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Feather Crown

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Quito, Ecuador

Reviewed on December 7, 2019. #1 of 8 Reviews

In late September I was privileged to take part in a 13 day retreat. Having never in my life taken part in anything like this and with no experience with medicines/psychedelics of any type I was honestly a little unsure of what to expect, yet had high expectations. My experiences with Ayahuasca were very challenging– it’s very powerful– and within the first 30 minutes of ramping up and up and up I was sure I’d bitten off more than I could chew. My psyche was split into at least three. My mind-body and spirit became separate parts of the whole as flashing visions of spirals and tunnels of lights and thought streams took me to all kinds of strange revelations that I’m still trying to comprehend. Yet not once during my 4 ceremonies did I feel any fear, or apprehension. The professionalism and genuine care we received from Jan, Omar, Don Carlos and the team was second to none. They looked after us so well that even at the peek of Ayahuasca’s influence I felt perfectly safe.

The retreat was an amazing place. I’d honestly use the word “magical” to describe it. The fire-flies at night moving through the trees and following the paths between the huts and the temple were dream-like. The Amazon jungle too surprised me with the shear variety of plants and insects and animals. The noise of the jungle nightlife was really quite loud to be honest, but still a pleasant sound. Even the smell of the jungle, that natural perfume, it didn’t fade, if anything it grew stronger as the days progressed. I loved the fact we had no electricity, no radios, no WIFI for social media to distract us from living. Swimming in the sacred river, walking through the jungle, or swinging in the hammocks gave us plenty of time to rest and integrate what the medicine was teaching us. Oh yes, the food too was amazingly good. I could not have wished for a better group of people to be with and to share the experience with.

Thanks Jan and the Team,

I would do it all again.

Tim T

(New Zealand)

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