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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on May 28, 2016. #1 of 239 Reviews

Just got home from the May 14th 2016 12-day retreat. I arrived with very high hopes for the medicine, and terrified of all the new people I would have to meet and interract with without alcohol.About 4 seconds after I got out of the provided ride from the airport to the retreat, I was jumped by ten strangers(now my soul brothers and sisters) who all gave me a hug and welcomed me in a heartfelt manner I was very unaccustomed to. And those 4 seconds were the last apprehensive ones I had during the entire retreat. The social climate is just perfect. Everyone there understands why you feel you need the medicine, and everybody respects you for taking the step to do something about your problems. I was as apprehensive to discuss my personal problems as much as anyone is, but it wasn’t even an hour before I felt that nobody would judge me, and I believe this was a huge part of the healing process aswell. It really helped me open up.

The shamans, Salvador, Santiago, Paulina and Sophia are all amazing. Their wisdom is too great to have accumulated during only one life time, and not only do they speak excellent english, they’re also freakin’ hilarious! Before and after the ceremonies they’re happy to chat with you, even for hours, and they discuss everything from ancient architecture, pop culture, plant medicine, the spirit world and everything in between. And now and then they throw in a statement or a choice of word that completely catches you off guard, and laughter ensues.

The medicine sure did it’s part, and what I realized, and hadn’t prepared for, was how the ceremony with the shaman’s wisdom, constituted a whole-package-deal, where the response of the shaman to any of your co-participant’s issues could just as well be applied to your battle with your own demons and problems.
After each ceremony I had an unshakeable sense that every single thought and worry had been anticipated by the extremely experienced shamans.

Regarding the medicine, it’s extremely potent, and all of it is prepared, blessed and served by the shaman who holds the ceremony. These are very serious and competent people who puts alot of faith and love in their concoctions. This lets them run the ceremonies with complete confidence and understanding, and let them focus whole-heartedly on your specific journey.

Christine has created a haven for people who are serious about defining their life purpose, rid themselves of emotional bagage and heal their souls, and she’s present at all ceremonies, always have a smile and a listening ear available, and is a wonderful, down to earth person. I have nothing but love and admiration for this remarkable woman, and apart from my wish that everyone in the world should go through these ceremonies, I pray that you decide to try Gaia Sagrada first.

All you need to feel part of the group, is to have a healthy sense of respect for others. That’s it. What made me decide on Gaia Sagrada was the emphasis on personal responsibility, and the fact that it’s purpose is to heal the world, not make money, Therefore there are plenty of options available for those who hasn’t got a fat wallet. For example, you can do work, such as kitchen duty, prepare for ceremonies, gardening and cleaning to name a few, and in that way reduce your cost for the retreat.

My room at Tranquilo(one of the housing units in the complex) was a single person one, with nice furniture, mosquito net windows blankets, towels and next door to the toilets. There are tanks with filtrated drinking water positioned all over the area, the facilities gets cleaned daily and the food is made from scratch, worthy of a Michelin Star and perfectly synchronized with whatever ceremony you’re preparing for.

I can’t think of any reason why anyone would want to go anywhere else, and I personally emphasize that people should consider Gaia Sagrada as their firsthand choice, as I do that they should consider taking Ayahuasca.

Thank you for reading, thank you Christine, Salvador, Santiago, Paulina, Sophia, my co-participants and the work exchangers for greatly helping me become the best person I can be. Can’t wait until next time!

Warmest and sincerest blessings,

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