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4.9 out of 5 stars

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  • Cusco, Peru

Ayahuasca Retreats and Spirit Healing Center is a traditional shamanic Ayahuasca Healing Center specialized in Ayahuasca Retreat, Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Dieta Ayahuasca and Ayahuasca Healing guided by Ayar, traditional professional Ayahuasca Shaman of the peruvian Amazon.

Ayahuasca is a software, a program, a science. If this program is well executed in your body it can free you from mental slavery and make connections to spiritual dimensional worlds. With Ayahuasca you can configure your systems, programs and compress heavy files that cause you mental or emotional conflicts. With Ayahuasca you can also configure your genetics. If Ayahuasca is not right executed in your body it can cause you mental and emotional conflicts. Therefore, it is of great importance to drink Ayahuasca only with a real Ayahuasca Shaman. For more information please contact us.


20 reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Member Since: August 11, 2015

August 11, 2015

Thanks to Ayar and Lara I had a life transforming experience. How much love and help we can give to a person in a moment of changes ….. I received all the love and support that I needed to make the next step in my life. I came to take a decision and I found my answers in this spiritual environment. Ayar helped me to find clarity and Lara is an angel. Thanks to everybody for this beautiful time. I will always recommend you.

  • Member Since: August 8, 2015

August 8, 2015

The retreat as whole had a nicely balanced schedule: a quiet environment, healthy meals, plenty of time to rest between the ceremonies and the excursions.

This was my first ayahuasca experience and I am grateful that I could do it with Ayar and Laura. Mr Shaman obviously knows what he’s doing yet doesn’t take himself too seriously. Laura is the ideal partner, she will translate everything for those who don’t speak Spanish like me (and who sometimes have tons of questions) and brings her special care and attention to everybody.

In such context I’ve had the most beautiful and positive sessions, it felt like a true gift.

  • Member Since: July 25, 2015

July 25, 2015

Excellent Ayahuasca retreat !!! I had a great time in Urubamba doing the 8 day retreat. The healing experience was awesome. Ayar and Lara are great persons.
The Ayahuasca process provided through their professional guidance was gentle and strong at the same time. I felt always very good and safe. Thank you for taking care of me !!!


June 25, 2015

I did not have a psychedelic experience here. I was only offered small doses. Many in our group were disappointed. When we politely suggested we were not getting much out of it after two ceremonies, Ayar and Lara became defensive. They implied we were just trip-seekers and not serious. They said the medicine was working regardless of whether or not we felt anything. They said our bodies were unprepared for larger doses. The more vocal critics among us were labeled “stupid idiots”. Ayar and Lara’s philosophy and practice seem to differ signficantly from other centers and shamans (who are also “stupid idiots”). They insist it is not typical to have life-changing insights in one retreat and that our three ceremonies were only the start of a “process” where we return regularly and eventually gain insight. Their explanations of ayahuasca’s workings were unscientific and sounded pretty ridiculous. This included an earnest belief in aliens. It’s worth noting that Lara is married to the shaman and has a Manson Girl level of devotion to Ayar and his teachings. The whole thing had a bit of a cult feel to it. I do not feel as though I gained anything from it. I can only assume that the five-star reviews are from some highly suggestible people.

  • Member Since: May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015

I visited with Ayar and Lara about two weeks ago after finding them online. It was one of the most meaningful weeks of my life. The ceremonies I did with them left me with a feeling that I could finally overcome many of the obstacles that I’ve faced in my life. Throughout the ceremony I felt that I was in the expert hands of people who truly cared for me. The Icaros that they sang were absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing and it was an experience I will never forget.

If you’re coming to do an ayahuasca ceremony to “trip” or see it as a form of partying, I would honestly go somewhere else. With Ayar and Lara it is all about ceremony and healing. I have a feeling there are plenty of places I could’ve gone that might’ve had “stronger” ayahuasca or a more intense trip but I am positive there was not a better place for me to go for the healing that I was searching for.

