ayahuasca retreats with shipibo curanderos located inside a national reserve along a gorgeous river
Ayahuasca Foundation has an ayahuasca retreat center, an ayahuasca research center, and an ayahuasca medicine schoolayahuasca retreat participants stand with a forty year old ayahuasca vine located behind our Riosbo ayahuasca research centerayahuasca curandero initiation course participants stand with their teacher after completing the shamanic training courseayahuasca retreat participants huddling up for a love sharing workshopayahuasca ceremony during the curandero initiation courseayahuasca cup carved from the Noya Rao tree with Noya rao leaves around it, waiting for the ceremony to beginInkan Kena plant medicine school where the ayahuasca curandero initiation course is heldAyahuasca Foundation Retreat and Course Schedule for 2019

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Min. Cost: $1350
Max. Cost: $5850
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Ayahuasca Retreats and Courses in Iquitos, Peru

We offer the following Ayahuasca Retreats:

8 day Rejuvenation Retreat – $1350

REFRESH AND RESET: Attend 4 ceremonies at the Riosbo Research Center led by a Shipibo maestro. Also, receive various personalized plant treatments including plant baths, vapor baths, smoke baths, purgatives, inhalants, and also natural remedies.  Along with traditional treatment are integrative healing practices like epigenetic activation, breathwork, meditation, yoga, massage, and counseling.

2 week Ayahuasca Retreat – $1750

NOURISH YOUR SOUL: Attend 6 ceremonies led by a true Shipibo curandero.  Receive various additional plant treatments including plant baths, vapor baths, smoke baths, purgatives, inhalants, and other natural remedies. Complimentary practices on the retreat include massage, counseling, yoga, and meditation. Retreat participants can also go swimming, hiking, and fishing in the National Reserve.

3 week Total Healing Retreat – $2550

COMPLETE HEALING: Participate in 9 ayahuasca ceremonies led by a Shipibo curandero. Receive a complete program of plant treatments including vapor and plant baths, deep internal body cleanses, blood purification, and consciousness enhancement.  Extra offerings include yoga, massage, counseling, meditation, as well as swimming, hiking, fishing, star-gazing, and just relaxing in paradise.


We offer the following Ayahuasca Courses:

4 week Healing Empowerment Course – $3850

REVIVE YOUR HEALING POWER: Spend four weeks at the Riosbo Research Center and attend 11 ceremonies led by a Shipibo maestro.  Get the deepest personalized healing treatment program possible. Learn about the plant spirit healing tradition as well as modern methodologies and how to use them to activate and enhance your own healing power. Additional integrative practices help to guide your own personal process to fully empower yourself as a healer.

6 week Plant Medicine Course – $4450

PLANT SPIRIT COMMUNICATION: Intended for people who feel called to learn more about the healing tradition of plant medicine.  Students six weeks at the Chamisal Healing and Education Center with the Shipibo curandero don Ronor and attend up to 18 ceremonies. Do multiple short dietas with a variety of amazing plants in addition to receiving and learning to prepare plant remedies and treatments. Learn to make your own plant medicines with a true indigenous healer.

8 week Curandero Initiation Course – $5850

TRUE SHAMANIC TRAINING: Intended for people who want to study the authentic Shipibo tradition of healing with ayahuasca.  Students spend eight weeks with the maestro don Enrique at the Inkan Kena plant medicine school, attend up to 24 ceremonies and diet noya rao and other powerful teacher plants in addition to learning icaros, ceremony techniques, and plant remedies. It’s a unique opportunity to study traditional curanderismo with an authentic indigenous maestro.


The Ayahuasca Foundation was started in 2008 and is dedicated to the preservation and continuation of the ancient science of plant spirit medicine. We work with one Shipibo family of curanderos in a unique and pure style centered around the use of ayahuasca and the sacred tree, Noya Rao.

We offer dietas with Noya Rao during our courses and our treatments include over a dozen other plant remedies and daily healing work. We also include integrative practices like yoga, meditation, epigenetics, breathwork, massage, ayurveda, hypnosis, sound healing, channeling, and counseling.

