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  • Maynas Province, Peru
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My name is Ryan Frechette,
I am The owner and creator of “A Spiritual Hand Ayahuasca Center” (ASHA Center) All i want to do is help people heal themselves and NOT be in the situation I was in! I have many videos on youtube describing what happened in my life, If I was only able to meet me several years earlier in life then I would have been able to save myself from a lot of the things I went through and put myself through! Depression, anxiety, even addiction, based around many negative happenings in my personal life experience! These lead to Suicidal thoughts, but not crazy like ones, just the thought that death made much more sense then life! This is all so wrong, I am proud to have learned that now! So i found spirituality which changed sooooo much in my life!! It was too amazing to find and see clearly I needed to heal myself and it was all coming from me! This eventually lead me to Ayahuasca. This is where my life REALY changed, I heard this was the MOST deepest, profound, and life changing spiritual thing one could do! So I did my homework and I couldn’t find ANYTHING bad about it! So I booked my trip to Peru, The ONLY place it can be experienced in the deepest state possible! Im a “go big or go home kind of guy! So i WENT BIG! You can see some of my journey on YouTube, but it changed my life! I had visions of helping people and this man that was also helping people!! I didn’t really know who this man was, but Mother Aya sure knew that it was suppose to be! I had an amazing trip to the jungle. SO, on the way out of the city i walked out of the Hotel and the same guy from my visions was RIGHT THERE!!!! I told him a little about my visions,(he also works with the medicine) he asked me to take a ride with him before I left, so I did. We went to a beautiful place to sit down and talk and the next thing you know here we are today almost a year later. I now work with this man, he is the manager at our center! He spoke to me that day about a tiny village he spent time at, they needed help to survive and had many children and no source of money! This community was in trouble and needed some luck, little did i know, I was the “Luck” they needed! So we set out to the village several months later after some planning to see this village. They surely needed some help, but they were just FULL of happiness and pure beauty! The really cool thing was that this Village is RIGHT on the Amazon river!! The most beautiful place in the WORLD!! It was paradise in the jungle! So I got some donations from many people around the world and we bought a piece of land off them, which gave them the money they desperately needed to be able to upgrade things they desperately needed! So we hired the villagers to help clean up this land and built on it. So now they have an economy and I take people to this magical place to help heal and see all this magic! It will change who you are at the CORE, your Soul! The best part of this is that these people are from the jungle! They love showing you all around their backyard which is thousands upon thousands of acres of PURE primary jungle, DIRECTLY on the AMAZON RIVER! Nothing like the locals showing you ALL they have learned living in the jungle for generations after generations! This is now part of the Aya retreat! Not only do you heal with the medicine but you help through learning what others do to survive and being an actual part of that! We don’t realize how spoiled we are until you watch how simple yet very happy people live! I tell you so much of my story because its important for you to see where i am coming from! It hurts me to think there are so many people out there right now, STRUGGLING with there own life, brain, soul, past, future, just like I use to! Its scary, so scary that you can start thinking death seems much smarter than life! No one chooses to or wants to feel this way! If you are interested in learning about healing yourself, seeing the jungle, hanging with a real village on the amazon who lives off the land/off grid ASHA Center is the place to be! I also have many videos showing a lot of what i speak of on YouTube, i want you to look us up, its important you feel comfortable with the place you attend and i try to show as much as possible without giving away all the goodies! Its important to be able to relate and see what type of place you will go too. This is why i recommend you look us up! Looking to go on a REAL adventure in the Peruvian Amazonian Rain Forest, lead by the people from that area. Do you want to heal yourself, get rid of those negative feelings you carry? Anyone can do Ayahuasca, but to do it with a true Shipbo Shaman from the ayahuasca origin of the jungle outside pucallpa! I did everything in my power to make sure every piece of this focus’s on TRUE traditional healing and helping YOU change YOUR life! If you have any questions about Ayahuasca or plant medicines, please contact me any way that is most comfortable!

Biggest Difference Between Us and The others:

We believe that after care is also a big part of your healing. Someone is always available to speak to at our center before, during, and after your stay!

You will have constant and direct contact with the Shaman through the ENTIRETY of your stay, most places you only see the shaman during ceremonies and you don’t really get to speak with them other then sharing your intentions, IF THAT EVEN!

The location is Literally ON the amazon river! Most say they are on the river and its actually a close but not true part of the Amazon River

Our shaman Family is from the jungle just outside of pucallpa, where this medicine originally came from, being the Shipibo blood line!

When you come here you are directly interacting with the village on the off time, visit the children in school and many other life changing experiences!

TOURS….We offer the coolest little adventures and experiences on your off time (everything is optional and included). Fishing for piranha, tracking sloths, jungle walks, we have the PERFECT spot to hang and swim with the pink dolphins of the amazon, feeding monkeys, we are open to suggestions too! Ask us if we can do something that you always wanted and I’m sure we can get you set up!

Also have other plant medicine you are able to try.

When you come to ASHA Center you can see that your healing yourself and others all at the same time. We believe in true healing for all, so just you arriving is giving this village love and light!

We follow an Aya diet here but you would never know it, This has to be what disappointed me about other places i have stayed at. The food was Terrible! We eat healthy and it is soon delicious! i Think food is very important! you spend money to heal yourself, That should include very tasty food. What you put in your body is very important for what you get back out of it! I have to say, i don’t think you could get better food elsewhere!!

