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Sapan Inka Retreat Center

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma)

Sacre Valley, Cusco, Perú

Reviewed on November 27, 2017. #1 of 91 Reviews

Amazing! I could write a novel about how much I loved this trip but I will try keep it brief. I had never done anything like this before so I didn’t know what to expect but I was very impressed. If I do it again I will definitely go back to Sapan Inka! I really liked the small group we had 4 total. 3 of us stayed for the 2 Aya ceremonies, San Pedro and Machu Picchu. I strongly recommend doing everything-they all compliment each other very well. The small group was great because it gave us the attention we needed. I was really impressed with how well organized and how well everything flowed from day to day. The schedule was layed out perfectly. The home was very comfortable and the area has lots of room to walk during down time. I went alone and had my own room and I think you can share a room if you go with a friend. I felt very welcome in their beautiful house placed amongst the mountains and farm lands. The Aya and San Pedro ceremonies were perfect they were just what I needed. Erik and Nilda are very intelligent and experienced. When it came time to eat there were lots of laughs and good home made food. Everything between getting picked up at my hostel to getting dropped off at the airport was seamless and a great experience. Erik and Nilda are very kind and loving people with a wealth of knowledge I highly recommend them. I originally wanted something in the jungle but the sacred valley was so peaceful and beautiful AND Erik and Nilda are there! Afterwards they recommended some reading to help with the integration which I am very thankful for and the reading has helped a lot. Sapan Inka is the place to go if you want a quality genuine experience!


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