Gifts for the shamans

It’s traditional for ceremony participants to have gifts for the shaman, and here are some popular gift ideas that the shamans really love:


Sage is a sacred incense which is used consistently in many shamanic ceremonies, and particularly in Ecuador, sage can be hard to get a hold of. So if you can bring some with you, it will be much appreciated!

Palo Santo

Another sacred incense with is a staple of shamanic ceremonies is Palo Santo, which has a very pleasant, sweet scent.


Copal is another of the primary incenses that are staples of shamanic ceremonies, and a shaman once explained that sweet smells help to ward off evil spirits.


Speaking of sweet incense, it doesn’t get any sweeter than this! The aptly-named Sweetgrass has got to be one of the most pleasant smelling incenses around, and although it’s not ‘required’ at all ceremonies, it will undoubtedly be appreciated as well.


Shamans are human like the rest of us, and who doesn’t like chocolate? These truffles are a favorite, but any chocolate will do!

Rolling Papers

Tobacco is used throughout many shamanic ceremonies, and so rolling papers can also be quite helpful. Also, if you can find American Spirit pre-rolled cigarettes, they are all-natural, chemical-free and hard (if not impossible) to find in South America.


You may also find these supplies quite handy:


Many people find that wearing a headlamp is useful when walking in the dark during night time ceremonies. Just be sure to please not turn these on until after you’ve left the maloka or wherever the ceremony is being held.


You may find yourself sleeping in dorms or in rooms that don’t isolate sound well, so it’s always good to bring a pair of earbuds and some relaxing music with you. These are our favorite because of the way they fit in your ears.

Inflatable Lounger

You’ll likely be doing lots of contemplating between ceremonies, and these comfy loungers are very portable, so you can find a nice quiet place to ponder life in solitude.


Another great option for finding a nice, comfortable, and secluded spot to ponder and process throughout your healing process is a hammock! And these are the best of the best:

Crystals / Sacred Items

Many people find it beneficial to take a sacred item with them into each ceremony, particularly crystals, to absorb the positive energy therein. Whatever your belief on crystals, you may just like the idea of a souvenir of sorts to be with you in each ceremony as something to remember the experience by.

Crystals / Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art, which is why it’s common to prefer crystals in these shapes:

Clear Crystal Quartz Sacred Geometry Set

If clarify is more your style, this beautiful set comes with a really nice protective wooden case.

Orgone Merkaba Crystal

Behold, the Merkaba crystal! The meaning of the word, “Merkaba” is ancient, and is said to carry great energy of Spiritual transformation.

We trust you’ll find these suggestions helpful, but if you can think of anything we should add to our list, please feel free to drop us a line below 🙂

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