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  • Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Min. Cost: 1500
Max. Cost: 7000

In his path working with the medicine, Awaken Your Soul Founder Anthony Esposito began leading retreats full-time with Iboga in Costa Rica. After being initiated into the Bwiti tradition, experiencing his Rites of Passage and graduating from his shamanic Iboga provider training, he founded Awaken Your Soul with the intention of spreading the healing of this powerful teacher plant. He currently collaborates with retreats in Costa Rica, British Columbia, Gabon, Africa and also organizes private Iboga retreats in various places.

A beautiful gift available in our lives, Iboga medicine opens channels that enable us to travel deep inside of ourselves, accessing wounds that might be limiting our highest potential. A profound tool, Iboga is used in spiritual exploration for self-discovery, to heal deep trauma, to teach presence and to manifest abundance in our lives.

Our providers have trained under a 10th-generation shaman from Gabon, Africa to learn the Bwiti tradition and the wisdom of this sacred Iboga medicine. Providers have been pushed through Full Initiations and Rites of Passage into the Bwiti. Our approach to healing is shamanic, and ceremonies are led with a pure and channeled intention. We live and embody the wisdom of the Bwiti tradition, and are honored to share this knowledge in ceremonial Iboga work. Our work with this sacred plant is held with deep respect, and we provide an open, loving and protected environment for people to feel safe and free exploring themselves.

During Iboga retreats, our role as providers is to lead ceremony and hold space for others to have their own direct experience and to heal individually. Psycho-spiritual journeys with Iboga unlock the journeyer’s ability to access their subconscious mind and deepen a connection to their soul and the world around them.


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