’ve had since I landed in Peru, the vegetarian food was tasty and plentiful. The outdoor shower was refreshing. Participating in the ceremonies in the jungle was so incredible and the ceremonies were small (which I understand is not the case at some retreats). Everything was thoughtfully run and organized….even the boat ride and hike in and out felt like an integral part of the experience. I have no comparison in regards to the ceremonies but the medicine was incredibly powerful for me and I still feel the love of the vine daily. I loved Reyna so much that I cannot imagine working with another shaman in the future. I cannot wait to go back to Canto Luz and cannot recommend the place highly enough. I felt surrounded by beauty, cared for and totally safe. This is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.

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June 28, 2014

My time at Canto Luz in June 2014 was an amazing experience. Beautiful, embracing, rewarding, inspiring and life affirming. Of course everyone’s experience with the medicine is different but as you’re reading this, I guess a few things you should know about this centre and also the bear in mind if you are considering other options. In my opinion though, you should be looking no further!

I had worked with ayahuasca on a number of occasions before travelling to Canto Luz, so I had a good marker to compare it.

1) The medicine / the ayahuasca brew. You know some centres simply buy it from a market, others do cook but for limited time or mix with other plants (sometimes dangerous),
Canto Luz, cooks all their own and for a period of 7 days plus. This ensures a very high quality brew and ayahuasca heavy drink. They take great care, responsibility and love in handling what are very powerful and intelligent plants.

2) Curandera / shaman. If you haven’t drank before, you won’t know how important this is. However, to keep a safe & strong space you need experience and great skill. Canto Luz has Reyna and Mariya. This is unique in itself as it is a female led centre and considering ayahuasca is a feminine energy, I think this is great (for female visitors this is really reassuring and offers a very safe environment as well). Reyna is indigenous to Peru and is a vegetalista working with the medicine and plants for over 25yrs and Mariya who is western (the boss) has worked with ayahuasca for a decade. This balance also ensures you have the knowledge of the country, the culture but also western understanding. Forget language but some problems many of us face in the West literally don’t exist for people in the jungle.

3) The Ceremonies. Like I said above? you won’t know how important the ceremony is before drinking. They are held in a beautiful maloca in small groups (which is another massive plus compared to other places). A traditional ceremony is followed, with pre & post intention sharing, protection and complete darkness after drinking. The icaros are incredibly beautiful? Reyna’s powerful healing songs and Mariya more high energy singing create an amazing contrast and I could connect and communicate with some of the spirits they called upon. Finally, Reyna also gives each person a personal icaro with the ceremony in which you sit with her, this is the first time I have experienced this and all I can say is Wow – the sense and perception is astounding whether you need grounding, healing or to work through an issue.

4) General; Accommodation-tree houses? do I need to say anything else? / Food – all vegetarian and delicious? so good I’ll miss it / The staff ? all awesome and make you feel like family.Location – Near to Puerto Maldonado – a really friendly , chilled city. 3hrs away by car, boat, foot-really remote but also not that far away if you do need to move quickly. Mosquito’s-not as many or as aggressive as the north (Iquitos/ Pullcalpa) .

Any other advice? Well, if you can stay for a while ? do a dieta. One of the most powerful experiences of my life. Isolation, very strict diet and work with another plant medicine (advised by Reyna). The ayahuasca experience after will blow you away.

Much love and good luck with your choice and working with the medicine.


May 25, 2014

Canto Luz is a very special place, full of love and wonder. I felt very safe and comfortable with this place and all of the people. I was very impressed with the personalization and adaptability to each and every individual. The ceremonies were very powerful and productive, with much sanctity and much honesty. I appreciate a lot the style and process of the ceremonies, and was very grateful for the openness and clarity of how Mariya and Reyna operate. As long as you enter this experience ready to embrace life and accept the journey of opening your heart and mind, this place and these people will embrace you and accept your journey in exploring what has brought you to Canto Luz. I would recommend Canto Luz to anyone looking for a reliable and genuine traditional Ayahuasca experience where your money is going to a good cause and supporting positive interactions in this beautiful part of Peru. The tree houses are majestic, the forest is magical, the food is delectable, and the ceremonies are awe inspiring.


February 25, 2014

I went to Canto Luz in Peru without really knowing what to expect. I was up for an adventure and excited to spend a few nights drinking medicine. I was amazed how deep and profound the time was. I obtained far more then i imagined i would. I was able to sit with myself, see myself and my life more clearly then ever before in the quietness of the jungle.

