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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on February 3, 2019. #1 of 69 Reviews

I had a very good time with Chrissy and Paco in December. I was keen to feel what a Peruvian experience would be like, after having had several experiences in the US. However, my first night was extremely difficult. I was out of sorts and felt bone-chilling cold throughout the night. It was an agonizing experience and one that I will never forget. Like the devil was having fun with me. The next morning, I connected strongly with Paco and Chrissy and some others there, and I was able to get my bearings back. I couldn’t quite understand what had happened. I decided not to partake in any more Ayahuasca ceremonies.

A couple of days later we had San Pedro. What an absolutely beautiful day that was! It restored my faith in the goodness in this world. We then had Kambo which knocked me out for a bit, but not scary at all, just a very unusual sensation. The Rape was strong and had a delicious kick to it — I could feel a wave of small currents flowing through my body everytime I took it.

It’s been a month since I got back. I’ve understood that hellishly agonizing experiences are just as useful as divine ones. It’s like a sine wave. For you to be able to go higher, the medicine will sometimes take you lower than you’ve ever been. There are no bad experiences. Everything is useful. Everything makes you grow spiritually. The medicine knows more than you. It gives you what you need in that moment, not what you were hoping for. It’s important to develop courage to face this possibility and not be deterred by temporary insanity.

That night prepared me for further experiences back in the US, in which I thankfully connected back to my divinity. It gave me the confidence to expect and accept the whole range of experiences possible and not desire only pleasant ones. All par for the course.

The 5 other participants had wonderful experiences with the medicine. I had a good time bonding with them over the 6 days. There are good hikes around, and an idyllic village nearby. They are building a new center which will open in Feb. That space will be larger than what they have now.

I don’t wish to scare anyone with this review. If this is one of your first experiences, you’ll likely have a great time. My first ten or so were gradual buildups to an absolutely divine connection.

I would recommend Paco and Chrissy anytime. They’re wonderful people who care about the participants. Their 1 year old daughter is delightful, as is the dog Mini. The lodging was rustic, the food was great, and I think the new center is going to be well equipped. I credit them for making me get back to normal after that first night.

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