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Parign Hak – Grandma´s Home

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Manu Biosphere Reserve

Reviewed on February 11, 2020. #1 of 66 Reviews

Hi, (*buenos dias-buenos tardes-buenos noches:-), I wish to say upfront it’s a personal joyful honor to be writing this review for the auspicious Parign Hak Family/Hospital Retreat. I recommend so highly this team at Parign Hak with wholehearted bold confidence! Please read the review written by Menraman on Dec. 3rd in reference to a solid accurate description of the structure and background of the practitioners and orchestrators of the Parign Hak experience. Jessica, Vickie, Alberto, specifically. I don’t know who Menraman is, but I agree and acclaim similarly that all aspects of my own experience was phenomenal and exceeding expectations. I cherished my team of 3 other males ranging in age 43-50. Love is something that I realiZed I lacked in abundance of, and the generosity and sharing of love and compassion of the team at #ParignHak was ideal. I implore all worthy candidates to rest assured the decision to choose Parign Hak for their cultural exchange, healing, education, and cleansing processes as a ~*|*~*no brainer*~*|*~. Absolutely the best time of my life! WoW-wOw_WOW said the The bird ‘The Great Potoo’ (Nyctibius grandis) amidst the jungle at night on one occasion…I simply looked toward the direction of that Potoo’s call and said…’I know, right;0).’ It is my opinion that for optimal immersion, authentic experience, and proper indigenous traditional facilitation it is of utmost importance to have an exceptional shamanic practitioner in order for the wisdom and technique of the spiritual practice to be effective, as well as, therapeutically integrated. Once again, all can rest easy knowing that they will be in the best of hands with Jessica and the entire team at Parign Hak to debrief and advise on all aspects of their expedition and retreat. I thank Parign Hak for our time together and shall hope to find myseLf headin’ back into the basin for transforming back into my true nature, one with everything. CordiaLLy & respectfuLLy, ~Z

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