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6, 7 & 12 day Safe Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat – Ecuador – Gaia Sagrada

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Enjoy a safe and reputable Ayahuasca & San Pedro retreat at Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center. Both medicines are needed for a true transformative experience. As the shamans say, Ayahuasca shows you what you need to change and San Pedro gives you the power to make the changes. One without the other medicine isn’t a complete experience.

You will stay in comfortable, modern housing with WIFI and great food! (The Ayahuasca Diet doesn’t need to be bland.) Hot tubs, sauna and nature walks are available on our huge property in the magical Andes Mountains. You can also walk the hundreds of miles of country roads in the mountains around us and see the REAL Ecuador that tourists never see, indigenous in their natural daily life activities. There is also a nearby waterfall to walk to. And the stars, well, you’ve never seen them quite this clearly before!

Authentic Ecuadorian Ayahuasca and San Pedro shamans who speak English and Spanish. This absence of a language barrier is a unique aspect that bridges both the ancient and the modern worlds, thus they can help us with our problems more than shamans who don’t know anything about our culture. You can communicate directly with the shamans instead of through a translator.

The ease of communicating with the shamans directly in your language is one of the reasons every single one of our retreats is fully booked!

Daily yoga, meditation and various workshops give you even more depth to your experience at Gaia Sagrada with the shamanic medicines. Massage and counseling sessions are also available.

Why Ecuador instead of Peru? Shamans working in Ecuador must be certified, whereas in Peru anyone can call themselves a shaman. Ecuador has a safer practice concerning shamans and medicine.

Close to a Modern Hospital: While it is a romantic idea to go deep into a jungle with walking and boats, the reality is that is not safe. If you ever have any issues, a modern hospital is only 30 minutes away from Gaia Sagrada and a driver and car is always on the property to drive you directly there if you should ever have a crisis. We have never had to drive anyone there, but we have chosen this place in the mountains on purpose for it’s proximity to modern facilities should they be needed.

SAFE medicine: No additives are combined with the medicines. For Ayahuasca, it’s only the leaf and the vine. For San Pedor only the cactus. Nothing else is added. We want you to meet the absolutely pure experience with these medicines. Also, most centers make their medicines in aluminum pots which are very toxic for cooking. We only use stainless steel, which is free of toxins. Our motto is safety first!

Non-Profit Prices: Our retreat center is non-profit and our prices just cover expenses. We do not believe in getting rich with medicine, and even the directors make minimum wage in Ecuador. We are more concerned with awakening in humanity, so we have priced our retreats at the expenses level. You get a LOT for the price of this retreat, compared to other centers. You will also be supporting an organization which operates with integrity and compassion for the state of humanity and the world.

Always Someone To Talk To: There is always someone to talk to on staff and our volunteer team if you need some personal help with processing your experience with the medicines. Some centers, you are pretty much on your own, but we take seriously the need for everyone to have whatever they need for the transformation they are experiencing.

Shamans Present For Entire Ceremony from beginning to end. At many retreat centers, the shamans are only at the ceremony for a couple hours or so, give the medicine and sing a little, but our shamans are with you from the beginning until the very end. It is important they are there through the whole ceremony for total support.

Many Sober Helpers At Every Ceremony is very important for safety of the guests, to help you with all your needs every step of the way. Some centers don’t have helpers at all, or if there are, they are taking medicine too. We take safety seriously so we have several helpers who don’t take medicine at every ceremony.

Male & Female Shamans, Safe For Women: A woman runs Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center and has a particular interest in making sure Gaia Sagrada Retreats are safe for women as well as men. Male and female shamans are at Gaia Sagrada’s ceremonies.

No One Ever Left Alone: We have enough helpers that no one is ever left alone with the medicine, which is when problems can occur. We take your safety very seriously not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will always have whatever help you need, even if you have to be apart from the group for a bit for a heavy process. We are there for you always.

A Day of Rest Between Ceremonies is important so you have time to process the changes the medicine brings you. Some centers cram a lot of ceremonies back to back each day, but this is a disservice to participants because they become exhausted and are not able to process quickly enough what is happening. They also have to skip ceremonies they paid for because they simply become too exhausted. We have extra ceremonies you can participate in during the retreat for a small fee if you are a person who can handle more ceremonies, but we have spaced the official retreat ceremonies with a day of rest in between so no one misses out on something they paid for. Being well rested for ceremonies is important in order to get the most out of them!

Ayahuasca & San Pedro retreats are truly life transforming and will give you a whole new perspective on yourself. Make a whole new start in your life!  This retreat is an investment in yourself and it will be worth it!

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