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Arkana Spiritual Center

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma), Kambo, Spotlight

+1 480-993-2240

Iquitos and Sacred Valley in Peru

Reviewed on April 1, 2017. #1 of 370 Reviews

I first heard of Pulse from a friend who highly recommended it. I’ve been listening to Aubrey Marcus’ podcast and became very interested in Ayahuasca. Only once the experience was finished could I see the whole picture. You can listen until you’re blue in the face but can only understand once experienced. I am so grateful to Pulse (crying now… , happens often now). Pulse is run by people who made a conscious decision to support this life changing experience in the most loving way. Thinking about it is making my third eye go off. Not only are the ceremonies done with the utmost respect to ayahuasca, the shamans and the guests, but the rest of the trip is full of joy, love and peace. Also Cleanliness!! Soooo important!! Its always soooo clean!!! The importance of this fact only becomes apparent morning after ceremony. The food was delicious, every meal you learn to appreciate each bite more and more. And I guess the biggest thing I got from being at pulse, was learning how to stop, how to nap, how to rest, how to be gentle with myself, and to know that everyone deserves peace. Pulse showed me peace.

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