Comfort is soon important when it comes to healing. When you are 100% comfortable it opens you up, the more at home you are the deeper and more profound experience you are able to have! We stop at nothing to make sure you are AT HOME here with us! The connectivity you experience here is true, we feel what you need before you can even ask!

Almost everyone that leaves tells me that they have known people there whole lives, best friends and they have never felt a more stronger family/friend relationships in just on week with strangers than a life time with best friends! You are OUR FAMILY!

Our medicine comes from our Shaman out of the jungle outside pucallpa the origin of shipibo culture. We have a concentrated and even double refined brew. The thickness proves it all. Also we believe that mixing many plants into the brew is a bit much. We stick to the main ingredients that truly work. There are to many out there that are adding all these crazy things instead of just mastering the original recipe!

You will ALWAYS be taken care of! I hear so many stories of people being aloud to wonder off into the jungle and “Be with the trees” and things of that nature. everything at ASHA is under a controlled and supervised environment. We give you all the privacy you would ever need, Yet while working with the medicine, we are far enough away physically but always with you! This you feel one day one! we all want to be cared for and looked after, we know this very well! we also make sure there is only the people of the village and who should be there aloud on the property, point being, the only way one can do work is when they are safe, we make sure you are ALWAYS safe to do the deepest work possible!


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November 16, 2017

What up everybody. Mike here just saying hello to the future ASHA member, family, customers…lol…No but seriously the moment you arrive in Peru you are truly treated like family. I felt more at home in Peru than how I feel when Im at home, isnt that crazy. Im looking forward in going back in a few months. This time I want to stay a month not just a week. I love A Spiritual Hand!!!!!

November 16, 2017

The Best The Best The Best Experience Ever!!!!!!. Wow I had a blast. Living in the jungle for a week was so amazing. I felt so safe with all the unknowns. Danny was leading the retreat and he is the best guide I have ever seen. I kid you not, I saw him dive into the amazon river and literally hunting for anything. The way they catch the catfish is really amazing. Im just really impressed with the shaman for facilitating my communication with Mother Ayahuasca. Thank you ASHA for being so professional.

November 15, 2017


Just wanted to drop a few lines here in this site because this is the site that I found when I was soul searching. I could not tell you how many reviews I read of so many different companies. I couldnt tell you what it was about A Spiritual Hand that caught my attention but precisely this is the reason why Im writing a few words.

All the reviews that you will read let me say that its truly what it is, incredible. I came from ASHA Center a new woman. I could summarize it by saying that I let everything in the past where it belongs, in the past. I’m ready for my next chapter in life. I want to thank all the people that were in my tour for being so supportive, caring, and comprehensive.

Love you all!!!!


November 13, 2017

Recuerdo cuando estaba en duda si el Ayahuasca seria una medicina o una droga. Yo siempre he sido una persona que huye a las drogras y por muchos anos estaba ansiosa en conocer lo que staba al otro lado del mundo por decirlo asi. Siendo honesta hasta el mismo dia cuando aterize en Peru, sentia que estaba quebrando un mandamiento biblico. Pero la realidad es que toda creacion es hecha por Dios y esta medicina se deriva por la misma creacion y plantas que Dios puso en esta planeta.

Ahora que regrese a mi hogar siento un alivio. Tantas dudas que mi propia religion no me ha podido contestar pues ahora la madre Ayahuasca me ha ensenado el porque de las cosas. Sin lugar a duda es algo espiritual y conlleva a un aclaramiento singular tanto mental como espiritual. Quize expresarme en este comentario porque estoy segura que hay mas gente como yo que sienten esa misma duda.

Sinceremante fue la mejor experencia de mi vida gracias a esta compania, Spiritual Hand, por darle la mano. Estoy super agradecida.
In English:
I remember when I was in doubt whether Ayahuasca would be a medicine or a drug. I have always been a person who flees to the drugs and for many years I was anxious to know what was on the other side of the world, to say the least. Being honest until the same day when I landed in Peru, I felt that I was breaking a biblical commandment. But the reality is that all creation is made by God and this medicine is derived by the same creation and plants that God put on this planet.

Now that I return to my home I feel a relief. So many doubts that my own religion has not been able to answer me because now Mother Ayahuasca has taught me the why of things. Undoubtedly it is something spiritual and leads to a unique mental and spiritual clarification. I wanted to express myself in this comment because I’m sure there are more people like me who feel that same doubt.

It was sincerely the best experience of my life thanks to this company, Spiritual Hand, for shaking hands. I’m super grateful.

November 13, 2017

What up everybody, Victor here, wanted to give an outlook for all you upcoming Ayahuasca fanatics. If you have never done Ayahuasca let me state that is not what you might think it is. Its basically a brew that tastes like shit to the point that once you consume it within minutes to a few hours you body goes into a form of shock and either you start vomiting or have massive diarrhea. I just got back home from my retreat and just thinking about the taste make me want to barf.

Crazy enough if I had to do it all over again I would. Yup thats right. I would have never believed ever in my life that I had to put myself through that to fully understand so much about me and my issues. Everybody has different side effects when your going through the ceremony but all I got to say is that I wanted to quit on the first day. Thanks to the direction, compassion, and understanding of the shawman I was able to build the courage to continue with the week program.

All I could say is that don’t give up and don’t look back, just dive right in and commit to the process. If you do Ayahuasca you could literally overcome anything I promise you. You will feel like I do, invincible and unstoppable, nothing will get in my way now. Thank you Ryan and for all the team for dealing with me I know I wasn’t the easiest of clients to deal with.


