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The Focus Of Blue Morpho’s Ayahuasca Workshops Are On Your Personal And Spiritual Growth, Transformation And Evolution.

Blue Morpho offers traditional ayahuasca retreats and plant medicine dietas in a safe, professional and engaging environment. We specialize in guiding traditional ayahuasca ceremonies in a way that is understandable, impactful and results-oriented. In the last 16 years we have successfully led over 5,000 people through life-changing experiences and this continues to be the heart and soul of our work. We strive to embody 7 Core Principles: Medicine, Safety, Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Community, and Heart. These principles form the bedrock of what we do, and represent our commitment to helping others achieve profound and lasting change through ayahuasca and sacred plant medicine.

Our plant medicine programs are organized into three levels: beginning with our ayahuasca retreats as the Initiation Experience for new participants, followed by plant medicine dietas as an Advanced Shamanic Experience, which are open to return guests; and concluding with Sanango dietas as the Pinnacle Experience of Amazonian Shamanism, available to guests who have completed both previous retreat types. The three levels on this pathway lead to a comprehensive understanding and energetic integration of the traditional practices associated with our lineage. We have found this to be the most beneficial and effective way to learn from the plants and evolve personally and spiritually.

Recognized as one of the most renowned shamanic centers in the Peruvian Amazon, all our retreat programs are led by 7th Generation Master Shaman, Maestro Alberto Torres Davila, who has over 50 years of experience working with ayahuasca and medicinal plants. Together with our team of dedicated shamans and assistants, our work helps unite these ancient practices with modern needs to illuminate and unlock the many benefits that ayahuasca and the shamanic arts have to offer you.


TRADITIONAL AYAHUASCA CEREMONIES: Led by 7th Generation Master Shaman Don Alberto Torres Davila, who has over 50 years of experience working with medicinal plants and is recognized as one of the best ayahuasca healers in the Ucayali River region. Together with Blue Morpho’s team of skilled shamans and assistants, come experience the mysterious and transformational power of sacred plant medicine. The focal point of our retreats, ayahuasca ceremonies help you release, cleanse, purify and learn through direct connection to spirit, love, wisdom, and your heart.

COMMUNITY-FOCUSED GROUP ACTIVITIES: Group dynamic is central to our approach. During the retreat, Blue Morpho becomes its own tribe bonded together by group activities that encourage sharing, connection, heart-opening and authentic expression. Activities include:

Group discussions
Breathwork and restorative yoga classes
Smudging ceremonies
Sharing Circles
Ayahuasca planting
Medicinal plant walks
Integration: tools, applications, going home
And More!

DYNAMIC GROUP DISCUSSIONS: Discussion sessions are held on most days, offering you the chance to deepen, reflect upon and integrate your ceremonial experiences. With a multi-perspective approach, we unearth the anthropological and shamanic, the mystical and the practical, the humanistic and the heart-based. A non-judgmental and exploratory space to learn, share, and grow.

PERSONAL SHAMANIC CARE: Each person receives the shamanic attention they need, both in and out of ceremony. We perform individual healing sessions (called venteadas) for each guest and offer one-on-one time with the shamans and assistants throughout the week. Help and support are available to you the entire time.

DISCUSSION AND IDENTIFICATION OF MEDICINAL PLANTS: Learn about the unique properties of the indigenous flora. The Amazon is home to thousands of medicinal plants used by the locals to cure many illnesses ranging from headaches to cancer. As part of the ayahuasca cooking process, you will learn about the medicinal plants that go into our ayahuasca brew. You also have the opportunity to visit and get to know many of these plants that grow on the property during a medicinal plant walk.

AYAHUASCA COOKING PROCESS: Join the group for a special opportunity to participate in making fresh ayahuasca that you will drink during the retreat. Learn about Maestro Alberto’s 50+ years as a medicine man while participating in the entire process. See firsthand the care and expertise Maestro puts into each batch of medicine.

SHAMANIC SKILL PRACTICE: Our team of skilled and experienced facilitators offers creative and practical ways that help bridge the shamanic and spiritual into meaningful tools that you can take home and apply to everyday life. With a variety of backgrounds and healing modality expertise, our entire retreat environment is a week-long workshop on how to turn ordinary living into something magical, exploratory and transformational.

INTEGRATION PRACTICE: From the very first day, we emphasize the importance and value in integration. We offer comprehensive integration practices that enhance not only your time on the retreat, but that support your continued learning and evolution at home. Each participant receives our Video Integration Package, as well as a series of emails containing information that highlights additional tools to make use of post-retreat.

