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  • Iquitos Peru

The Focus Of Blue Morpho’s Ayahuasca Workshops Are On Your Personal And Spiritual Growth, Transformation And Evolution.

A shamanic workshop at Blue Morpho is designed to help participants achieve personal and spiritual transformation through Amazonian shamanism, mystical exploration, and personal experience. Our retreats incorporate the traditional use of the sacred visionary plant medicine ayahuasca in conjunction with universal spirituality and modern disciplines of shamanism. We focus on bridging the gap between Western cultures and these ancient practices to offer an experience that truly impacts the entirety of your life. As part of Blue Morpho’s unique approach, the practices of Amazonian shamanism are wielded to support you on your journey towards living a life filled with more love, beauty, joy and compassion. Where healing is just the beginning, this is an experience that transforms the entirety of who you are.


Traditional Ayahuasca Ceremonies:  Led by 7th Generation Master Shaman Don Alberto Torres Davila and the Blue Morpho Shamans. Experience the mystery and transformational power of sacred traditional rituals and plant medicines. The ayahuasca ceremony will help you release, purge, purify and learn through direct personal experience of spirit, medicine and universal wisdom.

Discussion and Identification of Medicinal Plants:  Learn about the amazing properties of the indigenous flora. The Amazon is home to thousands of medicinal plants used by the locals to cure many illnesses ranging from headaches to cancer. As part of the ayahuasca cooking process, we will learn about the medicinal plants that go into the ayahuasca brew.

Personal Shamanic Healing:  Each person receives the shamanic attention they need, both in and out of ceremony. We perform personal healing sessions (called venteadas) for each guest and also offer one-on-one time with the shamans throughout the week. Help and support are available to you the entire workshop.

Shamanic Journey and Skill Practice:  As part of the ayahuasca ceremonies, explore shamanic journeying into the spirit world to connect with spirit guides, plant spirits, guardian angels, and power animals. Learn how to work with spirits in everyday life to harness their healing and teaching power, turning ordinary life into something magical. You can also take part in our video courses during the day to learn shamanic skills that can be applied both in and out of ceremony.

Discussion of Universal Spirituality:  Universal spiritual understanding brings resolution to psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges. As you awaken to your universal truth, the very understanding of your universe is redefined. These discussions and realizations help you to gain deeper knowledge of the powerful energetic changes you are experiencing.

Soul Retrievals:  A traditional shamanic technique that reconnects lost or separated spirit parts. It restores the balance of the subtle energetic body (spirit) as past traumas are released and the separated parts are healed and returned home, replenishing the soul and life forces. Soul retrievals are performed during ayahuasca ceremonies.

Shamanic Dieting:  On select workshops, shamanic dietas are offered. Traditionally used as the means of apprenticing in the jungle, a shamanic dieta can help provide deep personal healing, learning, and profound life transformation.

Integration Practices:  We offer a variety of integration practices to enhance not only your time on the workshop, but to support your continued learning and evolving at home.


The Blue Morpho Shamanic Center is surrounded by lush, vibrant rainforest, islands and lagoons teeming with wildlife. Located on the banks of the Amazon River about 80 Km down river from Iquitos, this optimum location offers the perfect mix of jungle activities, comfort, and amenities in a pristine environment for your Blue Morpho ayahuasca experience.

Blue Morpho offers a second ayahuasca retreat center about 52 Km outside the city of Iquitos. This purpose-built jungle retreat center sits on 180 acres of private reserve, nestled in between beautiful flora and gardens. Blue Morpho’s jungle camp is an intimate setting where we host medicinal plant dietas and small group ayahuasca workshops.



26 reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
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April 3, 2018

I have been to Ayahuasca ceremonies all over South and Central America.
Blue Morpho is probably fine for newbies that aren’t familiar with what a real ceremony should entail.

Although I’ve not been to Blue Morpho for about 10 years, my experience there left a bad taste in my mouth.

The self appointed (shaman) maestro Hamilton joked and laughed out loud throughout the ceremony while the rest of us were deeply into the experience, this was so disruptive and showed a lack of respect, for us AND for the sacrament.

The next morning I brough it up but to no avail, the following ceremony was again disrupted by his joking and laughter with maestro Alberto.

Blue Morpho was very fortunate due to a great (accidental) media exposure that catapulted him into the lime-light overnight, and then the dollar signs just started flashing. I saw that taking place.

