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Are you ready for a one of a kind spiritual and self-healing experience? Nestled in the heart of the lush and verdant Ecuadorian jungle, our Ayahuasca and San Pedro healing and spiritual fulfillment center has a long and proud history of welcoming truth seekers and individuals striving for inner enlightenment from all around the world.

An Authentic Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreat

While providing essential home comforts such as comfortable lodging and freshly prepared gourmet vegetarian or vegan meals each day, our Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreat is otherwise one of only a handful of authentic treatment centers in the entirety of South America.

This is because while promoting physical wellness through deliciously prepared (and organic) vegetarian food, we also facilitate travel to genuine Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremony site on the Jurumbaino river surrounded by rain forest. There, our guests are given the opportunity to spend the evening with an authentic local shaman. The next day, you will then be escorted back home in order to rest, reflect and prepare for your next ceremony. Even better, at all times you will be attended to by one of our very own local guides and translators.

How Ayahuasca Heals

Popularly known around the world as a shamanic gateway to the spirit world, Ayahuasca has traditionally been used for thousands of years as a healing medicine also. Made using two indigenous plants Banisteriopsis caapi & Psychotria viridis, Ayahuasca works by promoting massive mental and physical healing responses in the human body.

While different for everybody, no one is ever not deeply affected by Ayahuasca. In like regard, few if any people ever come away from an Ayahuasca ceremony not feeling more spiritually and vitally restored than they did before arriving.

How San Pedro Heals

A lesser known but no less effective healing plant is a cactus called San Pedro. Like Ayahuasca, it has been utilized by Shamans for many thousands of years in shamanic healing ceremonies, and there have been numerous reports of its healing power for cancer, diabetes, and paralysis, as well as for emotional and psychological problems such as depression and grief.

The Biblical Saint Peter, whom the plant was named after, is said to be the holder of the keys to Heaven, and so the name represents an opening of a gateway for us to enter into a dimension where we can experience the world as divine.

Participants are said to be ‘set free from matter’ and ‘engage in flight through cosmic regions… transported across time and distance in a rapid and safe fashion’.

One shaman described its effects as “First, a dreamy state… then great visions, a clearing of all the faculties… then detachment, a type of visual force inclusive of the sixth sense, the telepathic state of transmitting oneself across time and matter, like a removal of thoughts to a distant dimension.”

In this way, San Pedro is said to remove our negative beliefs so the positive ones shine through and we can heal ourselves.

Your Stay at our Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreat

Due to the powerful nature of such ceremonies, our Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreat focuses on marrying high-quality rest and relaxation periods with intense plant medicine experiences. This is why we provide you with a superb natural setting, intuitive and support staff and high-quality nutrition throughout your stay. We do, after all, want your stay here with us to be just as much a once in a lifetime experience as the Ayahuasca and San Pedro experiences themselves.

Are you ready to discover yourself and experience the physically restorative power of Ayahuasca? If so, make sure to reach out to us today to find out more.

Special introductory pricing for those making reservations made before July 15 for a visit to attend before the end of the year:

2 days and 1 ceremony $225
3 days and 2 ceremonies $425
4 days and 2 ceremonies $475
5 days and 3 ceremonies $675
7 days and 3 ceremonies $765
8 days and 4 ceremonies $945
10 days and 5 ceremonies $1195

We can customize your experience here with more or less days or ceremonies, so please contact us for a special discount for any custom packages you may desire. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms!

Special Celebration of Mother Ayahuasca Personal Retreat

Celebration of Mother Ayahuasca , Father San Pedro and the indigenous Shuar Culture

June 14-23 and July 21-30 2017. MACAS ECUADOR. MAXIMUM 8 INDIVIDUALS.

3 Days and 2 Ceremonies$475

4 Days and 2 Ceremonies$525

5 days and 3 Ceremonies $695

7 Days and 3 Ceremonies$795

8 Days and 4 Ceremonies$945

10 Days and 5 Ceremonies $1250

Maximum of 8 participants. Reserve your space and dates. For any questions or to make reservations call U.S # (904) 435-7994 or in Ecuador 093 989 6760.

