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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on February 18, 2020. #1 of 420 Reviews

I was inspired to look into an ayahuasca retreat after reading “The Dream” by Chris Taylor. I looked at several options, and it was clear to me that Arkana Spiritual Center in the Sacred Valley was the best choice. From the beginning stages of planning, my contact and communication with Arkana was important for my decision to visit and work with them. They were very informative and caring, offering advice and preliminary steps to be taken prior to arriving, regarding diet, fitness and travel. Through the Arkana guidance, my travel was smooth and coordinated well with a visit to Cusco. I was afforded either a shuttle or a cab from the airport to Cusco and later to the Sacred Valley. Upon my arrival at Arkana Sacred Valley, there was an immediate sense of peace and harmony both from the natural surroundings and the wonderful people working there. There was more a sense of family and community than staff and guests. I was immediately relaxed and at ease as well as feeling energized and inspired. The care and attention provided from everyone at Arkana allowed me to feel as if I were the #1 priority, even though there were other guests. The work of the staff regarding the ayahuasca ceremonies was amazing. After gathering personal information regarding what I was hoping to achieve in a very casual setting with the shaman and others, I felt as if each ceremony was curated and focused on me. That I was in a reciprocal relationship with everyone, and that their focus was to enable me to be open to receive all of what was being offered. Each and every ritual and ceremony was filled with so much energy of love, caring and compassion that words cannot do it justice or hardly describe it. I feel as if I were opened up and allowed to have the deepest parts of my spirit revealed, released, nurtured and re-energized. I reconnected to parts of myself I had buried or forgotten. I learned so much about myself and the universe and about my connection to everyone and everything in it. Arkana opens doors and allows for one to venture outward in so many directions. I have been reborn and have embarked on the fulfillment of my life’s journey. Aside from the ayahuasca ceremonies, there were guided visits to local towns and Machu Picchu which were vibrant, colorful and amazing. The food provided at Arkana was wonderful, especially for someone like myself with dietary restrictions. The wonderful people of Arkana are gifted healers who have given me new life.

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