If he cared about the people he supposedly helps, he could charge MUCH less than his $1,500 per head, which is in keeping with a greedy money making scheme.

There are other places to go where the PATH is more important than the MONEY.


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June 18, 2017

Ayahuasca by far was the most terrifying and greatest experience of my life so far and i’m glad i found such a great group of people at BM. I was at “the new camp” in 2014 and the lodging is top notch. great relaxing accommodations and activities to do during your stay there. Hamilton and Malcolm are a treat during ceremony time. they provide such a beautiful space to explore and get some good work done.

oh, and the food is amazing. very clean and well made 🙂

I’ve been back one more time (2015) and hopefully i’ll be back again very soon. if you’re on the fence about BM, rest assured,you’re in for a fantastic,safe and life-changing experience

May 7, 2017

The Blue Morpho team is extraordinary. I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, compassion, and support they provided throughout the journey. The staff worked tirelessly before, during, and after the ceremonies to make sure each guest was well cared for. The staff seem to have endless stores of energy to conduct the ceremonies and give individualized attention to each guest 24/7. I’m sure the plant spirits must be helping them, help us too!
The medicine is strong and the shamans guide you throughout your stay with advice and assistance on dosing to ensure guests get just the right amount for healing. More importantly, they have discussions nearly every day as a group and privately, if desired, to help process and integrate the experience.
I attended the 7 day retreat and expected a much more rustic accommodation. I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful surroundings, the comfortable rooms, and the fantastic and healthy food. The surroundings are majestic and the tour options during the day were an added bonus. I highly suggest the stargazing, giant lily pad, and Mono Island tours. This is just another reason why this retreat is worth EVERY penny.
The inner peace and integration tools I gained through my experiences here have stayed with me and I am so grateful to the beautiful people at Blue Morpho. I completely trust the Blue Morpho team with my consciousness and I respect and appreciate their mission as an organization to help humanity heal. With gratitude <3

  • Member Since: April 20, 2017

April 19, 2017

I would not entrust my soul journeys and my healing process to anyone else. Going for a BM retreat is a pilgrimage for me, a special secret on my path of becoming a better human being and contributing to this world my best. BM has been reviewed by so many media organizations and has such an incredible safety record. This and the recommendation of a friend was what drew me to it. The sharing, advice, guidance and communion that I receive there is what keeps me going back. What an incredible place with incredible team. Love my journeys to the moon and back and can’t wait to go back there. The connection with the BM team is very personal and they know how to handle the journey of all of us in the group, to mediate the energies of a ceremony, to guide and assist everyone’s journey when it gets tough and when it’s elated. I cherish those days and conversations so much! Thank you, BM for all that you do and for the devotion everyone on the team has to making this a better, more healed world.

April 5, 2017

My husband and I have been on 6 ayahuasca tours together with Blue Morpho – the most recent in July 2016 – and we highly recommend them!! Aya is such a strong plant medicine that you are truly putting your physical, mental, and spiritual safety in the hands of the people leading your ceremonies. That’s one reason why we always return to Blue Morpho – you are totally taken care of on every level. We also return because we love the people, the medicine space, and the absolutely life changing, expansive, empowering experience of connecting with our Higher Selves.

Ceremonies are an amazing mixture of traditional and western shamanism. They are always set up as a space of love. Two local shamans, Maestro Alberto and his son, partner with Western shamans and apprentices. There is also a staff of Western volunteers and Peruvian ceremony assistants who check in on you during ceremony, help you walk to the bathroom, get you a clean bucket if you’ve vomited. Ayahuasca can be quite scary, since you are giving up control completely, so knowing you have support in ceremony is wonderful. There are female staff, which is something I appreciate as a woman. They add a gentle feminine energy & perspective to the space. All of the staff and volunteers are open, loving, nonjudgmental people who are as dedicated to your transformation as they are to their own.

On the Monday of each tour, all of the participants make ayahuasca together – under the guidance of Don Alberto – pounding the ayahuasca vine and adding chacuna leaves. The team explains how these two plants work together, as well as several tree barks and roots that Don Alberto uses to bring additional healing properties to the brew.

Outside ceremony, you are free to spend as much time alone as you like. If you want to discuss your experience, the Western staff is always available. Another plus is that the other participants are a diverse group of people from all over the world. The participants and staff provide a lot of support during and after the tour, and have become very close friends.

