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Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Center

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Carr. Iquitos-Nauta, Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on June 27, 2019. #1 of 40 Reviews

I stayed in Cayo Shobo for 10 days and had 5 ceremonies. Really glad that I chose this place. Everything was great – place, accommodations, food, people, ceremonies.
Place is beautiful and well maintained. Territory is quite big and feels secure.
Accommodation was simple, but it had everything what was necessary. I had my own room with bathroom. At nights you truly understand that everything around you is alive. Surrounding sounds in the night were truly amazing.
Food was healthy and tasty (for me). It didn’t had any spices, sugars or salt in it which didn’t bother me. We always had a basket with fresh fruits in dining-room.
During my stay I’ve met quite interesting and nice people. We had some interesting conversations, although most of the time I (as most of the guest) spent time in solitude, which I liked and needed. This place, people and the setting really helped me to get my head away from society, news, everyday problems and routine and helped me to concentrate on myself and deeper things.
About main part – ceremonies. This was my first time with ayahuasca. At first ceremony they give smaller dose, to see how people react, although not sure how much dosage matter. I think state of mind also matters strongly. At later ceremonies you get higher dosage and can ask for more, if you want.
From 5 ceremonies I had 2 really “strong” ones. They were so profound that by the end of the ceremony I felt like I really don’t need anymore, that I already got more that I could grasp. Both of these ceremonies were next day (on Monday, Thursday) after day without ceremony. For each person this could differ, but for me it was necessary to have day off after arrival and after “strong” ceremony. Next day after such ceremony I felt beaten, but still went to ceremony and asked for smaller dosage. The experience after “strong” ceremonies was so overwhelming, so “out of this world” that my mind just couldn’t process it. It needed more time to settle.
I have nothing to compare to, but shaman singing felt really great. There were 3 shamans. First 30-60 min we sat in silence. Then shamans one by one started enchanting and after some time they went around maloka and sang for each person. At some of these individual singings I had some really amazing experience.
Ayahuasca brew did deliver more than expected. I didn’t purge at all (although felt quite close few times) and didn’t had any considerable bad experience (bad trips).
From drawbacks only thing that I could think of, is that the price could be little bit lower, but I had a great experience there and didn’t had any disappointments, so I cannot really argue about the price.
Cayo Shobo, thank you for experience!

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