The accommodations were simple and perfect. Food amazing. The support and connections made with other people were life changing. The authenticity was inspiring and left a deep impression on how i want to walk through life.



February 2, 2014

I visited Canto Luz for their 2-week program, after much research and deliberation. This was a truly transformative experience that has had a lasting and positive impact on my life even now, months later. The folks running this place are the real deal, and are clearly devoted to creating an authentic experience for their guests – as well as living the life themselves.

Many places offer similar programs but what set these folks apart is their passion for living and sharing a spiritual, connected lifestyle. It’s about more than just offering a safe and traditional ayahuasca experience for tourists; this is clearly their commitment to being the change they wish to see in our community. I am incredibly lucky to have been in their midst and look forward to my return visit this year.

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January 28, 2014

The week that I spent here was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. I women who run this place not only care deeply about the healing and safety of their guests, but welcome you warmly and completey into their home and share their love and connection to the forest. If you want a beautiful and meaning experience that is more then just a ceremony, I whole heartedly reccomend this place. The women who run it are doing something amazing and can tell you and show you about all of the plants in the area, the enviroment devastation in the genral area that they are protecting from on their section of rainforest. The bed rooms are beautifully built in the trees and the all veggy food provided for you is amazing and flavorful, some of the best I had in South America. They provide nature walks as well as yoga led by the lovely Sara. They have only a small amount of people at the retreat at any time, so I experienced a closeless, trust, and connection not only with the 3 owners, but with all the other guests, making the experience truely special.

That being said the ceremonies are held in a beautiful building in a comfertable, safe, warm, and motherly setting. All three powerful women guild you through the experience with heavenly and incredible singing. It was intensely beautiful and positive and guilded me so completely through the most difficult parts of my ceremony. Incredible singing of the powerful and talented Mariya here: http://vimeo.com/85009660

Talking about what you got from your journey the morning in this safe small setting allowed me to solidify what I have expereinced and what learning had come from it.

Beautiful experience that I loved enough to return to Peru for this place alone.

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January 24, 2014

The feeling created there by both the space holders and surrounding jungle was immensely comforting. arriving felt like coming home. I felt welcomed and held.

The food was the best I’ve had in Peru, simple well combined and made with love (I could taste it). The only criique would be that there could be more bananas and herbal teas.

The tree houses were a delight, nearly withing the canopy, sturdy construction and comfy beds. Crucial was the individual nets. To be held in such a space was a real asset in such a setting where i felt vulnerable.

The ceremonies were held in the beautiful maloka where we also practiced yoga (real gift). The octagon felt safe and secure, a safe space to take the medicine.

The ceremonies were beautiful… The altar we were offered to add too, the mats and purge buckets provided, the palo santo smudge all added to the ambiance. The explanation before and after was clear, although I’m glad to have done my research prior to arriving (basics were given and I feel it’s the participants responsibility to seek the details). We were given space to share intentions prior to befgining and centered as a whole before starting.

The iccaros were from heaven, soft and supportive. The additions of a few simple instruments added a nice touch too. I felt very safe and VERY well taken care of. Truly a loving and supportive environment to heal and process with ayuhuasca.

Also got to purge with tobacco, a complement to the ayuhuasca medicine.

All n all a deeply intentional and loving space that I would HiGHLY recommend. My first aya experience, and I’m glad I waited the time I did because this was well worth the wait. Truly love centered…

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January 24, 2014

I had waited a few years to try ayahuasca after I first heard about it in the states. My beloved and I were travelling around Peru and synchronistically heard of Canto Luz and, after some deliberation, decided to head to Puerto Maldonado for a little stay. First let me say, the jungle is a powerful and terrifying place! But from the beginning I felt reassured and held by the safe space created at Canto Luz. The personalities holding down the fort here are very complimentary and make a great team. Thanks Juan, Sara y Mariya!

I had three ceremonies there and definitely some life changing stuff passed through my person. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the fact that female curanderas are holding down the space and the SONGS holy fuck the songs… were some of the most beautiful things ever witnesses. Surely it is a reminder also that it is a blessing and healing medicine to listen to women sing beautiful healing songs…. The retreat center is professional without being too structured. The food was amazing. As I said, supportive personalities holding space. And treehouses, YES!

A real blessed time spent at Canto Luz. My heart already longs to go back.

Also, very economical.. let?s keep this place a secret, ok 😉

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