Taking ayahuasca is a huge step toward connecting with who you truly are and getting rid of lots of crap that doesn’t serve you. It’s a beautiful thing – and particularly beautiful with Blue Morpho.

April 5, 2017

All of the information given before the retreat in preparation was accurate and helpful. If anything I would advise not engaging with the locals in Iquitos at all unless you want to be harassed non stop to buy their goods. The entire Blue Morpho staff was very polite and was efficient at getting everyone from getting everyone from point A to point B. All of the food was excellent and many cool jungle activities to engage in outside of ceremonies. I will cherish the memory of seeing 5 pink dolphins forever in my mind. I felt very prepared for the ceremonies even though I wish I would have been able to have more of a say in how much ayahuasca I received. I have a high tolerance for psychedelics and I had to ask multiple times for more ayahuasca in my second ceremony. The starter dose had almost no effect on me and I had to keep convincing the staff I could handle more. I got 3 servings and asked for a 4th but they said it was too late in the evening for the 4th which I understand because they didn’t believe I would be able to hang, but I was disappointed at the time to fly all the way from California then was basically told to exercise patience. But I’m the one who payed over $2k to be there so my patience wasn’t at its highest levels. I was able to take a full cup in my third ceremony and finally got the result I was looking for. I think the biggest thing to keep in mind for anyone reading this is the shamans and ceremony assistants aren’t going to solve anything for you. Anything you learn from these experiences will be because you put in the work and effort yourself and worked your ass off. What you put into the experience is what you get out of it. Ayahuasca ceremony retreats like this through Blue Morpho are normally far out of my price range. However I f you can afford their prices, you will access a very worthy experience for anyone who has dealt with things like PTSD from overseas military deployments and other various issues with depression.

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March 29, 2017

We have been to Blue Morpho as a couple a few times over the last 3 years. The experience and results have been amazing. The team at Blue Morpho are totally committed to the well being of all guests and provide a non judgemental space which allows for a safe exploration of yourself inside the medicine.

The ceremony house in the River Lodge Camp is large yet intimate with toilets and showers available on each side. Alongside the team they have helpers that don’t drink to provide assistance to and from the toilets and showers, pour water over your head if necessary, remove and replace vomit buckets and basically act like angels. You feel constantly, safe and protected, even when at your most vulnerable state you feel totally secure. The staff are available throughout the day to talk with, and to really talk with. They will give you as much time as you need to discuss anything you are working on. No stress, no pressure, just out of pure love for what they do. Medicine.

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March 14, 2017

If you are looking for the authentic experience in the safe environment, then you are on the right address 🙂 Many people are asking me about my experience in Peru, but honestly it is impossible to put in words all about it, as much as you try to describe an out of body and out of mind experience. The journey is so individual and it is only yours, therefore try to have as less as possible expectations in order to be able to fully experience the medicine world and trust me, Mother Aya exactly knows what to do.
I have no enough words to describe my gratitude to all Blue Morpho team members, maestros, shamans and sober Heliconia Lodge staff members who are there to help you in every single moment making sure everyone is comfortable and has what they need not only during the ceremony but at all times. Blue Morpho staff members are very special to me, as their commitment to the healing work resulted in an extraordinary shift of consciousness. The whole tone of the retreat was nothing but real support and care from absolutely everyone, which makes you feel safe and loved. I am looking forward to go to Peru again. I do not know when, but one thing I know for sure – it will be definitely with the Blue Morpho team again.

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March 13, 2017

Before even meeting the team, or making the life changing acquaintance with ayahuasca, I could feel I was in a place that is made up of one thing and one thing only, and that is love. The entire Blue Morpho experience allows a person to feel completely comfortable, safe and at ease to begin a journey of healing and discovery. Every small detail of what I went through – of making the journey to Iquitos, of meeting the most amazing team on earth, of being guided through the ceremonies, of being given the wealth of insights just by being there and by awakening to the divine force within through the medicine – was filled with love and understanding. The camp and facilities are amazing. Everything is put in place so that visitors only have one thing to do and that is to relax and enjoy the healing of the beautiful, magical yet oh so real and sometimes challenging ayahuasca medicine. At Blue Morpho you discover your truth, and you can discover the universe of wisdom and the universe itself. It was incredibly hard for me to leave after a week of receiving and finding divine love. But the most amazing thing is that you get to take it all with you. Because the love and the medicine never leave.