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November 3, 2017

I checked out a spiritual hand for 7 months before going. I had specific help I needed due to an extreamily dark ayahasca center out of tarapoto peru where I had taken the mythic voyage. Ryan worked very hard for me even though I was so inflicted and so lost that I had gone into the hospital more then 3 times due to the inflictions that daily came upon me from someone elses retreat. Even though it was frusterating for him at time due to my inflicting spirits from fauls shamans, his strong heart and love he put into me, finely sunk in and I had trust again. I’m very greatful I chose to trust Ryan. It was very hard for me due to the abuse I had faced from the first time I did Ayahasca.
When I got to a Spiritual Hand the Staff “Danny, Hilmer, and Wilma greated me with open arms, they did not judge me, instead they embraced me. My inflictions were exstream. I needed more then a basic ayahasca retreat. Ryan had made sure I would be the only one there recieving the help I needed knowing my soul and life depended on it. And It did.
Wilma Ryans shaman took me by the hand. She watched over me along with the rest of the staff. The team faught for me and with me in my healing prosses. They even kept me there a couple days longer to ensure I was ok before I left. They took the time to gather exstra herbs and made special remidies for me to heal. They also took on part of the infliction while I need so much help. We worked together as a team. Never in my life had I found a group with so much love to do that for a total stranger. They went up against an entire tribe of dark practitions who had used ayahasca to control and drain my energy for 2 years before I got to them. I trust them full heartedly and will be going back to continue my healing and know that I will never have to go to a differant shaman. Wilma is the bomb!
Danny was very cool, he made my trip very fun. He was a gentleman. He didnt make me feel unconfortable even when I was fighting the man who had all the nasty done to me. Instead he guided me to and from the bathroom as well as taking me to do pretty much anything I wanted to do within staff safety. He was a great boat driver as well as a wonderful friend. I look forward to seeing him again soon.
Hilmer is a wonderful cook. She made the right food with the most awesome taste. She too helped with my ayahasca cerimony buy being there and her wonderful energy with a smile all the time. She is now my friend and I have found a group that I look forward to spending future time with.
They treated me like family. They treated me like the lady that I am. This is a group that I as a Spiritual worker of 21 years now will be recommending to anyone of my clients to go too.
I’m so greatful to them. But even more I feel blessed to have been Guided to them and that they chose to take me under their wings.
I recommend them over any other ayahasca retreat. The group is small but it is strong, accurate, and they get the job done. They are real shibibo shamans with total love, and they didnt back down for a minute in helping me. I look forward to my next trip.
I send them all my love and graditude. In God of heaven they trust and with Grandmother Ayahasca they use, the queen of all the jungle.
Thank you for loving me.
I love you all so much.
Love Spiritual Adviser Alethea Rhlannon

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October 26, 2017

Kiko herre sorry inglish bad. Wanted say Ryan my new best friend, brother, mentor he’s beutiful. ASHA change my life for ever. I wasnt told I was going to get sick, but I understan why vomitting is so important. So please understand that you will get sick but its important to get everything out to start fresh. Nothing to worry just undertan that yu are not alone. Everibody in tour got sick but everibody happy that stuck thruu it. Im bringing father and sister next time. I plan to be in ASHA Center first week of Jan 2018, please join me and I will help you understand the way to the light.

October 26, 2017


Mi name is Larry Sanchez. Im proud to say that I had the best time of my life in Peru. Besides the Marucuya(drink) and the Lomo Saltado which I highly sugguest you eat when you arrive in Akitos, the next best thing was staying at the center of A Spiritual Hand. I got to say I got the treatment of a king. From the moment I was in the airport I got escorted to all the destinations. Im sure if I had asked Danny to hold my hand he would have but I dont roll like but im just saying they make you feel welcome in a third world country.

October 25, 2017

Everything was just perfect..perfection is ASHA. I was once just like you reading all the reviews…stop reading and sign up with ASHA…best investment on yourself

October 25, 2017

You got to be open minded before you even think about reconnecting your soul with mother nature. Everyone has a different experience when doing Ayahuasca but we all have one thing in common and that is we all become more aware of the inner demons that control our lifes. It may sound horrible but the truth the only to change our outcome life is to be fully aware of whats holding us back. Ayahuasca has been the gateway for truly knowing my purpose in life and what I need to focus my attention, my time, my resources on. Thank you Spiritual Hand for making this possible for me.

October 25, 2017

I wish I could give it more than just 5 stars. My mind is blown by the experience that I had. I originally went for the 7 day tour but elected to stay an additional 4 more days at the ASHA Center. A Spiritual Hand is the perfect place to let go of everything. I’m sure if your reading this you could relate with me that we all need a detox from the day to day grind of life. I will admit the first two days were the hardest for me since my body did not take the medicine so well but I stuck to the program. My body realized by the third ceremony that this is what I needed to do and it get easier as you go through the process.

October 23, 2017

My experience at ASHA was exactly what I was looking for. This was my first time in ceremony and the atmosphere was perfect for me to deeply connect with nature and Source for incredible healing. The fact that the group was small encouraged loving connection with passengers and staff. The setting was beautiful and authentic, providing time for introspection, relaxation, and emotional processing. The jungle excursions provided some good fun and bonding time, as well as education about the nature we were immersed in and the culture. The love Ryan has for plant medicine is clear, as well as his desire to provide a place where true life changing healing can occur, and he is doing an amazing job! Most importantly, the Shaman Wilma is extraordinary! Loving, gentle, powerful…she is the real deal. Thank You ASHA

October 18, 2017

The people were great! The food was awesome. The time I spent was very nice also very informative. The workers was very helpful. They did almost everything so I can keep a smile on my face. Very therapeutic, peaceful and loving establishment. It’s a great opportunity to get well connected with nature.