It is our mission to guard the sacred tree of spiritual knowledge that has grown in the Amazon Rainforest for millenia, and replant the seeds of spiritual awareness so that new trees of forgotten wisdom will again grow throughout the world. Visit our website for more information. Thanks!


6 reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Member Since: July 11, 2018

July 11, 2018

I spent four weeks at The Ayahuasca Foundation’s Riosbos Research Centre in March 2018. It was a wonderful experience with a supportive group and attentive leaders. The Shaman, Don Miguel, is very loving and accessible during one’s stay. He and the leaders evaluate each person individually and their treatment is tailored to their own needs. The plant medicines are skilfully and accurately prepared to address personal issues. Each ceremony is safely conducted with appropriate support and follow-up. For me, I found the “dietas” was quite profound. I often think about returning to focus on certain things and to address other issues at a deeper level. After completing the program, I felt so clear, healthy and more connected to spirit. The experience is still a big part of who I am.
I recommend this program to anyone looking for a life changing experience.

July 9, 2018

Integral, holistic and incredibly caring <3 I honestly have a hard time composing an adequate description of the time I spent with the AF, but never did I imagine to be met the way that I did here. The care, the passion, the love, the dedication and the integrity with which the work is conducted at the Ayahusaca Foundation is incredibly inspiring and has left me a transformed being. I can highly – highly recommend it! This isn't a place to go for the fireworks, this is a place for healing of the whole.
I attended their 8-week initiation course and as long with a very thorough training on how to navigate the ceremonial space and an incredible amount of personal healing – we learned a great deal about how to empower ourselves and continue the work outside of ceremony. The knowledge and ability to continue the work and to properly integrate all the lessons is incredible valuable and I feel I left with a huge briefcase of well practiced tools and a big amount of homework. Between ceremonies we worked with different kinds of plant medicine, everything adding and balancing the time their. I can highly, highly recommend this organization!
Thank you!

July 9, 2018

I attended the eight day rejuvenation retreat and it was absolutely brilliant, I can’t fault it. As well as four ayahuasca ceremonies, we had a wide range of other treatments including purgations, vapour baths and smoke baths. The maestro, Don Miguel, prescribed treatments for any individual issues we had and also gave lectures on subjects like Shipibo culture and icaros. The ceremonies were beautiful, the aya was very clean and the assistants, Dean Sophia, Mike and Tiago were very well trained and caring. Carlos Tanner organised everything to perfection, liasing before and after the retreat with us. The center itself is pure magic, located in a national reserve next to the village of the local Mishana community, who are wonderful and actively involved with the center. There are lots of little touches included that really show that bit of extra care, like the jungle walk to see medicinal plants and a post-retreat counseling session to help you integrate your experience once you’ve got home. I’ve attended several aya retreats and I think this one is my favourite, I would just love to return for an extended stay.

August 30, 2016

I attended a 2-week ayahuasca retreat in March 2016 and it was absolutely amazing. I got picked up at the airport by their staff and they took 100% complete care of me during my entire journey. The camp was really awesome….there’s a river nearby for relaxing and cleansing swims, hammock deck for chilling, the staff is very knowledgable and friendly, the shaman was incredibly friendly and approachable, the food was very healthy and tasty. The ceremonies were powerful and life-changing. Outside of ceremony we also did a variety of other plant healing treatments and learned about the shipibo traditions. This is a fully integrated healing package. This truly is a complete detox and cleansing on every level. The community, the staff, the camp, the food – it’s truly an amazing combination. You will be happy you went here. Safe journey.

  • Member Since: January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014

I attended a 3-week retreat at AF in September 2014 and will be returning again later this year. At the risk of sounding like a cheerleader for AF, I can’t think of a single detail of the retreat that wasn’t well thought-out or could have been improved upon. A big “thumbs-up” to Carlos and his whole crew!

  • Member Since: January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014

My wife and I spent 2 weeks at the Mishana camp in June 2013, Carlos Tanner who set up and runs the foundation is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend anyone looking for a true healing experience to consider the Ayahuasca Foundation.

We where in a group of 9 (maximum) 10 people, and have made lifelong friends with everyone, the experience was magnificent and I will treasure the memories forever.

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