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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on November 27, 2018. #1 of 107 Reviews

Trying to describe the magnitude of my experience at Nimea Kaya is challenging as its impact continues to resonate every day of my life. My first retreat was in September 2017. I had little knowledge of Ayahuasca prior to embarking on my trip to NK, but went as a dutiful yet skeptical husband whose wife was seeking. The retreat center is on the edge of Pucallpa in the Amazon and has a peaceful vibe that allows you to truly escape the modern world and all the noise and distractions that come with it. Even if you just wanted to find a place to digitally detox and be one with nature, NK is the ideal place as you can’t help but relax and connect with nature once inside the center. And although the amenities are pretty Spartan with no hot water and composting toilets, the rooms and dining facilities are clean and well kept. Also, you feel safe and as if you’re staying with family as the facilitators and staff are so kind and welcoming. The food is excellent as it is prepared fresh every day by the amazing staff and really helps you with your preparation for and recovery from ceremony. The format of the retreat is incredibly thoughtful as it allows you to connect with your fellow guests and feel comfortable as you prepare for ceremony. The facilitators do an amazing job helping you to relax and be open to the entire Ayahuasca experience. The ceremonies led by the Shamans in the Maloka are authentic and true to the Shipibo tradition which is crucial for creating the right setting that helps guests focus on their intention with the medicine. Integration circles after ceremony aid you in processing the experience and afford you the opportunity to share with your fellow guests. Jill, Casey and the entire NK staff have created such a special place with Nimea Kaya that I returned in May, 2018. I am so grateful for the life changing impact my retreats at NK have had. I have many more personal insights that I am happy to share with anyone who has questions about Nimea Kaya or Ayahuasca as I hope to help anyone who feels called by Mother Aya.

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