September 21, 2017

Having been to the highest rated place on (pulse adventure tours) before later coming here I was completely blown away by ASHA. The first place I drank at I felt ignored and like I was just a dollar sign. The medicine was weak and I didn’t get anywhere in my ceremonies.

In stark contrast to my last experience, from the moment I landed in Iquitos I felt cared for and truly respected by Ryan and the team at ASHA. From personally picking me up (and sending me off) at the airport to always being there to talk to these beautiful people did everything for me. The location could not be any better and the food was amazing. Far better than the last place I went to and the majority of it was grown organically at the center. I had the option to do various activities most days and I was constantly impressed with the teams vast knowledge of all things Amazonian.

Now the ceremonies were the part that blew me away the most. Firstly the groups were a lot smaller than the last center I had attended which had crowd control problems during several ceremonies. At ASHA the facilitators were infinitely better; perfect even. They made sure everyone was prepared before and Ryan personally spoke to everyone every day which is far more attention and care than you’d get at any other centre.

The medicine was very thick and at least twice as potent as the medicine at pulse despite the facillitators at pulse bragging about how their medicine was the strongest. Even more importantly the Shaman at ASHA, Wilma was perfect to work with. She is by far my favourite Shaman to have worked with and healed me like no other singing the most beautful icaros :-). At almost all centres including pulse they hide the shaman away but Wilma was incredibly friendly and answered all my questions and helped me process my experiences and work with the medicines. That is rare and something I absolutely treasure. At ASHA I got infinitely farther within myself than at Pulse tours which was a big disappointment. Honestly without the healing I finally got at ASHA I would likely have killed myself by now. I literally owe this place my life.

Ryan is an incredible guy and a real sweetheart. If you’re looking not for a recreational experience but real thorough healing at a place free of egotism where you are actually treated with the respect and care you deserve speak to Ryan and I can guarantee you will have zero regrets. Much love to the team at ASHA; you’ve saved my life!

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September 20, 2017

There really is no way to describe this experience. What I can say is that this a an experience of a lifetime in a safe and secure environment where you will feel comfortable and supported on you journey.

I have visited to other centers in Peru in the past and this by far has been the most rewarding by far!

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August 17, 2017

What up everybody!!!!! Listen…you got to come to Peru and experience what A Spiritual Hand has to offer. Its been a crazy roller coaster for me personally to take the plunge in coming across the other side of the country(I live in USA). I must say it was worth every penny. Let me put it this way, who is going to love you more than yourself? Then why wouldn’t you invest in yourself and take care of your body, mind, and soul?

I know its a lot easier said than done, but hey if I could do it you could do it. I had everybody starting with my own family telling me how this was a bad idea but you know the good old phrase, “dont judge a book by its cover”. If its one thing I learned from this trip to Peru and doing this week long retreat was that everybody likes to give there opinion and usually they are not qualified to give such advice.

Mother Ayahuasca help me understand that the reason why it took so long for me to get far in life was because of all the negativity around me even though I love them with all my heart. If you want to come or have any curiosity just do it. The best thing is to not even tell anybody then when you go back home you preach to everyone how your journey to enlightenment was the best experience ever.


August 16, 2017

Dejame introducirme yo soy Bori Pati.

Esto fue una aventura. Me quede pasmado de la medicina. Esto fue lo que mi cuerpo me estaba pidiendo por años. Me matriculé es todas las iglesias. Yo leí la Biblia desde la primera hasta la última página. Es más hasta te estudie el Koran y nada surgió efecto hasta ahora que encontré la medicina espectacular. Gracias a Ryan y todos los miembros del centro de ASHA. Los amo a todos or transformar mi vida.

In English:
Let me introduce myself, I am Bori Pati.

This was an adventure. I was amazed at the medicine. This was what my body was asking me for years. I enrolled is all the churches. I read the Bible from the first page to the last page. It is more until you study the Koran and nothing came about so far that I found the medicine spectacular. Thanks to Ryan and all members of the ASHA center. I love you all or transform my life.

August 15, 2017

Sorry no speaka Inglish


Quiero disculpar para todos aquellos quienes son hablantes de Ingles, yo soy latina y estoy aprendiendo poco a poco el idioma. Pero no quize dejar que eso fuera la razon en dejar un mensaje de lo maravilloso que fue mi experencia con este retiro de Ayahuasca. Fue todo fenomenal y todos deberian ir y hacerlo.


In English:


I want to apologize to all those who are English speakers, I am Latina and I am learning the language little by little. But I did not want to let that be the reason to leave a message of how wonderful my experience with this retreat of Ayahuasca was. It was all great and everyone should go and do it.


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August 10, 2017

Akagi here.

Truly favulus. Powerfu medicin. Ryan very help full. Thank yu everybodi for making it special. Yu must go!!!!

August 2, 2017


Mi name Shuji. Had great time. Danny master very smart with jungle. Chaman amaxing very powerful with spirit catching. I have great life now, thank you.

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July 17, 2017

I had the best time of my life. It was better than expected. ASHA Center is transforming lifes. Words cant express the way i feel. My lifes purpose is clear now and I see what Im destined to do. Thank you so much Ryan for guiding me through the process, your the man!!!