  • Member Since: June 24, 2017

June 24, 2017

My wife, my adult daughter, and I spent four days with Ken and his lovely wife, Sun. I can’t imagine more support from Ken and Sun while we stayed at their comfortable bed & breakfast, which is also their home. All meals were provided, and the food was delicious, clean, and energetically appropriate for ayahuasca. Ken and Sun are cheerful, caring, and enthusiastic in their support. Better hosts simply don’t exist in my experience!

Also, I believe having spiritual/energetic support from the experienced shamans Ken employs for the ceremonies and to manage the subtle environment of the “chosa” (traditional place for ceremony) is essential. The shaman makes the medicine used in the ceremonies. Also, with prayers of thanks and supplication for good energy, the shaman also clears negative energies, which made my experience, while intense, truly transformative, physically, mentally, and on a much more subtle level.

Being in nature, in the rain forest, with the shaman and under Sun’s and two other assistants’ watchful eyes, made the experience of this aspect of Shuar culture safe and powerful. I highly recommend Ayahuasca In Ecuador. When I return, I look forward to experiencing San Pedro in addition to Ayahuasca.

Thank you again, Ken and Sun! Blessings!

  • Member Since: June 21, 2017

June 21, 2017

Certainly the wisest decision I’ve ever made.

I visited in May 2017, the weather was lovely and not too hot. I stayed in the home of Ken and Sun which was amazing they are such spiritual people and are aware of what a person needs to gain from the Ayahuasca experience shortly after meeting them. Made to feel very welcome their home is peaceful and calming and as hosts they are second to none. not to mention the stunning serenity of Ken and his wife’s land that added to the tranquillity and peace of mind between ceremonies.

This place has something that words cannot describe its life hanging and opens avenues in life through experiences that I never thought possible. Not only that, I’ve also reconnected with nature and feel more at peace with myself and others. The Four Ayahuasca ceremonies with one San Pedro really did it for me; now just waiting on my next calling. Not only is my mind healthier, but my physical wellness and diet among other things have improved dramatically.

Contrary to popular belief, I’ve found Ecuador to be much safer, especially in Macas, than any of the media portrays. People are happy, extremely friendly and down to earth. Macas is certainly a place to go for those who wish to experience peace, the journey of mother Ayahuacsa and to connect with the power of nature.

would I do it again?……. certainly, without a shadow of a doubt, back to Macas once again to stay over with ken and his wife, what lovely kind souls they really are.

If I could only stress the power of Ayahuasca and San Pedro, the Medicine is real and its magic shall remain with you.

I have returned home with direction in my life and know the path I wish to take. I have noticed changes in my physical being and other have noticed this too.

I would recommend this experience to anyone and for lone travellers this is an awesome experience, I met two wonderful Ozzies!!!!

Many thanks to Ken, Sun and helpers…..I will be back.

  • Member Since: June 15, 2017

June 14, 2017

Highly recommended!!! An experience I will never ever forget. Will visit again.

Sun and Ken run a beautiful and spiritually awakening retreat perfect for the application of these powerful medicines. Sun and Ken have surrounded themselves with an amazing team of personnel who all work so tirelessly to make the retreat the life changing journey that it aims to be. I undertook the Celebration of Mother Ayahuasca / 10 day retreat (4 A ceremonies and 1 SP ceremony). During each ceremony I was made feel completely comfortable and safe – both physically and spiritually.

During my visit I stayed with Sun and Ken at their residence. The residence sits among a beautiful garden against the backdrop of ice capped Volcano. Simply stunning. The perfect location to reflect between ceremonies. The food provided during my stay was absolutely perfect – I have never eaten so well in my entire life.

The ceremonies occur at a custom built Chosa nestled beside an amazing flowing river which ultimately fees into rivers which feed the Amazon. The facilities at the Chosa are fit for purpose (including running water and toilet facilities).

Sun and Ken have also engaged with local suppliers, so if you are interested in undertaking any extracurricular activities during you stay you can – including white water rafting and visiting a sacred waterfall with the Shaman.

