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10 day Shamanic and Tantric Yoga Retreat

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Tantric Shamanism Retreat

Open yourself to receiving healing insights through Master Plants.

Experience the powerful clearing and cleansing process of shamanic ceremonies.

Re-own your body as the vehicle of your creativity.

Remember your ability to thrive in the world.

Learn how to harness your sexual energy as the powerful healing tool it is.

Train your mind to be your ally in your self-development process.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by spending two days at the beautiful Pacchanta community.

Visit the ancestral Q’ero culture and attend a traditional offering at a sacred lake.

Enjoy the local hot springs and get a coca leaf reading.

Hike, dance, sing, sweat, breathe, meditate & heal

Why Shamanism?

Shamanism reminds us that the spirit is an essential part of the bigger picture.

It connects us to the elements, our roots, our ancestors, our guides and protectors, the most simple but essential things that exist all around us and that we forget in the daily city life.

Our intentions become clearer and stronger when the power of ritual is involved. Ritual is the way we connect to the divine matrix. It’s a rite of passage, the way we tell the world that we are ready to take the next step in our spiritual evolution.

Why Tantra?

Tantra helps us relate from a place of embodied consciousness.

Learning how to honor our body and handle our energy enables us to be joyful, thrive and share love with all else.

The more modern neotantric teachings focus on harnessing our most powerful creative force: the sexual energy.

This energy helps us create the most amazingly complex miracle in human life: another life. But not only babies are creations, so are projects, arts & crafts, how we choose to dress and express ourselves.

Master plants use our sexual energy to convey messages to us and it is important to learn how to honor, cultivate and handle it.

Why Mindfulness Yoga?

Mindfulness helps us take responsibility of our inner world.

Mindfulness is a tool that helps us become aware of our mental attitudes and cultivate healthier ones that will help us navigate through life with more ease and freedom of choice.

The ego is not our enemy. Without it we wouldn’t bother to relate and co-create things bigger than ourselves. That is why it is important to acknowledge it and learn how to handle our inner experience.

Mindfulness Yoga comes from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Mindfulness teachings and involves meditation, body consciousness and gentle asanas. It helps us to practice how it is to feel good in the body so we can take it to our daily life. A calm body is a calm mind and viceversa.


You would like to bring your masculine and feminine sides together in a spirit of cooperation.

To understand the elements, the mind and the sexual energy.

To learn practical tools you can use on daily basis

You would like to heal sexual or creative blockages

To remember your Heart-consciousness

You love exploring yourself through sound, movement and breath.

You always wanted to visit Peru and the magical sites in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

To commune with Plant Medicines in a safe and conscious environment.

To stop looking outside yourself for validation, love or direction, and be complete unto yourself.

To explore and understand your own patterns and self-restrictions while opening up towards acceptance, self-love, ease, and devotion to loving relationships.


The retreat will be in English, but we do also speak Spanish and Italian, and are happy to assist and stimulate our minds with the respective languages.


Daily mindfulness yoga

1 San Pedro ceremony and hike to a beautiful lake in the Sacred Valley

1 Ayahuasca ceremony

1 visit to the Q’ero tribe

1 Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony

1 guided tour of the Inca site above Pisaq in the Sacred Valley

1 cacao ceremony and healing dance

1 cacao and kirtan ceremony

9 nights accommodation, transportation and exquisite vegetarian meals

MACHU PICCHU: If you are interested in visiting Machu Picchu, we are happy to organize your guided tour to this magnificent Inca site prior or after the retreat (consider that you should add one more day)



Day 1

Arrival & Lunch
Intro – Mindfulness, Tantra & Shamanism.
Workshop: Tantra & Trust.

Day 2

Mindfulness Yoga
Workshop: Giving & Receiving. Introduction to consent.
Cacao & Kirtan (Mantra singing).
Light Dinner
Introduction to Master Plant San Pedro. Shiva Energy. The Sacred Masculine.

Day 3

Full day gentle hike at the magical lake Kinsaccocha for San Pedro ceremony.
The Creative Energy in Men and Women. Tantra & Daoist Basics.
Rapé Meditation.
Dinner at a local family’s house.

Day 4

Sweatlodge (Temazcal Ceremony)
Free Afternoon
Sharing Circle: San Pedro

Day 5

Early Breakfast
Hike to Pisac Ruins
Daka-Dakini Ritual: Healing Sexuality through Breathwork

Day 6

Mindfulness Yoga
Introduction to Master Plant Ayahuasca. Shakti Energy. The Sacred Feminine.
Optional Light Lunch & Rest
Pre-Ceremony Meditation
Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 7

Cacao Ceremony Brunch & Healing Dance
Ayahuasca Sharing Circle

Day 8

Early Breakfast
Departure to Pacchanta community, at the feet of Mountain Ausangate.
Coca Reading with Q’ero Maestro
Free afternoon at the local Hot Springs

Day 9

Early breakfast
Gentle 2-3h trek to the sacred lakes of Azul Cocha, Otorongo Cocha and Ancash Cocha. Traditional Despacho dedicated to Pachamama (Mother Earth) at the pristine Lake Otorongo as practiced by the Q’ero people for centuries.
Lunch at Pacchanta
Final sharing circle around fire
Departure from Ausangate to Cusco

Day 10

Breakfast & Checkout


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