May 14, 2017

A Spiritual Hand is a safe place to experience Ayahuasca. This will be my second Ayahuasca retreat and my first one was in Brazil with another company that I won’t disclose out of respect to them. I will say that I’m taking the time to write about A Spiritual Hand because this was by far the best experience yet. The energy is great and it was very important to me because it’s the only way it allowed me to fully transform my inner darkness and convert it into something beautiful and satured. Now experiencing and seeing how things are done in Peru I could say that from here on forward I would only recommend this retreat, ASHA Center is the best!!!!

May 9, 2017

THIS is it, this is the place, this is the one you’ve been looking for. My experience has been nothing short of miraculous. The place is right on the Amazon River, the food was all natural, fresh, and exquisite, and the staff are all expert at what they do. I was met at the airport, brought to the hotel until the others arrived, shown everything around, brought by boat the the center, which is beautiful, and taken care of. I never understood “safe spaces” before, but this place made me feel safe and I felt a peace I never have before. I had a lot wrong with me including a number of physical ailments, many of which they had the cure. So tell them EVERYTHING when you go – you’ll be amazed.
I’m not going to go into everything here and now, but contact Ryan, the owner, and I’ll tell you how much my life has changed over just two weeks.

April 30, 2017

It was different from what I had imagined. I realized my imagination came short to what I experienced with A Spiritual Hand. They are a company that prides themselves in excellence because they really put some thought about the whole process of healing. The journey is sacred from the start. The jungle excursion was the best for me because where I’m from there is nothing like it. Peace and tranquility are just nonsense words to describe how wonderful this place is. I’m not the type to leave reviews ro post things in Facebook but let me tell you I have no choice but to share and talk about this place that is hands down the cure to many conditions any civilized human being has by default. Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia is all in the past the moment you come to the ASHA retreat. I was mind blown to see how not only me but all us in the group did not want to leave when the retreat was over. The tears of emotion and the hugs and not just ordinary hugs, these were real hugs taht come from a person that truly cares and loves you. OMG!!!!…I left Peru with a new family. Thank you so much A Spiritual Hand for giving me the purpose in life


P.S: what are you wating for…. join on the next retreat!!!!!!

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April 28, 2017

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!!! The most professional staff from the facilitators, the shaman, the tour guide, everybody was just amazing. I cant believe there is a hidden gem deep inside the Amazon and how I was blessed to experience an unforgettable experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. When I told my family I was going to Peru to do Ayahuasca, everybody all of sudden got worried for me. Its the safest place on this planet!!!!! We dont see the dangers around us because we live in it every day so we as human get desensitize to it all and are quick to judge the unknown. Well let me bring you all at ease, A Spiritual Hand is the safest place you will ever be to lift yourselft to a higher enlightenment.

April 27, 2017

I just returned from an Ayahuaska journey at the ASH center that was beyond epic!
I’ve always dreamed of going to a spiritual retreat in Peru. By fate and in great timing, I took a blind leap into the Amazon. I let go completely and felt safe in the center with the native staff. The tour guides pick you up from the airport and from that moment on you are in paradise. We transported to the center by boat down the amazon to the heart of the Earth. The Medicine Shaman Woman from the Shipibo tribe facilitates incredible Ayuhascha ceremonies. She knows what she is doing and creates beautiful embroidery tapestries, clothing and jewelry of the Icaros. I got more than I ever thought I’d experience. The boat tours, hiking to the 20,000 year old tree, the cabana, the dieta, the Kambo, Aya, remedies, the stellar staff and everything about this was worth going! A really good price for all we were offered. I even learned how to use and administer jungle remedies. Im going to keep healing after this I feel complete and like I received everything needed to stay not the right path. I felt an experienced nirvana and enlightenment. I see the world with new eyes, protected and walking in the light. And if this is just the beginning and theres more than that during the process, Im going back and bringing family and friends! Thank you ASH center it was an honor.
-Susanne Gardner Massage Therapist/ Reiki Master

April 27, 2017

I served in the military for over 8 years and have been honorably discharged. With that came many sacrifices and results that Im not to proud of. I’ll start off by saying I was away from my family too long and now the wife I had no longer wanted to stay with me. My relationship with my two kids well its hanging by a thread. I will admit that hurt me more than when I got the news that my leg needed to get amputated. This is just some of the many scars I got to live with for the rest of my life and it should not alarm whom ever is reading this to know that I ended up with PTSD(post-traumatic stress disorder). I have been searching for the outlet for what I need to bring balance into my life. Just as any fellow Marine in my circumstance will do, you ask for help. I got the assistance from a shrink, got the pills, and the list goes on but nothing was working. I knew deep inside there was something else that could help me with my depression and I found it with A SPIRITUAL HAND. The moment I came across their website I knew deep inside I had found what I needed. Let me tell you, I no longer need a shrink, I no longer take pills, and best of all with the help of Ryan and his crew and mother ayahuasca I could proudly say I no longer have PTSD. So for all of you struggling with any form of depression you need help and the best help is coming down to Peru and having A SPIRITUAL HAND give you the hand that you need.