  • Member Since: May 6, 2017

May 6, 2017

This was the best thing I have ever done. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe my appreciation for the people I met and the experience I had, it was magic. I love that you get to stay at a beautiful house in your own private room. I got to choose the days I could come and this is by far the best price that I found. Powerful life changing ceremony, and the couple that you stay with take care of you the whole way. through. They cook you meals, sit with you at the ceremony, take you on tours. I can’t say enough. Ecuador is beautiful I couldn’t recommend it more!

Response from Ayahuasca In Ecuador on May 7, 2017

April 17, 2017

Can’t give a stronger recommendation. I have had much experience with Ayahuasca, and I can say that this is definitely worth it. Ken and Sun were sweethearts who really know how to make one feel comfortable and welcome. The chaman was incredible, and the setting… wow. without words.

The San Pedro ceremony, same… These folks take care of you. San Pedro was the tricky grandfather complement to the firm but loving Ayahuasca mother. First time for me, I got a lot out of the journey. Really great medicine.

I can’t wait to return and share more music with these sweeties!

  • Member Since: March 15, 2017

March 14, 2017

I have had the pleasure of staying with Ken and Sun twice now, and I can thoroughly recommend their retreat to anyone who is looking for a truly peaceful and authentic ayahuasca/ San Pedro experience. I will certainly be back again in the near future, and I would not consider undertaking ayahuasca ceremonies anywhere else, as their retreat offers everything I could wish for.

Before I undertook the journey to Ecuador, I did extensive research on different retreats, and what particularly appealed to me with Ken and Sun’s was the very small group sizes, their down to earth attitude and the fact they work with an accredited indigenous Shaman in a natural jungle setting. This was critical for me, as I value my privacy and wished to experience the medicine in the most direct, authentic way possible – without any of the westernised mediation/ activities that come along with most other retreats. Ken and Sun provide an extremely supportive environment with an experienced team, so there is always someone there to help you and discuss things if you need to. However, if you need to be silent and process things alone – and just let the medicine do its work – that is possible too, and from my experience that enabled profoundly healing and joyful experiences, ones that I could not have had if I had been forced to join in group activities, stick to a rigid schedule or have 20-odd other people’s energy getting in the way.

They work with the highly experienced indigenous Shaman Tsentsak, who is quite frankly, a miraculous human being. Tsentsak exudes both deep strength and profound gentleness, and made me feel incredibly safe, so much so that I was able to open up to the medicine without reservation and inhibition. It is critical to take ayahuasca/ San Pedro with a Shaman you can trust, and who has no personal agenda – it is a serious, and oftentimes difficult undertaking, and the quality of one’s experience is directly influenced by the qualities of those around you.

Ken and Sun have secured a beautiful, natural location for the ceremonies, very close to their home. It is a cleared, private grassy area with a traditional ceremony hut – surrounded by jungle, and right next to a rushing river. You undertake the ceremonies with Tsentsak right on the river’s edge (or the hut depending on weather) and then allow the medicine to do its work while you lie back, looking at the stars, sitting by an outdoor fire and listening to the river. When you’re ready, you can then move into the beds in the hut to sleep. I’ve mostly slept outside as for me, the immediate connection to nature has been really important, but again Ken & Sun’s flexibility means that you can do what you need to without someone telling you you have to do things a certain way, or at a certain time. As with the quality of your companions, the quality of the setting profoundly influences the experience, and theirs is just wonderful. I should also mention that there are flushing toilets close by – right next to the hut – which is a blessing when the purgative aspect of the ayahuasca kicks in 🙂

As previously mentioned, Ken & Sun keep their group sizes small, which enables a high degree of personal attention, and customisation of your experience. On my first visit I think there were only six of us, and on my last visit – when I took San Pedro for the first time – I was lucky enough to be the only participant. I can’t emphasise enough the importance of a small group size, it really does make a difference. Imagine – just a few people, an amazing Shaman, the medicine, a river and the jungle….it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Well actually it does, when you get to sit down to one of Sun’s delicious vegetarian meals! You get to stay with Ken and Sun in their lovely, comfortable home, in a private room with your own bathroom. And again, there is opportunity for both communion with others should you choose, or privacy, depending on what you need. Sun is a very talented cook, and you will go home deeply nourished in both body and soul.

