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2.3 out of 5 stars

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  • Allenspark, CO
Min. Cost: $250
Max. Cost: $1500

Camino al Sol is a nonprofit community to share the love and messages of Sacred Plant Medicines, Ayahuasca, Coca and Tobacco. We are providing the Ayahuasca healing retreats in the United States and in Colombia. Camino al Sol community offers space for experiments, teaching, learning of different ritual and workshops to visitors who share their ideas. The main goal of our community is to safeguard cultures from the vulnerable environment and improving the quality of human life and communities. Our Shamans are skilled healers and elders from the Muinane and Siona tribes of Colombia. We only collect funds for Ayahuasca Retreat to help our Elders through education program, building and land preservation programs.


3 reviews

2.3 out of 5 stars

April 23, 2018

I have taken part in doing the Ayahuasca with Camino Al Sol for 3 days in Santa Elena Colombia. I must start by saying that this experience and meeting the community has just been such a blessing and an eye opener that I will cherish for the rest of my life!
At the beginning I was so apprehensive about drinking the Yage as this was my first time and how the whole ceremony would unfold for 3 days! However, immediatly once we arrived, I felt an overwhelming power of love, tranquility, guidance and support.

Everybody that organised and have also took part in the ceremony including the Shamans were fully experienced, incredibly knowledgable and wise which contributed in me feeling safe and as part of a family! Everything was perfectly well explained each step at a time and support were given if we were unsure about anything.

From ‘the circle of words’ which enabled all of us to share and talk about deep subjects that enlightened our knowledge and understanding of the Yage and it’s purposes, to drinking the Yage and later enjoying the amazing live music in the ceremonial hut, to sitting down around the fire, having a massage with a trained and spiritual leader that connected with you on a deep level, to taking part in making the plants for the ceremony, those moments and the opportunity given to be part of something and people so amazingly beautiful in every way, I cannot be any more grateful to have done this experience with Camino Al Sol.

The price I paid to take part in doing the Ayahuasca with this beautiful community that welcomed us with wide open arms into their house and heart, was honestly so cheap which I was very surprised about considering I have lacked of nothing and gained so much more during my 3 days stay, also considering this community sharing their time, effort, wisdom, but most importantly their abundance of love which was so apparent to anyone to feel right away!

This medicine is sacred and is a tool to open a path within yourself that you feel has been a calling. I went to Camino Al Sol not knowing what to expect but have heard of people having done it in the past as well as personal research. I was scared yes, but at the same time I knew O had a calling somehow, I went therefore open minded and with my heart. I was guided and supported by the community which made my journey a life changing experience!

Thank you Camino Al Sol with all my heart! I cannot recommend them enough and if I were to do it again, I will not hesitate to do it with Camino Al Sol again!

July 31, 2017

I agree with the poor reviews of Camino Al Sol (aka Origen Sagrada). It is a very unscrupulous and spiritually corrupt organization completely focused on money and exploiting people for their selfish gain. If you do a web search for the USA facilitators you will find they have judgments against them under a different name and were previously based in Las Vegas. Avoid these scammers for your own safety and health.

May 10, 2017

Toxic, sexist, and unsupportive. I would post the full story here, but the owners of the group (should I say cult?) had it removed from their Facebook. Almost everyone that I talked to about the experience responded with denial about it and I have the right to speak out. I did not deserve to be treated like this.

Two of the “helpers” were left me completely alone away from the main house and did they let me use the bathroom. This went on for hours and it was very bad, to say the least. The medicine was working through my body and I was screaming because the bad energies from the purge were stuck inside of the room. Again, they did not let me leave or use the bathroom. I would add more details if I could. The “helpers” have to understand that neglecting people during these times is how others get hurt.

Their retreats used to be good and I don’t just know what happened. Part of me wants to say that they’re possessed with demons or bad energies, even if that sounds a bit wacky or extreme.

This was my second retreat with Camino Al Sol here in Colorado. I will not be going back.

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