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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

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Reviewed on June 27, 2016. #1 of 110 Reviews

I’m writing this to help people who (like I was) may be worried about going to a strange place and doing something they haven’t done before with people they don’t know…

I REALLY hope this helps you to make the leap and experience what I did with Jesse, Bobby, Hans, Greison & Gonzalo.

Few things below for me which really stood out.

1. The website, compared to others out there it was well designed, visually pleasing and packet with interesting information. Then came the call with Hans, other sites make you fill out a form. Call was great, Hans showed a genuine interest about my situation and what had prompted me to consider joining him and the ECA family for retreat.

2. As I don’t speak Spanish, to be picked up and dropped off at the retreat was huge, nothing to worry about, just kick back and enjoy the ride, 30min and you are there.

3. The retreat! this place is amazing, perched 1600m above Medellin on a private road no traffic or noise (apart from birds) the fincas look like something out of a fairy tale. Grounds are luxurious, view over the city, trees, flowers everything is designed to make you relaxed and comfortable. My accommodation was a private room with my own bathroom which made the chilling out & recovery after ceremonies easy and enjoyable.

4. The build up. The guys ease you into things, you progressively (in a step by step fashion) start to extricate yourself from the world you left behind. This happens thought many stages such as meeting the guys who will share the ceremonies with you, sharing stories about what bought you there getting to know Hans, Bobby & Jesse (all super cool dudes). Then the pre-ceremonies start all designed to get you into the best possible physical & mental space before the medicine.

5. Ceremonies themselves. I wont go into detail about my own experience as yours will likely be different. What I will say is that they were amazing and 6 months later I still think about some of the things i experienced. With Jesse, Bobby, Hans, Greison & Gonzalo you are in the best hands possible, the guys looked after everyone in what seemed to be the perfect way. It was uncanny at times!

6. Back to basics. I think this was one of the unexpected benefits of the retreat. Eating healthy, water, clean air, lots of sleep and my favorite Abuelo (grandfather fire). Being around the fire in and out of ceremony was something really special, I made the connection in the first san pedro ceremony and it’s still with me today. I make a little fire and pray with tobacco in my back yard around once per month and it’s super cool!

To wrap up, I had an amazing time with the ECA guys and as long as you follow the pre retreat guidance they give you with regards to diet and come with an open mind and heart ready for what the medicine will give you, you will have quite literally the time of your life.

May be I’ll see you there next time I visit 🙂


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