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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on May 5, 2018. #1 of 86 Reviews

I am just back from the Temple and it’s 10 day integration intensive. Over all it was a very worthwhile experience. The facilitators Tanya, Scott and Jessica and Yin Yoga instructor Anya were all extremely good at their art form. The innate talent and love for their work and the plant medicine more than the professional training (though top notch no doubt) is what impresses. Many came because they had heard that The Temple uses Gabor Mates integration methods and trauma theories. I have more of a spiritual paradigm than a psychological one and I found that they mesh the 2 seamlessly and to great effect.
Mind you, I am not here to judge the efficacy of Ayahuasca as a medicine but merely to give others an idea of what to expect of the Temple. So here I go:
The rooms are dare I say luxurious tho simple and quite bare which I loved. The jungle sounds and the slight breeze and the cozy room was heavenly. A plus for the rooms.
The grounds are quite lovely and slightly manicured but not too much. A plus for the grounds.
The food is great and plentiful: A plus food.
The Curanderas and shamans (will call them the healers) The healers are master energy movers and passionate and committed to the tasks at hand. They command the ceremonies with their Icaros in what resonates as a masterful opera of chaos and power. This is perhaps the most difficult area to discuss and to convey. I really do not have words for what it is that they do.
I have experienced Ayahuasca many times and in different places but never in an indigenous context. The shamans are the ones who speak to the plants and without them the medicine has little direction. As I write this last sentence
I can see how incomplete and meaningless it sounds. I can not describe the effect of the healers suffice to say that until one experiences Ayahuasca within this context one does not understand the full import of the plant medicine. One small and again one meaningless example though more quantifiable is that the effect of the medicine lasts about 4 hours and maybe 2 of them as a plateau. At the temple the full effect can be 8 hours.
I would like to add that the commitment to healing and heartfelt caring that the members of our group brought to the experience was a big part of the healing. A plus for fellow pasajeros (journey men and women).
I would like to add a special thanks to Scott facilitator who helped me through hard moments, Jessica for her soft and sweet and powerful presence in the ceremonies and always and Tanya for her deep heart and wisdom and humor.

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