April 21, 2017

Hello my name is Clara. After many months of research I found the best retreat and the most beautiful place on earth, A Spiritual Hand Center. Im in deep love with this place and did not want to go home because I found a new definition of what home should feel like. I enjoyed everybody that I shared my Ayahuasca experience with but I must say whom I enjoyed the most was the connection I had with the shaman. She was like the mother I never had. For some reason from day one I could not leave her sight and the best part of it all she didnt seemed to mind. The communication and the bond was so perfect that it made it much more pleasent to proceed with the Ayahuasca ceremonies. The other person who I enjoyed was the tour guide. From the moment I saw him I knew he was experienced and knowledgeable. I have been in some other tours non-ayahuasca related that the tour guide would either get lost or just simply uneasy in what his role was and I did not get that feeling at all in this retreat. Last but not least, I want to thank Ryan, owner of ASHA, for being such a blessing to my life. I could not thank you enough for changing my life.


April 17, 2017

I just got back a few days ago from the most amazing experience in my life. I was in the tour that started from April 3- April 10 and it definetly was the best gift I have ever given to myself. Hands down the best 7 days of my life thanks to A Spiritual Hand!!!! I learned so much about myself but if it’s one thing I will like to share is this: That great things come when you approach fear. I was scared out of my mind especially watching all those YouTube videos of people vomiting their guts out once they took Ayahuasca. I was scared of all the posible side effects. I was scared of the thought of mosquitos biting me I mean if you were to only see how much I over packed for the trip it was hilarious. Not only did I buy enough mosquito repellant to go around the whole village I was staying in but all the unnecessary belongings that I brought with me. All the clothes like if I was going out to the club I clearly realized that I was fearfull in how others saw me at the retreat. Now I’m not saying self-awareness is not important but it hit me how much fear leads to insecurities. This trip to the Ayahuasca center of A Spiritual Hand it helped me so much. It’s a magical place and a remarkable experience you got to go…Im already planning going back in the next 6 months.

April 16, 2017

Im a single mother of two children and let me tell you if I did it you could do it too. I had to make special arrangements for me to make this trip possible as you could imagine. As a parent, we normally deprive ourselves of doing things for ourselves for the sake of pleasing our children first. Well years upon years of doing this my body was giving me signs that I needed to recharge my body and soul. I did my research and I quickly realized that A Spiritual Hand was my best option to experiment with this medicine called Ayahuasca. Obviously, there are other retreats that offer similar services but the reason why I went with A Spiritual Hand is because they seemed so genuine and vastly knowledgeable with the process of Ayahuasca. I wanted to be safe and not worry about anything and that is exactly what I got from Ryan and his crew. Everything was perfect and I recommend to everybody who wants to connect with mother nature to go with this company because they are truly professionals.

April 12, 2017

When I first heard of Ayahuasca and I got to admit I was the first to brush it under the rug because I was wired to believe that any source outside of God is evil. I come from a very religious background and with that many limitations and a very narrow perspective in life. Then life started hitting hard and brought me down to my knees begging for help. Everything I knew in how to solve my situation was not really helping and hte closest relief to my situation was to believe that this is happening for a reason. Then I remebered a saying if you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Well I did go into many stages of depression to the boderline of insanity and then it clicked I needed to do something different.

Well in my journey in seeking spiritual enlightenment I came across Ayahuasca once again and it took a lot for me to build the courage to step outside my element. At first I was thinking in all the reasons why I shouldnt do it and I must admit even after I made the decision of going it felt wrong. I was even second guessing myself just thinking how was I going to get around Peru if I dont even know how to speak Spanish. Let me tell you that the moment I arrived in Peru everything started changing. When I saw the staff from A Spiritual Hand at the airport welcoming me to my arrival I felt safe. All my worries had vanished.

From that moment on everything was amazing. Its hard to admit but I was really scared abouit it all but I’m so glad that I pushed through my insecurities and didnt have my ego take over. If your reading and you resonage with what I’m saying just remember that its normal to feel that way in the beginning. I promise you that doing the Ayahuasca retreat with A Spiritual Hand is the best decision you could do in your life, it will literaly change everything for the better

April 2, 2017

This is one of the experiences that I remember at some point of my every day, since it all happened last year on 2016.

I embarked into it with many factors at my sights, and it signified such a good turn to take in my Life. It brought more light than I could’ve ever fathomed beforehand.

Thankfullness is a strong feeling with this one. And ever since, my eyes are so sensitive to what the Universe reflects through our World, our Nature, our fellow humans. My eyes and my heart are open to receive the messages of Existence in a way that I didn’t quite know I could Feel; just by typing this there are many emotions coming, resounding to my core.

I learned so much… about me, about my identity, about my world and my demons, about my angels.

Who knew 2 months in the Amazon, could go by in a mere blink?
Who knew so much about Life, could be compressed within sixtysomething days?

This world is flooded with endless, ever-going Mysticism, and it fulfills me to realize this Center concentrates such armonic and chill waves of it, and that I am now part of it, and it’s a part of me.

Friendship. Warmth. Understanding. Expansion. Depth. Sparks. Blessed food. Nature’s embrace.

My path and my Soul have been forever touched by my brother Ryan’s Spiritual Hand.

I will periodically come back HOME.

March 15, 2017

wow for starts I can’t express how much this center has done for me! Everywhere from stepping off the plane and being in good hands through out the whole trip! Being on the Amazon River alone was amazing!! The city was fun but the actual center is so beautiful! The amazing staff of this center was very comforting and helpful through everything the food the views from the rooms where so beautiful the jungle was filled with amazing plants and wild life! me and my boyfriend both went to asha looking for a new type of adventure and we got that and some def 5 stars thank you a spiritual hand for having us! Amazing!