That isn’t even the best part though. The very best part is that I made new lifelong friends through these ceremonies. I’m sure Ayar, Lara, and Coco will be in my life for as long as I walk this path. Lara gave us wonderful private tours throughout the area in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without a local.

As an added plus Lara also is a certified massage therapist and gave me THE best massage I’ve ever received. She took care of some intense hip pain that I had been dealing with.

If you’re searching for an authentic shaman to lead you in ceremony, look no further. These guys are the real deal.

  • Member Since: May 8, 2015

May 8, 2015

Ayar and Lara are the most impressive people i ever met. They basicelly changed my life. Having medicine with them was the most amazing experience i ever had. There are no worlds to describe the things that i saw, experience and learned through them. I?ll be for ever gratefull for their teachings, their hospitality, their warmth and sincerity. I believe that this is the right place to go to do spiritual work on oneself. Thank you so much for all that you gave me. Can?t wait to see them again.

  • Member Since: December 20, 2014

April 19, 2015

Highly recommendable! Having done 2 ayahuasca retreats with Ayar and Lara I am impressed by their professionalism. When I came in for the first retreat I was pretty desperate that my health conditions had become chronic and would never heal. Therefore I feel so grateful that Ayar and Lara took the time to identify the causes. The ayahuasca ceremonies are relaxed yet carefully conducted, Ayar and Lara monitored how the medicine worked within me. The icaros singing is a beautiful and also a powerful aspect of the ceremony. Entering into another dimension is no longer a concept but a living experience. The retreats have had an immediate effect on my wellbeing and it has given me the trust that true healing is possible! During free time Lara and I went hiking in the beautiful nature or on a sightseeing trip.
I have felt very safe and well taken care of.
When I was home Lara followed up by email and skype to know how a homeophatic remedy that she had recommended was working out. Where do you find some much kindness and expertise? I look forward to going back for a third retreat this summer.
Wilma, Germany


March 30, 2015

I highly recommend working with Ayar and Lara, and I can’t wait to go back to Urubamba to work with them again! Ayar is a great traditional shaman with a lot of experience. They both took care of me during the ceremonies and he answered all my questions before and after the ceremonies. The place is clean, with a good vibe and I felt safe all the time.

One of the things that I loved about working with Ayar is that he only works with small groups to take care of the participants. This place is about quality and healing. I loved the icaros and they really made a difference during the whole process. If you are looking for a real traditional shaman with the right knowledge, this is your place.

  • Member Since: February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015

I did already a couple of ceremonies with Ayar and Lara and I tell you , I would never ever go to any other place to take ayahuasca . They are very nice and friendly people and their knowledge about this medicin is amazing . Ayar is a real traditional and authentic shaman with a great experience and his assistent Lara does also a very good and professional job . They care intensively about everybody being part of the ceremony . They work only with very small groups to give everybody a personal treatment . They explain you everything you want to know and everything you want to understand in different languages , like spanish , english and german . During all the time I felt very safe in this place and I never had any worries . This is a perfect place for lifechanging experiences . I highly recommend this place .

  • Member Since: January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015

I have done personal research on this medicine for the past 20 years. Today, I have contacts with leading scientists studying the medicine from various points of view, and am friends with numerous friends who have studied under different shamans. The benefit you will get from Ayar is an authentic lineage. Not only is he not a charlatan taking advantage of naive travelers, but he also is not one of the shamans who is currently synthesizing his medicine into more user-friendly approaches. This is the real deal and what is meant by upper amazonian shamanism (which has made its way to Peru).


