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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on April 5, 2018. #1 of 86 Reviews

I recently completed a 12 day retreat at theTemple of the Way of Light and had a great experience. The ayahuasca was not entirely what/how I had expected, but this was more because of my expectations than any fault of the Temple or staff. On the contrary, they repeatedly told us that the medicine can have very different effects on different people and at different times and that this is ok. I found the location and amenities beautiful, the facilitators excellent and the Maestras and Maestros incredible. While I am still processing the totality and impact of my experience, i cannot but commend the Temple on a well run programme with attention to every detail, both physical (good food, regular plant baths and plant medicine to make us more amenable to the Ayhuasca medicine) and mental (strong facilitation and regular check ups on how participants were doing). I had selected the Temple because I was intrigued by the idea of working with female healers and, as a novice in this area, I wanted a safe space. I was impressed on both accounts. Our group was lucky enough to have six healers working together to create and amazing energy in the room by their joint Icaros – I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of trying.

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