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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on April 1, 2018. #1 of 55 Reviews

Highly recommendable Ayahuasca-retreat-center
From the very beginning, when I was picked up at the airport in Riberalta by Erik and Sasha, I knew that I was in good hands. And my first impression turned out to be absolutely true.
The four ceremonies I partook felt very authentic and deep. There was enough quietness and darkness to give me all the space I needed, but without ever feeling alone or lost. There was always someone if needed, during and after the ceremonies. Shamans Don Rene and Don Marcial are both very warm and kindhearted men, and the crew became quickly a group of friends. The knowledge that I was in a safe space – which is probably the most important thing for every retreat-center – allowed me to immerse deep in the experience and have rewarding experiences.
The retreat center itself is beautifully located in the amazon of nothern Bolivia near a jungle lake. The cabins are new, comfortable and spaciuos, and the food is delicious and plenty. Because of the small number of retreat guests activities (ranging from jungle hikes and boat rides to Tai-chi and yoga) could be arranged or changed very easy – which was necessary in my case because there was a lot of rain. Being at Pisatahua is not only about ayahuasca, but at least as much about experiencing the jungle, which for me was worth the travel on its own.
What impressed me especially was the beautiful, respectful way Pisatahua works with the local community and how they care for the environnement. You could see that everyone involved enjoys being involved: the local family nearby that was assisting in various ways, the shamans from the neighbouring villages, their friends in the town of Riberalta.
It’s a retreat center that is not at all secluded from its surrounding, but part of it, and something you become part of as well: part of the ayahuasca, part of the crew and their vision, part of the local family, part of the deep jungle, that is surrounding you.

Big thanks to Pisatahua

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