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Ani Nii Shobo Shamanic Lodge & Reserve

4 reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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  • San Francisco de Yarinacoha, Pucallpa, Peru
Min. Cost: 100
Max. Cost: 150

Ani Nii Shobo is a non-profit organization, a healing sanctuary and a reserve located in the Peruvian amazon.

Our purpose is to share Shipibo plant medicine with visitors from all over the world who are seeking for healing, connection with nature and to open their hearts again to the majesty of life.

We preserve medicinal and teacher plants and trees and are passionate about planting and expanding the sacred forest around our community and caring for the rich wildlife.

We work all year round celebrating Ayahuasca ceremonies, sharing medicinal and teacher plants and are engaged permanently in healing treatments and Dietas with our visitors. We receive solo guests and/or groups any time of the year and arrange our retreats according to their time availability from 5 days up to 3 months and more if required.

Our bungalows by the lake, the dining and living room and our Maloka are all simple yet elegant, creating an atmosphere of beauty, comfort and connection to the jungle. Our healthy homemade food is famous among our visitors who celebrate our passionate cooks.

Visitors enjoy the beauty and exuberance of the jungle life which is an invitation to immerse into the silence within during their retreats and Dietas. And when they feel like it, they join our loving and joyful community of volunteers and go for day excursions around the reserve, canoe navigation on the lakes, visiting neighbor communities, learning Shipibo textile design, practicing yoga, receiving amazing Shipibo massages and much more.

We organize week expeditions around the Amazon to beautiful sites that touch our hearts and senses.


4 reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Member Since: April 4, 2019

April 4, 2019

I had no idea what to expect when I went to Peru for the first time but I can honestly say I felt so safe, taken care of and comfortable at Ani Nii Shobo. Absolutely stunning location and I had no idea the jungle sings such a beautiful symphony of birds. The people were some of the most loving you will ever meet, genuinely supportive and the owner is a truly exceptionally loving person who radiates heart. These people are truly wanting you to have the most healing and transformative experience possible and they do vital work supporting the local school. The bonds you make with the people there both local and visiting will last for life as you experience the journey of the benevolent healing gifts of the plants together. Plus food was amazing and great spaces to hang-out as a little community or be as alone as you like. You will look back on your time there like a beautiful dream that gave you back your heart.


March 4, 2019

Ani ni Shobo es un lugar único. El entorno, la medicina, la gente que te recibe y la infraestructura te permiten conectarte con la naturaleza y con tu propia naturaleza. Para mi fue una experiencia extremadamente enriquecedora y sin duda la volvería a vivir.

—In English—
Ani ni Shobo is a unique place. The environment, the medicine, the people who receive you and the infrastructure allow you to connect with nature and your own nature. For me it was an extremely enriching experience and I would definitely live it again.


February 18, 2019

Mi experiencia en ani ni shobo fue absolutamente mágica, en todo el sentido de la palabra, desde la magia del lugar su increíble belleza en el corazón de la selva peruana que te recibe con sus infinitos sonidos, caminar por el parque y conocer su enorme diversidad de flora es un capítulo más de esta hermosa aventura.
La posibilidad de compartir de forma tan cercana y amena con personas de distinta nacionalidad con sus propias ideas, creencias y vidas es algo que no tiene precio y se transforma en una experiencia muy enriquecedora para todos.
Punto aparte de la experiencia son las ceremonias con los maestros shipibos (Roger, Mitzu y los demás) la magia que se genera en la Maloca es para todos algo impresionante, para cada persona es un viaje diferente ya que se genera una unión entre tu cuerpo y tu mente que no puedes dejar de vivir y conocer,
He ido ani nii shobo 2 veces y espero volver, cada viaje fue diferente y cada experiencia un mundo distinto, lo vivido y aprendido me sigue acompañando, no solo por las ceremonias sino lo compartido con cada persona que pertenece a ani nii shobo que se esfuerzan cada día para hacer de tu estadía una experiencia inolvidable.
Espero volver pronto y ojalá más personas tengan la oportunidad de vivir esta hermosa aventura.

—In English—
My experience in ani ni shobo was absolutely magical, in every sense of the word, from the magic of the place its incredible beauty in the heart of the Peruvian jungle that receives you with its infinite sounds, walking through the park and knowing its enormous diversity of flora is one more chapter of this beautiful adventure.
The possibility of sharing so close and entertaining with people of different nationalities with their own ideas, beliefs and lives is something that is priceless and becomes a very enriching experience for all.
Point aside from the experience are the ceremonies with the shipibos masters (Roger, Mitzu and the others) the magic that is generated in the Maloca is for all something impressive, for each person it is a different trip since a union between your body is generated and your mind that you can not stop living and knowing,
I have been ani nii shobo 2 times and I hope to return, each trip was different and each experience a different world, what I lived and learned continues to accompany me, not only for the ceremonies but what is shared with each person that belongs to ani nii shobo that strive every day to make your stay an unforgettable experience.
I hope to return soon and I hope more people have the opportunity to live this beautiful adventure.


February 12, 2019

I lived my first experience with the shipibo medicine here and I totally recomend it. I felt always sure and taken care of, and this helped me to feel safe and really let my self go to live the experience.
Ani Nii Shobo is not only a (beautiful, comfortable and clean) retire place, but also a natural reserve where I could connect with the jungle and their healing plants. I’m profoundly thankfull for the experience, for all the love, care, rest, songs, good conversations, delicous food, walks in the jungle, sunsets in the canoa in the midle of the lagoon…
My experience in ANi Nii Shobo was defetitly life changing.
I hope I can come back soon!

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