March 5, 2017

Blue Morpho does a perfect job at guiding people through the Ayahuasca experience whether it’s your fist time or you’ve done it many times. If they asked me how they could do a better job I honestly couldn’t think of a single thing I would ask them to improve.

My personal experience in life consisted of physical, psychological and emotional abuse that started in childhood. I reacted to this by shutting down my emotional system and putting walls of protection. As an adult this made me very angry, scared, short tempered, impatient and the problems that caused me in adult life were immense.

I could never have healthy relationships, I didn’t love myself, I had a very pessimistic kill or be killed view of the world.

After drinking Ayahuasca with Blue Morpho I was able to heal these traumas by releasing them with the help of Ayahuasca. Once they were released I could not see clearly how I had taken my negative life experiences and built a negative persona and mode of operation with the world.

This was the beginning of change, for the better. I’m very much still working to cleans heal and become a best version of myself that I can be. Some of the things that have replaced the anger, frustration, fear, impatience are compassion, patience, understanding my behavior, feelings and emits on a deeper level. Compassion for others who are suffering, even when they are acting like an ass…I use to do that…I an relate.

It can be hard work some times and it can at times be confusing. The folks at Blue Morpho have carried me when I needed it, they provided an ear to listen when I needed and they offered advice and perspective when I asked for it. They do this not only while you are at the retreat but after you go home as well.

They are truly selfless people fiercely working on awakening themselves through service to others helping others heal. They are beautiful and dedicated people I’m very grateful to call friends, fellow journeymen and at times care takers.

I love them all and Ayahuasca deeply. I would have never gotten to meet myself and live my true life without Blue Morpho.


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February 26, 2017

In 2014 I was very unsure wheter to go to Peru and try Ayahasca or not. I did 6 months of research and decided that, for me, it was important to go to a proffessional place. I went and did not regret! I felt safe and learned a lot about myself, the medicine and the universe. I went back 2 years later in July 2016 and developed even further, and also received great physical healing. The guests were great, I met people from all over the world and got new friends for life! The people working there are helpful, genuine and truly amazing people who share and support. If I ever get the chance to travel to Peru again there is no doubt I will choose Blue Morpho!

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February 17, 2017

Me and the Wife traveled to Peru in mid January for the retreat. Not knowing what to expect since this is the first time leaving the country. On arriving to the hotel in Iquitos, Peru we met a couple people that were going to BM also. As we met more and more people we started getting very comfortable with this new experience. Upon meeting the staff it was like meeting old friends all over again. They were very friendly and comforting. the whole experience was mind blowing. The staff, shamans and helper were fantastic. already planning our next trip down..

February 2, 2017

A friend introduced me to Ayahuasca and Blue Morpho. I did not know a thing about Aya at that time, but it strongly resonated and felt the right thing and the right timing for me. 3 months after the first talks I was in the jungle (December 2016).

Yes, the experience is a life changer, and believe me, it is not the vocabulary a French person usually uses (yes I am French).

Yes, the staff is amazing, all of them. So much love and dedication, so rare nowadays. 24/24, 7/7 you can talk to them and they will genuinely take the time to go through your questions or doubts or fears or joys.

Yes, you feel extremely safe, free to focus on your journey. You probably have read horror stories on the web, none of this can possibly happen at Blue Morpho. They are there for you, watching your back.

Yes, you feel at home, because you are safe, but also because Blue Morpho shamans are tuned into western world and approach the experience in a way you can handle it.

Yes the food is great! Uttermost importance for a French 😉 It is such a relief after a rough night to get some treats and reward your body and mind.

Yes the medicine stays with you and works with you way after you have left Peru. I am still being woken up at night by flows of energy working in my body. The Integration pack created by Blue Morpho helps me to go on with that work.

Yes, I would gladly come back and without any hesitation I recommend Blue Morpho.

