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Rainforest Healing Center

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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on October 15, 2017. #1 of 48 Reviews

I’ve just returned back home after a 6.5 week stay at The Rainforest Healing Centre and it was one of the most magical, profound and soul shifting journeys I have been on. A couple years ago I had spent some time at other ayahuasca centres but none of them compared to the intensity, support and loving cared of the surrounding jungle and centre at RHC!
The medicine at RHC is super powerful and you can feel the love interwoven throughout it. One of the things that I loved most about RHC is the support given and deep care provided by all of the staff not just during your stay but also pre and post retreat. Karin helped me so much on the lead up to my trip helping me book and rebook stuffed up flights that I had booked and made sure I was processing and integrating and was always available to chat at anytime of the day. Isadore is just epitome of love and selfless service. The way she holds space, facilitates and conducts pre-ceremony chats and integration is second to none. Its amazing to watch and feel as she weaves her love throughout the retreat, continually making sure everyones needs are met. Kristina is just a straight up jungle goddess, her knowledge, love and care of all things jungle medicine truly blew my mind. So much love for all the staff there as they helped me through some truly dark periods in my journey.

I began my stay with a 7 day aya retreat with 3 ceremonies which were absolutely incredible and deeply healing. I then went on to my Master Plant diet in isolation with Uchu Sanango which also deeply healing but also physically intense. My reason for the Uchu diet was to help heal my body from chronic inflammation and chronic nerve and muscle pain. The diet brought out the pain excruciatingly but now since being back my pain has dropped down about 50% so was definitely worth it. The after affects is well is feeling the strength of Uchu through my body and learning an icaros to call him when needed.

I also began my Kambo apprenticeship (the first one they had) with Kris after a couple of days of being there. The knowledge passed on from Kris was exceptional. We began by receiving mambo from her and then learning to administering it to myself and then at the end of my stay I was able to share the medicine with the guests on the retreat. An absolutely incredible experience! I highly recommend anyone feeling called to work with Kambo to get in contact with them.

The shaman I spent most of my time with Eladio was incredible to! He was a tobaccero and an ayahuascero, a super powerful combination. It was such a blessing to have been able to spend some much time with him and being able to learn from him.

I couldn’t recommend RHC enough to anyone that is looking for deep healing with ayahuasca in a safe, supportive environment!

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