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Olon, Ecuador

Reviewed on October 6, 2019. #1 of 16 Reviews

I had the honor of participating in Vikara’s 9-day Yoga, Surf and Ayahuasca retreat this past August. I am not sure if I can put into words how grateful I am for Vikara. From the very beginning, when Roey picked me up, I felt like he was family. Roey is so sweet and welcoming and you can talk to him about anything. The retreat was very well organized. We started our mornings doing yoga. For someone who has only previously dipped her toes in yoga, these yoga classes were amazing. Roey put so much thought and love into his classes. It made me start to love yoga and want to practice it more. We also had the honor of meeting Elba, her mother and mother-in-law during one of our yoga classes. Our meeting was way too brief, due to Elba about to give birth. But her presence is beyond amazing. She has such a beautiful and peaceful soul!

As for the ceremonies held by Aime and Hwaneetah, I do not think I can do justice in words on how beautiful they were. Aime and Hwaneetah put so much extraordinary energy into these ceremonies! Their intuition is unlike anything I’ve seen before. They genuinely care and want the best for everyone. I felt very safe and at peace in their presence. It was such a resplendent and transformative experience.

The days I spent in Vikara were amazing and life-changing. I will be forever grateful to all the people I met – my new family. Thank you Roey for making this organization happen. I can’t wait to see the new retreat center. It’s going to be awesome! Thank you, Ellie, for throwing it down in the kitchen! Every meal was incredible. Thank you, Elba, for blessing us with your presence. When I come back, I can’t wait to meet Padme. Thank you Aime for your advice, guidance and sense of humor. Thank you Hwaneetah for being so beautiful and a goddess and making me want to be one too! Also, thank you Aime and Hwaneetah for those beautiful icaros and for being #relationshipgoals. And thank you to my wonderful sisters Claudia and Rebecca for going on this amazing journey together.

Thinking about Vikara and the time I had there just fills my heart with so much love, gratitude and joy. I would without any hesitation, highly recommend coming here. I hope one day to also come back.

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