SHAMANIC DIETING: On select retreats, shamanic plant dietas are offered to guests who have completed an ayahuasca retreat with us. Traditionally used as the means of apprenticing in the jungle, a shamanic dieta can help provide deep personal healing, learning, and significant life transformation. Dietas are very powerful and recommended only for those who are ready to seriously commit to their plant medicine work. Follow these links for more information on our shamanic plant dietas and Sanango dietas.

As one of the most well-respected and longstanding shamanic centers in the Peruvian Amazon, Blue Morpho is honored to represent the preservation of plant spirit medicine and ayahuasca traditions through dedication, spiritual and professional integrity, and a genuine love for this work. We are indebted to the unending generosity of the plants and look forward to sharing this extraordinary journey with you…


Blue Morpho’s Shamanic Retreat Center is purpose built for ayahuasca retreats and shamanic plant dietas. Located in the jungle outside of Iquitos, Peru, near the Itaya River, this location has been Blue Morpho’s home since 2005 and continues to represent the roots and foundation of our plant medicine work. Surrounded by lush, vibrant rainforest and nestled on 180 acres of Private Reserve, our retreat center is an ideal location that offers an intimate ambiance for your ayahuasca experience.

Featuring common areas with a tasteful, comfortable layout that encourages community bonding, a staff of top-tier chefs specially trained for creating wholesome ayahuasca-friendly meals, and several activity spaces for gathering and sharing. There is also an extensive network of hiking trails, two meditation bungalows, ornamental gardens, medicinal plants and a natural swimming lake. Local architecture, natural spaces, modern amenities and artisanal touches help make your time with us as unique and comfortable as it is transformational.


40 reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

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  • Member Since: April 3, 2018

April 3, 2018

I have been to Ayahuasca ceremonies all over South and Central America.
Blue Morpho is probably fine for newbies that aren’t familiar with what a real ceremony should entail.

Although I’ve not been to Blue Morpho for about 10 years, my experience there left a bad taste in my mouth.

The self appointed (shaman) maestro Hamilton joked and laughed out loud throughout the ceremony while the rest of us were deeply into the experience, this was so disruptive and showed a lack of respect, for us AND for the sacrament.

The next morning I brough it up but to no avail, the following ceremony was again disrupted by his joking and laughter with maestro Alberto.

Blue Morpho was very fortunate due to a great (accidental) media exposure that catapulted him into the lime-light overnight, and then the dollar signs just started flashing. I saw that taking place.

If he cared about the people he supposedly helps, he could charge MUCH less than his $1,500 per head, which is in keeping with a greedy money making scheme.

There are other places to go where the PATH is more important than the MONEY.


Response from Blue Morpho Shamanic Ayahuasca & Sacred Plant Retreats on September 29, 2018

Dear Xman,

Thank you for sharing your comments on your experience at Blue Morpho. We always strive to accommodate and guide each person to the best of our abilities as they go through their ayahuasca experience. We take our work with plant medicine very seriously and are continuing to improve and adapt with each retreat.

Over the last 10 years, we have evolved as an ayahuasca retreat center. This evolution has touched on each aspect of our work: how we approach and guide the ayahuasca experience, the activities that we offer to help participants process, understand and integrate; the quality of food and guest service, our attention to detail, upgrades and improvements to our physical location, including sustainable land use research and practice. Our costs are reflective of this, including inflation, a longstanding 16-year relationship with our clients and our employees, and high standards of guest and shamanic service.

What remains at the core of our work with plant medicine is the dedication that we have as an organization to offer the best in shamanic medicine, service, professionalism and integrity. Our single aim is to support our guests in receiving what they are looking to receive from the medicine, whether that is healing, learning, personal and spiritual development, or simply discovering meaning and a new way to live better lives with less suffering as human beings.

Part of our approach with the medicine and on the mesa includes lightheartedness. This is never done with disrespect. Rather, this is an expression of the joy in the practice and the wisdom of the heart. Thousands of ayahuasca ceremonies will show how important and liberating it is to laugh at oneself and the contradictions found in the human experience, especially when things are getting heavy. Our participants often share how this helps soften the energies and ease the tension. In our mesa, a ceremony is akin to a celebration of life and everything that it includes.

At the same time, we understand that there are many things in ayahuasca ceremonies that disturb people, and certainly not only laughter. We take every measure that we can to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, taking into consideration all the variables.

In our experience over the last 16 years as an ayahuasca center, we are constantly learning how to facilitate the ayahuasca experience with greater and greater efficacy. This would not be possible without feedback from past guests, even if it relates to a Blue Morpho that has changed significantly since your visit. This is very important to us, and we appreciate you taking the time to offer your comments.

Kind Regards,
The Blue Morpho Team

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