January 29, 2017

Before participating in my first Blue Morpho ayahuasca tour, I was a concept to myself. Not a false concept, but still only a concept. My understanding of myself had been built on years of trying to figure out who I was, what I was good at, what I had come to achieve. I had pretty much explored all tools available to me and had reached a relative level of balance and success. I had gathered a lot of information. Put myself through a lot of challenging experiences. And here I was, this interesting multi-dimensional concept, that felt dead inside.
During my week in Iquitos, I was given the gift of the experience of myself. I was offered the blessing of the experience of true love and the peace that comes with it. I received insight on the workings of my mind and how to put it at the service of my experience instead of the other way around. I have never felt so alive as I do today after this extraordinary experience. I am in motion again, moving onwards on the path of this incredible journey that is life. I feel immense gratitude towards Blue Morpho shamans and team for creating a safe and protected environment for this life-transforming experience. I have felt supported, loved and accepted every step of the way. The Heliconia camp is set in a unique environment, conducive to a communion with nature and yourself; it is beautiful and intimate. The Heliconia team is friendly, cheerful, discrete and customer-oriented. Food is delicious. Finally, I am blessed with many new friends who have reminded me how beautiful and vibrant our human connection is.

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January 28, 2017

When I first went to Peru, I won’t lie, I was freaking out. Always questioning if this was a smart decision and whether or not I will regret it. Forget the Aya, what about the people? The staff? What will happen to me? Food? Lodging?

I have to say they were just unfounded fears. I came to discover first and foremost what an amazing and gentle group of people the staff of Blue Morpho are. That is not to say the people who go to these tours are any lesser. They are interesting, respectful, and from all walks of life.

This place is legit and worth every penny asked for the healing process and experience. You only spend one week, but the bonds forged go so deep you feel connected to everyone there for life.

I can’t speak for other places as I’ve only been to Blue Morpho, but there I was taken great care of, respected, listened to, and given my space when needed. I just wish Peru was closer so I can go more often!

To the Blue Morpho staff, love you guys and I hope to be with you soon again to share wisdom, thoughts, and laughs.

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January 21, 2017

I have participated in the ceremonies in January 2017 and it was the most mind-blowing experience. The property is gorgeous, food is amazing, staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The shamans hold the space so powerfully, and team members who assist guests during the ceremonies create such a safe space and provide so much support. I can’t recommend this place enough and will definitely be coming back.

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January 17, 2017

I don’t have enough words to describe how I feel about ayahuasca and BM team. But I will do my best to share my thoughts and experiences.

I was introduced to BM center trough my friends who came there prior to me. I witnessed their positive transformations and whenever it was the right time for me I decided to go as well. It was in June 2014. I created a list of intentions all of which got successfully worked on. Ayahuasca and the shamans, specifically Christian and Don Alberto, guided me through the process of healing and physical and energetic purge of everything that didn’t belong. I immediately felt light in all senses and saw the world through different set of eyes, clear and without any prior fog.

I came back to BM a few more times after that first tour in 2014 because more work needed to be done for which I was not ready the first time. Malcolm, Loretta and Matt took very good care of me. They understood my needs very well and helped me work through some rough stuff. all the helpers at BM are angels who are always there to help during ceremonies, throughout the week of the tour and even afterwards through email correspondence if it becomes necessary. To me BM is a family, something that is very sacred and close to my heart and I feel connected to them thanks to Ayahuasca and other sacred plants.

January 15, 2017

I have attended four different events (three in iquitos and on in Cusco) with bluemorpho and have already registered for another two events this year, Every one of them has been very well run from an event and healing perspective. I found that the accommodations were always very nice, the staff/teams (both blue morpho and any third parties) were very nice/pleasant and accommodating.

I do not have any other ayahuasca/sacred plant medicine groups to which i can compare blue morpho. That said, I consider myself a tough grader, in general, for events such as these and have zero reservations wholeheartedly recommending a blue morpho event to any of my friends or family. If you are on the fence, my vote is to go and try it. The team is very accommodating and will bend over backwards to get you the opportunity to have the exact experience you want to have.

January 13, 2017

Woah. This is the place! First off, if you’ve never participated in an Ayahuasca ceremony, there are some things you’ll want to know. The outcome of your experience depends on you and your shaman. Ayahuasca is way more than going on a trip. You’ll hear stories of people going crazy, and it’s true. Ayahuasca is on the level of brain surgery. It’s going to alter your very perception of reality FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Going to Blue Morpho has without a doubt been the pinnacle experience in my life. I’ve drank about 30 times in their jungle lodge, over the course of several tours, and worked my way up to a tour of Sanango. This blows everything else away. Skydiving, any extreme sport, any transformative practice, years of martial arts training in China, etc. Where ever life has taken you, it has all been leading up to this. And this is just on another level. How to explain that to someone who has never experienced ayahuasca is impossible, but you need to know how important it is to pick a good center. Your future is what is at stake.