January 28, 2015

Well, when I got here I had little expectations about the ceremonies because all the others ceremonies I have tried in Peru have more or less the same characteristics: foreign people running Ayahuasca ceremonies and a few natives (or none of them) working or taking part on the rituals, huge groups of people, most of them beginners as I was, having to deal with the “visiones” by themselves and a few explanations about the Shaman’s work on the cure process. But with Ayar everything has gone through a different way: it was only me and 2 more people being attended by 3 people of their staff. Ayar had a long conversation before the ceremony to know why I was there and the reasons that made me look for this kind of treatment. He gave a long explanations about the western medicines I was taking and why they didn’t work reasonable for me. Then, during the ceremony, in which I took a short glass of Ayahuasca, I had strong and powerful visions that made me feel tired while he was encouraging me to keep strong and pay attention to all the things I was seeing. It was magical and a bit painful because I had so many stuff to deal with. And all the time Ayar and his wife were looking after me, singing songs that changed every vision, blowing me with their tobacco pipes to give some relief of my own pain. They were very close to me during all the process and I felt like an ill child being caressed by the healers. After the first ceremony, I had 2 more with them. All the 3 ceremonies were completely different in visions and feelings, but in all of them I felt that I wasn’t alone, that they were really looking after me and helping me to deal with my problems. Now I’m back home and all the information I have accessed makes sense for me. Its a process and I’m dealing very well with this all. What surprised mostly was the way he conducts the ceremony. He really looks after for each one participating in this rituals. I could feel that he really knows what he was doing and, after each ceremony I took part, I felt an immense relief of my pain. It was such a good experience that I’m planning to go back to Peru next year and spend more time with them. Thank you very much for such relief you gave me in my life!


January 8, 2015

My girlfriend and I had an amazing experience. Ayar and Lara are the real deal. Very helpful kind and knowledgeable in this healing tradition. I would recommend to anyone! Truly a great experience. – GregO

  • Member Since: December 28, 2014

December 28, 2014

Ayar and Laura are the real deal. So many travelers come through Peru looking for a sacred experience and end up getting conned by some charlatan that calls themselves a Shaman; its becoming a really big problem. Because of this tourist frenzy, now people hear about Ayahuasca and think its about sitting in a room with 100 people and getting high. That my friends, is not the Medicine, that is something, but it’s not the real deal. Ayar is one of the only true Shaman’s in the Sacred Valley. Ayar and his wife Laura hardly advertise except through testimonials like this, its not easy to find them, they are humble and reserved and will only take you on as a client if they feel you are a worthy candidate for their teachings (i.e.: open, honest, willing to learn and be teachable, respectful, and truly respectful of the medicine and its power), once you’re accepted as a student of Ayar and Laura’s, you’re in a whole other ball game. It’s a truly life changing experience to study with them. I’ve sent many friends to them and they have sent their friends and so on. The experience you will have with Ayar and Laura is unparalleled and I cannot speak highly enough of them and their dedication to the medicine and it’s teachings. People seek them out from all over the world. You’ll have to experience it yourself to understand what I’m talking about. Safe travels.

  • Member Since: December 21, 2014

December 21, 2014

I?m so thankful to have found Ayar and Lara, in such a difficult time for me. I was in Peru with another group, in a retreat. But I realized I wasn?t comfortable to proceed with them, for several reasons. I came to this forum and I read this great reviews about Ayar and Lara, on such a personal level, that I tried to reach them for a ?rescue?. I talked to Lara and she was so warm and caring, giving me all the instructions that I needed to go and find them, and also receiving me there with such a short notice.
I had the opportunity of taking part in 2 cerimonies with Ayar and Lara, and it was absolutely amazing! Before the first ceremony, Ayar talks very wisely about the plant, and how it works in your body, and you get to see all his wisdom and knowledge about the medicine. I felt so comfortable with his orientation and guidance previously and during the ceremony. Ayar and Lara are really there for you, all the time, and it?s beautiful to experience they working together during the ceremony and singing the Icaros.
I couldn?t recommend a saffer and intimate environment for having profound ayahuasca cerimonies. I?m really looking forward to come back, and continue to work with the plant, under Ayar and Lara loving guidance and care.


December 17, 2014

Ayar/Lara provided us with a great experience like no other. 3 of us travelled to Peru just to see them and have a few ceremonies over a couple of nights. The all thing was excellent; our accommodation all the way was A+.

The Ayahuasca sessions was deep, intense, meaningful and life changing.

