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Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

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1371 Hancock lone palm rd Orlando, Florida 32828

Reviewed on April 2, 2019. #1 of 75 Reviews

If you see a bad review, I promise you, it is most likely coming from one of those people that just can never be pleased… I saw a bad review from a one of my old friends I met there and what amazes me about this is she was so excited about her weekend there that she was trying to book us a both a retreat at Soul Quest like the very next week! So trust me if you see a bad review it is most likely because of something internal going on with them…perhaps they need to do just that, book again to heal that?
Soul Quest like any business in their Beginnings has some growing pains. I read the reviews were people talk about Chris the owner being money-hungry … well all I can say to that is, you try purchasing and spending what I would guess to be $500,000 plus into such an amazing vision of helping people awaken and heal their lives and then not expect to try to replace that money… I volunteered there for like six or seven weekends, I personally witnessed that man spending a lot of money, constantly working his ass off to make an awesome place for you guys and girls to have an awesome experience… gratitude is big in the spiritual world in the spiritual awakening process… so, instead of leaving any negative words about being money-hungry try spending and doing all the work this man has and then write a review otherwise, just taking another Journey for healing that. Regardless, Soul Quest is truly one of the most awesome places with the most awesome staff, wonderful volunteers, that will simply be UNFORGETTABLE… even if you dont take the medicine and are volunteering, that alone will fill your heart full of love and excitement for those who are taking the journey, it truly is a blessing to be part of… and you will be brought to tears by testimony on the last day when everyone shares their experience… and yes it happens every weekend LOL
Awesome grounds! Awesome caring staff! Awesome music! Awesome guests! Awesome shamanic cat named Aya!…seriously! Awesome cook w/ awesome food! Just an all-around beautiful place to heal. As Joe Rogan would say, “Dont be scurred!” Go big or stay home though!!! nothing to fear but the fear you create your own mind. Try not to leave there without breaking through to the other side. Get what you came for.

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