My purpose in writing this is not to scare you, if anything you’ll be releasing fear, but it’s to point “Go this way!” Blue Morpho is about way more than drinking a jungle brew, it’s about powerful life transformation. It’s all the tools that come with the drink. There is an indigenous shaman “Don Alberto” who sings powerful traditional icaros. His deep well of experience is balanced by the western shaman who have apprenticed for many years at Blue Morpho. There are specific rules this indigenous shaman must follow when practicing at Blue Morpho that he never considered when practicing growing up. I want to stress how important the western element is to Blue Morpho. A jungle shaman’s psyche is so different from a western perspective. You want to know you’ll get what YOU need, and that you are speaking with someone who understands your concerns, struggles, can guide you unconditionally in a way you’ll understand, and help you to grow. Again it’s about transformation. It’s not just – drink this. This is the real deal, plus a few creature comforts (food!), and most importantly an epic team that will take care of you through your transformation, not only in the jungle, but online once you return from the jungle and continue your transformation at home as well.

I can’t give this place enough stars. Infinite Stars! Did I mention it’s fun too? oh man. This is the best place on Earth! This is the center most other Ayahuasca centers are modeled after. I almost don’t want to tell you about it, to save it all to myself. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What a gift. What a gift!

January 7, 2017

I have been to Blue Morpho for 4 ayahuasca retreats, one San Pedro (huachuma) retreat, and one Sanango retreat. I also plane to attend their international sacred site journeys. Clearly, I am a fan of the group… And here is why:

1. They take meticulous care in reviewing the people they allow to attend the sacred medicine journeys (ayahuasca, Sanango, San Pedro). They evaluate your intent via a questionnaire, and your medical history. They have a lot of experience in evaluating who is a good candidate who will benefit from the medicine, and who is not.

2. They give you detailed instructions on how to get to Iquitos, what vendors (hotels and mototaxis/cabs) to take once you get there, and how to get to the meeting point for the journey to the jungle camp. They have built tremendous credibility with their brand with locals, so people all know about Blue Morpho.

3. The jungle camps (both of them) offer very comfortable and secluded experiences. The food is very good. (Unless you are doing Sanango… Which requires a very strict dieta to follow. But you need to be very experienced with ayahuasca before you do Sanango.)

4. The ratio of staff (shamans, assistant shamans, ceremony assistants, camp assistants) is very high. And all are very experienced. I’ve seen other ayahuasca retreats tell me, “It’s not about quantity of ceremonies a shaman has conducted, it’s about the quality.” That is a lie. It is about BOTH quality and quantity… And with the Blue Morpho staff, you are getting very experienced native medicine plant doctors who have been studying the medicine for DECADES, as well as apprenticing and maestro shamans who have years of experience with ayahuasca specifically.

I will continue to go back to only Blue Morpho. It’s worth more than what you pay to attend.

Life Is Good

January 5, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself is there such a thing as rehab for life? The answer is yes! The wonderful people at Blue Morpho and the medicine has helped change my life forever. I call it rehab for life because for me that’s exactly what I needed. For many years i suffered from childhood traumas, physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, low self esteem and especially depression. I saw countless therapists over my life with little success. I was at point where I no longer wanted to continue with life. One day i stumbled upon the Joe Rogan podcast. He had a guest on named Aubrey Marcus who spoke about plant medicines in the Amazon and how there are centers that are helping heal traumas, ptsd, mental illnesses, life issues with Ayahuasca. From that moment on is where my journey began. I researched Ayahuasca and searched countless healing centers in South America. Many had hundreds of reviews but I was unsure of where to go. Then I searched on YouTube for ayahuasca videos and that’s where I came across a video called Metamorphosis Ayahuasca Documentary. After watching that video I decided over 1 year ago to take a chance on healing my life. I flew down to Peru to do my very first Ayahuasca ceremony with Blue Morpho. Maestros Don Alberto, Eliseo, Malcom, Lorreta, Matt, Alex, Terri, Maya and the entire Blue Morpho staff are just the most amazing people you will ever meet. If you ever wanted to take a break from life and be one with the Amazon jungle while being in a safe place with people that practice medicine then Blue Morpho is your place. The medicine has helped me deal with addiction and I have remained sober since. My relationships with my loved ones have improved dramatically. I’m able to be in the moment and communicate better. This medicine is not a cure all and it is not meant for everyone. It is a medicine that shows you the truth about yourself while helping you release the things in your life that no longer serve you. So if you are willing to do the work then by all means give yourself the opportunity to heal. Give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with yourself. Trust Blue Morpho and believe that this is the right path. I see a brighter future for myself and for you. I see that once again “Life Is Good!” Thank you Blue Morpho for making my life better. Much love for you!