  • Member Since: March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017

Okay so my time here at Asha is one that I almost can’t describe! For one the food was soooo amazing!everyone is so helpful and amazing it’s really home like and was like a little jungle family but anyway the medicine was strong and I experienced what was life changing for me I went to this retreat kind of a mess my life was a little all over the place when I left I felt so relieved!! So fresh so new like I had meaning to get back to my life and make certain changes and I did I have been clean and sober for a while I changed alot of other things as well for the better! But I have been to other places and we’ll it’s just not the same as Asha. The ppl here are amazing the food is amazing the experience is priceless I’ll forever go to this amazing piece of land! Thank you Asha and Ryan frechette! Your amazing! 🙂

March 3, 2017

Let me start with Wow!!! WOW!!! Wow!!!. A Spiritual Hand is by far the best retreat I have ever had. I always plan to visit a new place every year. Let me tell you I have traveled many different places and this trip was by far the best experience I have ever had.

For those whom are reading this post I’m sure you could relate when I say sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation, right? Not from this place. Usually when I come home from a vacation I get that sense of relief and for the first time ever in my life I felt the complete opposite. Its been about roughly 1 month since I got back from ASHA Center and I still feel the urge to go right back to Peru. Everybody needs to come see what they got to offer. For me personally it was a wakeup call and a soul clense all at once.


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February 28, 2017

Hi!My name is Denise and I went to this center in February this year. First time I’ve been in Peru and Iquitos. I must say that I loved the place, witch it’s in the jungle. I felt very safe on the ceremonies with the shaman and the safekeepers. In the whole week I was there. The food is great, very organic. The rooms where great with beautiful views. I would highly recommend this place for anyone who’s travelling alone. Never felt alone or abandon in any way.

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February 28, 2017

I have been to a few centers all fine.
AshA center though blew my mind!
The staff picked my mom and I up from the airport and from the second we were picked up, my mom and I were catered to and relieved of any worry.
All of our bags were taken and always exactly where we needed them. The center is beautiful and I loved every adventure we were taken on. I held a baby sloth, swam in a natural spring in the deep jungle during a hike to one of the oldest trees I have ever seen. We saw dolphins and went fishing.
We had fresh tasty meals, they did our laundry, taught us about the jungle and the culture. One of the most powerful and hard working shamans I have worked with. We had such individualized attention. I was given daily remedies, a massage, flowerbaths, junge sauna, and several talks with Wilma about intentions and insight with ceremonies. We got a tour of the land and village and got to meet the people who lived there. Everyone was kind and friendly. There is a lot of love in this village!
I was able to heal some deep rooted things I had been working on for awhile.
I will always be grateful for the healing and love AshA and all the staff showed me. And I will be back soon!
Thank you all!

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February 28, 2017

Since joining the asha group it has made a huge impact on my life both mentally and physically. Before this group my mindset was limited in that I had made my own limitations on what I thought was possible in life, I had always thought these barriers we make for ourselves in our own minds and that of society’s expectations were what life was and what it was always going to be. My mindset now is positive open and the belief that anything is possible with self belief and determination. I wake up each day now feeling blessed that it’s another new day and I am excited about what the future may hold for me. Physically I have more energy more get up and go just thrive for each new challenge. I really hope many others can experience this wonderful feeling and spread it world wide. 🙂


February 14, 2017

A Spiritual Hand was a life changing experience for me! I traveled alone from the United States. As soon as I touched down in Iquitos I was welcomed by the ASHA center staff. That was when my five star treatment began. They relieved me of my bags and escorted me to our transportation. I stayed one night in Iquitos while the other passangers in our group arrived. The hotel was very nice and a warm shower after 18 hours of travel was amazing. I was shown a great spot to have a meal that was on my Ayahuasca dieta.
After a great nights rest and a delicious breakfast we were off to the jungle. We went by river fairy, they have a great relationship with the boat owners so we had all of our things safely secured and they had hammocks waiting for us. On the last stretch of our boat ride the captain allowed our group to go on the top of the boat. I loved this opportunity, it allowed for me to take some great pictures.
We arrived at the center and it was a beautiful facility and very well kept. The staff was all waiting to greet us. The shaman purified us right away apon our arrival. They took care of all our luggage and showed us around the property.
They fed us the most wonderful hommeade food. All of the food we ate was grown on the property.
We met with the shaman and discussed with her our intentions for our ceremonies. Through out the stay the shaman would give us remedies that were spicific to our intentions. We were given a ginger massage a special herbal sauna session. Before each of our ayahuasca ceromonies we were purified with a flower essence bath, all organic to the jungle.
The shaman took very good care of us after our ceromonies by sitting with us and discussing what we had experienced.
All of my journeys with mother aya were amazing, the dosing, the atmosphere and the facilitators just amazing.
Each day we had an optional activity to do (weather permitting). One day we went sloth searching and found a baby one. I went parana fishing, pink dolphin watching and a jungle adventure walk as well. We got to drink water from a vine and swim in a natural waterfall spring.
The guides were so great and had answers to all of my questions.
One of my favorite parts was feeling like I was at home!!! They were always checking in and making sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed.
I was living like a queen at the Asha center. This trip changed my life and has continued to do so apon my arrival back home.