Ken and Sun are very special, generous people who have chosen to open their hearts and home to those of us seeking what the medicine has to offer. And I am extremely grateful that they have. For me, taking ayahuasca and SanPedro has been a truly life-changing experience, and something that continues to illuminate and enrich my daily, life long after the ceremonies have passed. It is powerful, intense stuff, and I wholeheartedly recommend Ken & Sun’s retreat as a fantastic way to have a truly authentic and supported experience.

November 22, 2016

Absolutely 10/10. You will not find a better place or a better price in South America to go through such a powerful experience.

When I started researching Ayahuasca retreats, I was looking for a place that would keep me safe, be there for me and walk me through whatever I was going to experience, was a smaller group setting, and that was authentic and took ayahuasca very seriously. Many ayahuasca places will say theyare safe and serious, but many fail to offer proper guidance and care and simply look to cash in on those that fail to prepare and research. Many also group you with up to 20 other people and give everyone the medicine. For such a powerful and introspective experience, that type of large group setting did not seem appealing to me at all.

When I first reached out to Ken, he was quick to answer me and gave me multiple phone numbers to reach him at. Any question I had, he would always respond to my emails within a day or two, a great sign to me, it showed me he took this seriously and wanted me to be informed. Ayahuasca is a powerful thing, so I naturally had my cautions and reservations about if I was ready. Ken talked with me, determined I was there for the right reasons, and helped to calm my nerves. He even said if I did not feel comfortable taking the ayahuasca, then that was fine, they would still take me to the site and give some meditations to do. Another great sign- it showed they were not just after my money.

When I arrived in Macas, Ken even got on the phone with a taxi driver for me (because I knew almost no spanish) and told him how to get me to his home. When I met Ken, the immediate air around him is calm, humble, and welcoming. You instantly feel a calm come over you when around him. His home where you stay outside of the ceremonies is very nice, I had my own room, with fast wifi, and a hot shower. If I just wanted to lay on the couch i his living room and watch tv, I was more than welcome to. He greeted me with fresh fruit and an overview of what the next few days would entail. It is so clear and apparent when talking to him that Ken cares so much about each person experiencing the healing and enlightening effects of ayahuasca. He wants nothing but the best for each participant. Then he introduced me to Shaman Sitsack (spelling?) so I knew who would be guiding me on my journey. There was only one of other person staying with Ken while I was there as well, a perfect small group setting. I had someone else participating in the ceremonies with me, but we were both able to be by ourselves, the perfect conditions in my opinion.The ceremony led by the shaman was fascinating and humbling and almost surreal to experience. The location of the ceremony site is amazing. Powerful, yet peaceful. Ken stayed with us the whole night, made sure we were doing ok but without being over bearing. He and the shaman gave us the space we needed and wanted but was always there if we needed him.

Everyone has extremely different experiences with the medicine, even between their own experiences. But it is always what the individual needs at the time. My 2 ceremonies were vastly different experiences.The first was very powerful emotionally. Ken was there for me when I wanted someone to talk to about my experience the next day. He helped me to gather my thoughts and offer explanation to my experience, which helped immensely. He even showed me a great trail to hike in the rain forest that led to a beautiful waterfall where I spent some time on my own to reflect. Also, the meals that were prepared for us were so delicious and harty, while also being in the Ayahuasca diet.

The next day Ken talked with the Shaman about my experience, and the Shaman adjusted my second ceremony accordingly and gave me more guidance for the second session. My second session was still very powerful emotionally, but in a much more peaceful, appreciative way. It was like A huge breath of fresh air mentally and emotionally. I wish I had time for more sessions, but I had a pretty strict timeline for my time in South America. Without a doubt, I will be returning to Ken for other ceremonies.

Ayahuasca In Ecuador is a truly special retreat. They care for you and want nothing more than for you to experience the healing power of ayahuasca in all possible ways. They are wise, loving, and take this seriously, and I cannot recommend them enough.

