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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

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Reviewed on February 21, 2017. #1 of 110 Reviews

Wow. I can’t recommend this place highly enough. I’ve encountered medicines in Iquitos, Peru and in Costa Rica. I went in with low expectations as I try to do of almost any experience and was blown away. Had I gone in with high expectations, I still would have been blown away. The facilitators, Jesse, Hans and Bobby, all treated me as if I were family. They did a great job of supporting me and others where they support was needed during and outside of the ceremony. They guided the group as a family. There was very little drama throughout the retreat and I think this is in large part due to their direction.

I appreciated that I felt comfortable either keeping my experience internal as well as opening up to the group when I felt like doing so.

I camped and this was a great way to save money. If you are comfortable camping, I highly recommend it. While camping, I still felt that I had everything that I needed and the tent stayed dry throughout multiple rains. I also had the ability to nap in a beautiful sun room and even slept in there 1 evening. There were also hammocks that were great to nap in outside during the day in either the sun or the shade.

The retreat outline, starting with San Pedro/Wachuma and Sweat Lodge/Temazcal continuing with 2 Yagé evening sessions, a Yagé day session and ending with San Pedro/Wachuma and Sweat Lodge/Temezcal was a great formula. It had a strong progression throughout and came to a more clear resolution than I’ve experienced at retreats in the past. It seemed many of the other participants (some in their first experiences) had a similar positive progression. Words don’t do any of the experiences above justice. They were some of the stronger, more difficult, more positive and more insightful of the experiences I’ve had with medicine.

The Taitas/Healers, Greyson, Cesar and Gonzalo were very helpful and available throughout. I felt their genuine desire to help me and to impart a bit of the knowledge they’ve gained from their lifetime of experience with plant medicines. The dedication that they have to their respective plant medicines is awe inspiring and easily visible to any participant at Eagle Condor Alliance. I felt blessed to be in their presence and to learn from them and still felt able to interact, question and share with them.

The best food in Colombia! They have a chef named Eli. She is an amazing chef and works tirelessly to make sure everyone is fed very well. I always had enough to eat, regularly getting seconds and even at times third helpings of food. I never was bored of the food and no meal seemed the same over 10 days this was the icing on the cake to everything else at the retreat. There was also hot tea available and ready almost always.

Herbal baths – these were a regular part of our experience. These were heavenly.

Flora/Fauna – This place is a sanctuary in the mountains. Across the grounds are beautiful flowers, gardens, birds, butterflies. It’s a place I want to go back to just because it’s beautiful.

Maloca – they have a brand new one built in Dec. 2016. It’s beautiful and held many people efficiently and ceremony’s felt great in that space.

Weather – Beautiful during the days, sunny or cloudy. I found it a tad chilly at night and wished I would’ve had a hat and gloves or some thicker layers (probably not both). I’m pretty thin and generally run cold. You may not find it cold at all.

I could go on forever with this review and even in hindsight, with a lot of thinking, I can’t think of any way they could improve the experience. If you’re considering Eagle Condor Alliance, please do yourself a favor and go, preferably alone.

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