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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on March 18, 2020. #1 of 239 Reviews

I went on a 7-day retreat to Gaia Sagrada (Ecudaor) in the beginning of February of 2020. I was a first timer for taking mother Aya and father San Pedro. It was very important to me that I felt safe and taken care of and that the place I was going to was representing the values that are very important to me….love, acceptance, holistic approach to all life on this planet, sustainable living, kindness and support….the list goes on….
Gaia Sagrada exceeded all my expectations at all those points and more. From the moment, you step out of the taxi and you are welcome (with a hug  ) by everyone and you can feel the sincerity, love and respect. Age, physical appearance, financial & social status, wealth did not matter but more so that you are a human being that is willing to heal him/herself and your family and society that you live in…..no pretence!!
Christine (the founder of Gaia Sagrada) has created a little piece of paradise in the middle of the beautiful Andes highlands in Ecuador and I sincerely thank her for that. The retreat in in top-notch condition and there is a vibe of expansion (all the buildings are quite new and more to come)
I did three ceremonies, which all were very different. First was with mother Aya, second father San Pedro and last one was the sweat lodge with both medicines. The order of those ceremonies was perfectly timed and progressively building on each other. I find it hard to describe what happened during those ceremonies (as it is a very personal journey) but the healing I experienced is nothing short of life changing. I must say that I totally under estimated the intensity and hard work (mentally, physically and spiritually) these ceremonies do require but the rewards outweigh the difficulties (that you will experience!!) by far.
The Shamans Salvatore and Amelia are beautiful people who have the wellbeing of each participant as their main priority. Without the Shamans there simply would be no meaningful ceremony be possible. They are the glue that holds it all together and have so much wisdom (beyond their years) they happily share. Thanks to Salvatore and Amelia my perspective and attitude on clean water, wildlife and Pacha Mama in general has dramatically improved and I see the world in a completely different light. The Shaman thanked us for the fact the we made the effort to come all this way and heal ourselves because essentially we will become ambassadors for Pacha Mama in our own countries and help safe our species and essentially the planet…..I know ….that sounds heavy but I believe it is true.
I also would like to mention the healing that comes from connecting with the people that are in your group/retreat and the lifelong friends that you will make. This connection is very powerful, as you will discover all the hardship and difficulties people go through, which did put things into perspective for me. I literally could feel the energy of my fellow participant and they all told me they could feel mine…..I especially experienced this in the San Pedro and sweat lodge ceremony.
I had many doubts and fears (especially taken the medicines) and if you read this you probably have the same kind of doubts and fears. Please don’t let those fears and doubts stop you!! If mother Aya and San Pedro is calling you ….FOLLOW THE CALL!! Your life will improve for the better and you will become part of the critical mass that is required to heal our planet!!
If you are a first timer taking these medicine (as I was), I could not think of a better place then Gaia Sagrada!!! You are in safe and competent hands and you are surrounded by love and compassion.

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