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Hummingbird Healing Center

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma)

Varillal, Peru

Reviewed on March 28, 2020. #1 of 24 Reviews

Embarking on this journey, particularly for a first-timer, is quite daunting. Flying 40 hours across the other side of the world to a first time experience as this offered by Jim and his team at Hummingbird takes a little consideration. I had no idea what was in store. And I couldn’t have been in better hands for my 14-day experience.

The space provided by Jim really is second to none. The property is so beautiful. Tucked right in there among the Amazon. You are a part of probably the most amazing ecosystem on earth – beautiful by day, and buzzing with life at night. It’s an extremely safe space created by Jim, Shaman Manain, and all the staff employed in support. Safety was most important for me, particularly considering the healing work – ceremonies.

Both Jim and Manain are in full control of the space and the delivery of the ceremonies. It is comforting to know and allows you to embrace the full experience of your own healing journey.

I have seen and experienced nothing like the ceremonies. They are orchestrated incredibly professionally from start to finish. It’s indescribable. Better than a west end show, and I’ve seen a few. True professionals.

Three full, healthy meals prepared each day. Varied on days of ceremonies and San Pedro. Dieters available – of which I experienced 8 days. Still, meals are ample in size and filling. Well planned and providing enough energy to embrace the activities provided.

Jim is always, always on hand in support 24/7. It’s amazing how hands-on Jim is. Constant care and attention, while seamlessly allowing space as required.

All accommodations are ample. More private rooms tucked a little further away into the jungle are just perfect for privacy and the environment.

If you know in yourself it is time to experience these healings, I can not recommend Hummingbird Healing Center enough. It’s an amazing property, ideally located in close enough proximity to Iquitos airport, which for me after travelling so far was a boon, though far enough away from civilisation to never see or hear it – or be reminded of it. And most of all, a team of very special people, proving the space and tools to be blessed, time and time again.

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