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Iboga Tree – Healing House

Listed in Iboga

Beja, Portugal

Reviewed on March 24, 2017. #1 of 9 Reviews

Adam and Edyta completely know what they are doing and they are supervising and gave me all the the necessary information and prepared me for Iboga

In my opinion with in which mindset and which environment you go into the initiation is crucially important as well as the the care and attention you receiving at the trip and afterwards.You will be in a (if not the most) very vulnerable state before and after Iboga.

They are cheerful,happy and thoughtful couple, and they provided peaceful and clean atmosphere during my stay. Adam is a experienced chef and food was amazing. I woke up many-times during abnormal hours and they where thoughtful enough to leave me something delicious and nutritious incase I need to eat or drink something. They were there whenever/whatever reason I needed them. Edyta’s acupuncture treatment was very helpful to relax my body and mind before the big day. I also have learned many things about nutrition, self-devolopment and self-healing from them.

I am totally satisfied with the medicine and whole treatment. It could not be any better.
Thank you for everything.

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