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Sacred Valley, Peru

Reviewed on March 2, 2020. #1 of 87 Reviews

I spent a week with Spirit Plant Journeys (SPJ) as they guided, and held space for my meeting with Mother Aya. The level of integrity, for-thought, expertise and authenticity that SPJ embodied during my time with them was of the very highest standard. Having had one of the most intense, challenging, beautiful and powerful metaphysical and physical experiences of my entire life during my time in Peru with SPJ and the Mother. I came away feeling immensely grateful to have had the privilege of taking this solo journey under the stewardship of the SPJ team. The level of reverence and respect they have for the medicine is paramount, and had it not been held in the way it was, I would not have had anything like the level of depth of experience.

One of the vital aspects of working with a medicine as profound and powerful as Aya is being able to feel a level of safety and security in the material that allows you to let go into the immaterial. This is the most vulnerable state you may ever find yourself in. Had it not been for the heart of service, the diligence and experience of this team. I would not have had anything like the level of transformation I was blessed with.

If you are considering working with this ancient, sacred medicine. I would strongly advice that you show it, and yourself the level of respect you both deserve. The integrity of the team that you choose to go on this journey with is of the utmost importance. Added to that, having the journey conducted by a true Shipibo Maestra is not a luxury it is a necessity. You wouldn’t perform your own surgery even if you had access to the technology. Ayahuasca is the technology, the Maestra is the surgeon. If I am going to have surgery on my spirit, then I don’t know about you. But I would like a surgeon that has worked with their tools and comes from a long lineage of surgeons working with those same tools. Beware, there are MANY have-a-go-hacks out there performing “open spirit surgery” that are jumping on the bandwagon of this beautiful and sacred medicine.

This is one of the biggest self discovery journey you can take, and it is a journey that starts with you and ends with you. However, having the right structures around you to facilitate and then integrate your experience is essential.

If you are being courageous enough to take yourself on with this medicine, I commend you and thank you for being a warrior of light. I would urge you to use a trusted carriage in-and-out of the unknown, SPJ are most certainly one of these carriages. And to them I am truly, and eternally grateful.

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