  • Member Since: October 27, 2016

October 27, 2016

I had been thinking about trying ayahuasca for a long time, for all the obvious reasons. So when I decided to travel South America for 3 months it was a must. There was no way I was going to do it unless I got a good feel and energy for the place and people I was about to have a life changing cleanse/experience with. When I found kens page I thought, I’ll email the guy and see how it goes from there. Straight away I could tell by his emails that he was a nice man. So after searching a few different places, my friend and I decided we would go to live with ken and sun in Macas in Ecuador for this experience. It was a great experience living in the country side, and being taken away to the jungle for the ceremonies. I could not recommend going to try your ayahuasca experience with ken and sun anymore. It was a great time and great experience because they really helped me and my friend to feel at home and to get the most out of the healing drug. Thank you Ken and Sun and I hope to see you both soon one day in the future.

  • Member Since: October 12, 2016

October 12, 2016

I went to ‘Ayahuasca in Ecuador’ for my first experience with Ayahuasca. I was quite nervous because it was my first time taking Ayahuasca, plus I’d heard time and again that it is imperative that one does it in the presence of an experienced shaman who knows what he is doing and that the right setting is important. How a backpacker like myself can ever be really sure he has found a trustworthy shaman I do not know! But I decided to go with these guys, mainly because I knew there would be a fluent speaker of English working for them who I could communicate with and who could translate for me and the shaman if necessary. Upon arrival at the setting I could immediately see that the setting was great… next to a river, surrounded by tropical forest, a traditional hut with beds, toilet facilities, and a couple of open fires. Hasan, who played the role of fluent English speaker and Spanish translator was very quick to make me feel at ease and very comfortable with the whole thing. The ceremony went so well that I returned for a 2nd one. Thank you Shaman and thanks again Hasan!

April 29, 2016

One of the best decisions I’ve made, ever!! I expected, after researching and preparing for many years, that I would be attending my first Aya ceremonies in Peru with the Shipibo Shamans. But then I found Ken and Sun in Macas, Ecuador, who work with Shuar Ayahuascaros/Shamans and I knew I found the right people and authentic experience for me! No large groups and no rigid schedules. Safe & affordable.
Wonderful people! The best food!!
And, the Shuar traditional Aya recipe & preparation is no where near as bad tasting or smelling as most other Aya brews. It actually tastes like extremely bitter coffee. Not bad at all, really.
During ceremonies here, you could stay with the shaman and small group or have privacy, but always with someone there if you need anything or just to check on you.
I had quite an intense detox purge, physically, mentally and emotionally, every ceremony, and simultaneously with deep powerful vision journeying. My other three companions had less intense experiences all around and by far, however.
The whole experience was one of personal healing, understanding and transformation, which Ken and Sun helped facilitate wonderfully for me and my friend.
I will return regularly!
My overall health and wellness has improved tremendously since returning home.
I cannot recommend Ken and Sun enough.
They are two beautiful Souls who simply help to facilitate the great potential for healing and Self-realization through traditional Shuar Aya ceremonies in one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to in my travels.

  • Member Since: August 16, 2015

August 16, 2015

Ken and his wife Sun’s hospitality is unmatched. Danielle the Shaman was wonderful and spiritualy strong. Everyone welcomed me with love and gratitude. I can honestly say my trips into the rainforest with ceremonies and the time I spent with Ken and Sun were absolutely PERFECT! Great people, great energy, and great & healthy food. If you’re looking for an authentic Ayahuasca experience with a real shaman and kind loving people, this is it.

July 14, 2015

i had a great time going to see Shaman Danielle. i was taken deep into the amazon jungle and got the best experience of my life. plus got to sleep in huts right by the river. i plan on bringing my family there. bring good rain boots and some change of clothes.

you can not miss out on this

July 10, 2015

Ken and his wife Sun facilitated my first ayahuasaca experience. Shaman Daniel is on protected Shu’ar land and this experience is no frills, no huge expense, and no wacky new-agey stuff. I’m not knocking that for those seeking it, but it wasn’t for me. Daniel’s technique has been passed down within the tribe for time in memorial.

When you trek back out of the jungle the day after drinking ayahuasca, you are treated to clean food; fresh fruits and vegetables, and homemade juice. Ken and Sun’s accommodation is gracious, clean, and comfortable. I can’t recommend them enough.

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