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Lotus Vine Journeys

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Tarapoto, Peru

Reviewed on August 7, 2018. #1 of 50 Reviews

Lotus Vine Journeys offers a15-day retreat that will genuinely save a broken person’s life. As a child, I was subjected to horrific abuse from both of my parents, leaving me with PTSD, poor sleeping habits, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, constant bodily pain and an overall shame and disliked for myself. I prayed to be woken, given a new start, wipe the slate clean, and I was lead to LVJ. Just before going for Peru, I was struggling to find the energy to walk around my neighborhood; now I can do lapse with ease. No matter how many self-help books I read or how often I went to church and prayed – the beautiful and inspiring words only provided temporary relief. Under the right conditions- loving people administering Ayahuasca gets to the deepest regions of your brain where permanent changes occur that are genuinely life-changing in the most beautiful way. I received a complete and total reset, and I’m so grateful for this healing. If you want to heal in loving-hands go to Lotus Vine Journeys.

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