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Arkana Spiritual Center

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma), Kambo, Spotlight

+1 480-993-2240

Iquitos and Sacred Valley in Peru

Reviewed on June 10, 2017. #1 of 373 Reviews

This was truly a great experience. It was everything I expected and more. I came here with many questions and they were answered. I came here to heal deep rooted trauma, face my fears and grow as a human being and Mother Ayahuasca delivered. The experience was both beautiful, profound and terrifying.
The facilitators, shamans, and everyone who worked at the centre were very supportive and felt like family. They really cared and you could rely on them for support anytime. You also create deep bonds with the other guests, as you are all in this together, as warriors on a journey.
Cecilia, the new center manager, would take notes during the group sharing and approach me to discus her thoughts after the group talk. This was unexpected but very helpful in creating my intentions. Her love and caring attitude made me feel like she was my mom at the centre. I’m so grateful to have met and spent time with every person at the centre.
The location was beautiful. I loved the local people, the jungle and river are pristine and full of wildlife. We did daily excursions to experience everything the area had to offer. There are even a couple of cute monkeys living at the centre.
I’m looking forward to returning one day.

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