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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on February 10, 2020. #1 of 420 Reviews

I had the privilege of staying over 2 weeks at Arkana Spiritual Center – one week in the Amazon jungle, and one week in the sacred valley.
First of all, allow me to say how incredibly powerful Maestra Justina is and her healing abilities. Her icaros and presence is unlike anything I’ve experienced. She performed a chonta (physic surgery) on me by sucking on my neck (which had an energetic blockage) and spat out a fish bone! My skeptical mind tried to rationalise this experience, but after seeing her perform this on many others (even without the medicine and in pure daylight!). I am now a believer. It’s like witnessing magic right in front of your eyes which is a sight to behold! Going to Arkana is worth it, just to experience Justina’s sheer power and beautiful ceremonies.

Arkana Spiritual Center is run very professionally. And while the accomodation is quite luxurious, with the best ayahuasca diet food I’ve tried, very friendly staff, awesome chill out area, but of course the most important aspect of going to an ayahuasca retreat is the medicine and shamans. Well like I said before, Maestra Justina is a legit medicine woman that will blow your mind. And the other shamans are also powerful and have great icaros that harmonise Justina’s voice just perfectly. These shamans aren’t trying to compete with each other out of ego, but instead they perform with perfect chemistry like a band that’s been together for many decades.

The medicine is cooked on the premises (in the jungle), and is very consistent. There are no other plant additives, just the chakruna and ayahuasca vine. This means that you will be drinking the same batch for the time you will be staying which makes it much easier to measure your dose.

This is the third retreat I’ve attended, and while it has been a long while since I have consumed the medicine, I’m glad I did because I healed the PTSD I was carrying and shed off unwanted dead weight while clarifying my purpose. Of course I could go on all day about my deep experience, but overall my ayahuasca ceremonies were profound and life changing. Like many of my past ayahuasca experiences, I had moments of tremendous darkness, but this was something I had to revisit and heal from. This plant technology is a master storyteller that conducted my experience like a perfectly written movie. It’s like ayahuasca knew how long I was staying and what exact experience to present me with every ceremony. It seriously boggles my mind every time.

My huachuma ceremony at the sacred valley was pure magic. It was like hanging out with my cosmic gentle grandfather teaching me about life and processing my ayahuasca journeys and life so far.

My sapo experience (at the end of my stay) was probably the most profound experience of my life which allowed me to let go of the huge burden in my heart which included grief and deep existential terror of death. I merged with God and went back to place where I come from and where I’m going. When I came back to this physical reality I cried out of gratitude just because I was human again living this spectacular existence.

I left the retreat very grounded and having a much stronger sense of who I am and what I’m here to do which is very empowering.

Jose – the owner of Arkana is my brother, and is very genuine and truly cares about all the people who attend. I’m very grateful to have met my new Arkana family and witness their profound transformations. It has truly been a blessing reconnecting with these powerful plants at this retreat.

Much love to Arkana for facilitating this experience.

Thank you,

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