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Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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+55 (73) 99988-5785

Spirit Vine, Itacare, BA, Brazil

Reviewed on February 8, 2019. #1 of 160 Reviews

It’s very rare you get an opportunity to make meaningful change in your life. Spirit Vine through it’s beautiful, well manicured grounds and thoughtful host Silva and facilitators Tio and Noor provide you that opportunity.

All that is asked of you is that you come prepared and with a open mindset. If you choose to book your retreat with Spirit Vine you will be completely supported throughout your stay and be able to focus on getting the answers you want. Silva even makes her number available for individual consolation day or night if needed.

Lastly the people that be joining you on your retreat are nothing short of incredible. Professionals from all sorts of walks of life that will become your family for the week. They will provide you another layer of love and support.

I know my life, and the lives of many of those who were with me at the retreat, has been fundamentally altered through my experiences at Spirit Vine. I hope those of you who are interested in Spirit Vine will be able to say the same!

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