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April 4, 2014

I have drank with Malcolm & Christian on 2 tours now.
Blue Morpho is an incredible location to experience the plant medicine. The safety & security of its guests is utmost & excellent. One can relax & focus on ones journey.
The information from, & command of the ceremony, by the Shamans & staff is such that any person should feel comfortable here, be it your first or multiple tour.
I have made friends & maintained relationships with fellow attendees. The comraderie of BM alumni is amazing & continues well beyond Peru.

I would give this place the highest regard & rating. Book it & quit worrying. These people are awesome folks. The accommodations are nice enough for us prissy N. Americans to not feel like we are camping! And rough enough to feel authentic, but also to leave behind modern day distractions.

I look forward to my return.

January 23, 2014

I did a 9 day retreat at Blue Morpho back in 2008 and it was an amazing experience. The centre is rustic but comfortable. I loved swimming in the lake on the property. Met some wonderful guests who I still connect with via FB every now and again as they live in the US while I live in Australia. All the staff there are caring and genuine. At that time there were 2 apprentice shamans, Hamilton and Alberto holing the ceremonies. I felt safe and that there is genuine care for all participants.

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January 23, 2014

I attended a seven day tour at Blue Morpho in June 2013, and it was the most incredible experience of my life. It was my first time drinking aya, and I did my research carefully. I selected Blue Morpho because it had the reputation for being very safe, supportive, and educational. Also, the fact that they had showers and flushable toilets was a plus (not gonna lie!). My time at Blue Morpho exceeded everything I hoped for. The facilities are great. Comfortable bungalows, large and well equipped ceremony house, plenty of space for lounging during the day, and a lovely lake for swimming. The food was fantastic, especially given the dietary restrictions when drinking! They did an impressive job. But what really made Blue Morpho stand out to me was the staff. Right away, they were there to support us and told us from the very beginning that if we had questions about anything at ANY time we could talk to any one of them. Malcolm (the shaman) was so personable, accessable, and good at reading peoples energy and needs. In every ceremony, there were the two shamans (Malcolm and Don Alberto), two apprentice shaman, several assistants who were very experienced with the medicine and made themselves available to help whenever needed, and a host of local men and women who were not drinking, but just there to help with water, bathroom trips, etc. My first ceremony was VERY hard, but even in the thick of it, I felt ultimately so safe because there were people by my side helping me through the whole time. The staff at Blue Morpho obviously has a deep respect for the medicine and for educating their guests about it. They aren’t into giving you a cheap thrill, they want you to fully understand what’s happening. We had question and answers sessions with the shaman every day for several hours, and were encouraged to talk about anything that came up for us during our time there. They were fantastic at creating and holding a safe, supportive space for all guests to grow and transform within. All in all, It was perfect. I can’t imagine a better experience, and I would think long and hard before drinking anywhere else in Peru. My time at Blue Morpho was a turning point in my life and I will always look back at it with love and tremendous gratitude for these people and this place.

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January 14, 2014

I went on a tour in March 2013 and am headed back in 2 weeks. The staff were very supportive, and my stay was very comfortable. The meals are great. The location in the jungle helps to make the time peaceful. Overall, it was beautiful.

I cannot recommend Blue Morpho highly enough; and they are the only folks I would personally consider drinking with.

January 14, 2014

Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I recently did a 9 day tour at BM, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The staff was incredibly supportive, and the other visitors were among the loveliest people I’ve ever met. I had a very rough time during the first ceremony — WOW the etheric plane can be big and scary! — and there’s no other place I would have rather been during such an experience than at Blue Morpho .

As for the amenities, I thought the food was great, the surroundings beautiful, and I personally really dug the “dormitory” vibe of the bungalows. For me, it was a 5 stars out of 5 stars experience, and I can’t wait to go back next year.

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