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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on August 29, 2019. #1 of 107 Reviews

I often go back to the place where I felt, understood and learned what love is. I looked at the people who make up the Nimea-Kaya who are filled with kindness. Ayahuasca healed my heart and soul, gave me freedom and a new life, every day I thank her for who I am now. I thank her that after so many years of rejection I looked at myself with pride, love and acceptance. Opening the door to the Nimea-Kaya I met extraordinary people who showed me what love for another human being is. Beautiful selfless care, support, presence, touch, eyes filled with understanding.
Candace,Lucy ,Matt ,Ezana, Jack , John,Mark , Casey I remember your every gesture, handkerchiefs given during the ceremony, presence when I was drowning in fear and confusion, adjusted pillow, smile and touch on my hand when I lost hope in whether everything I am going through makes sense or if I will have enough strength and courage to go through it and face it. You were there next to me like beautiful angels giving strength, support, acceptance and freedom because that’s what love is all about.
There, everything is love, you who create this place are the personification of what is most beautiful in human being. I am honoured and proud that I could be in this place, to be there with you.
Even the appearance of dangerous dogs, which I have always avoided as I am afraid of them, in the Nimea-Kaya I stroke and hugged giving them food with my hand …how is it possible?
The unusual shamans who accompanied us during the ceremony were with us wholeheartedly, offering us beautiful music, knowledge and experience.
They were there with us, they really were.
Kitchen that smelled of acceptance in which I felt like a little girl when I sat down with my mother at the table eating delicious food, a safe enclave in which you wanted to be and come back when the fear crushed or joy flourished in your heart.
Maloka in which the meeting with Ayahuasca took place, I can still feel its scent and the back of Maloka in which I spent all the ceremonies to go through the work that Ayahuasca had entrusted me with….. I miss this place…
This place is love.
Because it is created from the heart, thank you for teaching me this …. today I know that everything created from the heart will be as beautiful as the Nimea Kaya.
I know that I will come back to you yet I do not know when but I will be . To surrender in confidence to Ayahuasca because she knows what is best for me and in a place that is a reflection of what she teaches us.

Thank you for this place.
Sylwia <3

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