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La Luna Del Amazonas

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma)

Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on November 30, 2017. #1 of 32 Reviews

The rave reviews for La Luna have not been exaggerated. If you are looking for an affordable ayahuasca retreat with dedicated staff, powerful shamans, and a strong brew, look no further. Everyone here works extremely hard and is totally committed to the betterment of your health, and will go the extra mile for your healing process. Enrique is honest, upstanding, professional, and extremely kind. Don Guido and Don Marcial are trustworthy, hardworking, generous with their time, and 100% dedicated to their ceremonies and your holistic healing (and extremely kind as well ☺). While I had a decent time integrating my ceremony experiences while I was there, some of my compatriots did have difficult experiences. The staff and the shamans were very understanding, patient, and loving in hearing out these experiences, assisting participants in integrating their more taxing visions, and always willing to fully and attentively engage both in and outside of the vision sharing meetings that take place each day after a ceremony. Due to this dedication and small group sizes, La Luna fosters a powerful atmosphere of appropriately intimate mutual care, concern, and love. Everyone was always looking out for one another.

Suffice to say I arrived at La Luna filled with anxiety, constantly combating suicidal ideation, and doubled over on a cane from a terrible and mysterious pain in my leg and sciatic nerve that made any locomotion whatsoever an excruciating trial. Getting out to the jungle was difficult, but I had a ton of support from the staff the whole way, and by the time I had finished with my two-week stay, I could walk without my cane. If that wasn’t enough, I felt consistently emotionally better and better every single day after taking the ayahuasca, – revivified, grateful and glad to be alive. This feeling has not diminished upon my return to the western world. In fact I feel as though my mental and physical well-being has only continued to improve.

Trust and faith are tantamount for the success of this process and the staff and shamans of La Luna are worthy of your trust. The brew is powerful, the center is beautiful, and these people are absolutely the real deal.

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