I would definitely come back to see them again

10 stars.. thanks

  • Member Since: October 1, 2014

November 7, 2014

If there is only a mother for one’s self, there is only a chaman for one’s self too. So Ayar is and will be my shaman.

My first time taking Ayahuasca was 7 years ago in Spain with Ayar and Lara, last year me and my wife had the lucky to go to Urubamba to spend 15 days with them that now we can say they are our friends.

Ayar is a deep master of one of the most powerfully medicine in this world and to have the chance to share the teachings of the plant with him its and honour.

I tried with two others shamans, but even they were good teachers too, the takings with Ayar and Lara were the best. Powerfull, deep and clarify visions made of me better person than before, at least for me, and helped me to finish some fears I had.

This little secret of knowing Ayar was passed to me from a friend and I want to pass it to you because this knowledge is to be shared. Ayar has been studying and living with the plant for long years and his youth its only a signal of his wisdom present and future.

Ask something to ayahuasca plant and Ayar will know how to place everything accord the best result for you, your problems or your teachings. Along three or four hours you will be the most lucky person in the world seeing astonishing visions that will do another better person of you.

Like the normal people, Ayar and Lara are like you and me, so you are gonna feel very good with them. She helps to Ayar in the ceremonies, doing of these moments something very special and comfortable. Her icaros are so beautiful and she’s gonna try to do the best for you in the sacred valley where Urubamba is.

Thank you Ayar, thank you Lara and thank you, little Bauan. We hope to see you soon, again and again.

  • Member Since: October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014

I did a 5 day retreat with Shaman Ayar this September, including 3 ayahuashca ceremonies. It was my first experience of the plant, making me a little bit nervous. Upon meeting Ayar, I was greatly reassured by his vibe and his authority. My instinct proved true and Ayar showed great skill and knowledge during the ceremony, dispelling what reservations I had about the power of the plant. The following two sessions brought intense personal revelations and a view into the complex ways of this amazing plant. Although difficult at times, the experience was expertly guided and configured by Ayar. It’s more of a question when, rather than if, I’d do it with Shaman Ayar again.


October 11, 2014

I had my first experience with ayausca with Ayar, Lara and Coco a year ago and i came back this year to see them again.

I’ve now done 4 ceremonies with them, all different and extremely insightful. Ceremonies are held in Ayar and Lara’s house, with small groups of people in an extremely professional but at the same time caring environment.

They are the only people that I would trust do it with. They took incredible care of me and made me feel safe all the way.

  • Member Since: September 27, 2014

September 27, 2014

I have had 6 ceremonies with this Shaman (Aya) and his assistant (Lara). Both of them are very knowledgeable of what they’re doing and unlike other retreats, that just want to take your money, Aya and Lara do care about people getting the help that they’re looking for. Aya sings the most beautiful Ikaros during each ceremony and sometimes his assistant helps him with the singing. The Ikaros help every individual on their journeys and with their visions, its phenomenal. These people are genuine and I recommend them to anyone that is looking for inner healing.


July 4, 2014

I can say that my relation with Ayahuasca can be tagged as before and after I met Ayar. I had been searching answers for so long that when I first met Ayar and had participated in his ceremonies everything got bright clear to me. As having tried Ayahuasca before here in Brazil with many other shamans from different traditions, I could realize that Ayar’s cerimonies really affected me in a very positive way. Differently from others, Ayar and his assistants (Lara and Coco) are very present during the rituals and participate side by side with their patients. They sing ikaros that is specific for the problems they see on you through Ayahuasca and each ceremony I have participated has delivered a different kind of relief, wisdom and cure. He is a very experienced shaman that looks particularly to his patients having long conversations before, during and after the ceremonies, explaining his actions and how he is configuring your energies with the traditional songs, which you can really see working on your body. I strongly recommend Ayar to guide any people, experienced or not, through the Ayahuasca path. And I am very pleased that I’ve met such a great ‘maestro’ with such a good and traditional background. He’s one of the true keepers of the authentic Ayahuasca’s traditions.

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