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July 11, 2016

I am not even sure where to begin!? This place changed my life! I always felt like life was so messed up and i just needed some peace! I was so sick and tired of feeling like life was never going to get better. Once i had chosen to try Ayahuasca, I had so many places to choose from! I was so overwhelmed! I watched many YouTube videos and stumbled across ASHA Center. It looked very fun and had other options most did not. The thing that really got me was when i had questions, an worked up the guts to send the email to Ryan, he responded right away and answered like 1000 questions i had! lol, he is a great guy and turned out we had a lot in common. I realized Ryan and the workers, specifically Danny, the man who picked me up at the airport, their goal is to make it as comfortable and easy as can be!! This put all my worry away and even more so when i finally met them! Danny is the main guide who lives at the center with his girlfriend Hilmer who cooks sooooo well!!!! These people are soon AMAZING! this place is RIGHT ON the AMAZON river! like room views of the river! It was purely magical! Safe, great village, Food, views, knowledge, I could go on and on, but i want to leave some surprises for y’all. The best thing was you get to constantly spend time with the Shaman, other places they seem to hide the shaman. You also get to meet and help the village ASHA Center is there for! everyone wins! my life is forever in perfect perspective now! Thank You Ryan, Danny, Hilmer, Wilma, And ASHA Center for showing me exactly what i needed to see!

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June 23, 2016

Wow, where do I even begin here!! I guess first by saying, this place is an absolute healing paradise! I attended the ASHA center a couple months ago now and was absolutely in awe of everything about it. The incredible landscape, the humbleness of the people in the Yanomano village, the inspiration , generosity and kindness of Ryan and his crew, the inner healing abilities of the Shaman with her icaros and medicine on so many different levels. It is so remarkable and deeply inspiring to me to see and know the vision Ryan has and the dream to create this retreat , this powerful space for the purpose of helping as many as he possibly can …to hold this space for healing in any and all ways one could be needing. We all have ways in which we can heal on this journey here that we call life…and the immense growth through that is all part of it…how exciting is that?!
Mmmm, and did I mention the food? The local food here is absolutely phenomenal! Id personally go back even just for that :p haha.
I highly encourage anyone who is seeking intensely deep healing and growth, or even just to experience something of a lifetime, to please go and check out being a part of the beautiful sacredness of this…I believe with all my heart that you will be so forever grateful you took this time to invest in the pure magicalness of what is to be offered here. YOU deserve it! Many blessings…


June 21, 2016

I was scared, I was excited and nervous all at the same time. But the moment I landed and was greeted by the staff my fears went away. These people really care about “Me” They all took the time to make sure I was comfortable and getting the most from my experience.
The ceremonies and my experience with the Shaman were life changing. It is a very hard thing to describe but what I can tell you is that for me, it brought an end to many issues I have carried for years, it allowed me to let go and except. The is a more beautiful think than you know.
ASHA is a safe and loving place that allows you to give in and embrace your true yourself and others as they do you, on an intimate level that you never excepted but are so comforted by.
I pray that if you have fear, anger, insecurity, pain, either physical or mental, you will reach out to ASHA for assistance, you will come home a new person with an experience that will outlast all others.

June 16, 2016

Ineffable. That’s what i can say about my Ayahuasca “spiritual” journey with ASHA Center. It was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Words are not enough to describe how i felt during my 2-week stay in the amazon jungle. My intentions were all granted, a gift of power to heal, having better instincts and intuition, and meeting my spiritual guide to help me in making good decisions. I even saw fairies 🙂 I have experienced being loved and taken cared by someone invisible. The staff and place are so welcoming and treated me as if I was one of the family. Something BIG is going to happen in my life and I can feel it in every fiber of my well-being. Im glad and proud to say that I was able to heal a friend’s cough back here in Saudi Arabia. Thank you Ryan and to the rest of the staff, keep sending LOVE to the world!! Namaste. <3 <3 <3

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June 16, 2016

ASHA Center has changed my life, down to root of everything- my soul. From the environment to the people who run it to the medicine that is Awayaska I am moved by my experience. The staff is beyond amazing- the shamin was able to personally help with all my weight and struggles that I entered the jungle with to be unnoticeable to the me that is writing this. I can’t believe the healing powers! It’s something words are difficult to describe I am so connected to what is REAL in this world, connected to what actually makes sense in the world. I cried because I never wanted to leave the center but who I am now after my experience is a stronger, happier complete soul full of love and gratitude. I recommend ANYONE coming to the ASHA Center, I brought my mother and it was the perfect experience for her as well. Do this to help yourself!!!

Response from A Spiritual Hand Ayahuasca Center….ASHA Center on June 16, 2016

Thank you for such a kind review! We are blessed to have such opened minded people here to work with, you and your family’s light were easy and beautiful to work with! the village is grateful for you and your sisters donations!! ASHA Center is ALWAYS here for you! After care is important to us and We are always a call or an email away!

June 16, 2016

I just got back from a week at ASHA center and it’s hard to put into words how truly amazing it was. The center overlooks the Amazon river to the front and beautiful green jungle to the back. The staff was so welcoming and caring at all times! I couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable jungle experience! As far as what it did to my spiritual side, I can only describe it as life changing. The power of the medicine is incredible! I learned so much about my strength as a person and I will be forever grateful to ASHA Center. If you are considering a center to go to… This is the one! I guarantee you will get so much more out of it then you ever imagined, as well as feel safe and relaxed the whole time! So much love to those who made this trip to be more then I could dream!

Response from A Spiritual Hand Ayahuasca Center….ASHA Center on June 16, 2016

we loved having you!!! thank you for choosing ASHA Center! You will be Remembered here for ever and we will always be here for you for life!

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