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Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Center

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+51 916678184

Carr. Iquitos-Nauta, Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on June 16, 2017. #1 of 40 Reviews

In the past two years I’ve participated in over 100 aya ceremonies, dieted several plants, sat with Chilean, Ecuadorean, Mexican, Shipibo & Gringo healers and have spent a total of 5 months in Peru at three different retreat centers. This center is the best I’ve experienced and I give it the highest recommendation. Here’s why:

The maestros/maestras are in my opinion highly skilled spiritual surgeons. In the six weeks I’ve spent at this center I witnessed many amazing healings, including my own personal transformation.

Regular talks with the healers are scheduled in the maloka and if you want a private consultation with one in particular all you need do is ask. Other centers I have experienced almost no direct access with the shamans other than in ceremony, so in my view access to healers is a great plus.

I’ve learned more here than anywhere else I’ve stayed. In addition to knowledge sharing from the healers, the western staff has extensive experience and deep knowledge levels about the world of plant medicine.

They offer an extensive range of dietas and plant medicine treatments and have on staff a Peruvian medicine person whose only job is to brew medicine and make the different dieta and medicinal preparations (and he’s available to chat with anytime if you speak Spanish).

Other points worth mentioning: the food is plentiful and quite adequate (keeping in mind the fact that no one goes to an ayahuasca retreat for gourmet cuisine). The compound is gated and staffed with security personnel. The tambos/huts are quite nice with in room showers & flush toilets (nice perk).

Bottom line, they’ve covered all the bases here and then some. I will keep coming back and it’s my opinion that you will be hard pressed to find a better center.

Pachamama Temple, Rao Niwe Nete

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Unnamed Road, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on May 27, 2017. #1 of 35 Reviews

I’ve been on the medicine path for 2 ½ years … seriously on the medicine path. I’ve spent time at several different retreat centers in Peru and have sat with numerous healers in North America and dieted several plants. Not blowing my own whistle here … just feel that my extensive exposure to shamans, healers and retreat centers is relevant for this review.

Also, full disclosure … I met the founders of Pachamama Temple during my first visit to Peru 2 ½ years ago and we have maintained a connection ever since. I also volunteered at this center for one month last year. During this month I was able to intimately get to know the family of shaman healers and also get a feel for the integrity and intent behind the creation of this center. So my review comes from a couple of points of view. I have sat with the healers and can speak first hand to the skill, love and integrity with which they engage in their craft … and I have seen, felt and observed first-hand all the hard work and sacrifice that has gone into the creation, and subsequent evolution, of this center over time.

So my review will be concise and to the point. This center was intentionally located where it is, versus the more popular or perhaps crowded Iquitos, so that the shamans could be close to their families and hence be happier, more effective and person ally fulfilled healers. To this point I would say … mission accomplished. This family of shamans are super loving and by all appearances in love with their craft and with their temple. There is no separation between the healers and the guests here. Direct, intimate contact with the shamans is a given … and in my experience that’s not the norm when it comes to retreat centers in Peru. The physical facilities … maloka, sleeping quarters, showers/toilets, kitchen, communal meeting area and areas for rest/contemplation are well thought out and quite adequate.

On a more personal level I have drank the medicine numerous times with the shamans and also dieted a couple of plant spirits as well. They have incredible skills that I find hard to describe but suffice it to say that they have significantly helped me along on my healing journey and I have much gratitude and love in my heart for them.

Bottom line, you will be hard pressed to find a more loving, safe and effective retreat center in Peru to experience the amazing transformations that this medicine can bring into your life.

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